S1: Ep2 - War Hawks

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Odette Crew - Away Team

"Bonnie? I thought....Bonnie!" Charity frowned, now wishing she had asked Jed to stay a little longer. He'd have known what to do with someone clearly in the middle of some kind of delusion or dissociation or some other issue. Charity placed Velocity's hand around her upper arm and patted it comfortingly with her free hand, the gems on her fingers glimmering in the station's glow. She'd clear things up for the poor girl once this nasty business was finished.

"That's right, you're safe now," she told the other woman, then paused and tilted her head to the side, her earrings chiming together softly. Well, she was as safe as one could be during a panic in a morally vague space station and while going to meet with the fence who she imagined ran most of the crime on said station. Shaking her head, Charity patted the girl's hand again and grimaced at the thought.

"Very good, sir. Mr. Sebastian is waiting for you all inside." Roger-Not-Roger informed them. The Captain stopped walking for a moment to stare at Little Sebastian's new assistant with frustration before finally turning and walking into the shop. Much like before, she had to carefully maneuver through the maze of junk before reaching the back office, her grip on Velocity strong to keep her from bumping into anything and hurting herself. Her embroidered skirts rustled with every step she took, the clicking of her heels echoing loud enough to make even Charity a little uncomfortable.

"Whatever shall I do with you," she muttered, looking up into the taller woman's face and chewing on her lower lip. She didn't feel right leaving her out here to wait, but she didn't think she'd be any safer inside with Sebastian. Charity looked in King's direction for guidance.
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Odette Crew - Away Team

"That's right, you're safe now," The reassurance ensured that Velocity's delusion continued unabated, even as they approached Sebastian's shop.

"Very good, sir. Mr. Sebastian is waiting for you inside."

It was the same day and the memories were fresh enough to be available rather than having been flung into the dumpster that was her longer term memory by sleep. That didn't mean the memories were nicely ordered and so while the use of Sebastian's name should have been enough to bring Velocity out of her state, she was sufficiently deep that its effect was only enough to start a process that took the whole convoluted length of the shop to make any impact. Charity's firm grip and sure guidance were the only things that stopped Velocity and the violin strapped to her back impacting some other "priceless treasure" and sending it to its, and Velocity's, doom.

It was only when they stopped outside that door that she found some context.

"Chips!" Velocity thought and looked round expectantly, hoping to see her friend. He was nowhere to be seen and her focus turned to the woman who had her arm in a tight grip.

Velocity couldn't find a context for her. That Charity had rescued her in the corridor and guided her here was butting gently at her subconscious but the grip on her arm suggested to her that maybe the woman was an agent of Sebastian's commissioned to ensure that she arrived. That didn't gel with another memory of the park and a man summoning her unless she had got lost or diverted along the way. How long ago was that? she wondered.

"Whatever shall I do with you," the woman said, adding to Velocity's confusion.

"Who are you?" she demanded of Charity, her tone a mixture of confusion and accusation as she looked down at Charity's face.

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