Don't Start Nothing, Won't Be Nothing- 32 days prior to arriving on Iscariot

Started by Devon McKinney, November 03, 2019, 07:39:57 PM

Devon McKinney

It could have been any bar in any city on any backworld planet.  Truthfully, she didn't remember which planet she was on.  She wasn't sure what day of the week it was either.  All the nights and days blended together out in the Black.  It was only when she was dirtside that things like time really mattered.

She was sitting in said drek-hole bar, trying to drink enough to make the peace of oblivion come.  She had worked her way partially through a bottle when the trouble started.  She hadn't been bothering anyone, just sitting quietly by herself when a couple locals decided to start something. 

Why they decided to bother her really didn't matter.  It was the same old story. Former soldier drinking alone, local boy decides he wants to start trouble. The local boy and his buddies, just didn't know what they were getting into.

She tried to warn them off.  Offered to buy them a drink if they'd leave her alone.  When that didn't work, she'd tried to leave. Local boy didn't want that.  He had an audience now.  She even warned him in her low raspy voice, "Don' start nothin' there won' be nothin'." But alas, her warning went unheeded.

Sometimes that how it was, people pushed and pushed.  She fought the images in her head.  She tried to dull them with the pills Dr. Grant prescribed.  When that didn't work, she drank until the voices grew quiet again.  But sometimes people just pushed her and pushed her.

She didn't remember the fight. She didn't remember anything til she woke up the next morning in the local magistrate's office.  The local boy who had provoked the fight, well, he'd live.  His prospects for using his right arm again, well, not so good.  One of his buddies would be eating through a straw for at least 6 weeks and the other would be walking with a limp for the rest of his days. 

Luckily for her, the incident was caught on the security feed.   The magistrate decided that she was innocent so to speak as she'd been provoked.  He made her watch the feed, though truthfully, she didn't remember it.  Didn't recognize the woman on the tape. She knew that Dr. Grant said she had repressed anger but she still couldn't believe that she was the person in the feed, unleashing such unbridled violence upon the three men.

She was released after 3 days of being held when they could ship her off planet. It was 32 days later when she would end up on Iscariot station.

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