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Shanghai Crew / Reinhardt Pool
September 15, 2020, 06:25:04 PM


Age:  Wrong side of 60
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Salvage and Reclamation Agent
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Aging Gun Thug
Equipment:  Pool has a duffel bag. And in that duffel bag is a collection. And in that collection is a lot of guns. Nothing fancy. Most of them are old and beat-up. But there are a lot of them. And every one of them will put a hole in a man. He doesn't travel much these days, but when he does he travels light.

Appearance:  While not exactly tall, Pool would definitely be described as big. He's broad shouldered and long armed, with a prominent brow and a jaw that could chew a carburetor. His hair and beard are short and gray, his eyes small and blue and more often than not covered in reading glasses these days.  The veteran of many fights, scuffles, brawls and battles; Pool's body is criss crossed with scars. He also has several poorly aged tattoos, his favorite being a redhead knockout on his right forearm with the name "Charlotte" scrawled underneath.
Faceclaim:  Ron Perlman

Initial Personality:  Big, bad, tough and mean, Pool has lived a long hard life surviving the Black and all it's terrors by becoming one himself. He's wholly in it for himself and for the next payday; so the good thing is, his loyalty can be bought and he ain't that expensive. Bad side of that is that he doesn't feel bad switching sides if it looks like the tide is going to turn. But he's flexible. Whatever looks to be best for him in the short term. Long term mostly escapes him, he's not exactly an idea guy. But if you point, he'll go down swinging and you'll be damned sure he gets back up. At least, that's what his reputation is.
Underlying Personality:  In truth Pool is not much of any of those things anymore. Sure, he's still big. He's still mean. He's still ugly. But he's settled down. He has priorities and responsibilities and a family. Has he gone soft? Some might say that, but now he has things to fight for other than himself, and that tends to make a man stronger than you might give him credit for.

Known History:  Born: 2456. Verbena.
Parents: Robelard Pool and Ondine Pool-Liebowitz
Siblings: None known.
Academic records: Primary School education
Occupational Record:
2471-2472 Verbena Consolidated Steel, cargo loader and driver
2500 Registered as Misc Crew on the Dublin II, cargo ship ca. 2500
2502 C&R Salvage and Reclamation, owner/operator
Military Record: None
Criminal Record:
2473. Served six months for assault at Beaumonde Municipal Corrections
2485. Wanted in connection to the assault on the IAV Laramie by the pirate ship Ebony and Ivory.
2486. Warrant issued under the name "Pool" on Three Hills, Dead or Alive for Murder and Horse Russtling. Outstanding.
2487-78. Multiple warrants issued under the name "Pool" on Beylix, Athens, Ezra, Jiangyin and several moons; various crimes. All outstanding.
2494. Writ of Expulsion from Higgin's Moon; signed by Magistrate Higgins himself.
2496-2499. Served 3/10 years at Alliance Penal Station"Gilead" for assault, grand theft, armed robbery, attempted murder, disturbing the peace, and contempt. Details of release are closed.

Other History:  Robelard Pool was a drinker and hard case. That didn't stop him from being a charming man. Charming enough to get one Miss Ondine Liebowitz to fall for him and eventually marry him. Well, the marrying part came after they found out she was having his child. Mr. Liebowitz, Ondine's father, made sure that Rob made an honest woman out of her. Maybe that was why Rob turned more to the drink, more to cards, more to whatever skirt would give him the time of day. He never said so, only because he didn't say much to the kid, but Reinhardt always thought his father blamed him for his state in the world. Life on the planet of Verbena was tough. Tougher than it should have been by some accounts. There wasn't much in the way of work that didn't involve a lifetime of back pain and calloused hands. And most folks in that position feel they're destined for something better.

Robelard Pool blamed his family for keeping him on Verbana.
Ondine Pool-Liebowitz blamed her father for making her marry a louse of a man.
Reinhardt Pool blamed no one for his lot in life, but knew for damned sure he wasn't going to stick around any longer than he had to.

So, at the age of 15, after getting into a fist fight with his father long after his mother had run off; Reinhardt Pool took off on the first freighter that would have him. From then on, it was the spacer's life for him. He learned quick to be mean to match his growing size. Ship captains quickly saw that he would be a useful sort, looking the way he did and it gave him ample opportunity to get work and experience. He hopped from ship to ship, wherever the next payday came from.

His longest stint was on a ship called The Ebony and Ivory. This was Pool's first true run-in with a bloodthirsty bunch of miscreants and hooligans. A pirate ship in everything but name, this is where Pool found his true calling as a fighter. Looting and pillaging (and worse) The Eb and Ive and her Dread Captain Meloy gained a reputation in the Black as a ship to avoid. It also gained a list of warrants and a target across their hull; a hull that was rumored to be full of the treasures of its various conquests. They ran afoul of an Alliance Cruiser by the name... Something with an "L." Pool can never quite recall. It came to close quarter fighting and, once it looked like things were going south for the pirates, Pool fought and bit and killed his way to an escape pod. The ship was rumored destroyed along with its Captain and crew, Pool being the only survivor.

In and out of a series of jobs since then, Pool tended to try and steer away from trouble but it always seemed to find him. Not that he tried all that hard, mind you. He is Reinhardt Pool, after all and with a mouth like that one is bound to find himself in his share of troubles. Served three years of a ten year sentence at Gilead Penal Colony after a thrilling heist that went sideways at the end. He made friends and enemies during this time, namely aboard a ship called Dublin II. This is where he met Charlotte Maurier, whom he affectionately named "Chuck" and has never called her anything else. Despite the odds, they eventually left "the life" together and settled down.

One marriage and two kids later, Pool is happy with his new, domesticated life. They've been the owners of C&R Salvage and Reclamation for close to 20 years now, mostly dealing in the reclamation of stolen or defaulted vehicles, transporting them, fixing them up, and reselling them. Sure, it's a little boring and he hasn't killed a man for pay in over ten years, unless you count a guy who gets shot because he doesn't like you taking his slick little ship he didn't pay taxes on so he shoots first and, well, what are you going to do? And he loves his wife, though he hasn't been able to figure out why she puts up with him. And his kids are a pain in the ass but he couldn't picture his life without them. So maybe it's not so bad.

Skills and Strengths:  Pool's a strong guy. Born that way, he's worked himself his entire life to be able to use that strength to his advantage in most situations; mostly in the combative arts. He's not formally trained to put the hurt on, but he's good at it nonetheless. Likewise with weapons; chances are if it fires a bullet or has a blade he's used it to kill a man. Floating the 'Verse for 40+ years gives a man a certain amount of perspective. Pool's seen it all and can handle himself in most situations. He can make himself useful in the engine room, the cockpit, the cargo bay and he can bandage a wound (he's cauterized a few, too). He's not great at any of those things, but he's done it all in one way or another; for better or worse.
Weaknesses:  Pool is exuberant, bold, crass, rude and all in all a total jerk. And the thing is that he knows it and doesn't care. He likes who he is and the effect he has on people. He doesn't have a lot in the way of book learning, but he's never really needed that either. He's good at what he does and has never felt the need to expand his horizons in any way that doesn't involve his getting paid at the end of the day. Pool has been out in the 'Verse for a long, long time, now. While that's given him a wealth of experience and know-how, it's also left him scarred and broken in a lot of ways, the least of which being a bad knee and arthritis in his meat hooks. His memory isn't what it used to be and his aim is fading from misuse. To top it off, Pool ain't much to look at. He knows it. Everyone knows it. Let's move on.

SS Iscariot Crew / Hercules Holliday
July 02, 2020, 09:43:20 AM


Age:  39
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Smuggler
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Gun-hand
Tertiary Occupation (optional):  Screw-Up
Equipment:  He's got a collection of stuff going, none of it lasts very long, or holds much material value other than that of their design; he's not sentimental. He'll likely be seen looking pretty damn good and armed with a side arm and, if he hasn't lost it, a backup piece hidden somewhere on his body.

Appearance:  Tall. Fit. Blond. With a smile that will charm the pants off of you, sometimes literally. He's got some tattoos and scars that remind him of bad decisions and eyes that sparkle with future ones. Always in a suit that looks slept in or a designer jacket with frayed edges, Hercules Holliday doesn't take care of his things. He avoids wearing the glasses the doctor told him would help him shoot better, and sunglasses when he's indoors.
Faceclaim:  Ryan Gosling

Initial Personality:  Confident and mischievous, Holliday knows how to get what he wants with a well placed flirt or canny bribe. He's a doer, a getter, a faker, and a shaker. He's spent most of his life dodging the law or working for them; whatever paid better. He's the guy you call when you need something done.
Underlying Personality:  That's all mostly bullsh*t. Holliday- and it's always Holliday, he hates his given name- is a perpetual screw up. Sure, he comes out ahead more times than not but that's luck more than anything. He drowns his failure in recreational drugs and alcohol, sex with strangers, and running from his problems. But the important thing to remember is that he does - usually - get the job done.

Known History: 
Born: 2480. Ezra
Parents: Father, Hephaestus Holliday (Deceased). Mother, Jeanie May Holliday.
Siblings: Hiram 2471, Helen 2475, Homer 2478, Hippolyta 2479.

Academic records:
(No official childhood records.)
2503 Enrolled Osiris Police Academy (never served)

Occupational Record:
-2497 Deputized by Sheriff Henrietta Jackson. (Ezra)
-2499 Deputized by Marshall Ozzy Woo. (Ezra)
-2499 Transport Ship - The Nevermore - Crewhand
-2501 Beylix Reclamation Ltd. - Laborer (Beylix)
-2502 Linder Steele Works - Laborer (Athens)
-2502 AA Security Consultants - Contractor (Bellerophon)
-2504 The La La Club - Security (Osiris)
-2505 Transport Ship - The Nevermore - Chief of Security
-2508 Transport Ship - The Hard Count - Owner/Captain
-2509 Transport Ship - The Nevermore - Crewhand
-2511 AA Security Consultants - Asst. Manager (Bellerophon)
-2512 Transport Ship - 八十八 (the 88) - Security
-2515 Holliday Ranch - Laborer (Ezra)
-2516 Deputized by Sheriff Henrietta Jackson. (Ezra)
-2517 Transport Ship - The Nevermore - Chief of Security

Military Record:
-2503 Enlists Alliance Military (never served)

Criminal Record:
-2495 Criminal Mischief. (Sentenced to time served) - Ezra
-2499 Wanted for Murder. (Charges dropped) - Ezra
-2505 Drunk and Disorderly. Arson. (Bail posted. Never arraigned. Warrant outstanding.) - Osiris
-2509 Drunk and Disorderly. Destruction of property. Resisting Arrest. (Bail posted. Never arraigned. Warrant waived.) - Ariel
-2513 Wanted for questioning regarding smuggling and pirate activity regarding the Transport Ship 八十八 (the 88)
-2514 Detained for smuggling and pirate activity regarding the Transport Ship 八十八 (the 88). No charges filed.
-2519 Drunk and Disorderly. (Bail posted. Never arraigned. Warrant Outstanding.) - Athens.

Other History:  Born the youngest son of Heph and Jeanie May Holliday, owners and purveyors of the Holliday Ranch, Hercules, as he hates to be called, was always just trying to keep up with his brothers and sisters. They were a tough lot, the Hollidays, used to life of wrangling cattle and tending crops; working the odd salvage job as it came along. And everyone helped. But as he grew up, the youngest Holliday found that most of the work was already done by the time he was tall enough to do it. And so a work ethic was developed of making a lot out of a little. His eyes were starward, anyhow, and making sure he knew how to ride a horse, fix a tractor, and plow a field were the least of his concerns. Stories in magazines of folks out making adventures on the rim of the 'verse kept him busy at night.

At the age of 16, nearly 17, he was deputized with his brothers and father to help track down a rustler's ring. Knowing the land and the ways of cattle and the people who ran them, the Hollidays made short work of the brigands and young Holliday killed his first man. He got a taste for the work, not so much the killing, and developed a strong working relationship with Sheriff Henrietta Jackson as second-in-command for the sleepy jurisdiction. But there wasn't much crime in their area, and as he was already getting jumpy, Jackson put in a recommendation with the Marshall of Ezra, which would expand Holliday's chances of seeing some action. "Be careful what you wish for" comes to mind.

Marshal Ozzy Woo had a reputation of being a tough sonofabitch. And that reputation was well earned. He taught Holliday the finer aspects of shooting and chasing down a suspect. Talking to and convincing informants to turn on their boss. Chasing a lead and a skirt. For six-months Holliday was mentored by the infamous Marshal Woo and, though Woo and Holliday had a contentious relationship, he truly felt like he was learning the skills that would cover him the rest of his life. This was true, in part, but not quite the way that Holliday thought. Marshal Woo was gunned down in his bed in the middle of the night. Holliday, in the next room over, didn't catch the killer before they left and when there were no more leads to follow, they asked him why he didn't stop his mentor's death. Why he wasn't killed also. Official charges were drafted after reports of their bickering came to light, Woo's demands clashing with Holliday's carefree attitude. There was no evidence for it, but Holliday knew when to get. There was nothing left for him on Ezra.

He signed up with the first ship that would take him - The Nevermore. Captained by Annabelle Li, a young woman who'd just taken over the family transport business from her parents, pitied Holliday when she found him at the bottom of a bottle. So she let him move boxes, turn a wrench, swab the decks, and keep an eye on the blinky lights in the cockpit. Over the next two years he learned how to space from her and slowly and strongly fell in love. Annabelle rebuffed his advances, citing rules about captain and crew relations, that he was "nothing but trouble", and countless other excuses. But in truth, she just wasn't that into him. Two years of rejection and Holliday had enough. He left the ship and began taking whatever job would hire him. He used his back and shoulders and hands and drank at night to forget that nobody needed him around. Osiris Police and the Alliance Military both rejected him. He drank as often as he watched the door for a bar called the La La Club. He was miserable and drowning. After a few years of that, and falling asleep with a cigarette and burning down his apartment complex, he asked Annabelle for a second chance.

As luck would have it, she was expanding the family business outside of the Georgia system and going 'Verse wide with transport. And she needed a Chief of Security. Three more years of adventures with a girl who didn't love him back. But this time he conquered it with a, mostly, clear head. They were successful as an enterprise and, somehow, Holliday just knew it couldn't last forever. Annabelle met a man, fell in love her own damn self, and got married. Holliday was happy for her, but miserable.

So, he entered into a deal with an associate, Peregrin Kapur, to buy and start his own ship. Loosely associated with the Nevermore, picking up the jobs Annabelle couldn't take, and creating a mini-fleet of transport and cargo vessels. There would still be adventure and excitement and Holliday wouldn't have to look at Annabelle anymore. It was perfect. Except that it wasn't. The ship, he named The Hard Count - a gambling term for cheating when the odds, namely security, is stacked against you - never left dry dock. The financing that Kapur had promised him fell through and Holliday lost his savings on his tough gamble. He went back to work for The Nevermore within a year.

He quickly grew restless and didn't stay there long. He got a job with a security firm he had worked with years before on Bellerophon, this time as an assistant manager. This consisted of him wearing a brightly colored uniform and installing security systems for rich people. It didn't take long for the job to wear on him, and as soon as he knew enough about it to think he could get away with it, Holliday made a deal to start robbing the folks he was supposed to be protecting. He made friends with an outlaw ship called 八十八 (the 88), captained by Makoto Nagano, and arranged more than a few heists in their and his favor. When the heat got too hot, he joined their crew officially and found himself on the wrong end of the law for a number of years. They eventually got caught, or more accurately, Holliday got himself caught and made a deal with the Feds to clear his name and keep him out of jail. Of course, that meant turning on the 88.

It was time to lay low for a spell. Recollect himself and clear his head. So he went back to Ezra to help out on the farm. His father was getting older (they found out later he was dying of an undiagnosed lung affliction) and his eldest sister, Helen, asked for his help. He wasn't any good at the work and hadn't done it in twenty years and didn't much care for it, but he learned quick enough and he was glad to help. It didn't take long for him to seek out trouble, however, and while in town one night got himself deputized by his old employer, Sheriff Henrietta Jackson. They rounded up some bad guys, gave them the short drop and sudden stop, and Jackson offered the badge and the jurisdiction to Holliday to keep. He considered it for half an hour before booking passage with the next transport, that just so happened to be the Nevermore. Annabelle and her family, she had two little ones by this point, were glad to have him back as Chief of Security and he was happy there, for a time.

But Hercules Holliday never stays satisfied for long. He now does some light smuggling based out of Iscariot Space Station, getting things for folks who need things. He lives in a shitty room above a noodle shop and mostly keeps to himself and out of Lil Sebastian's way.

Skills and Strengths:  Despite his youthful appearance, Holliday has gone back and forth across the 'verse more than a few times and has over twenty years experience doing so. He's done every job that you can think of, but none of them well enough to have made a career out of it. The one thing he seems to be the best at is getting into trouble, and then out of it again. Shooting he knows how to do, just ask the folks who lost gunfights with him. He can fly to a passable amount, and knows how a wrench and a spanner work; but anything more detailed would be best left to professionals. He's treated various wounds on himself successfully, and others less so. And as a young semi-retired outlaw and lawman, he knows the law and how to use it, and has contacts on both sides he utilizes in his smuggling.
Weaknesses:  He's a loser, to be blunt. There's some sort of unnatural stink of misfortune that lingers over him. He's never been able to figure out the math of having a life he wants to keep. Self-sabotage, pride, impulsiveness, greed, apathy; these are his sins. Also, as mentioned above, he's not particularly great at anything. He can fly, but that's mostly in space where there's less stuff to hit. His medical skills are laughable. He can do the act of mechanicking but couldn't tell you how a system functions other than whether it's on or off or why he's turning that bolt you asked him to. He's also not exactly a coward, but won't hesitate to save himself at the expense of others.


The streets were bustling this morning, traffic from cars, both hover and wheeled, kept the streets busy as pedestrians flocked the sidewalks and dared cross when the coast was clear. Vendors hawked their wares, children ran and played, the air was filled with the sounds of daily life as Darius Black took a stroll. He knew these streets, had been raised on them, and things hadn't changed much since he had left all those years ago. The same street carts and store fronts greeted him, though perhaps with different faces and different wares. It was the same and yet... something was off. Smiles for him, to be sure, he was recognized and remembered despite the years and traces of war he wore on his face.

But if one knew where to look, the demeanor was downcast. And one didn't have to guess why. People clad all in black patrolled the streets, stopping at each shop to speak with the owners, and the only thing they were bartering in was fear. Someone owned this neighborhood now, and it wasn't the shopkeepers.
Odette Information / Odette NPCs
May 28, 2020, 09:53:30 AM

Lil' Sebastian

Profession: Fence/Owner of Odette
Location: SS Iscariot
Play by: Danny Devito
In Play / Billy Breene
May 19, 2020, 06:08:49 AM


Age:  35
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Outlaw
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Spacer

Appearance:  Billy is bigger than most of his brothers, though not necessarily taller. Like most of the Breene's, he's boyishly handsome but there's a vapidity to his expression that, instead of charming, he comes off as goofy and harmless. Like a puppy you want to rescue. He wears his hair short, it gets too curly if left alone for too long, and a beard out of laziness. He dresses the part of the outlaw, low slung gun on his hip, rogueish vests, practical half button long sleeve thermal shirts and a wide brimmed hat complete the look. He also has a bright red leather trench coat that he thinks looks really cool, but his siblings all made fun of it, so he usually leaves it at home.
Faceclaim:  Chris Pratt

Initial Personality:  Billy is a big dopey golden retriever with delusions of outlaw fame. In fact, when you meet him, it can be hard to believe that he's wanted on several planets for robbery. Impossible to comprehend that he's killed a dozen men, though if he told you they had it coming you might believe him. He is earnest, when he's not trying to avoid suspicion or act the rogue, and sweet when he isn't pointing a gun at you.
Underlying Personality:  All of the decision making skills went to his fraternal twin, Will. In a lot of ways, what you see with Billy is what you get. Big, dopey, good natured. However, there's a side to him that is contrary to that demeanor. In his pursuit of being a desperado, Billy has had to do unthinkable, terrible things. Things he would never admit to his family, though they all know. It's unclear even to himself why he has such a fascination with being infamous. Some childhood insecurities, proving that he's better at being bad than anyone else in his family, perhaps. There's some demons there. Couple that with a devil-may-care facade and you got yourself a hard drinker, a risk taker, and, often, a problem child. 

Known History: 
Born: 2484. New Dublin - Ariel
Parents: Father, William Breene. Mother, Tessa Breene (née Macklin).
Siblings: William "Willy" 2479. William "Willem" 2480. William "Will" 2484 (Fraternal Twin). Sloane 2492.
Academic records:
(No official childhood records.)
-2502 A William Breene with the same DOB is listed as enrolling at Ariel University but this is likely his twin brother. Several entries in his public record should likewise be credited to his brother, but are included here for the sake of completion. Such entries are noted with *

Occupational Record:
-2502 Cargo Ship - The Scarecrow - Crew Hand
2505 Cargo Ship - The Bobby Sands - Crew Hand
-2506 Recruited to Union of Allied Planets Federal Investigation Bureau*
-2512 Promoted to Assistant Special Agent in Charge - Union of Allied Planets Federal Investigation Bureau*
-2515 Celtic Republic Shipping - Laborer -  New Dublin, Ariel
-2515  Demoted and reassigned - Union of Allied Planets Federal Investigation Bureau*
Last whereabouts unknown
Military Record:
Criminal Record:
-2495 Criminal Mischief. (Sentenced to time served) - New Dublin, Ariel
-2496 Criminal Mischief. (Sentenced to time served) - New Dublin, Ariel
-2503 Wanted for Robbery. Six Counts. - Greenleaf
-2503 Wanted for Robbery. Three Counts. - St Albans
-2504 Wanted for Robbery, one count. Murder. Two Counts. - Jiangyinn
-2505 Wanted for questioning in regard to the Murders of the crew of Cargo Ship The Scarecrow. Five Counts.
-2510 Wanted for questioning in regard to the Murder of Rodrigo Montana.
-2515 Arrested for Robbery, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Resisting Arrest, Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Interfering with a Federal Investigation, Fraud, Assaulting a Federal Agent. Charges lowered to misdemeanor robbery. Sentenced to five years. Fled on bail.
Considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Other History:  William "Billy" Breene and his twin brother William "Will" were born within twelve hours of each other, one on a Sunday and one on a Monday; their mother refuses to tell them which was first. Growing up with a twin can be a strange thing, but at least you always have another person there by your side to share your experiences. Trouble can come, however, when the twins couldn't be more different. Billy was big and slow at learning, but sweet and loving. Will was smaller (taking after his mother's family) and more independent. Oil and water, the two brothers were, each tending to follow separate sibling factions. Billy took after his eldest brother, Willy, and they took to causing trouble from a young age. Stories of Earth-That-Was outlaws (and present day ones, too, on the Cortex Feed) filled young Billy's eyes with stars and, when he was old enough, he caught signed up with a ship that had made the news not six months prior to them landing near the docks where the Breene family business headquartered.

The Scarecrow, as it was called, was captained by Egon Rook, outlaw of some renown who took a shine to young Billy Breene. The next few years were filled with adventures, none of them wholesome, but in that time Billy interacted with his family less and less. He could feel his separation from them grow as his conscience shrank. There was no mistaking what kind of ship Captain Rook had with the Scarecrow. Outlaws, Murderers, Thieves the lot of them. And Billy Breene was well on his way to joining their ranks. Not a year later he got his first ping after the Scarecrow hit six banks on Greenleaf in six weeks. Billy still claims it as some sort of record. The crew tried it again on St. Albans but didn't reckon on winter cutting them off at three. Their luck was pressed the next year on Jiangyinn. They were ill prepared for this venture and while they had never been shy about the prospect of killing anyone who got in their way, any professional knows that one doesn't need to pull a trigger to get what they want. Trigger happy security got in their way and Billy got his first two kills in their hasty attempt to getaway.

The crew fell apart soon after. Captain Rook demanded they try again, maybe a different system. And some of the outlaws felt the same. Some of them, Billy included, thought the heat was too high. Better to lay low for a spell. Words were exchanged. Bullets followed, and Billy was the only one who managed to get out unscathed. After that he went back home for the first time in three years. He crewed on his da's ship, The Bobby Sands, for a while, until his past caught up with him. Five years he laid low, living the spacer's life, doing everything right. He dated girls, earned an honest paycheck, even talked about taking over one of the family ships. His outlaw life was well and truly behind him.

But on a routine cargo haul, he happened to meet up with an old comrade from his Scarecrow days. Rodrigo Montana had been what someone might call a friend. Friendly, at the least. A sort of older-brother figure to Billy. But in the confrontation of the crews, he had taken the captain's side and meeting again all these years later, Billy found that Rodrigo had not forgotten their past disagreement. After a lengthy confrontation, Rodrigo was dead and Billy went back on the run. Why not, after all? You can take a man out of the bad, but you can't take the bad out of a man. At least, that's what he told himself as he drank himself to sleep.

Taking up mercenary work, Billy did jobs to pay for booze, a place to sleep, maybe a companion if it was a big job. But no long standing contracts. No friends. No family. It came to a head another five years later, while attempting a bank job with a bunch of amateurs, Billy found out his brother Will, now a Federal Agent, had been tasked with bringing him in. Will, being good at his job, found Billy and his crew almost immediately and what resulted was one for the history books. Billy was charged with a laundry list of crimes, in addition to his previous warrants, and was looking at a lifetime in prison. But his brother pulled some strings and saw that Billy's charges were lessened, and helped him skip bail. When Billy asked why Will, with whom he had never really gotten along and had chosen wholly different career paths, was doing this, Will only said. "You're my brother."

After that, Billy hasn't quite known what to do with himself. He's worked odd jobs, often under assumed names, and tries to stay out of trouble, often unsuccessfully. He's often not working for nice people, and he still uses his guns more often than he would like. He doesn't get home as much as he should. But he hasn't robbed any banks. And that's something.

Skills and Strengths:  Born and bred a spacer, Billy can handle most duties on a ship. He's fair in the cockpit, knows how a wrench works, the works. He prefers to use other skills he's picked up outside of a ship; shooting, stealing, riding, escaping; though he's trying to do less of that these days. He's also a middling to fair at card tricks and gambling games. And he very rarely cheats.
Weaknesses:  He never quite took to the spacing life like his family would have preferred. His piloting is shaky, at best; and he's really pretty useless in the engine room if no one is showing him what to do. He's head strong and cocksure and critical, planned thought was never his forte. Or, put another way, he's kind of dumb. He has a rap sheet a mile long and outstanding warrants on his head. He's also not really as good at magic as he thinks he is.

Odette IC / S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
April 28, 2020, 01:48:53 PM
Previously on...

Twenty minutes later...

Cooper and Francis had returned to the Odette with a new pilot and a new medic in tow. The pilot was a recent arrival to Iscariot Station called herself Evie and knew Cooper vaguely enough to have him remember she had been looking for work behind the stick of a ship. The medic, a venerable practitioner of both the healing and martial arts who claimed responsibility for Gwen's abandoned post and apologized on her behalf, introduced himself as Jed Rembo.

No one had cause to argue the point; they were ready, they were set, and they were gone.
Odette IC / Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
January 31, 2020, 07:47:45 AM
Deep in the backroom of Lil Sebastian's Bail Bonds and Pawn Shop, the man himself sat in a large wing back chair, the leather well-loved and shaped to his ass in particular. His fingers were folded in front of him, his brow folded in concentration. Before him sat a sweaty man named Danny in a chair that might have been designed to be rickety. If it was, it was a genius idea, keeping whoever was sitting before the big boss of Iscariot station uneasy. Some say it was Sebastian's idea to name it after Judas, others just think it's an apt metaphor for him to be in charge.

Danny, red-faced and sweaty by nature, the strain of keeping himself and the chair upright, or perhaps just being interrogated like has, sputtered and tried to explain himself. "LS, ya gotta know I didn't do it on purpose. I would never-"

Sebastian leaned back in his chair. His desk covered his legs, which otherwise would be found to be swinging more than a few inches from the floor. The desk, he found, helped hide his shortcomings and present a larger than life persona, especially in situations like this one. He just stared at Danny.

"I mean, how did I know they was gonna board me?" Danny looked over to the third person in the room, Francis Church, standing shadowed by the door. Francis, Danny knew, was not there to help him. Much the opposite in fact. "I mean, yeah, it was an Alliance check-point and I forgot to pay my registration. But it still ain't my fault. You gotta believe me. I would never do anything to jeopardize you."

Sebastian cracked a smile and nodded to Francis before turning away in his chair.

Francis didn't hesitate before pulling his weapon and shooting Danny in the head.

"Get the boys in here to clean this up before my next meeting." Sebastian said, pulling a cigar from a box on the desk and clipping the end. He played with it for a moment without lighting it while Francis opened up the door and motioned for the two men waiting outside to come in and retrieve Danny. A third followed after with a mop and bucket and made quick work of cleaning up the mess. All in all it was very efficient. "You think I should install like a trap door or something? Might be quicker."

"I don't know, Sebastian. Trap door sounds kind of like a pain. And then you just have a hole in your floor. And where would they go after they fell? Is there just like a pile of dead guys under there? You could kill them somewhere else." Francis said, offering a sort of annoyed tone that he didn't intend to be audible.

Sebastian just laughed. "YOU killed him, Frankie." And then he was suddenly serious. "Maybe you clean up the mess next time, eh?"

Francis took the misname (he hated it when people called him Frank or Frankie) with gritted teeth and silence. He knew better than to correct Lil Sebastian when his hackles were up. "No. It's fine. Sorry." Curt but respectful. He knew his place.

The boss nodded that it was alright. Kids these days. The cigar went in his teeth and with the strike of a match, it was smoldering in no time and filling the room with smoke. A cortex feed flickered across the room, showing a camera feed of the exterior entrance to the pawn shop. Charity, King, and Gwen had just entered the frame. "You think this broad will do the job?" Sebastian said, asking about their next meeting.

Francis shrugged. "I don't know." Francis was notoriously bad at reading people, so he wasn't sure why Sebastian had asked him.

"Yeah..." Sebastian said, thinking. He stared at the screen as he tongued the cigar. "Bring'em in."

Moments Earlier...

As Zeke and the Guns led Charity, King, and Gwen through the halls of the Space Station, there was an eerie quiet among the group. Was it nervousness? Dread? What does one say on a march between armed escorts? When someone is looking for an underworld boss only to find out that same nefarioso is looking for you? King was vigilant and equipped for any scenario; trouble was he didn't know what to expect. Charity was hopeful and almost annoying confident in her abilities to handle whatever was thrown at her. And Gwen was... distracted.

Emit Culpepper had found his way out of his room, but didn't look like he exactly knew where he was. A symptom of his injuries or just being unfamiliar with his new surroundings? Either way he looked like he needed help.
Odette Crew / Francis Church
October 14, 2019, 12:28:36 PM

Age:  40
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  "Account Executive"
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Criminal Enforcer

Appearance:  Tall and thin, he has a sort of mildly irritating, if slightly handsome face that goes from stoic obscurity to rubber-faced madness in a snap. He keeps his hair short and his face shaved, and Lil Sebastian likes him to wear a suit and glasses "Makes you look like you got a brain, kid" though Francis prefers neither. "Out of the office" you'll see him in a hooded sweatshirt and comfortable, yet functional pants and shoes.
Faceclaim:  Bill Hader

Initial Personality:  Quiet and unassuming, he seems a bit of an odd egg. Like someone who is trying really hard to make sure you know that he understands and empathizes with your feelings, but is really bad at it. He gets exasperated easily and annoyed often, but is often unintentionally very funny. He can be sweet, but seems to struggle with doing so on purpose. Also, it's Francis, never Frank.
Underlying Personality:  To classify Charles simply as a psychopath would ignore the trauma and life history that has led him to where he is now. However, does he have difficulty empathizing with and expressing emotions? Yes. Does he view the murders (among other crimes) he has committed for Lil Sebastian with a practical and forthright understanding that he knew they were wrong and still did them? Yes. Has he begun to question what that means for his soul and does he want more to life than being a thug for hire? Yeah, kinda.

Known History:  Born: 2478. Londinium.
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Academic records: St. Gerolamo's School for Orphaned Boys 2478-2495
Occupational Record: No official records
Military Record: 2495. Enlisted Alliance Marine Corps.
Injured in the Line of Duty and Honorably Discharged 2501 with full Pension and Honors of a Gunnery Sergeant.
Criminal Record: No records.
Arrest Record: No records.
Other History:  Growing up in an orphanage isn't all that bad when you decide from a young age you don't care about being adopted, which Francis never did. He had everything at St Ger's; food, a place to sleep, and all the Catholic guilt and shame he could want. Once he turned 17 and the Nuns were finished with him, it was suggested to him that he join the military and Francis didn't see any reason not to.

Via aptitude tests, he was placed with the Marines, and through training he found he was naturally a hell of a shot. He had never held a gun before an instructor handed him a long rifle and told him to aim down range at the target. The retort scared the heck out of him, but his aim was true. From then he trained as a sniper, and excelled at close quarters combat as well; everything needed for... an infantryman. Despite receiving high marks in all aptitude tests he failed the personality test each time he was brought up for promotion. But he wasn't overly ambitious. They fed him. They gave him a place to sleep. And they paid him. What more did he need?

During one of the skirmishes that preempted the Unification War, he was injured in a mortar blast and discharged with full honors, he prefers not to go into how he was injured but suffice it to say he had to use a donut through physical therapy. He was injured in other ways, though. Less obvious ways. First and foremost, he no longer had a place to sleep or a steady source of food. There was a small pension but with the war raging on he didn't expect that to last forever.

He found himself aimless and lost on the Iscariot Space Station, where he ran afoul of Lil Sebastian's crew. They cornered him and demanded everything in his pockets. Called it taxes. His training and instincts kicked in and soon the three men were all dead and Francis had blood on his hands. Lil Sebastian wasn't angry, though. He was impressed and saw potential in the young man. Potential to exploit.

But Francis wasn't picky. He didn't mind the work and LS paid him, fed him, and gave him a place to stay on the station. He became what LS called an "Account Manager", which really just meant Francis ran collections for all of the stations criminal enterprises, and carried out enforcement of Sebastian's policies. You know, he hurt people when he was told to. And sometimes he killed them.

He's done that for the last fifteen years and lately, well, something has just felt off about the whole thing. Francis can't put his finger on it, but he's felt a sort of pull away from LS. He's tried to get LS to send him on jobs off of the station and each time he wonders if this is the time he'll come back. But, he always does. After all, where else would he sleep?

Skills and Strengths:  Expertly trained by the best in the 'Verse to shoot and kill his enemies, he's more than capable with any gun you put in his hand. He's highly proficient with a long gun and is deadly up to 954 meters (his personal record). He's is also trained to kill with sharp and blunt weapons, and hand to hand combat. He's generally handy and self sufficient, though doesn't particularly excel at anything other than killing and taking orders. He's also a surprisingly good dancer.
Weaknesses:  His specialized life skills are just that; highly specific. He can sort of drive land vehicles and knows how to turn a wrench, but hasn't learned the finer ins and outs of piloting or mechanicking. He doesn't know anything more advanced than Combat First Aid, which is really only useful if you need to stop someone bleeding to death. He also has some sort of undiagnosed personality disorder, but aside from interpersonal relationships and having empathy for the crimes he committed, it doesn't really affect his day to day life.

The Courtesan IC / S1: Ep1- The Most Dangerous Aim
September 18, 2019, 08:44:28 AM
Commodore Dr. Stanley Miller was a proud, learned man. More historian than warrior, he nonetheless loved ships. And thus, against the advice of his accountant he purchased a top-of-the-line (25 years ago) Seaward Class Luxury Yacht at sticker price and gave naming rights to his wife. Eliza, a Vice Admiral with the Alliance Navy, actually knew a thing or two about ships and thought her husband a proper idiot, and thus named it "The Courtesan" for her husband's long-ago dalliance with a disreputable and swindling Companion. His children promptly began calling it  "The C-Word" in between giggles on misguided family vacations.

And it was there that the Miller clan, those that could be found, had gathered. They sat at a table, once finely polished and brand new, now worn by use and time, much like those around it. Brought together by circumstance and held there by stubbornness and desperation, they each seemed to be waiting for another to give in and be the first to speak.

Darling Asides / The Flight of the Valkyrie
August 21, 2019, 12:59:57 PM
The events in this aside take place in 2507, while the War for Unification is still taking place, 12 years before the current time period. The crew of the Darling and the ship herself will not actually feature in this story, however, Mona does and this is how she got to know Barnaby's younger brother, Ignacious "Nate" Goodweather.

From Rune:

Quote from: Mona Heyerdahl on August 08, 2019, 05:31:08 PM
So! Seems like a good time to go over some of Mona's backstory, and I think it'll be a lot of fun to get whoever else would like to be involved in on the aside. So far I know Lomari and noseatbelts are down, but the invitation's open to help fill out the rest of Mona's squad of Independent soldiers from back in the U-War. Mona's primary experiences during the war centered around demolitions ops and embedded trench combat, so your character should likewise be an infantry or explosives specialist. There is room for a platoon leader/Lieutenant, while the platoon sergeant/Sergeant First Class is being played by nos.

Mona and Nate are members of an elite unit of Browncoat Commandos that is filled with a motley group of characters:

Player: Open

Sergeant First Class Rudolph Remington
Pb:Bob Remus
Player: Noseatbelts

Staff Sergeant Mona Heyerdahl
Pb: Gwendoline Christie
Player: RUNE

Sergeant Ignacious Goodweather
Pb: David Harbour
Player: humanhyperbole

Corporal Alexi Gaevsky
Pb: Robert Sheehan
Player: Lomari

Specialists: OPEN, NPCs
In Play / Mason Miller
July 19, 2019, 09:46:39 AM
Mason Horatio Nelson Miller
Player: noseatbelts

Age:  45 1/2
Gender:  Male
Primary Occupation:  Bounty Hunter/Mercenary
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Government Issue Blunt Instrument
Appearance:  Tall and handsome, if a little weary, Mason has been able to use those good looks to get most anything that he wanted. He keeps himself in peak physical shape, or as much as someone nearing fifty can be after a lifetime of brute force backing up his brilliant blue eyes.
Faceclaim:  Daniel Craig
Initial Personality:  Confident. Debonair. Capable. Smug. Disappointing. Clueless.
Underlying Personality:  Having been told what to do and how and when to do it for his entire life, Mason seems lost without that sense of direction. He might be haunted by the things he has done in the service of his government, but he's rarely sober or introspective enough to comment on that. While it may seem that he is brash, arrogant, rude, and selfish; he's really just built for executing orders no matter what and he is absolutely certain that no one is better at it.
Known History:  Born: Dyton, 2474
Parents: Commodore Dr. Stanley Miller, PhD. and Vice Admiral Eliza Miller
Siblings: 6. Miliscint, Miles, Matilda, Malinda, Madeline, and Martin.
Cousin: Wulfstan Wynne
Academic records:
Dyton Junior Military Academy 2482-2488
Dyton Senior Military Academy 2488-2492
"The Citadel", The Military College at Londinium 2493 (Dropped Out)
Occupational Record:
Caddying at The Palms Golf Course and Resort 2484-86
Alliance Ministry of Defense, Consultant 2511-2517
Miller Securities, Consultant 2518

Military Record:
Enlisted Alliance Navy 2494
Promoted to Chief Petty Officer 2498
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander 2503
[Rest Redacted]
Honorably Discharged 2511 with full Pension and Honors of a Commander of the Navy
Criminal Record:
Criminal Mischief [Multiple charges, all dropped]
Fighting in public [Multiple charges, all dropped]
Drunken Disorderly [Multiple charges, all dropped]
Destruction of Property [Multiple charges, all dropped]
[Rest Redacted]
Arrest Record: [Redacted]
Other History:  The eldest of the Miller siblings, Mason, according to his parents, was destined for greatness. The military tradition ran long and wide in his family, and it was expected of him to exemplify that. Enrolled in Alliance Military Academies from a young age, Mason found the collars always a bit too tight, and rebelled at every chance he could. Mason always passed aptitude tests with flying colors, however he was exceptionally mediocre at everything else, and it wasn't for a lack of skill or intelligence. He just didn't care, unless there was a pretty face to impress.

He enrolled in the Military College on Londinium, or rather he was enrolled there, but dropped out almost immediately and enlisted in the Navy. While technically this was what was expected of him, his parents envisioned Officer Training and fast-tracked leadership positions for this son. Whether it was a reckless sort of self-destruction or merely thumbing his nose at the expectation of his parents, Mason decided he wanted to fight, not lead.

After basic training, Mason was assigned to a number of ships, always for short stints where he made a name for himself as someone who would always volunteer for any boarding party, undertake any mission, and then get reassigned for insubordination. Still, despite that and some drunken incidents on scheduled shore leave, command couldn't deny Mason's efficacy. With the growing threat of Rebellion looming, Mason was eventually transferred to an elite unit whose sole purpose was the detection, infiltration, and elimination of Independent Cells, most often but not entirely by means of assassination. Throughout the war, Mason worked covertly to support the interests of the Alliance Government and Military by any means necessary. He eventually received a commendation and promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, at which time his official military file abruptly ends.

Towards the end of the war he was discharged, with full honors and benefits, and entered officially-unofficial government work, taking a post with the Ministry of Defense. The nature of his work remained largely the same, covert operations against enemies of the state, but he was off the record and given more nebulously political missions. After the fog of war faded away, the work was more and more gray, and the targets and missions less clear-cut. There was no longer a cause to support, and while Mason would say this didn't bother him so much, the correlation between the operations he was undertaking and the amount of alcohol and drugs he consumed, the erosion of his personal relationships, and his overall health eventually could no longer be ignored.

He retired from government work unceremoniously in 2517 and started a consulting and security firm with his sister, Millecent, enlisting a number of the other siblings. Bodyguarding, security reviews, private investigations, bounty hunting. His habits didn't change, but his peace of mind did. Due to shady investing, the firm (and by proxy the family nest egg) has recently fallen on hard times and Mason has tasked himself with securing the future of his family, if only to keep them all together.

Skills and Strengths:  An impressive physical specimen, Mason has spent his adult life getting orders and carrying them out no matter the cost. He is a capable pilot, exceptional combatant (both hand to hand and with weapons) and while subterfuge is not his forte, the art of getting in and out of places he's not supposed to is one he's perfected over the years, even if it means simply making blowing a hole in wall if he can't pick the lock on the door. He speaks a handful of languages and has contacts around the 'verse from his days in the Service.
Weaknesses:  When not told what to do, Mason is a little lost. He can make do for a short amount of time, vacations and laying low and the like, but eventually he gets a bit stir crazy and can be prone to brash mistakes. Additionally, any social setting that isn't government mandated leaves him at a loss for how to act properly. He is not a finely tuned instrument, but rather a force of nature that generally gets the job done by sheer strength of will, and the messes he makes often outweigh any good he has done. His age and years of hard living are beginning to catch up to him and he finds himself drinking more and more to dull the physical and emotional pain and trauma he's experienced as a result.

Darling Asides / Rovers
February 14, 2019, 12:48:03 PM
The events in this aside take place in 2515, 4 years before the current time period. The crew of the Darling includes people who do not feature in the current episode. Below are listed the current crew.

Barnaby Goodweather - Captain

Mona Heyerdahl - XO

Tabitha Haemish - Medic

Riot Torvik - Mechanic

Denholm "Denny" Malarky - Crewmember/Pilot

Benedict "Benny" Malarky - Crewmember/Gunhand

Potentially other crew TBD

Not in Play / Johann Krüger
January 31, 2019, 12:02:03 PM
Johann Krüger
Player: noseatbelts

Age:  54
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Smuggler
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Profiteer

Appearance:  Average of height and build and appearance, Johann would tell you that is all by design. The last thing a man in his line of work wants is to be noticed. That being said, he has a sort of peculiar style about him, with a mustacheless beard and high and tight haircut. Tattoos from his more careless youth cross various points on his body, and a few brands that indicate those younger days taught him a few lessons about getting caught.
Faceclaim:  Andy Serkis

Initial Personality:  Cold and calculating with equal parts boisterous and brash, Johann has many contradictions. The one thing that is sure is that he knows he's good at what he does, and being good at his job requires you to be a bit of a bastard. He doesn't care about your feelings or the consequences of his actions as long as it doesn't affect his number one priority. His payday.
Underlying Personality:  What you see is what you get, however, the depth to which his ruthlessness will go is bottomless. There are two types of people in the 'Verse, as far as he is concerned. Those that are useful to him, and those that aren't. And he has no time whatsoever for those that aren't. As long as you're useful, he'll remain loyal (or what passes for loyalty for a thief like him). He responds well to strong leadership, but will grab an opportunity if a vacuum presents itself.

Known History:  Born: 2464. Santo
Parents: Unknown
Academic records: None
Occupational Record:
-2479. Crown Gate Casino, Santo. Floor worker.
-2483. Crown Gate Casino, Santo. Floor manager.
-2487. Indigo Dragon Resort and Casino, Santo. CFO/CEO/COO
-2505-2511. Listed as primary shareholder in Krutech Industries, LLC. 
Criminal Record: Wanted for multiple counts of Extortion, Assault, Larceny, Grand Theft, and Attempted Murder. Also wanted for questioning in regard to ongoing War Profiteering investigation.
Arrest Record:
-2482. Sentenced to 3-5 Years in Alliance Penal Station Alpha. Released after 18 Months for Good behavior.
-2485. Sentenced to 6-10 Years in Alliance Penal Station Alpha. Released after 27 Months for Good behavior.
-2488. Brought in for questioning on Santo in regard to an racketeering investigation involved with the Indigo Dragon Resort and Casino. No charges filed.
-2490. Arrested on Bellerophon with charges of Extortion, Larceny, Grand Theft, Impersonating an Alliance Government Official, and Fraud. Charges Dropped.
-2498. Arrested for Drunk and Disorderly, released on Bail. Charges dropped.
-2506. Kruger's name is Watch Listed as being involved in smuggling and war profiteering, though official charges and warrants are never filed due to lack of evidence.
-2518. Abruptly pops back up onto Interpol radar after a conspicuously extended absence.
Other History:  Raised by the grime and the neon lights of the Den of Sin itself, Santo, Johann Kruger never knew a life with parents or family. A street rat since before he could remember, the first few years of his life are entirely unknown to him. He took up with a street gang of other orphans and, due to his small size, he developed a large, strong personality to protect himself against those that might have mistaken him as week. It wasn't long until he was the ringleader of their little band, organizing pick pocketing schemes and bullying other orphans and weak willed adults to give him protection money.

His first real job was at the Crown Gate Casino, and it wasn't because he needed the money. The floor boss, a mafia connected man by the name of Santino, caught on to Johann's schemes and recruited him to work on the casino floor, fleecing drunk gamblers and breaking into their hotel rooms. And while Johann may have thought that he had come up with the idea of organized crime all by himself, it was during this time that he got his true lessons in that art.

At the age of 18 he did his first stretch of hard jail time after an Interpol sting of the Crown Gate. He didn't inform on his bosses, so the Feds sent him away. He was released for good behavior and rewarded handsomely by his bosses when he got back with a promotion and a crew of his own. It happened again a few years later, and he served his time like a good little soldier. But when he returned after the harder, longer sentence, Johann had some demands of his superiors. Put him in charge of his own Casino. Make it worth his while and he would never get caught again.

Johann made good on on that promise. Unfortunately for him, the rest of the organization wasn't so lucky. A multi division task force among the Alliance Military, Interpol, and Planetary Police brought down the entire operation. Most of the higher ups were able to get off with limited to no charges, (money thrown liberally at law enforcement and judges will do that), Johann included, but it ruined them in the process. Johann was forced to strike out on his own, which at that point in his life he was more than fine with.

It didn't go well at first. Without his mafia connections, Johann was forced to trade on his own expertise, of which he had plenty, but also rely upon his winning personality, which needed a little work. He was used to being little more than a thug, a blunt instrument to the larger organization, who did what he was told and did it well and with at least some panache. But he hadn't had to scheme in many years. Since his days of picking pockets. On Bellerophon, he assembled a crew, ran a job, and nearly got away with it if not for a simple, but very crucial mistake at the last minute.

After that, Johann lent his skills in more traditional ways, most often as a right hand man to the guy with the plan. And it was profitable for him. For several years he had no run-ins with the law and was able to make a fair living. And then he was betrayed and left as the fall man after a particular scheme. Johann was forced to get himself arrested in order to prevent the betrayers from killing him. It was a foolhardy scheme, on his part, but he was desperate and it afforded him the opportunity to get them back. He informed upon the entire scheme and the rest of the team served extended sentences where he did not.

A lifetime of misadventures followed, always on one end of a scheme or another, usually followed by extended run ins with the law, though he had an almost supernatural ability to escape from conviction. When the war started, like many folks who aren't burdened by convictions or morality, Johann saw it as a business opportunity and got into the weapon smuggling and war profiteering game. This period, while devastating to much of the 'Verse and its occupants, was especially lucrative for Kruger. He ended up on a lot of lists, some to his favor, some not, and by war's end he was a go-to for those on both sides of the conflict, as well as Interpol. This provided for a lot of heat and as hostilities ceased, he knew that being scarce for a time might be to his favor.

So he arranged to be arrested by an Interpol Detective on the take, under an assumed alias, and served 24 months on an Alliance Penal Colony. Unfortunately for him, the Detective turned the tables on him and Johann wound up serving seven years. But he was out of the public eye and heat died down on his true name and he knew he'd walk out after his sentence with something of a clean slate. Unfortunately that also meant the modest empire he had built would be gone, but Johann was an optimistic opportunist.

Inside, he met a new friend and business partner, Patrick O'Doyle, and the two decided that, once they were settled on the outside, they'd get back to doing what they did best.

Skills and Strengths:  A skilled manipulator and schemer, Johann has always relied on his his ability to make others do what he wants, whether by coercion or intimidation. A lifetime of living just out of reach of the law has left him with practical skills such as basic piloting, cortex use and manipulation, weapons knowledge and use, and brawling style combat and fighting (he's no martial artist but he can more than handle himself physically).
Weaknesses:  Prideful and arrogant, Johann has a tendency to let his mouth write checks his body can't necessarily cash and he's ambitious to a fault, with eyes that are bigger than his stomach even in situations outside of a buffet line. He's brash and prone to mistakes, even despite intricate plans and recipes. He's useless with an engine, in fact most crafts one would do with their hands has never interested him. An honest day's work is just not for him, which has made him a highly recognizable and wanted man.

Not in Play / Bolin Babylon
January 16, 2019, 09:23:41 AM
Bolin Babylon

Age:  26
Gender:  Gender Fluid

Primary Occupation:  Travelor
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Former Companion
Tertiary Occupation (secret):  Contract Killer
Equipment:  Bolin lives in the moment and has no real desire for long-lasting possessions. That being said, they are usually equipped with weapons and equipment that best fits the needs of their current assignment.

Appearance:  With legs almost as long as their cheekbones, Bolin is tall and slender and would be described as beautiful to anyone who saw them. Dark hair with a style that changes more than their mood, and even darker eyes that read a person's soul with a glance, there are many who have fallen in love with that face. A strong sense of fashion coupled with a carefree apathy to appearance is equal parts bewildering and intoxicating.
Faceclaim:  Ezra Miller

Initial Personality:  Aloof and alluring, Bolin carries themselves like men and women want to be them and both men and women want to be with them. Trained in the art of companionship and seduction, Bolin can be charming or cruel as the situation requires. They are a purposeful enigma designed to confound you.
Underlying Personality:  Alone, they are without anchor. For too long they have wandered, always being told what to do, never doing what they would rather. It is a lonely life and it has worn on poor Bolin. There are no morals, there is only the job. There is no family, there is only the job. There is no love, no comfort, no support, no joy.

Known History: 
Born: 2493, Sihnon as Lucien Alexandre d'Eaubonne
Parents: Manon Françoise d'Eaubonne of the Companion Guild and Lord Peter Linsey of Londinium.
Guild History:
-2404-2410 Apprentice Companion under Madame Tāo.
-2410-2413 Registered Companion.

Cortex History:

-Various Tabloid style articles that begin, chronologically, with asking who this new Companion is with so and so celebrity, and progress to articles that seem more concerned with who Bolin is dating.

-High Fashion Cortex-zines discussing Bolin's designer choice for seasonal galas and the like.

-More recently articles seem to focus on the "Where are they now?" variety, with random sightings etc.

Other History:  Bolin Babylon, born Lucien Alexandre d'Eaubonne, had a happy, loving childhood. Though their parents never married, their mother being a Registered Guild Companion, Bolin was none-the-less raised wanting for nothing. It was assumed and agreed upon by mother and father that Lucien would enter training as a Companion when the time was right. Technically a bastard, Lucien would not be eligible to inherit the name and title of Lord Linsey, and thus a life as a Companion would afford comfort, stability, and honor to the child.

So, at the age of 12, Lucien was put into the tutelage of Madame Tāo, a renowned teacher. After a period of six years, Lucien graduated with top marks and entered service in the Companion Guild, and they were good at it, gaining a reputation as a rising star in what is normally considered a humble and inauspicious calling.

Eventually, Lucien adopted a new identity, one that which felt more appropriate to the person they had always felt inside, neither male nor female, but instead what might be described as the best of both; Bolin (a portmanteau of d'Eaubonne and Linsey) Babylon was born. Their fame and reputation grew, and with it, a new type of clientele. People with immense power, immeasurable wealth, and insatiable appetites.

And enemies.

One such enemy offered Bolin an unsanctioned proposal, outside of Guild regulations. Ten-million credits to kill a client. And whether it was avarice or simply boredom, Bolin accepted.

Of course, the Guild found out. There was some question about whether Bolin would simply be disappeared by the Guild, though nothing has yet come of that, particularly while Manon Françoise still lives. So, rather than risk their reputation, Bolin was simply blacklisted, asked to leave and to never return.

But that was fine with Bolin. They had a new calling.

Skills and Strengths:  All the training and benefits of a born-and-bred Core Worlder and a Guild-trained Companion, including academics, etiquette, athletics, fine combative arts (sword play, martial arts, sport shooting), fashion and style knowledge, as well as seduction and, by proxy, subterfuge. Bolin is also what you might call a "Power User" of the Cortex, lacking the skills and subtlety of a hacker, they are nonetheless very adept at using the everyday functions of The Signal.
Weaknesses:  While physically an impressive specimen, Bolin is not really a fighter. Even though they have taken to killing for money, it is not through brute force or combat that they achieve their goal. Piloting skills is casual at best, small shuttles and planetary vehicles, though Bolin hasn't actually done any traveling without some kind of chauffeur in some time. Mechanics and Medicine could not possibly rank lower on things that Bolin thinks or cares about. They are fussy and fastidious, to a fault, and a lack of empathy can make them difficult to know or like.

Darling Asides / The Healer and the Honcho
December 27, 2018, 12:28:27 PM
The events in this aside take place in 2510, while the War for Unification is still taking place, 9 years before the current time period. The crew of the Darling is made up of people who do not feature in the current episode. Below are listed the current crew.

Jeremiah "Pappy" Goodweather: Owner and founding Captain of the Darling Francine and Barnaby's father. Has taken a more advisory role the last ten years.
(Pb Jeff Bridges)

Francine Goodweather: Namesake of the Darling Francine and Barnaby's mother.
(Pb Tyne Daly)

Patrick "Tricky" O'Doyle: XO, dashing ne'er-do-well who just can't seem to stay out of trouble.
(Pb Jon Hamm)

Hardy Willis: Stoner Mechanic
(Pb Harris Wittels)

Veronica Sandeski: Lifetime spacer with a bad temper
(Pb Melissa McCarthy)

Hey You: Pilot, spacer, general hand. Doesn't seem to speak English or Mandarin, or much at all. But he seems to understand it. (Note:"Hey You" is not his real name, but it's what he answers to and no one knows his real name.)
(Pb Song Kang-ho)

The Darling Crew / Barnaby Goodweather
October 09, 2018, 09:13:49 AM
Barnaby Goodweather
Player: noseatbelts

Age:  53
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Captain of the Transport Ship "The Darling"
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Smuggler

Appearance:  Tall and barrel chested, Barnaby has an imposing silhouette, But then you see that "aw shucks" grin, kind blue eyes, and a face creased with laughter lines and you realize that he's more teddy than grizzly. His clothing is simple and practical, though with his wide brimmed, tan felt hat and neck kerchief, he accidentally strikes a dapper figure. Wild curly hair and a generally clean shaven face completes his look, though he's been known to grow a beard or mustache when the fancy strikes him.
Faceclaim:  John C. Reilly

Initial Personality:  Barnaby is a good natured fella with a heart of gold and a pragmatic way of looking at the world. He's quick with a smile and a helping hand and can seem like an easily manipulatable rube, but he just likes leading a simple life without grudges. "Enemies ain't profitable." As his pappy was fond of saying.
Underlying Personality:  His benevolent disposition aside, Barnaby is a cunning businessman who knows every in and out of the 'verse. He doesn't suffer fools or braggarts, and is fiercely loyal to those that have earned his trust. But there's no deep dark secret in his heart, which he wears openly on his sleeve. Barnaby is a good man who aims to take care of he and his by any means necessary.

Known History: 
Born: 2465 on board the ship Darling Francine (commonly referred to as The Darling)
Parents: Jeremiah and Francine Goodweather (both deceased)
Siblings: Ignacious "Nate" Goodweather (MIA War of Unification, presumed dead.)
-Anna-Maria Goodweather (née Iglesias) (Deceased)
-Tamara Erasmus (Divorced)
-Autumn Crocus (Annulled, assumed pseudonym)
-Geraldine Potter (Falsified, never legally married)
Academic records: none
Occupational records: Listed as crew hand on The Darling Francine since 2466. Took over as Acting Captain in 2499. Ownership was transferred to his name in 2510.
Military Records: His ship was commandeered periodically by Alliance forces to assist in supply runs.
Criminal Record:
-2490 Darling Francine and all crew was held by Alliance blockade and charged with illegal smuggling. Charges were dropped.
-2499 Darling Francine was briefly impounded after an extended altercation that included the members of two other ships, 八十八 (the 88) and The Vaquero, both of which were indicted, and Alliance vessel IAV Lancaster. Darling Francine was listed as a bystander and released.
-2511 Captain Goodweather was questioned regarding the hedonistic cult Acolytes of Aristuppus, who were wanted in connection to theft and lewd behavior.
Other History:  Jeremiah Goodweather saved his money. He worked long and hard on board other men's ships so he could one day buy his own. There were many pitfalls and false starts, but he never gave up hope. He called this dream freedom and wouldn't give it up. During this time he met a young lass by the name of Francine, and they quickly and passionately fell in love. Jerry, as he liked his friends to call him, would refer to the week in which he finally got his ship (which he named for his beloved wife) and Francine announced she was pregnant as his Emancipation. His first son, Barnaby, was born early the next year and became The Darling Francine's first official crew member.

Barnaby grew up with grating beneath his feet, going planetside often but only for short periods of time. His younger brother, Ignacious, was born, economically, ten years after him and once they each got to a certain age, they were fast friends. The Goodweathers were happy, but by no means wealthy. They made ends meet, sometimes literally in that a large portion of their hauling came from passengers going from A to B. As with most vessels of their type, the Darling Francine also did its fair share of smuggling, the legality of which was sometimes questionable but when it came to providing for his family, Jeremiah was never particular.

When Barnaby was nearly twenty years old, he met Anna-Maria. A long time crew member and friend of his father, Jorge Iglesias, brought his wife and daughters on board during one extended furlough on Paquin. The eldest, Anna-Maria, immediately caught his eye and they began courting almost immediately. Married soon after, she joined the crew as much as she joined the family. Tragically, she was killed a year later due to a malfunction in the fuel line. Through a series of incredible circumstances, the engine room was engulfed in flame with her and her father inside, though her efforts saved Barnaby and the rest of the ship.

What resulted was a series of ill-fated attempts to recapture the love that he felt for Anna-Maria, including one con-woman who discovered that owning his own ship didn't make Barnaby a wealthy man, a federal agent using Barnaby to get close to his fugitive first mate, and one amicable divorce from a hard to know but otherwise lovely woman.

For nearly forty years, Jeremiah captained the Darling Francine and many adventures were had, but in 2499 there was one adventure too many for the old man. Hired to smuggle some goods, the Darling Francine was to deliver these to another ship, The Vaquero. While unloading, another ship, The 88, swooped in to steal the shipment. An extended standoff ensued, with threats, and gunfights, and damage to all of the ships as none of the three would give up. Finally, the conflict attracted the attention of an Alliance cruiser, in which all surviving crew members of each craft were held and questioned. The goods in question were confiscated and, while the Darling Francine was cleared of any wrong doing, despite the illegality of the goods themselves, they missed out on a very important payday.

Jeremiah could take no more. He announced his retirement and gave command of his ship to Barnaby, taking a more advisory position on board. Barnaby, who considered it his birthright, could not have been more excited. He had worked his way up to XO over the previous forty years, and considered himself ready for the challenge. And things were good, for a time.

When the war broke out, Ignacious enlisted. While the rest of the family didn't want to see him go, he could not be dissuaded. He was listed as Missing in Action and presumed dead several years later. During the war, the Darling Francine, being a ship without any outstanding warrants, was commandeered on several occasions to assist with Alliance supply runs. Barnaby, who didn't want trouble with the Alliance, agreed each time, and, besides, it was a paying job, no matter how small. One such run, unbeknownst to the ship, was a shipment of chemical agents. One of the cannisters leaked and made the crew very sick. The resulting illness killed both of his parents, who were quite elderly at the time.

Since then, as sole owner and captain of the ship, Barnaby has tried his best to stay out of trouble and do the work that needs doing to keep his boat flying, which he shortened to "The Darling" out of respect for his mother's passing, but also because "owning and sleeping in a boat with the same name as Ma is just kinda weird."

Skills and Strengths:  Barnaby knows the Darling backwards and forwards. So he can pilot, mechanic, and crew her better than just about anyone. He's a sociable guy with a big heart, and his manners never fail him. He's fair with a gun and in a fight in general, but would rather go the other way if it can be helped.
Weaknesses:  Outside the metal walls of his beloved ship, Barnaby is not nearly as capable as he is in the Black. He calls it his land legs, but there's something about being dirtside that leaves him a little off (he also met ¾ of his wives with ground beneath his boots, which is a whole thing on its own). Otherwise, his good nature can be easy to trick and he doesn't hold much in the way of grudges or ambition, so even though a lot of his smuggling is of suspect legality, he makes for a terrible criminal.

The Revenge Crew / Holger Heyerdahl
September 03, 2018, 08:02:06 AM
Holger Heyerdahl
Player: noseatbelts

Age:  39
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Gunhand
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Bruiser

Appearance:  Big. Really big. Standing at over 6 foot tall and seemingly made from the rock of his homeland, Holger's most distinguishing characteristic is his vibrant red hair and beard, both kept long and natural. Beneath all of that you will see wild green eyes and and a wild man's grin. He dresses simply, but well; his childhood of hardships have given him a taste for the finer things.
Faceclaim:  Kristofer Hivju

Initial Personality:  Holger uses his size and wild appearance to intimidate those he meets, but will warm quickly to you if you prove you're not an imminent threat. He is boastful, crass, fun-loving, and perhaps a tad dim in the way an uneducated man from a backwater planet is.
Underlying Personality:  A hard man to truly know, Holger has had a difficult life. He holds the memories of his past dear, but it has turned him into a man who will push people away with brusqueness and intimidation, and his strange sense of humor many find unsavory. He strongly wishes for a family of his own, and can be perhaps over eager with those of the opposite sex, but is mostly harmless in that regard and his zeal is most likely an overcompensation.

Known History: 
Born: 2480. St. Albans
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Hans Heyerdahl (occupations listed as unskilled laborers)
Siblings: 8. Hafthor, born 2478. Sigurd, born 2479. Helga, born 2481. Fridtjof, born 2483. Nils, born 2484. Mona, born 2485. Erna, born 2486.
Academic records: None
Occupational Record: No official records but his name comes up on a work order as a driver for a rock quarry on St. Albans in 2597.
Military Record: 2506. Enlisted Independent Faction in Unification War - Infantryman 66th Division. Achieved rank of Corporal.
Criminal Record: 2511. Military prisoner of war.
Arrest Record:
-2515. Drunken Disorderly. Criminal Mischief. Arson. Assault. Resisting Arrest. Grand Theft.
-2516. Drunken Disorderly. Criminal Mischief. Arson. Assault. Resisting Arrest. Grand Theft.
-2517. Drunken Disorderly.
Other History:  Born in a large family, Holger learned from an early age that life and the 'verse are both difficult and one must find joy where they can. He went to work at a young age in a rock quarry to help support his family, earning a minimum wage for back breaking labor.

When the Unification War broke out, he and some of his brothers and sisters enlisted against the wishes of their parents. But they saw a chance for glory and adventure. What they found was misery and defeat.

The siblings were known as The Nords on the battlefield, using their ancient Nordic blood rage they would charge out of the trenches with bare chests and warpaint, causing a distraction for their waiting allies. While it never quite provided for the sort of victory they would hope, it did give them a reputation as crazy and fearless.

After Unification, and a brief stint in a POW Camp, Holger, like most veterans, found the idea of going home impossible. He was no longer the man he was before he left. So he began using the skills he had learned on the battlefield as a way to make ends meet and soon it became more of a calling.

In 2515, however, he and his brothers who had escaped the hell of both their home world and the War, met up for a sort of reunion on Londinium. After a few rounds of drinks, things quickly got out of hand. While no one will admit that they started the fight, Holger would admit that he's the one who started the fire. Either way, it ended up with the bar burned out from the inside, the light beating of an Londinium Police Officer and theft of his vehicle, and eventual arrest of the whole clan.

In 2516, they did it again.

In 2517, the police were waiting and suffice it to say the Heyerdahls are no longer welcome on Londinium.

Skills and Strengths:  Did we mention that Holger is big? Because he is. His vibrant Nordic blood, size, and temperment make him ideal for the intimidating guy you don't want to mess with. His military training makes him all the more dangerous. He also knows his way around heavy machinery and a pickaxe from his years in the quarry as a laborer. This leaves him qualified to do a bit of (non-refined, A to B type) piloting, some light mechanicking, and digging a really big hole by hand.
Weaknesses:  Holger is not well educated, and even if he had been afforded the chance, let's be honest and admit that he wouldn't have done well. Higher learning never interested him and he doesn't feel as though he missed out. He is brash, quick to anger, and easy to trick. His size often gets in his way, and when he can't solve a problem with guns or fists, he is often at a loss for what to do next. Though he has developed a taste for the finer things in life having left his old life behind, he lacks the actual knowledge and sophistication to do those things properly. So things that might otherwise be considered tacky or garish are prized possessions for him.

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