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The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep6 - Lights, Camera, Action!
November 22, 2021, 09:06:08 AM
Ship Time: 1030
Ship Location: Secondary Claim, St. Albans

The crew of the Darling had managed to get away from the Söderberg with bellies full and bags packed with snacks and supplies for the trip back. Julia had lamented the shortness of their visit and insisted they come back again soon, but understood their need to keep on the move.

Several feet of snow were nothing to the Mule as it rumbled and vibrated its way back toward their ship, Viktor at the helm once more. He had the most experience driving in this terrain and it seemed the best idea to have him do it again. Without Barnaby in the back, it was far less cramped for Tabby, Rian, and Arlo, but there was a distinct bit of space where their Captain should have been that none of them seemed ready to encroach on.

Ship Time: 1129
Ship Location: Secondary Claim, St. Albans

The mule pulled up to the Darling, the ship covered in snow. Its cargo doors were open, the ramp down and ready to welcome its wayward crew home thanks to the fancy remote program Rian had installed. It had finally started working, albeit on the most basic and rudimentary level, once they'd gotten  much closer to the vessel. The mule doors opened and Tabby hopped out first, climbing over Arlo's lap to do so. She was glad to be back.

It was time for Rian to Captain the ship...

...and pilot the thing as well.
New Ship Ideas / Re: The Wyatt
October 06, 2021, 01:57:06 PM
I'd like to put in my hat for either XO or Gunhand, with Genevieve LeBlanc. She is an Infiltration Specialist, so honestly whatever crew title fits. 
Odette Crew / Re: Tyson "Turncoat" Hazard
October 05, 2021, 04:20:22 PM
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Lights, Camera, Action!
October 01, 2021, 11:10:40 AM
Ship Time: 1847
Ship Location: Secondary Claim, St. Albans

With a motherly smile that hovered somewhere between pride and worry, Viktor's mother embraced her son and the ship's doctor one last time before finally releasing them and moving to the head of the table, insisting everyone sit while she served the food, thinking that was the least she could do as thanks for Rian and Mattie having cooked for them.

The dinner went relatively awkwardly, given all of their vastly different reactions to the Captain having left. Viktor's mother did her best to keep conversation light and it mostly worked to keep things from becoming a crew-wide pity party. Somewhere in the middle of dinner, however, Viktor excused himself from the table and found himself outside, staring up at the sky, perhaps hoping to see the shuttle return with Barnaby exclaiming that it was all just an elaborate joke...

Ship Time: 0900
Ship Location: Secondary Claim, St. Albans

The next day, the storm had settled and the air outside was crisp and silent, everything muffled by the feet of snow blanketing the land. The Mule had a good amount of snow piled up over it that would need removing before they could head anywhere, ship or otherwise. A green light blinked on Rian's data pad, the indication of a live wave heading his way.
A system wide alert broadcast in all directions.


Location: Docks - Elena, Jessie, Ben

Ships docked were locked into place, the race was put on pause, and things were either cleaned up quickly or hidden under carefully crafted storage spaces made to look invisible if one wasn't aware of their location. Now, racing wasn't illegal necessarily, but plenty of those who entered the race had a few warrants for similar actions where it might not have been entirely legal to be going that fast with someone else's ship. A large portion of the potential racers scattered, making a mess of things as they went. Leon the Lion sauntered past where Ben had his ship and offered the pilot a wink and a finger gun, "Nothing like some excitement before a race to get the blood pumping!" he called to him before walking aimlessly in another direction, looking for someone else to deliver a peppy one-liner to.

Location: Station Commons - Hercules, Moira

The announcement echoed eerily across the space, seeming to magnify its volume with every reiteration of the Alliance's presence. The crowds outside of the commons were moving like a fish downstream, and managed to push Moira toward her intended destination much faster than she might have liked. And they were none too gentle about it. A man trying to exit the commons as she was entering elbowed past her, "Oi! Watch out!" he called half-heartedly, too focused on getting 'home' to really offer her any sincere venom. He hurried on his way. Stalls shut their awnings, closing up their 'shops' and some carted them out as best as they could, knowing full well they had no license to sell whatever illegal goods they were likely trying to pawn off on the unsuspecting.

Location: Sector 3B - E.V, Briar, Freya

All at once, chaos erupted on Iscariot Station. Shops began to shutter closed, long time residents of the station vanished into alleys, households, vents, and all the nooks and crannies. The motel's front desk gentleman stood abruptly and slapped a key on the counter. "Two beds it is, Queen and Twin, non-smokin'," he told them sternly, his demeanor entirely shifted. "I'll collect the payment once this's all over. I recommend goin' to your room and stayin' there for a bit," he said, rounding the counter and moving to the door. With a grunt, he yanked the shutters down over the doors and locked them at the bottom, leaving them lit only by the small lamps in the reception area.
Location: HUB - Velocity

Chips didn't lift a hand to straighten his hair after it had been ruffled. He was perfectly content to let it stay poking every which way. He started undoing the 'PB&J', internally thankful that she ate meat so he could have the jelly sandwich himself. He always liked those ones more than the ones with 'meat'.

"...When you are used to competing against hostile mis..." she trailed off and even Chips could see that she'd gone elsewhere. His eyes widened and he froze mid bite, the sandwich's corner stuck in his mouth.

Then she started crying. Not sure what to do, he shoved half the sandwich in his mouth and wiped his hands off on the 'grass' before reaching out to pat at her shoulder, her hair, and finally hugged the entirety of her head. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do that!" he told her honestly. He didn't know what exactly was the matter, but he had seen that look on the faces of many of the station's residents, and it was never followed by something good. He'd seen it lead to crying, violence, and things far worse than either.

A stranger approached the pair of them and cleared his throat to interrupt the moment, his fist balled up in front of his mouth to muffle the noise. Not comfortable around crying women, the man looked up and around while he waited for them to compose themselves before finally bending at the waist to move his clean-shaven face closer to them. "Eh, time for work," he told the pilot, not aware of how cryptic and vague that was. Straightening again, he turned and gestured toward the lift, his brows aloft as he waited.

[Velocity (and Chips) exit to: Odette S1: Ep2 - War Hawks]
Location: HUB - Velocity

After several minutes, enough to give Velocity some alone time to settle in her spot in the grass and watch the ship inch closer and closer to the station, Chips came bounding back with a paper bag held tightly against his chest.

"I got us sammwiches," he exclaimed proudly, tripping, stumbling, catching himself, and finally allowing himself to tumble to a halt next to Velocity. He smiled up at her from where he laid on his back, the food still safe in the bag. "And some drinks," he added, grinning toothily up at her. The boy sat up, and dumped the contents of the bag out onto the grass, revealing two plastic wrapped sandwiches (one 'peanut butter and jelly' and two thickly stuffed 'ham and cheese' sandwiches), and two bottles of water. "A feast! I didn't know if you were keen on meat so I got a backup!" he announced, poking the PB&J.

Attention Racers, now's the time to head back to the docks. Check in when you arrive and begin ship inspection sequence.

The hubub at the bar grew a little louder with excitement and speculation. Their main golden boy, who was currently highly encouraged not to show his face around the station for a while, wasn't racing, but Leon was and they liked Leon only a little less than they liked Marty. He was still a good bet, at least. No one beat Leon. Except for Marty. "If Sebastian doesn't give you a job soon, will you race?" Chips asked curiously.

Location:  Station Commons - Hercules, Moira

The Station Commons were located a reasonable distance from the main shops of each sector. The space was high and wide, filled with smaller food carts, chairs and seating, and settled across from a raised 'stage' area typically used for things like auctions, evening 'entertainment', and drunken roughhousing.

The area was big enough to allow most people to have private conversations, the seats and standing room far enough apart that the general hum of the station drowned out what was being said. The once bare and grey walls had been decorated and tapestries, curtains, silks, and sheets of varying shades of reds, purples, and browns. Graffiti and advertisements for shops filled up any blank spots, and in the corners of the rooms, pillows, chairs, and boxes had been piled up to provide additional seating. The perfect locale for a clandestine meeting.
Location: HUB - Velocity

" parents used to hang me from the rafters with a weight tied around my legs to stretch me...left me up there for a week. When they came back I was this tall," Velocity told him.

Chips started at her with wide eyes, his brows raised and lips parted, clearly entirely enthralled with her explanation. His hands lifted to touch the top of his own head, then one hand encircled the opposite wrist. He nodded curtly, his expression serious, as if he was contemplating her answer and how it absolutely made sense.

"Maybe you could do that for me?" he asked, staring back up at her with a smile. Before she could answer, he hopped off toward the café counter, "I'll get us some food! Save us a spot!" he called, waving the money he'd given her in the air before tucking it back into his pocket, leaving her to choose where she'd like to sit. The park itself was mostly empty, save for a few couples and solo visitors setting up blankets on the 'grass' to watch the upcoming race. The chairs near the café were also rather empty. Cheers and excitement came from the crowd at the bar, however, where the boisterous and monetarily loose were preparing to bet on the upcoming excitement.

From the Hub, the ship Velocity had seen on Little Sebastian's screen was still visible, moving slowly toward the docks. With her keen eye and knowledge about spacecraft, she'd likely be able to detect that it was moving slower than necessary on arrival. Perhaps due to pilot caution? Or inexperience? Or maybe the default settings of a rarely used and poorly programed autopilot? Or perhaps something entirely different.
New Ship Ideas / The Allure [Rebranded!]
August 03, 2021, 12:20:40 PM
The Allure

Ship Name: The Allure

Ship Design: Exeter Class

Your Characters Role on Board Captain

Style of Ship: Pleasure Vessel/Companion House and Casino

Style of Narration: Fully narrated plot, NPCs.

The Exeter is a three deck ship with the main deck, a passenger in the middle (complete with almost all amenities) and a cargo deck. There is a quarter deck which is basically a shuttle bay on the top of the ship. The ship has passenger cabins (singles & doubles), a med bay, lots of cargo space, lounge, sizable engine room and will need a number of crew to function.

The ship is owned by investors including the Companion Guild and The House. The House (site canon) exist similar to the Companions Guild and are officially licensed per the Alliance to run games and/or hold gambling events.

The ship had a rough start. Before the maiden voyage, the House and the Guild got into a squabble over profits and control of the ship, grounding it until their contracts could be renegotiated. The Captain was set up on Iscariot Station at The Lady Magdalene. She's been looking for an opportunity to call her crew back and get the ship up and running again.

Contracts have been finalized, the powers that be satisfied, and the ship is back on the table. All it needs now is a crew and for its former captain to get the ball rolling.


Narrator: Lomari
Captain: Elena Marseille (Lomari)
XO/Pilot 1: Benjamin Street (Axe)
Pilot 2: OPEN
Mechanic/Engineer: OPEN
Doctor: OPEN
Companion 2: OPEN
House Representative/Gambler: OPEN
Security: OPEN
Electronics/Comp Tech: Jesse Welker (Helena)
Location: Sector 3A - Velocity

"Would you like something to eat, Chips?" she asked, her stomach rumbling loud enough for Chips to hear. Apparently, much like the howling of dogs, her stomach triggered a grumble in his own and he clapped his hands hard over his belly, blushing in embarrassment.

"I could go for some food," he confirmed, nodding his chin downward and smiling up at her. "Let's eat at the Hub. You can watch the ships come in and we can lay in the grass," he told her, continuing to be her station chaperone. He led her deftly through the station back to where the people were more dense, his hand grabbing hers (if she let him) in an attempt to stay together.

They stopped at a tube that ran up and down the entirety of the station, leading upward to the HUB or down to the inner workings of the beast. He slammed his hand on the button, then pressed it rapidly with his index finger, face screwed up in concentration. Finally, the doors opened and a few people ambled out, pushing past Chips. He stumbled, righted himself, and then tugged Velocity in after him before anyone could take their place.

With a soft woosh, the doors shut and the lift was headed upward. After a moment of silence, the boy looked up at her again. "How come  you're so tall?" he asked simply, brows raised in question.

Location: HUB - Velocity

The doors opened, then, to reveal the outer café and 'park' of Iscariot Station, the roof and walls made up of a 'glass' dome that allowed them to see all of space spread out around them in every direction. Typically this was where the races were viewed, so the crowd was thicker than usual, although they seemed to be more interested in the bar than they were in the café or the 'park.'

Location: Sector 3B - Freya, E.V, Briar

"Hullo, Got any vacancy for three? Oh, I love the look," Briar asked, and complimented in one breath. He sat up straighter, if it was possible, and beamed at the three women who'd entered the motel. His gaze passed over them, assesing, and when he seemed to find himself satisfied with the sort of folk they were, he stood up and planted his hands on the counter.

"For you? Of course!" he confirmed, throwing his head back, the one curl bouncing magnificently. "Two beds then? A queen and a twin?" he asked, moving to his computer and punching in a few of the older buttons which clicked grumpily back at him. "We have continental breakfast in the morning, simple stuff, packaged things and what not. There's another couple staying here with a kid about your daughter's age, if you're looking for friends," he told them, still looking at the computer. "Smokin' or non smokin?" he asked, finally looking up at Briar, then E.V, and back to Briar, brows raised in question..
The Darling IC / S1:Ep6 - Lights, Camera, Action!
August 01, 2021, 04:17:48 PM
Ship Time: 1837
Ship Location: Secondary Claim, St. Albans

The sun was nearly set when everyone regrouped at the Söderberg home, with a noticeable change in the roster. Rian's data pad beeped again to remind him of the message waiting for him, forwarded to his machine from the Darling and likely originally meant for the Captain of the ship.

If anything was going to be explained, sorted out, or come to terms with, it was going to be now. The snow picked up, gently raining down on them in thick white sheets, blocking the world around the home with a white haze.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
August 01, 2021, 04:16:56 PM
Ship Time: 1255
Ship Location: Secondary Claim, St. Albans

Hunting Squad: Rian and Mattie

"But we can get back to walkin' if you're cross at the notion. My name's Rian, this is my uh colleague: Mattie. "

"We're Father Viktor's friends," Mattie added. Having grown up in a small backwater town herself, she knew the people could be mistrustful of strangers, and sometimes namedropping a member of the local community helped with that.

The barrel of the gun wavered, lowered, lifted again, and then finally lowered to point at the ground. Its owner stepped out, an elderly man with fatigue written all over his wrinkled face, his eyes narrowed in mild suspicion. But they had mentioned that they were friends with the Söderberg boy and that seemed to count for something. 

The pair of them were eventually invited into the home, whereupon they were forced to enjoy a pot of coffee the Missus had whipped up before heading out with the Farmer, who introduced himself as 'Mister Gail,' his son Arman, and their neighbor who Mister Gail jokingly referred to as 'the City Slicker'. By the time evening fell and a mild snowstorm made them quit, they'd dispatched several of the aggressive boar, enough to split between the two families and the crew of the Darling. They'd won themselves some dinners (if they made sure to preserve the meats well back on the ship) as well as some good will among the locals.

Town Squad: - Arlo, Viktor, Tabby.

Tabitha and Mrs. Talbot got on like a house on fire. Tabby did all the talking, although it seemed as though they were communicating just fine that way. By the end of it, the doctor had made a new friend and come away with a few winter outfits and a 'fancy dress' that was markedly more fancy than anything she owned, but likely still 'quaint' and 'simple' to Arlo's eye.

Arlo and Carius worked well together in their own way, both of them ignoring each other to their heart's content. It was as civilized and polite as Arlo was going to get out of the Core planets, and his own paltry winter supplies were stocked with the best a store on a planet like this had to offer.

The three of them stayed late into the afternoon with the Talbots, enjoying polite conversation, before finally heading back to Viktor's home with some snacks and trinkets from the market to bring home for his family and the rest of the crew.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
July 16, 2021, 11:35:09 AM

Ship Time: 1755
Syncing with local time...
Ship Time: 1255
Ship Location: Secondary Claim, St. Albans

Hunting Squad

The shuttle hovered a bit over the pair of them before it finally turned and headed back the way it had come, likely going to reconnect with the ship it had come from, the wind from its movement sending tendrils of coiled snow after Rian and Mattie, like fingers curling just behind them in the cold.

The door to the farm house swung upon, the twin barrels of a shotgun leveling up toward Rian's face and pausing there threateningly. "Whachya want?" came a voice from the darkness of the home, the voice old and worn, like something scraping over well used leather. It cleared its throat, the muzzle of the weapon lowering and lifting again as they did so.

At nearly the same time, Rian's cortex received a message. Well, to be more precise, the Darling received a message, which was then forwarded to Rian's data pad.

Town Squad

The closer the group got to town, the more busy and lively it became. Despite the snow and the harsh conditions, people were still actively living their lives. Shopping for dinner or supplies to bolster their homes against the cold, engaging in small talk in the walkways, or getting a bite to eat to catch up with old friends that had been too busy during lately to properly meet up.

Shops and eateries, all simply but still of a solid and noble quality, lined the street, most of them familiar to Viktor, save for the few that had popped up since he'd been gone. Despite the cold, the lights and bustle of the planet made it feel warm and inviting.
Location: Sector 3A - Velocity

Chips looked up with wide eyes when Velocity returned, maybe from genuine pleasure to see his new friend return, or maybe because it signaled an end to his boredom sitting outside the office. Either way, his eyes were bright as stood back up and took the offered flowers. The boy sniffed them, got nothing but the smell of plastic and cologne, and wrinkled up his nose in disgust, his brows furrowed.

Shaking his head and putting the flowers carefully inside a tea pot's spout, he turned back to Velocity and walked with her back out of the labyrinthe of junk. Outside, Zeke shut the door behind them and went back to standing silently and looking scary, his gaze passing over the pair of them curiously before staring at nothing again.

"Did he give you a job?" Chips asked, hopping from one foot to the other hopefully. "He's pretty cool, huh?" he continued, laughing.
Location: The Docks - E.V, Briar, Freya

There were two tubes heading up the station's center. One that went all the way up to the HUB and all the way down to the station's inner workings, and the second that served as the lift to all that Iscariot has to offer its residents and guests, both sets of tubes (although there were more than 2, all of them set up around the inner ring the docks to accommodate the large crowds) were labeled with bright neon signs so as not to be mistaken for one another, one labeled "Shops" and the other labeled "Hub." They were almost always busy, each ride up or down resulting in being crammed into a pod with more people than was comfortable and ending in a door sliding open to more throngs of people. Of course, the deeper into the rings you went, the less crowded and 'civilized' the station became.

Location: Sector 3B - E.V, Briar, Freya

The elevator doors slid open to sector 3B, most of the guests visible dragging suitcases (or a gaggle of children) behind them. It was clear from their dazed expressions that this was where most of the tourists ended up. Some of them were clutching their chests, likely holding onto hidden purses beneath their shirts, while others walked around blissfully ignorant to the danger to unsuspecting tourists on Iscariot station. There were alleys between the motels and other accommodations, most of them housing vigilant eyes and grabbing hands, the shadows waiting to relieve newcomers of their wallets.

The main pathway was lined with accommodations of different spending levels, from a pretty clean and expensive hotel, all the way down to the grubbiest, cheapest of motels. Guests to Iscariot came in all shapes and tax brackets, after all. Inside the cheap motel nearest to the elevator sat a lean gentleman with a tight sequined tank top, a pair of black pants that looked spray painted on, and a single curl of hair at the center of his bald head, held aloft with a bow. He sat up straight and smiled winningly out toward the walkway, a little gem stuck under his left eye.
Location: Sector 3A - Velocity

"Kestrel class," she breathed. "Is that the one you want me to fly?" she asked hopefully.

"That ship? No. No." Sebastian laughed, looking between her and the screen again, the sound more than a little patronizing. With another shake of his head, he returned his attention to the tall woman, smiling way up at her. "Good thing you're pretty. Somebody's already flying that one," he told her, pointing at the screen as though he were showing her something very obvious.

With another chuckle at her expense, Sebastian rounded the desk and sat right back down in his chair, shoulders wiggling left and right as he got comfortable. "We'll get you on something more your speed. Like a day cruiser or something." Already, his attention was waning. He looked down at some documents on his desk, pushing them around and frowning thoughtfully. Then, he glanced back up at Velocity, almost startled that she was still in the room with him.

"Alright, Veronica, right? I'll call ya when I need ya," he told her, lifting a hand to shoo her back toward the door, clearly finished with the conversation.

Outside, Chips was sitting on a carboard box with his head in his hands and a bored expression screwing up his face, his feet kicking forward and backward. A heavy sigh lifted and lowered his shoulders, his hands pushing at his cheeks until his eyes were half closed and his mouth forced into a open pucker.
Location: Sector 3A - Velocity

"Are you alright?" She asked, her voice echoing her genuine concern. "Are you having a heart attack? Should I get a doctor?"

Sebastian opened his eyes and stated up at her for a moment, his lips still puckered, busy brows furrowed. Then, his head recoiled a bit and he cleared his throat, a ham fist balled up in front of his mouth to muffle the sound. "Ah, hah hah, no, I'm alright!" he assured her, backing up a few steps and moving to lean against the front of his desk.

"So, we got a deal, toots?" he asked, his demeaner back to what it had been when she'd entered, the man seemingly unphased by her rejection, his hands spread wide on either side of his torso as he waited for her official answer.

A light lit up on his desk and for half a moment, the little man turned to look at the wall of monitors. One of them, mostly an expanse of black with the occasional blip of light, showed a ship approaching the station and he glanced over at a large clock on the wall, then nodded. Again, he turned his attention toward Velocity.

Location: The Lady Magdalene - Ben

"Ah, yes. Buon pomeriggio, er, good afternoon. I don't have an appointment, but I am here to see Elena Marseille? If she isn't busy. I don't believe she is expecting me, but if you could tell her that her XO is here to see her?"

The woman at the front desk, a vision in sky blue, her blonde hair in a perfect braided crown, smiled warmly (and a little knowingly) at their new guest. Fleur stepped around the desk and reached out to gently set her hand on his elbow, moving to begin leading him toward a waiting room further in.

"I've heard a little bit about you," she told him, looking up into his face as they walked down the crimson lined hall toward a rich door that might have been real (or as close to real) mahogany. "You're just as dashing as I'd imagined," she complimented, releasing his arm to push the door open for him.

"If you'll wait in here, I'll fetch the Madame for you," she assured him, her hand gesturing gracefully toward a red chaise lounge situated in the center of the room beside a wood table, upon which were silver trays of snacks (kept fresh often) and a pitcher of fresh, ice water, the ice clicking and cracking in the container refreshingly. Once he'd entered the room, she shut the door again and the clicking of her heels informed him of her departure.
Location: Sector 3A - Velocity

"What d-do you w-want from me?" she asked. Sebastan's brow rose and he stared silently as her for a moment. That was easier than he had anticipated.

"Don't worry, doll. I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement," he assured her, sliding back off his chair to come around the desk, a hand slapping down on its surface with a dull thud as he waggled his thick eyebrows at her.

"So listen. All you have to do is use those pretty little hands of yours..." he began, waddling back to where she was standing and reaching out in an attempt to take one of her hands in his, his seeming much hammier than hers when put so close together. " fly one of my ships here and there. Couple..." he paused, looking up at the ceiling and tilting his head left and right as he weighed the possibilities, "...dozen rides and you and me will be square. Might even give you a little spending money, too," he assured her, giving her a wink and bending down to attempt to place a smooch on the back of her hands as though he thought himself nobility.

"Maybe put something shiny around that long neck of yours," he added, staring up at her with a wide smile. When he'd finished his speil, he closed his eyes and puckered his lips, waiting down below for her to bend down and give him a kiss. Clearly, he'd read this situation entirely incorrectly, but there he was...waiting for something to happen, his face screwed up like a fish and his back straight to put him at his full 4′ 10″ height.

Location: The Docks - E.V, Briar, Freya

Not too far from where the group stood was the main exit that led to the shops and other sections of the ship (which consisted of an elevator that would take them up to the station's ring), as well as the main tubes that ran up and down the station, going to the Hub or the inner workings of the spinning beast.

According to a posted map near the dock's exits, Sector 3B was where most of the accommodations such a capsule hotels, motels, and hostels were located, along with more shops to peruse as well as a hair 'salon' (or, it could have been a butcher shop?) called Prime Cuts.

Sector 3A housed what looked to be a Companion House called The Lady Magdalene, a few eateries including an 'old world' diner, a security shop, an antique business, and other similar establishments.

There was a Karaoke bar and night club in Sector 3A, a café up in the HUB, as well as the medical war. The options were endless.
Location: Sector 3A - Velocity

"That's the purser's or cargo manager's job, I just pilot," she replied. Doesn't poke around into things, just does her job. That was a mark in her favor. No one liked a hired hand who tried to put their nose where it didn't belong. After handing off the flowers, to the floor it seemed, Sebastian also stopped taking note of them.

The last time she backed away from him, her body bumped into a little faux marble pedestal upon which was a large 'antique' vase. She introduced herself to him, all the while the vase was wobbling in a slow circle around its base, deciding whether or not to settle or to fall to the ground.

"But they call me Velocity," she finished, just as the vase made up its mind. With a scraping sound, it tilted all the way off its pedestal and crashed to the ground, shattering into several large pieces, the noise rising above the sound of the saxophone.

"Whoaaa. My mother gave me that!" Then, he smiled. "Nah, just kidding. I got it off a guy who owed me a lot less than it's worth," he explained, looking past the pilot at the antique, then turned on his heel and returned to his desk, turning the lights back up and turning off the music on his way there. He sat with a smile in his leather seat and steepled his fingers under his chin. "Jewish fella. With the tassels." Sebastian looked her over again, slowly and deliberately. "So now you owe me," he informed her, letting a long, clearly threatening silence fall between them.

"Just kidding! It was junk!" he exclaimed, his sleazy smile returning, a hint of danger just past the smile. The threat did not dissipate from the air. "shall we.... Get back to business?" he asked, setting his elbow on the table and then his chin on his palms.
Location: The Docks - E.V, Briar, Freya

"Nah, I'm pretty sure it is."

The Race Master frowned at her and craned his neck to look up at his sign, brows furrowed and lips pursed in a straight line. His arms uncrossed and settled on his knees so he could look up at it better.

"Y'know what, I'll get back to you on that. Have a good one," Briar decided. The man looked back in her direction, equal parts annoyed and confused, but didn't try to call out to her or convince her of anything. When she'd walked away, his attention returned entirely to the sign above him.

Location: Sector 3A - Velocity

"Fast couriers when I can, mid-bulk otherwise. I am certified on a number of ships, Hornets and Fireflies among them...Do you have work for a pilot? Chips said that you might."

Sebastian slid from his chair and rounded the table, stopping an arms length away from Velocity and staring up up up at her face. He smirked and held the fake flower up to her, blocking his own face from view for a moment before he tilted them a little to continue smiling up at the poor woman.

"Highly qualified, I like that," he replied, reaching into his shirt front pocket and pulling out a cigar with he placed between his teeth. "And what kind of cargo has this winged masterpiece ferried before?" he asked, his words just as oiled as his hair. Sebastian pushed the flowers toward her again, then released them, either forcing her to take them or allow them to land on the ground at her feet.

"By the by, what is your name, canary?" he asked, stepping closer, perhaps as a test to see if she'd back up or stay put. Of course, he already knew her name, but he liked to see how much information people would give him on their own. There wasn't much that happened on Iscariot Station that Lil Sebastian wasn't privy to.
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