Rose Wickson

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Proserpina "Rose" Wickson

Age:  29

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Medic

Secondary Occupation:  Dairy farmer

Appearance:  A willowy woman with long auburn hair and big blue eyes that glow with kindness. Pretty of face but mousey of disposition, Rose prefers not to draw unnecessary attention to herself. She wears clothes that are feminine but modest, not drab but definitely on the conservative side with their faded floral prints and subdued colors. She has a warm earnestness about her that marks her as either a trustworthy person or an easy target, depending on who's looking.

Faceclaim:  Riley Keough

Initial Personality:  Rose is shy upon meeting new people but warms up to them quickly enough as long as they seem at least half-way decent folks -- and as a rule, she strives to see the good in people and avoid passing judgment based on first impressions. Sweet and seemingly as mild-mannered as the cows on the farm she grew up on, it's difficult to imagine Rose ever getting angry at anyone or anything. She has a stutter which has gotten more subdued since her childhood but becomes more prominent when she's anxious.

Underlying Personality:  Rose is a genuinely kind person who loves her neighbor and tries to always be on her best behavior, and yet she frequently worries she may not be as wholesome as the people around her think she is. She is someone who has lived her entire life in the same small hick town and keeps telling herself she's fine with that, but truth is she isn't so sure anymore. Underneath her meek exterior beats the restless heart of a dreamer who yearns to see the 'Verse and expand her horizons. Maybe even say a swear word or two while she's at it.

Known History:  Proserpina Elizabeth Wickson
Born on: Three Hills, 3/3/2490
Parents: Ellis and Margaret Wickson
Siblings: Marcus and Bonnie Wickson (both older)
Spouse: Joshua Walker (m. 2512) (deceased)

No military record, but her husband fought for the independents during the latter stages of the Unification War.

Certified medical practitioner, apprenticed under Dr. Pearl Cohen on Three Hills.

Other History:  Rose's flamboyant full name, Proserpina, has been in the Wickson family for generations. Its previous holder, Ellis' younger sister, ran off to lead a life of swashbuckling crime, which perhaps explains why Margaret Wickson was so adamantly against saddling her firstborn daughter with it. By the time the second one was born, Ellis had worn her down, and so the Wicksons' youngest child was christened with the old family name -- on paper, anyway. In practice she's always been just Rose or Rosie, and she figures that suits her better anyway.

Rose grew up on a dairy farm. Her family was reasonably well off as far as farmers went, not wealthy but not constantly struggling to make ends meet, at least not during peacetime. She was always the good girl, liked by the adults around her for being hard-working and having a good head on her shoulders. However, her stutter and the resulting social anxiety alienated her from her peers somewhat, leading her to spend a substantial amount of her time in the company of books instead of people. They opened exciting new doors to places she'd never get to visit and experiences she'd never get to have.

In her teen years, Rose grew close to and fell in love with Joshua Walker, a young farmhand  working on the Wickson farm. Her parents were initially apprehensive about the relationship, not because Joshua was a bad person, but because he had no living family of his own, and therefore no financial safety net to fall back on. They tried to encourage Rose to postpone starting a family and study a trade first, perhaps that of a teacher or a doctor, but the young girl found the idea intimidating. She wanted a simple life, to get married to Joshua and live on the family farm until they'd saved enough money to purchase a plot of land of their own. Not being the type of parents to get in the way of their daughter's happiness, the Wicksons ultimately gave their blessing to the young couple.

However, their wedding plans had to be put on hold when Joshua was drafted into the Independent troops for what would turn out to be the final years of the war. Of course, at the time no one knew how long the conflict would continue, but Rose was fully prepared to wait for her fiance's return, no matter how long it took. Luck may not have been on the Independents' side, but it did seem to favor the young lovers; after their prolonged engagement apart, Joshua came home from the war in one piece and the two were finally able to start their new life together. Their married bliss would be cut short when, not even two years later, Joshua was kicked by a startled horse and sustained fatal injuries.

Finding herself widowed at only 23, Rose was left to pick up the pieces of what she'd envisioned her life to be. After her initial grieving period she did what her parents had told her to do in the first place and got an apprenticeship position with the local doctor, Dr. Cohen. She threw herself into her work to get over her loss, soon finding new meaning through being able to help her community in such a tangible way. She recently got certification that qualifies her to start her own practice, but has continued to stick around assisting her mentor instead.

Skills and Strengths:  Is a qualified medical practitioner by Rim standards, having learned the trade through apprenticeship. Isn't easily grossed out, not by blood nor by manure. Good at cooking, baking, sewing and other crafty domestic skills. Picked up singing as a way to help with her stutter and has quite a lovely voice (good luck trying to get her to sing in front of an audience, though). Smart and open to learning new skills. Knows how to handle and look after cows.

Weaknesses:  Fights like a dairy farmer. Doesn't know anything about ships or space travel. Has spent her entire life in one small backwater town and is green to the ways of the wider 'Verse. Can be too nice. Stage fright.

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