A Conversation in the Medbay (Beth and Rose)

Started by Rose Wickson, November 05, 2021, 01:02:46 PM

Rose Wickson

(continued from this post)

"The body seems to work okay. I don't have any chronic conditions or allergies. But...."

Rose stood at attention by her console, waiting for Beth to continue. When she didn't, she turned to look at her, studying her concerned expression. She had a pretty good idea on what she might be hinting at, but suddenly felt unsure on how the broach the subject. She'd never had any reason to doubt her general bedside manner, but building trust with strangers was one social aspect of the job she'd gotten regrettably little practice with; back on Three Hills, the overwhelming majority of her patients had been neighbors who all seemed to know everybody's business anyway, the way small town folk tended to.

"Well, it just so happens that the body's my specialty, so that's the main focus here." Rose hoped a little friendly quipping would help lighten the mood. She looked down at the console, biting her lip in thought, then turned to face Beth properly, giving her her full attention.

"I know this is a little awkward, since we'll be spending so much time together on this ship an' all..." Rose didn't know if that fact was contributing to Beth's unease, but she herself had been giving it some thought. It was one thing to treat acquaintances you saw about town; here, she would essentially be room mates with all her patients, which could complicate certain delicate matters.

"But while we're in this room, I've got my healer hat on, and it's important that you're honest with me so I'll be able to help you. Anything you tell me is fully c-c-" she powered through the block and proceeded to hurry straight on to the next topic, determined not to get flustered. "-confidential. Are you taking any m-medication?"

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