Rory Mayfield

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Rory Mayfield
Age:  Almost 17
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Boy scout
Secondary Occupation:  Baby boy. Baby.

Appearance:  Rory is not physically imposing. He's below average height with a slender build, although he's in a good shape from all the outdoorsy activities he's spent a better part of his life engaging in. He keeps his chestnut hair neatly combed and dresses more like a tiny adult at a business casual event than your average teenager (the boy loves his sweater vests). He has the big brown eyes and relentlessly earnest demeanor of a golden retriever puppy.
Faceclaim:  Tom Holland

Initial Personality:  Depending on who you ask, Rory is either a nice young man who seems mature for his age, or a complete dweeb. He has a lot of trivia rattling inside his brain, some of it more useful than the rest, and he will talk your ear off if given the opportunity. He is very concerned with making a good first impression, and it's pretty obvious he tries hard. Like, just tries hard in general. He also comes across as a bit of a goody-two-shoes, which makes his presence on a bounty hunting vessel all the more baffling.
Underlying Personality:  Rory hasn't got a smug bone in his body. He has a genuine love for learning, and whatever tryhard vibes he may give off stem from a desire to prove himself worthy and useful, not exceptional; he's doesn't have the self-esteem to entertain the thought of being the best at anything. He works hard and excels at many things, but is very modest and even oblivious about it. He craves attention and validation from the adults he looks up to and can get clingy because of it. Rory is a people pleaser in general and shirks from conflict — except the kind that involves blazing guns and daring heroics, which he is drawn least in theory.

Known History:  Full name: Rory Mason Mayfield
Date of birth: May 9, 2502
Place of birth: Bernadette.
Parents: Marion Mayfield and Mason Miller. The latter is identified in Rory's birth records by name only, as in there is no way to connect the record to any specific Mason Miller.

Rory joined the Allied Star Scouts at age 8 and has been in their ranks ever since. His performance has been stellar (pun not intended).
Other History:  Somewhere at the turn of the 25th and 26th century, one Marion Mayfield left her cushy middle class life on the Core behind to find adventure on the Border. What she found instead was a brief but passionate fling with one Mason Miller, which culminated in her discovering she was pregnant after he was already out of the picture. She chose to keep the baby and gave him Mason as a middle name, but as far as she was concerned, that was all the involvement his father would have in his life. Instead, Marion opted to return to her home world and raise the child on her own (with a little unwanted-but-ultimately-needed help from her parents).

As a young child, Rory was bubbly in the company of his mother and grandparents, but withdrawn when it came to social contacts outside home, preferring to spend his time with books and his family instead of his contemporaries. Marion enrolled him in the Allied Star Scouts hoping that it would bring the boy out of his shell, and Rory ended up loving it; the hobby gave his life structure and provided him with goals to work towards. He even made a couple of friends among his fellow scouts, although back at school, he focused on his studies instead of fostering an active social life.

Although Marion was an all-around good mother, Rory grew up feeling like he was missing out on something by not having a stable father figure or extended family (on account of Marion being an only child). As he entered his teens, he thought about his parentage more and more frequently and, as the hormone-filled hell known as high school got increasingly miserable, began entertaining thoughts of leaving everything behind and starting a new life by his father's side.

Rory enlisted the aid of his somewhat more criminally inclined best friend and, after lots and lots of detective work based on the crumbs of information he'd gotten out of his mother over the years, the two of them finally managed to track down the correct Mason Miller. It turned out that not only was Rory's father ex-military, he apparently had a criminal record, and was now working for a bounty hunting firm — and a family business, at that. Rory's brain was immediately flooded with romanticized images of explosions and gunfights and big damn heroics, punctuated by all those moments of father-son-bonding that he never got to experience growing up. Hell, maybe some of Mason's cool would rub off on him, and at the end of his stint with the Millers, he could return home as a new and improved Rory, a Rory who would not get pushed around and called nasty names. He packed his bags, left his mother a note telling her not to worry about him, and stole into the night, off to what he imagined would be the adventure of a lifetime. He wasn't wrong, exactly...

Skills and Strengths:  Rory's been in the Star Scouts since he was 8 and has the skillset to match: wilderness survival, first aid, the basic ins and outs of space-faring, knot-tying, you name it. He is good student and well-read for his age, a hard worker with a good head on his shoulders, and an all-around quick learner. Pretty fast runner, too.
Weaknesses:  For all his survival training, Rory hasn't been in any actual life or death situations, and has led a very coddled existence touring the Core and the occasional safe border world. All his space travel related knowledge is theoretical; he can't actually pilot a ship or fix its engine. Nor can he fire a gun. As a matter of fact, he has no combat skills whatsoever. Rory may be a smart kid, but a kid nonetheless, and he lacks life experience and self-esteem. He's a pushover and his insecurities would be easy to manipulate for someone monstrous enough to attempt such a thing.

Rory Mayfield

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A hiking backpack stuffed with survival supplies, including a compass, multitool, water filters, small portable stove and first aid supplies. An electronic encyclopedia. A portable old-fashioned radio. His scout's uniform, adorned with badges (it's tucked away neatly among his belongings, he's not quite dorky enough to wear the thing in his daily life). His pet tortoise Annie and her travel terrarium and pet supplies.
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Rory Mayfield

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Rory Mayfield

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