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Shanghai IC / Re: Episode 1: Every Mile is a Marathon
November 23, 2021, 10:06:28 AM
By the time Junior had rushed through the ship again and returned to the bridge, Beth had arrived and Des had finished his communication with the kidnappers. She inched around Beth, eyeing the woman and frowning, looking for a moment like her father as she mimicked his surliness. Typically people said she was the spitting image of her mother, but she had been known to channel the bigger Pool on occasion.

"You make a better window than a door..." she told the woman, pretty sure she had gotten the phrase right. Although it didn't make sense. Junior squinted, but waved it off and continued in to stare expectantly at Des and Gemma, the notebook in her hand.

"You guys arrange the trade for my dad? And I guess Sid? He wire us the money he owes us?" Junior asked, brows raised.

"I found this, which looks like a search grid. Don't know if it's legit but Sid is obsessed enough with pirate adventure that it sure looks real. And that's good enough for me. We can give this to them, get dad and the wallet back, and then zip on out of here before they realize we duped them. Probably," she continued, looking down at the notebook and raising a brow.

Of course, it could have been the real thing and she was just handing them her dad's treasure. If that were the case, would her dad be angry with her for giving them such a great head start on them? No, she reassured herself, smirking. He'll just shoot them out of the sky if it's real. They'd be fine.
Shanghai IC / Re: Episode 1: Every Mile is a Marathon
October 12, 2021, 02:11:10 PM
Location: Bridge

"What're you thinking boss?...rescue everyone and take the money anyway?" Despite not being the one the pilot was addressing, and most assuredly not having earned the title 'boss', Junior looked thoughtful and nodded slowly, her fist settling under her chin. "Yeah, probably," she muttered.

Another wave came into Shanghai's comm system, and at the same time a person came into view on the camera to the exterior cargo ramp. Rhiannon leaned over the console, completely invading Gema's personal space bubble, to stare at the image before snapping her fingers and looking pleased with herself.

"Ah hah! That's the play!" she told Des and Gemma, looking at them both with a self satisfied smile. No wonder she'd been left in charge while her father was away. This was a test from the universe and she was pretty sure she was getting a solid C-.

"Someone who isn't me will take that wave, and stall the kidnappers, remember we're meeting them in two hours and they owe us money," she began, pointing toward the general direction of wherever she thought their comms system might have been situated on array of controls.

"And then I'm gonna go get those suitcases from that guy down there, cuz all of that shiny shit is Sid's. I bet there's something in there I can use something," she wagered, nodding curtly and pushing away from the helm.

Rocking back on her heels, the young woman smiled and took a deep breath. "Yeah, that's a plan," she muttered before turning on her heel and sprinting out of the room.

She slid down to the galley, rounded the corner without looking both ways, sprinted pas the bathrooms and took the stairs two at a time to get down into cargo hold. Her hand slammed onto the door control and the girl squeezed between the opening slabs of metal, too impatient to wait. "Hey! I accept these! Thanks! Mooooove!" she yelled at the innocent dock worker.

Junior fell to her knees and ripped the tape and rope from the boxes before yanking them open and rummaging through Sydney's things. The first box, the heaviest one, was absolutely stuffed with books. The girl leaned in and pushed the books around. Most of the books were about pirates and old world history. Her brows quirked upon finding that some of these books were about her dad. With downturned lips, she pocketed one of them to read later.

The second box she opened was just clothing, which was unceremoniously tossed over her shoulder as she checked to make sure he wasn't hiding anything beneath them.  "Ah hah! Stupid pirate obsessed dandy boy, of course he'd hide the treasure somewhere obvious," she said, both proud of herself and disappointed with Sid's lack of imagination. Nestled at the bottom of the clothing suitcase were two books. Her salvation. She hoped.

Junior picked them both up, inspecting them before catapulting one of them off the edge of the cargo ramp as though it had burned herr, her eyes wide and mouth agape in horror. Smut. It was a smut book. About.... Junior made a high pitched keening in the back of her throat, gagged a little, and wiped her hand off on her pants until her palm was red. Why did Sydney have a smut book about her dad?! Who wrote that? Why?! Even the image on the cover alone had been unforgivable...

Focus. Taking several deep breaths, Junior opened the notebook and thumbed through it. Notes. A drawing of Sid as a pirate. Some kind of grid with numbers all over it. A list of pros and cons. Wait. "Oh you perfect idiot! Thank you!" she said, kissing the paper and standing back up to run inside again, leaving his things out on the ramp.
Shanghai IC / Re: Episode 1: Every Mile is a Marathon
October 04, 2021, 02:13:17 PM
Location: Bridge

"Oh long have you been standing there?" came the voice of the pilot from where she'd been napping at the helm. How nice it must have been to be able to sleep so easily when people were missing.  Junior snorted angrily and glared at the woman from where she was laying on the floor, her hands lifting from her eyes just enough to peek at her through the gaps. 

She felt the ground beneath her thrumming in the telltale rhythm of footsteps and the girl turned her head to stare up at Desmond. "No heading yet, Gem, but from what I gather we should have a heading within... 2 hours? That right, kid?"

Swallowing hard, she scrambled to get out of his way. She moved to a crouch, launched forward with too much force, hopped across the bridge, and came to an abrupt halt when the front of her hips hit the edge of the console, her hands held up at head level to keep from accidentally smashing buttons and somehow blowing the ship up. Junior let out a relieved exhale.

"Junior, please, or Rhiannon," she corrected, not keen on being called Kid. "And yep, 2 hours," she confirmed, her hands slapping over her face again and a defeated groan filtering between her fingers.Why had she said two hours? Why couldn't she have just said 'yessir, thank you sir'?

"So we have between now and whenever they either send us a location, or send us a new deal, to come up with a plan on how we're going to rescue your dad and Appleboom, without any of us ending up with severe lead poisoning?"

"Yep," she conformed again, lowering her hands and sighing heavily as she looked up at the Captain. She felt so badly about all of this that she didn't even bother correcting him about their Financier's name.
Shanghai IC / Re: Episode 1: Every Mile is a Marathon
September 09, 2021, 09:54:47 AM
Location: Bridge

The sound of stressed pacing filled the walkway nearest the bridge, boots echoing on metal flooring and several heavy sighs bouncing off the walls. Rhiannon moved forward and aft with her cortex held tightly in her hands, her face turned downward and half lit with green as she contemplating throwing it out an airlock and ignoring the call. It was more than likely her mother calling to ask for an update or rescind her allowance of Junior's presence, or read her another riot act mostly intended for her father.

Finally, the girl stomped anxiously into the threshold of the bridge, not entering fully without permissions but wanting to be near people just in case she needed to make some half assed excuse to get off the call. Glancing up once at anyone on the bridge, she took a deep breath and answered the call.

"Mom, you gotta stop calling. I don't have any upda--"

A deep voice, clearly faked, interrupted her. "Hey! What's up? I mean like, I know what's up, we kidnapped your dad and his fancy pants friend," he greeted. Junior stared at the man on the screen, his face hidden by a gaudy Elephant mask. Brows knit, the teen raised her gaze to look frantically at those in the room, the rest of her expression turned to emotionless stone. Something she'd likely picked up from her father.

"You have two days to get us the coordinates a...shit what's it called? Donnie!! What's the thing I gotta ask them for?" There was a pause as the elephant looked off screen. Donnie. Junior committed that information slip to memory, not that a first name would do her any good in a heavy traffic place like this. But it was something for her to latch on to.

"Oh yeah a search grid. Gorram archaeology lingo or whatever. Anyway, we know you are looking for treasure and we'll gladly trade you the treasure for your dad. Sid's kinda fun though we might keep him," he explained. Junior scanned the room one more time before looking down at the man behind the screen.

"That's really dumb," she said curtly, brows furrowed.

"Like, my dad's real old. Super crazy old. Dementia and Sundowners. It's a shame, really. You see how crotchety the Sundowners makes him, yet? Gets real violent. Love him to bits but he's not worth the search grid for a treasure. Tradin' just him seems real stupid. You're not stupid, are you?" she asked, frowning down at the Elephant.

"Pot's not good enough. I want my dad, the fancy pants, and ten thousand credits wired to our ship's account, or no deal," she told him, raising her brows. "You want that search grid? You send coordinates for a meetup and we'll come do the swap. You got two hours," she countered, then hung up and frisbee'd the cortex onto the ground, eyes wide. After a moment to process what she did, Junior groaned loudly and crumpled to the floor, laying in the threshold to the bridge with her hands over her eyes.

Two hours to come up with a plan.

*Narration given by HumanHyperbole
Shanghai Asides / Re: Three Hills, One Clue
August 06, 2021, 08:41:18 AM
"Oh, don't worry, they got knocked around by some locals, but they'll be fine so long as they don't go running into more trouble right away, and I'm here to m-make sure that doesn't happen," the new doctor woman explained. Junior raised a brow and eyed her, her hands shoved back into her pockets and her shoulders tense. She considered remining  her father what her mother had warned him when they'd left, about not getting into trouble, but Junior hadn't been around when it had happened so really, he'd sort of gone through a loop hole on that one and she guessed that made it okay. When the pilot and the medic started conversing, Junior sidestepped away and looked around at those gathered.

"Gorrammit. Applebaum!" her father bellowed, leaving the group to head down the ramp in search of their wallet. Junior's hands were freed from her pockets only long enough for her arms to cross over her chest, hands now trapped between nearly in her armpits. He had been gone longer than necessary, hadn't he? Stupid man, probably being chased around by some angry locals. He'd just gotten fixed up by this mystery doctor and now he was in trouble again? Maybe they should wring some more money out of him. Hazard pay...

"Hi, I'm Beth Williams. Do you require a mechanic? I'm looking for a new position," came the smallest of voices from further down the ramp. Junior's gaze refocused and lowered to the person standing down below. Wasn't her dad, wasn't the money man, so she didn't care. Plus, it wasn't her ship so she wasn't the one to make those sorts of decisions. Her attention redirected over Beth's shoulder to stare in the direction she'd seen her father go, no longer able to spot him among the dock crowd. A muffled sound of annoyance and concern slipped through her nose.

"Hey kid!" He called back up the ramp at Junior. She twitched and her face screwed up in annoyance. "Any idea where Apple-boom and your dad would run off to? Because they aren't here."

"I dunno, old man," she called back at him, uncrossing her arms and stalking down the ramp with her lower lip idly trapped between her canine's. The Captain was handsome, sure, but not cute enough to avoid her venom at having been called a kid. She wasn't that young... she was basically a full fledged adult. If one more person called her a kid, she was going to start biting people. Which was a totally adult thought to have, gorramit! She stopped walking when she was standing with Des and the new Beth at the bottom of the ramp. Junior looked the woman over quite obviously, her expression unamused, before she nodded her chin upward at the woman in greeting. "Hi. I'm Junior," she greeted, unenthused, before looking around at the docks, or what she could see of them from the bottom of the ramp.

Her hands came up to cup around her mouth, "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!" she called, brows raised as she looked around and listened for someone to answer. Maybe another tactic. "MOM'S CALLING! SHE WANTS TO TALK TO  YOU AND SHE SOUNDS PISSED!" she shouted, even louder, then once again looked around for some kind of movement or response. She looked over at Beth again, "Mom's not actually calling," she told the woman, even though that was pretty obvious.
Shanghai Asides / Re: Three Hills, One Clue
July 09, 2021, 11:51:55 AM
"Nice to meet you, Gemma Pierce pilot of....Captain Holt's ship."

"This is Junior, my daughter."

Junior raised her hand at them all in greeting, a smile pulling at her lips as she rocked, again, back on her heels, letting her father do all the introductions and information sharing. A ship, a captain, a pilot, a creepy man, she'd done a pretty good job, if she did say so herself. Now all they needed was for their money man to pay the ship man and they'd be off on adventure! She could finally bond with her father outside of the Yard, see what he was like in his hay day, and be a part of a treasure hunt!

"...where the hell did he go now?" her father asked, pulling her out of her daydream. She looked around, frowning. He'd be right there just a moment ago, with that stupid grin and endless obnoxious curiosity. Now where was he? The arrival of an unknown woman caused her to furrow her brows. She squinted at her father and the lady, her gaze moving between them suspiciously. Hello again? Medical services? Follow up? What has she missed?

"Oh, it looked like he walked around the ship," their new Captain (hopefully) told them. Junior eyed the strange woman, her arms crossing over her chest. "Hey, yeah, thanks for coming to follow up with our friend," she started, scooting closer to her while her father was (again, hopefully) distracted looking for their Wallet. "Uh, remind me again, why do they need a follow up?"  she whispered, raising her brows at Rose.
Shanghai Asides / Re: Three Hills, One Clue
June 11, 2021, 09:00:09 AM

Her head whipped in the direction of the shout, a broad smile pulling at her lips once she'd spotted her dad heading in their direction. Oh, and he'd found the layabout. That was convenient. Now she didn't have to explain to him that she'd lost him somehow. Junior lifted her hand to wave in greeting, although it lowered slightly when he grabbed Syd. She snorted and shoved her hands back into her pockets, wondering what stupid thing the finance man had said to make her father grab him like that. He released the financier and they closed the distance to the ship.

"So, you found a ship... There's a crew right? You didn't just find an empty ship..." her dad asked once they'd arrived. She raised a brow and stared up at him, about to tell him what she thought of that insinuation, but her response was nipped in the bud by the Captain's arrival. "Ah, yeah, this is uh..."

Desmond cleared his throat. "Yep, there definitely is a crew. Desmond Holt, Captain of the Shanghai," He said, offering his hand to the man he assumed was in charge. Junior repeated his name in a muttered, "Cpttt....Des..olt.." pretending like she'd known it the whole time. Like him, she'd failed to get to that part of the exchange.

"I hear you're looking for a transport? Little bit of ferrying, little bit of cargo hauling?"

Junior smiled up at her father and rocked back on her heels, proud of herself for finding them a ship. Her smile faltered. Well, she hoped she'd helped find them a ship. Nothing was set in stone yet.
Shanghai Asides / Re: Three Hills, One Clue
April 28, 2021, 01:34:04 PM
Location: The Ship

"I'm glad you like the ship. What exactly are we being hired for? And of course, we'll need to hash out the numbers and specifics."
Junior frowned slowly, her hands shoving themselves back into their pockets as her brows furrowing in thought. Then, she pulled her hands free and steepled her fingertips together. "Just ferrying us around to some locations and then hopefully hauling some cargo at the end of it all," she explained, tilting her head back almost all the way so she could stare down her nose at him. All while looking up at the much taller person.

She looked sideways, out of the corner of her eyes. She needed to tell her dad where she was. How? This was probably something they should have talked about before she and Sydney ran off. Her brows furrowed again and her gaze upped in intensity as she glared at a corner of the cargo hold. It had been five minutes, or more, and he wasn't back from getting a drink. Had he gotten lost? Did he die? Was that something she was going to be getting in trouble for?

Her arms crossed over her chest, she rocked back on her heels, and then finally the girl held out her index finger toward the ship's captain. "Uh, one second, don't go anywhere. Or do, it's your ship," she told him, then promptly power walked to the cargo ramp. Junior peeked her head out, then moved her body to join it, hoping to make herself visible should her dad or their financer come looking.
Shanghai Asides / Re: Three Hills, One Clue
March 18, 2021, 10:58:53 AM
Location: The Ship

"Uh, well. Yeah, I mean I'm looking for work, yes," he answered and her eyes lit up. Well, that was easy. Why had the fancy idiot made it seem like this was a much more complicated process. "...I still need to fill a couple crew positions but, yeah I, err, we are for hire..."

Her hands moved to her waist and she stared up at him with a frown. Easily distracted. Probably had something to do with his looks. Handsome people were less likely to need to pay attention, she figured. Life probably handed them everything on a silver platter. Why pay attention when you can hold your hand out and /ta da/ that thing you wanted just ends up in your grasp. Was that unfair to think? Her furrowed brow deepened.

"Transport you said? Yep, we can do that, we've got a good amount of cargo space in the hold here, and some empty rooms for more space if-" Oop. There he went again.

"This boat yours?" Asked the woman responsible for keeping him so distracted. She reached out her hand to the her, "Nice to meet you, Gemma Pierce, pilot," she said. Rhiannon took the offered hand and squeezed relatively hard. Not on purpose, or to be rude. That was just how you were supposed to shake hands. Firm. Unyielding. Strong. Like your character. A loose handshake indicated a loose character. Was that right?

"I will interview the pilot.  You, Captain, can arrange some income." Junior flinched and took her hand back quickly, her eyes wide as she stared at the person who she was fairly certain had materialized out of the ship itself. Had he been there the whole time? So much for keeping her head on a swivel. "Ah," she began, looking back up at the ship's owner with a baffled expression that she hastily covered up with stern professionalism. "Looks like you have a pilot now, so that position looks filled. Kind of forcefully. Is this considered shanghaiing?" she asked him. "Ah, well, in any case. Your ship looks nice, large cargo area, you seem to not be the skeevy murder type, your ship has a sentient ghost, you're hired!" she exclaimed. Did she have the authority to do that?
Shanghai Asides / Re: Three Hills, One Clue
January 19, 2021, 11:01:41 AM
Location: The Ship

"Uh, hi," came a response from the handsome bear of a man that came into view. A brow rose and Junior looked him over with what was halfway between a grimace and a look of mild curiosity. It ended up settling adjacent to skeptical doubt. "There something I can do for you? You lost or something?" he asked.

The redhead cleared her throat and set her hands on her hips, then shoved them into her pockets, and finally pulled them free to hang at her sides. "Not lost," she informed him, looking around at the interior of the cargo hold. "Looking to hire a ship, if you're for...hire," Junior explained further, frowning again at her lack of eloquence. Another clearing of her throat and straightening of her spine. Come on, you're better than this. Just be Dad.

Still, she stood just barely inside the threshold, not wanting to barge into his ship. This sentiment was not held by the stranger who moseyed on past her. Well, maybe she was part of the crew or something. Not her business. Or...actually it was her business wasn't it?

"We're looking to hire a ship, transport, mostly. Maybe hauling some cargo, along the way, if we find some to haul. Are you for sale? Hire! For hire!" It had been going so well... Still! Her father's scowl slapped its way back onto her mouth, although her brows were furrowed in barely contained embarrassment.
Shanghai Asides / Re: Three Hills, One Clue
December 14, 2020, 09:23:28 AM
Location: Space Port

"Can I get ah uhhh achhh..." He tried clearing his throat again. "Thirsty... AirplanepillsreallydrymeoutIneedtogetadrink...Reallybad."

Junior sighed heavily and stopped walking, her arms crossing over her chest as she stared blankly at the older man. Either he was an idiot, had some issues upstairs, or was trying to con her into doing something. She looked in the direction he was pointing, then rolled her eyes. He wanted a drink. What a lush. Her gaze followed the rest of his wild gesturing and she sighed again.

"Yeah, fine. Go get drunk. I'll tell dad that you left me alone in a seedy space port to go talk to strange people in strange ships. If I get kidnapped, I hope the alcohol was worth whatever my dad'll do to you," she answered nonchalantly, waving a hand at him as she turned to head toward the docks. Honestly, she'd be better off without him meddling in her deal making. Like he'd said, people on this planet were desperate and that gave her an advantage in making some arrangement with someone for the use of their ship.

A few minutes had passed, ten, maybe twenty, and she was already sure that Sid was either dead or had run off to join the circus. Or he'd been shanghaied. Her lips turned down at the edges and her brows rose. That would be interesting, and maybe it'd be totally beneficial. Oh...wait, he had the money. She groaned and rubbed her face with her hands. Focus on the ship. If he stays missing, wait until dad gets back and then go hunt Sid down then.

She'd passed a few ships, now, and had a few dead-end conversations with interesting folk. Junior figured they must not have a dentist on Three Hills. Or soap. Her nose scrunched up and she paused at the base of an Akira class' cargo ramp, her hands shoved into her pocket and her expression sour. She looked almost like she was imitating her father's standard scowl. And maybe she was... He seemed to get things done with it, so she'd give it a whirl. Cautiously, Junior made her way up the ramp and cleared her throat, "Uh, hello?" she called out to anyone inside, stopping at the threshold as she hadn't been given permission to enter.
Shanghai Asides / Re: Three Hills, One Clue
November 12, 2020, 12:58:22 PM
Location: Space Port

"Can I buy some guns real quick?!" Her head whipped around to stare wide-eyed at the boy playing cowboy staring longingly at a gun shop. Her mouth opened to tell him to come back, but her father beat her to it.

"...And guns, well I've got plenty. And neither of you are getting one," he informed them sternly. Then it was her turn to pout, her lower lip sticking out just barely and her brows furrowing. She couldn't even have one? He had like fifty, he couldn't spare her one? Maybe two? She wouldn't hurt herself, she could manage it. Her arms crossed over her chest but she said nothing, not wanting to make herself seem similar to their financier by expressing her disappointment in her father's decision.

"Junior." The girl's arms lowered and her brows rose, waiting for his order (or maybe the changing of his mind about the gun policy.) "Head down to the docks and find us a ship. Somebody who'll work cheap and won't ask questions," he told her. She nodded and slipped a hand into her pocket again, one corner of her lips turning upward now that she had something to do. Find a shady shyster willing to sell a shady ship. She could do that. And if she did it well, he might change his mind and give her some kind of weapon. Maybe a long gun. That would keep her out of danger, if that's what he was worried about.

"Keep an eye on Fancy Pants, here. You're in charge," he added. Junior turned her head to grin mischievously in Sidney's direction, her eyes narrowed and lips turned upward like a crescent. She reached out to grab his wrist, holding him in place like one might hold a small child, despite him being much taller than she was. "You got it, Boss," she answered, watching him walk off.

"No guns!" He shouted back at them, and as she was about to make a face at his back, she spotted someone staring at them. So, instead, the woman looking in their direction got her 'face', which comprised of a scrunched up nose, a tilting of her head, a furrowing of her brows, and a swift jutting out of her chin as though to say, 'you got a problem?!'

"Come on, Fancy Pants," she muttered, walking in the direction of the docks and pulling Sid along with her and ultimately getting him away from the tempting gun store for both of their sakes.
Shanghai Asides / Re: Three Hills, One Clue
November 04, 2020, 11:02:59 AM
Location: Space Port

Finally. Finally! Out of the junk yard and into a real, honest to goodness, adventure. Just like the ones her father had gone one in his youth. Probably. Well it was more of an adventure than arguing with her brother about who had to do cleanup duty. She loved the Yard, she really did, but she also wanted to see more of the worlds than the metal kingdom they lived in. She'd yearned for the adventures that she'd pieced together from tidbits her parents had let slip during conversation or from whatever her father had told her during times of hard work at the Yard or to get her to sleep and settle down at night as a child. More than anything, she wanted to be like her father and to have a plethora of secret stories to kind of share with her kids in the future.

"Hey, Pool-ling... Wait, Kiddy Pool! That's the one...Ship first or clues...?" The rambler's voice pulled her out of her gawking at the scenery, and she cleared her throat before eyeing him as he spun. Her brows furrowed and her expression became steel and stone. She wasn't sure if she liked 'Kiddy Pool'... Before she could tell him not to call her that, her dad had pulled him aside. She followed, shoving her hands into the pockets of her jacket and grimacing at them both.

"For cryin' out loud would you shut up?...I told you I got a warrant out on Three Hills."

Rhiannon noticed her father glance in her direction and a brow rose curiously. She fiddled with a piece of paper left in one of her pockets, folding it up between her thumb and index finger idly. She tried to remember what he might have told her about Three Hills, but sometimes his stories jumbled together from the lack of specifics. She knew he hid things from her, but didn't pester him for further details. One his mouth locked up, she knew no prying from her would get him to divulge anymore.

"...I dunno. Maybe coming here was a mistake." Junior slipped between her father and the loud-mouth, bumping into Pool with her shoulder and offering him a reassuring smile. It wasn't a great plan, going to a place that wanted to arrest you, but time had passed and he probably looked different, and if anyone tried to arrest him now she'd rip their eyebrows off, so it wasn't too bad of a situation. They'd be fine. "I wouldn't mind getting some horses," she told him in a hushed voice, her grin broadening. "But we should get a ship to use more permanently. If they're desperate, we can get the price down to something advantageous. Puts us in a pretty good bargaining position, I think," she wagered.
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