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Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
April 07, 2021, 10:14:54 AM
Dr. Rembo slid a temporary dermal patch against Francis' injury and then carefully lifted him in a well practiced sort of 'Fireman's Carry'. Not best method of transport but there seemed to be nothing organized about getting anyone to the medical bay. The Captain's offer of assistance seemed forgotten as she headed in the opposite direction as though she was in a hurry to get to the ballroom before the next dance started.

Then she turned and headed in another direction, perhaps ending up in the medical bay.

Once there Jedikiah went work on Francis, a quick hook up to the medical monitoring equipment and then an examination of the man's wound.
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
April 01, 2021, 11:13:44 AM
No. No one would be following or probably even going or getting to the med bay.

Jedikiah moved to Francis and took a quick manual check of his vitals, breathing, pulse, eyes.
Darius had seemed in a bit of a bloody situation but had headed off toward the bridge.
So much for bathing for medical attention.

Then realizing everyone could well be injured and not saying much about it.
'Spacers!' He shook his head.

He spoke loud and clear, "Everyone not keeping Odette flying and the crew safe gather now in the cargo deck for Triage." And to get some help on the matter, "Captain, could I have your assistance in patching up your crew?"
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
February 10, 2021, 04:50:16 PM
There was a minute of the flurry of the most reckless of martial styles. Some called it the Berserker, others the Rabid Monkey, but all recognized it as having only one use. To strike as fast, hard and frequently by hand and foot anyone that can be reached. No mercy, no restraint and no defense offered very little except an obvious arrival at desperation.

Jedikiah strikes were not always true nor purposeful, he himself was struck as often. Fortunately they caused as little damage to him as he caused to those around him. The crazed old man did make a small contribution to clear the path to Odette.

Once there the Captain took charge and moved them in with speed and efficiency. As the portal to their ship began to be secured she directed him to the infirmary with an offer for her to tend to his wounds.

"Yes Miss." He turned to those around, "Everyone needing medical let's go." The infirmary was prepped, that being the point of having it of course. Jed considered his own wound on his shoulder. It was still bleeding but a quick dermo-patch would stop that, for the interim.

Another look at who was following, there would be some that would tend to the ship first, or each other.
Spacers... bleed to death they would before being the first in the medical ward.
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
January 09, 2021, 11:41:19 PM
"You! Lawman! Get her back to the ship! Anyone tries to stop you, you drop them, understand? Or I swear by her pretty floral dresses I WILL end you." King said, his voice full of violet promise. He shoved Charity in Darius' direction, then pointed at Jed in the same instant. "Same to you Doc, Go!" he commanded. Then, he ran in toward Cooper, drawing his knife and gritting his teeth against the pain in his foot.

Charity stumbled against Darius and extended her hand toward King as he ran, "King!" she called out, although she was too startled and disoriented to untangle herself from the lawman and run after him.

—- — —-

Jedikiah Rembo found that there was little too do after the first moment of the chaos. The outstretched hand of Charity was first gently taken by the old man, then his grip moved farther up her arm as the situation became one of speed rather than grace.

There would be no easy smooth flow of water over rock, nor grain in the wind.

Jed took Charity upper arm in his hand firm and harsh. He move along side Darius, then behind him. It seemed prudent, his order was to protect the Captain. A duty commanded by Akhsar King, though as me moved with haste his mind sorted the odd order and just why he took it as such.

'.. i swear by her pretty floral dresses...' the man had said as he moved Charity behind Darius, the result perhaps seemed to be the lawmen getting shot as a shield often is. Extra words of poetry and description in a scant moment of time.

And the pecking order of the crew was not significant, save the Captain. Save the young woman.

A few got close, a cut along Jed's arm opposite the one that lifted Charity.

Time slowed.

There were too many, unless the relentless tide defied the eternal ocean they would soon die. The moment slowed again. It was not too soon for him, but for the pretty young Captain, perhaps she had a destiny.

Jedikiah Rembo half tossed the Captain forward behind Darius Black and the Berserker Rembo darted out alongside him. A scream of the banshee and devil conjured from the dark realms came forth and he threw himself forward.
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
November 19, 2020, 07:50:59 PM
And then they headed home. Or to the ship, not quite home.

After asking Mr. Brown about sending a wave, the good Captain Charity offered him a ride, "Jed, dear, are you sure you wouldn't like to sit here?"

How considerate, but, "No thank you mm," He almost said Miss, but, "Captain. I'd like to work my legs a couple more kilometers, not the same as pacing your ship. Nice to get to stretch out a short walk'a'bout." He smiled at her. A previous look at the others made it clear few of them thought they were clearly NOT in the clear.

That was a spacer way, you're never safe unless you're on your 'boat' and in the black flying at a good solid burn. Still, the crew's sense of uncertainty was infectious. Not that Jedikiah Rembo was ever not at ease and yet ready, prepared and aware. It was the same practiced state of mind.

- - -

At the site of their previous encounter with the Red Talon Jedikiah found his long thin solid staff that had been lost in that recent struggle. He swished it about like a vid swashbuckler a couple of times before he returned it to a steady soft tap to the street while he walked.

- - -

And then the gangs blocked their way. The intricacies were irrelevant. Red Talon, some enemies/former associates? of lawman Black, and a threat to the soft spoken neck of their precious Captain. Miss Charity.

As the silver coined 'Dime' novels read, 'the bullets started to fly like sparrows from the crack of the gun from the tree in the square'.

For Jed it was a slow motion play, there was only one concern as the others moved with speed of those sparrows taking flight. As did he.

If they shot straight and true then the nervous system of the man with the knife at good Miss Charity's throat would go limp. But if not - there would be blood; and thus the staff moved like the striking cobra, without thought, malice or foresight. The staff directed toward the non-space between the soft bit of flesh that touched knife, a prayer to all the gods that came before, to come between steel and the life of this woman that deserved good years yet to come.

Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
October 27, 2020, 02:44:19 PM
Jedikiah stayed as close to invisible as he could. He entered the mansion and was enlightened as well as surprised at the inside. It was all a bit obvious, he struggled to make no obvious judgements. His eyes rolled across the faces of his short time crew mates, they seemed to be as equally uncertain of most everything that had and was happening to them.

The question of the Red Talon's insertion into their day was not pursued. Someone he imagined should be inquiring how others knew of their arrival, goods, travel, and so forth. Isn't that what criminals and Captains and others did? He wanted to offer a question but he was along for the ride. So, as quiet as a stone well he stayed to The course of observation.

There was something not quite right about Lady Sun's final words. And there seemed to be nothing about payment. It all seemed to be just a delivery. Not his area of expertise, but it was all seemed to be a thin veil of the apparent innocence of a deliver job well done. Curiosity should go no further now, but that is not how curiosity works. The very opposite of its definition. 'what fun these spacer are.' Jed thought with a small smile.

This little adventure seemed to be about over, yet a tingle of dread tugged a few hairs on the back of his neck. A big stack of goods arrived courtesy of a tossed together band of wayward travelers. It wasn't over.

. .


Jed declined Mr. Cooper's offer of a ride and nodded at Mr. King's suggestion to be wary. They all seemed to share his own intuition. Or was it just that obvious.
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
October 02, 2020, 02:22:56 PM
Jedikiah took a moment after learning that the 'lawman' had been to Deadwood. He remembered it well, though certainly not fondly. Other seemed ill at ease with the lawman walking along with them, partly perhaps because of their likely un-lawful goods? Or just that he had inserted himself with the group, even if to continue his Good Samaritan tendency.

Jed stood next to Darius as their Charity discussed with Lady Sun. As a last minute replacement Jedikiah Rembo did not know their exact purpose. Darius less so he supposed, though if pressed the Doctor and Lawman would probably agree that this had all the smell of nefarious.

"I spent some time at Deadwood." Jed said, as the Captain and Lady Sun discussed. Rembo also casually looked over his crew mates, concern for their state of mind. Those around them, more stealthy persons than those that had accosted them minutes ago. "Don't know Copper Creek, I was up on Nahuw Plateau during the Pandemic back in ought five, part of the disastrous vaccination program." Not a good time.

Jed listened as he had spoken quietly with Darius. He wasn't sure what Charity meant by 'current Captain'.
This was an interesting collection of people. But then, what collection of people wasn't?

New Ship Ideas / Re: FS: Get out the vote 2020!
September 21, 2020, 05:44:40 PM
The Wyatt sounds interesting.
I think Rex would be a good fit.

 - Tojo
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
September 10, 2020, 11:58:37 AM
Jedikiah had seen worse in his many years, but not recently. The savage attack was pretty unprecedented in his experience. Locals usually didn't like that sort of thing, violence in their streets. Unlike the thoughts of those in the Core, local warlords no longer ran roughshod, at least not for long, out in the border and rim worlds.

Too many people had fought in the war. Too many veterans weren't about to let some hooligan, local or not, make trouble in one's own home town. People had experience in fighting, and thanks to most everyone taking home their big powerful war guns, they were well armed.

So discerning certainly.

His thoughts as to what he was now peripherally involved in, at the very least, moved about in no particular path to a conclusion. So he made a little small talk as they walked.

"Darius? Lawman you said? Anyplace you might have worked for long period of time? I've been here and there. Federal or Local?" He looked at the man kindly. The man seemed experienced, hard; and yet he was following a little like a lost old dog that knew a pack of other jack-a-bouts might be a good place to linger."

 - - -

At the address Jedikiah considered offering that he stay outside. The least he consciously knew about their mission and their wares meant he would not have to move on. There was still a limit to how nefarious he would allow his own participation.

And then Captain Charity set to the task of straightening her crew for proper presentation including his own outfit.
'Delightful.' he thought. He couldn't miss the next scene in this.

"Thank you Miss." and then added. "Captain." He smiled broad and eager.

His hand held out a small tube of a topical pain gel, for her wrist if she so desired.

Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
August 18, 2020, 11:50:45 AM
There was a final flurry of punches and kicks. A desperate thrust of a blade toward Jedikiah's neck cause him to moved and block the knife. A punch to the side of the head resulted, but a small price to not take the knife. A slight retreat by him and before an attempt to counter the attack it dissipated before the gunfire. They had some time to take stock.

Jedikiah picked up one of the small 4x6x2 packages. The crew was talking about drugs. He took a careful sniff, waffling the air between his nose and a package. Only the smell of the packaging and crate, a thought to break it open turned aside. Time for that later, he figured. Ending the speculation of their cargo wouldn't get them where they needed to be, more so it spark others to make more pressing toward another organized theft.

Following the XO's example he began to help reload the hauler. He called over his his shoulder,
"Does anyone require immediate medical attention?"
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
August 11, 2020, 06:55:56 PM
Gunfire. It was not to be a scuffle nor any sort of 'rumble'. It was a fight with death and killing.

Moving some distance from his allies had proved to be of little tactical value, enemies moved to cut him off and overwhelm him with numbers. Smart, his move had left him with few options and his crew would need more that the breaking of wrists and kicked knees of their adversaries.

They were enemies and the Leopard was to be unleashed. Of the five basic form styles of Kung Fu it was the most direct, to strike fast paced counter attacks and multiple hard strikes.

'Golden Leopard Speeds Through Forest'

Jedikiah struck with force and definitive purpose.
Punches with the leopard fist,
his hard short nails striking with force and searing tearing of the flesh;
kicks with the full expenditure of chi to sternum and solar plexus, joints, and nerve clusters.

He moved toward the cargo and the Captain where the focus of the enemy was directed.
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
August 06, 2020, 01:52:42 PM
Jedikiah's staff moved slow along the ground then snapped like a whip at one wrist holding a club and then one holding a knife. It moved like a whip, his attempt to strike the nerve along each wrist. He moved forward as if stumbling, his instinct for a simple drunken style Kung fu seemed appropriate. Without much thought to hit he shifted his weight as though uncertain where and what he was doing. A drunken old man moving in jerky slow motion he turned to grip an arm, pinch a nerve.

And then a more aggressive move, his left foot kicked out at a more distant attacker striking hard on his hip. Then drunk no more he swooped low to avoid those no longer fooled by what little his advantage might have given him.

He took in the movements of his comrades and rolled away from them hoping to turn a few heads and give his allies a chance at their enemy's back.  Charity moved to direct them in some safer direction. People near by panicked. Jedikiah stood after his attempted defenses and attacks. He stood normal, always as he did. His head tilted a little, sound and light, mood and intention flowed along his aura.

Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
July 28, 2020, 10:44:59 AM
The Captain made an attempt to change the dynamic. It seemed unlikely that she would prevail. They were in the figurative pickle. A smile on Jed's face, 'in a pickle, where did that ever come from?' For now, he thought perhaps he might just be a harmless old man.

Appearing harmless is not an act. Jedikiah Rembo is harmless. Without a desire to do harm, it cannot be detected. ' hmm, really?'

His initial interest, selfish it was, to see how these events would play out had now come well past a curiosity of witnessing unwinding threads. It was now a reality of serious harm coming to his new friends.

One might argue that friends they were not, acquaintances perhaps. But a long life had taught him one thing, people fight for their tribe. In the black, the wandering souls that he had travelled among, there was one thing that was common. Your crew was who you worked beside, your crew is who you fight beside.

The Odette, the little scoop that had brought them out of the litter box of the betrayer station. And yet they were another imperfect eclectic assortment of spacer jetsam of the 'verse, specifically Station Iscariot.  The opposite attracting charges of Coulomb's Law that applied to the wanderers of the verse. Being with them is free will or an unstoppable attraction to these specific people? He came to them by chance, but he walks with them by choice. Does he know himself without admitting the truth, 'I am not harmless, and by being where I choose, it is my choice.'

Jedikiah Rembo does not believe in fate or destiny. But he does believe in being with the right people in the wrong time and place. What else is there?
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
July 19, 2020, 02:12:59 PM
As they walked along the Captain and those that seemed to be her confidants spoke among themselves. To Jedikiah there seemed a nervousness or perhaps wary. More so than when they had left the ship. Those around them being the change, and it had seemed to be a change they had not anticipated.

Francis Church did not seem worried, or clueless. It was a difficult distinction to make. As they continued Jedikiah began to let his eye wander at their escort. Where was there attention focused, counted them, watched them walk, who was the most dangerous, how were they armed? It was not a checklist or organized assessment. The soft hand martial way, the Push Hands method of Tai Chi sparing taught one to see without the process of cognitive thinking. It became ingrained in the subconscious, seeing what one would do next, how they would move, even before they themself knew it.

His little thin staff tapped a couple times harder on the street to see how those around paid attention. Too much? Or indifference?
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
July 08, 2020, 01:16:23 PM
Jedikiah bowed to the Captain. She was a jovial wonderful soul, though that she was not quite in her element wasn't a harm to her enthusiasm he thought. "Kind words Captain. I'll try to provide some use, even if it is limited to company."

Mr. Church again seemed to constantly find a new way to release his endless bundle of anxiety. There was a shrewdness there, or certainly a well practiced manner of continued reflection. Still, the were just the covers of the book, there were many chapters left to them.

Ms. Kosher never wavered, charm and control, pleasantness and reserve. A perfection of manners well trained and practiced. Different that the Captain who seemed more relaxed in a natural manner. And Mr. Cooper, a hardened direct professional. Do the job, get it done.

Walking along with his thin staff gently touching the ground. It was only three centimeters thick but sold hard oak. As he did not ever carry a weapon (the little pen knife hardly counted) it provided a nice benefit in the worst of situation. And it gave his mind and hands something to fidget with as there was often little to do on a walk with a crew on a mission. It was not new to him, being a bit of a fifth wheel.

The black suited escorts of the red talon dragons were interesting. They moved well enough. Jed put a subtle little hitch in his step to make sure everyone knew he was a harmless old man.

"How far Mr. Cooper?"
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
June 29, 2020, 11:14:26 AM
As the crew, or at least the landing party shared Jedikiah took a respectful position near the Captain. He had decided that she would be most likely to indulge his attendance at whatever mischievous undertakings were about to occur.

He had listened quietly as the others spoke, especially Charity and Francis. They both offered the show of being in charge of the venture, but both seemed also, at least on the surface, that they respected that the other had equal authority. Very interesting they were, and the situation.

"Captain," he interjected with as much finesse as he could could and still be sincere. Yet his statement of 'captain' was one of definite deference. He was asking her because she was in charge. Not Francis. It was a manipulation of sorts, he knew that. Repressing the slightly guilty feeling of his wedging his way to a little selfish adventure felt... fun.

"If you could find any use for me, I would happy to contribute. Help with the delivery, I've handed a few hover mules or otherwise." His eyes made a half look toward Francis as if to perhaps maybe he should check with him, but then reverted back to Charity.

Jedikiah smiled with pleasure. "And to be perfectly honest. I would love to have a good purposeful walk about."

Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
June 12, 2020, 03:48:01 PM
Captain Charity made her announcement and Jedikiah Rembo laughed out loud as she finished.
" . . . would be most grateful. Mister Jed, please...continue doing what you are doing. Yes. Thank you,"

He half-stood, cleaned, flushed, shaved and showered. 'S, S and S.' in some enlisted Alliance circles.

After he dressed in slacks, a button down shirt and his walking boots he meandered to the cargo deck with his medical kit strapped tight on his back. A walking stick of solid sturdy oak he'd carved up on the short voyage was in his hand. There seemed to be little chance of looking needed for whatever their business required, but one never knew.

Jed patiently waited to perhaps ask Captain Charity, or Mister Church, as Jed had made a point to call the 'leader' of their little pack.  There was some sort of interesting dichotomy of authority there, he didn't even try to hide from himself the devilish desire to watch it play out a bit. And curiosity, one would have thought, that was not something he still had, to see what is what.

And this what, this 'what', looked very interesting.

Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
June 10, 2020, 02:32:50 PM
Jedikiah spent his time offering, and providing, any medical assistance, large or small. A little acupressure or acupuncture to help an ache or pain, some homeopathic prescription, a medical physical, regular drug script or just a little good advice from an old man.

In the larger interims between any partakers of such he was eager to do his bit cooking, cleaning, general hand help and the usual spacefaring pleasantries to pass the time. Those varied and he'd learned to be competent in most of them: Tall Card, shooting baskets with some kind of ball, and telling true or tall tales. His own varied from working in an epidemic to the cow as big as an elephant.

On his own, or with others he practiced his martial arts. Slow Tai Chi movements or faster harder Kung-Fu Kata of various styles.

He listened as to their true purpose but did not make inquiries. He had been hired for his medical skills. Given the rather mysterious and unstated mission he calculated that at some point it would require those learned in the front lines of the War of Independence.  He hoped not, but hope was not an anticipation.
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
May 19, 2020, 04:15:51 PM
The other rookie in the group joined him on the way. She seemed as lost as he had been, though he had the benefit of seeing someone else duck into the galley just before Evelyn had spotted him, following.

She had greeted him, "Fancy seeing you here Jed. Whaddya think about the ship so far? Spiffy bird, eh?"
And he had just enough time for a polite reply, "Very spiffy Evelyn," They had already agreed on first names in their brief walk from their meeting point to the dock and door of Odette. "The Infirmary is a little sparse, but should suffice. Barring anything untoward in our purpose."

And then they were in the galley getting the introduction.

Mister Francis and Captain Charity gave their introductions and opening speech of sorts in which some clarity as to their purpose was stated. Jedikiah didn't believe, and found it odd that they thought anyone would. He did not know little Sebastian, but he knew how people talked about different types of employers. Or bosses. There was something nefarious about their mission. Which was no surprise, the Iscariot was not the bastion source of humanitarian aid.

It was not announced, nor was it his business. So long as it did not cross long drawn lines. There was a lot of latitude between Alliance Law and living life in the verse. He was crew. Hired to do a job. It would be done.

Just like his fellow rookie he stood next to.

Jedikiah waited for a brief pause before volunteering to start. Stepping forward he pressed his hands together, bowed, "I am Dr. Jedikiah Rembo, Jed or Jedikiah is fine to get my attention. Graduated Sihnon Wuhan Medical University, a bit before most of you were born I am quite sure." He smiled and looked around at the crew. "I also practice other medical forms, including acupuncture and pressure. If there is anything I can do for any of you, I'm sure you'll be able to find me."
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
May 07, 2020, 02:26:20 PM
Jedikiah figured there was a fifty-fifty chance he could guess which way was the galley. Forward or up seemed the only obvious choices. He considered waiting a couple minutes and was rewarded with the crew heading forward. First being what would have to be the engineer. Or mechanic. The difference was subtle and usually self defined.

One or the other, fifty-fifty. Either it will rain or it will not. 'I'm on a ship of dedicated spacers with honest work in mind or there will be nefariousness, malarkey, crime or all of the above.' Fifty-fifty, sure. Jedikiah wasn't a statistician but he knew the odds of the former were not half. Which was better really. The latter is always much more fun. Jedikiah Rembo is too old to be playing it safe. He hoped for the latter. But the good latter.

Hopefully there was a chance of that.

Jedikiah walked into the galley and took the soft position of off to the side where the servants would stand,
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