Canon Event - The Accelerationist

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Osiris - Capital City

Governor Yelena Sakhno stepped out onto the front steps of a glistening new hospital building. The surrounding buildings looked significantly less ostentatious. Rather than sparkling glass and steel, they were concrete, exposed rusting rebar, and whatever the locals could cobble together.

Stepping up to a podium, she smiled with a look of accomplishment on her face.

"Osirens, it is such a privilege to stand before you today in what will be formerly known as this fine city's worst slum. Not only does this hospital represent the healthcare that will be made available, but opportunity..."

Communications tower - 1.5 miles away

Lyle Crowder, a member of the Browncoat organization known as the Blue Dragons, was lying prone across a small platform at the very top of the tower. Founded by survivors of the regiment known by the same moniker, the Dragons distinguished themselves for their vigor in assassinating Alliance officials they deemed war criminals. During the war, the Governor was a Colonel in Alliance Military Intelligence. The Blue Dragons had reason to believe she ordered the execution of dozens of prisoners of war in the late stages of the conflict.

A voice came in over Lyle's radio.

"Got her?"

The young sniper smirked.

"Affirmative, boss. These optics you got us are crazy. It's making the adjustments for wind, air temp, Coriolis effect... Its good kit, sir."

"I ain't your boss, kid. I'm just the middleman. Passing things on. Tech. Info. Confessing sins. Theirs and mine."

"Sir... We all know what you did but... you're back on the right side. That counts for somethin'."

"We only move in one direction. Forward. We're puttin' that behind us now."

2509 - HMS Wilson

Colenol Sahkno paced in front of her desk. Sitting at the desk, in her very chair, was a Browncoat officer: Major Charles Child. But his friends called him Charlie.

"What the fuck am I supposed to do with you?!"

Charles grabbed a mint from a bowl on her desk and popped it into his mouth.

"Give me a job. Then you're going to kill the prisoners. Vent them out of the airlock, blame it on maintenance."

She turned around sharply. Shocked at the assertion.

"Because they know I brought them here. I needed them compliant when I took over the bridge of that Cruiser. Knocking everyone out with gas through the vents was the easiest solution. If I could have killed everyone myself I would have done it. The intel I have is too important, and we both know that."

"Why Yǐ yēsū de míngyì would I let you give me orders? You are my bloody prisoner!"

Her repressed New Melbourne accent reared its head. The browncoat traitor had ruffled her feathers.

"Those people stand between us and stopping this war. That's not possible unless somebody wins.  We have to accelerate it. We move forward."

Now - Blue Dragon Shuttle - Osiris

Charlie Child was now Marshal Charlie Child. His betrayal did eventually become infamous. The details of his defection were unknown, but a former hero of the cause becoming the first to become an Alliance fed sent waves. Now one of the highest-ranking members of the Marshals, he'd seemingly found himself turning coat again. Leader of the Blue Dragons.

"Thirty seconds!"

The pilot shouted to a packed shuttle full of tactical gear-clad and heavily armed Browncoat soldiers. Charlie sat at the center of them, an almost serene calm on his face. 

"Fire... Fire... Fire..."

With the customary instruction from a spotter to his shooter, on the third "fire" Lyle squeezed the trigger of the advanced sniper rifle Marshal Child had provided.

"Together, we can make Osiris the example of our united worlds. Our Alliance!"

The round hit her skull like it punctuated her sentence. The echo of the shot rang out after what felt like an eternity. Slumped to the ground her security rushed to her in futility. Watching through his scope, Seargant Crowder smiled big.

"Mission accomplished, sir. Exfil ready?"

"Well done. You're going home."

Charlie congratulated him over the radio. The serene calm transitioned to a hardened look of determination. Like a bullet himself, the man of mixed allegiances exploded into action, thrusting a knife into the throat of the man across from him.

"What the -

The pistol silenced that browncoat but things had gotten loud. With a flurry of violence from Child's knife and his gun, the small cadre of revolutionaries were dispatched with bloody and brutal efficiency. Lyle noticed the sound of gunshots coming towards him on the ship.

"Sir! What's happening?!

The Blue Dragon shuttle came to a slow stop and a side door to the personnel area opened up. Standing up, staring at his dead comrades in a daze, the last thing he saw was Charlie Child. The coward. The traitor. He was still moving forward. Still accelerating.


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