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Vengeful Asides / Brooding and Bonding?
August 17, 2020, 10:33:41 AM
Having liberated the cat from Breene's sticky grip, taken a couple shots of the pallet destroying hooch their missing mechanic had worked up, and punched their new guest in his handsome face after being hit on, the pilot decided to leave them to their devices and hide out on the bridge. Rasputin laid in her arms, eyeing everything they passed with measured disgust and disdain, an expression that matched the incessantly annoyed scowl pulling at Melody's lips.

Her steps echoed as she moved up the stairs, a heavy sigh lifting and lowering tense shoulders, the cat looking up at her for her to explain why she'd dared to breathe on him. She didn't have an answer, so he hopped out of her arms and walked himself onto the bridge. "Captain on Deck," she announced softly, grinning a little, thinking the bridge would be empty. As she passed the threshold, Jo caught her eye and her mouth clamped shut, a soft pink working across her cheeks. Maybe he hadn't heard her. She narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously before walking on and sitting heavily down onto her chair. She sighed again. Then cleared her throat. And finally spun her chair around to eye the tech specialist.

"You left in a hurry," she noted, referring to him quickly departing they galley the moment their 'meeting' had come to a close. The cat found himself a warm panel on the pilot's workstation and curled up, falling asleep instantaneously.
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