FS: Get out the vote 2020!

Started by HumanHyperbole, September 21, 2020, 04:05:08 PM

Which ship has your vote?

The Wyatt
7 (77.8%)
The Shanghai
8 (88.9%)
The 八十八
1 (11.1%)
I have another idea I left in the comments.
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 9

Voting closed: September 28, 2020, 04:05:08 PM


September 21, 2020, 04:05:08 PM Last Edit: September 21, 2020, 04:18:45 PM by HumanHyperbole
It's an election year here in the states. So why not have some democracy here on FS? We've been talking about the possibility of adding another ship to the roster for a little while. But since this is a cooperative writing experience, we want to hear your voice!

You may have already noticed a very handsome Admin's already created a new character recently. Think of him as a sort of candidate for office. That office? Captain of the newest ship on Finding Serenity! But is he running unopposed? Of course not! What kind of democracy would this be if we didn't at least give you the illusion of choice? And why not multiple choices? Each user (please just use your OOC) can vote for two ship ideas. If there's enough democractic fervor we might even have two new ships elected!

The candidates:

The Lawful Good
The pitch: The Wyatt
Noah MacArthur is a newly minted Federal Marshall, a veteran of black ops he's turned a crisis of conscience into a new career in law enforcement and he sure knows how to pick his assignments. A backwater moon has been bought up by a single company that openly controls the local government and police. Allegations that their indentured workforce has turned into flat-out slavery has a defensive Alliance central government trying to keep another situation from boiling over. The crew of the Wyatt must ensure the safety of federal investigators and their witnesses and try and stop a second Civil War from breaking out on top of everything else.

The Chaotic Neutral
The Pitch: Shanghai (上海)
Reinhardt Pool is the last known survivor of the most feared pirate ship of the pre-war era. Lately he's been raising a family and missing "the good ol' days". Sidney Applebaum, a bored core-worlder with too much money, wants an adventure. Thus the two men came together and set out into the black to find the Ivory's lost fortune. Now all they need is a crew. And a ship. And a captain who knows what they're doing. And for Pool to remember where the Ebony and Ivory went down.

F*** it! Let's be bad guys!
The Pitch: 八十八 (The Eighty-Eight)
Fresh from a stint in prison on a technicality, the crew of 八十八 are out prove that just because they've been gone for eight years, doesn't mean they've lost their touch. Is there honor among thieves and killers? Not really but its a lot of fun along the way. They're not "the bad guys on our side". This pack of punks are unabashed in their antagonism. Some people just want to watch the 'Verse burn.

Jedikiah Rembo

Yang Style Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu
 - And Medical Practitioner


I like all three, but voted for The Wyatt and The Shanghai. Mostly just because I have characters I could play on those two with little-to-no altering.

Jack Dekker for the Wyatt, and E.V. or maybe Desmond for the Shanghai (though I am not sure, I might need to rewrite Desmond a little just to get back into his head... its been so long...). Or actually maybe Ben for the Shanghai... Anyway the point is that I have options lol

And I mean I guess I do have Kas for the The Eighty-Eight, but idk if I can/want to dig back into his headspace right now XD
Riot ~ Akhsar King


I voted for both the Wyatt and Shanghai, but if it comes down to one over the other my vote goes for the Wyatt. Would love to get Rory Mayfield involved in that. Briar might fit on Shanghai depending on how her story pans out, although she's headed for the Iscariot for now.


The votes have been tallied and The Shanghai has narrowly stolen *er* I mean won the most votes! We will need someone to apply to be the Captain, as both myself and NSB will be playing supporting characters this time around. Think you've got a good concept to lead our intrepid group of scavengers? We'll link a new thread where we'll track all the open positions once the thread is up.

The Wyatt may have gone down as the silver medalist today, but don't expect me to stop writing tough as nails Aussies any time soon...

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