Love On The Rocks

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After retrieving their passenger Jax was leading his group back to Wushu when for a split second he thought he caught a glimpse of Abigail through the throng of people crowding the mezzanine. Without a second thought he turned to Sean...."Get everyone back to the ship, I need to take care of some personal stuff." Jax paused glancing back the direction he thought he seen her. "Trust me, I'll see you all in a bit back on Wushu." With that he was off weaving his way through the mass of people. His heart was pounding at the idea of being fortunate enough to find her, well he assumed that he would in just a matter of seconds. Little did Jax know he didn't have as much time left in his chase.

The explosion happened so violently before Jax knew it he was forced off his feet and backwards into a store front. His landing softened somewhat by a gathering of mannequins and drapery. Other muffled explosions could be heard as the sound forced it's way into his ringing ears. Blood streamed from his forehead down his face from several cuts as he struggled to sit upright. Now he could also hear the dreadful cries and screams of the injured. Jax wiped his face clear of the blood with his sleeve best he could, the air was thick with smoke and he feel the heat from several fires close by.

Funny thing when Jax looked around at the carnage his first thought wasn't about Abigail, it was Wushu and his crew. What did that tell him about their relationship he didn't want to ponder just yet. Did the crew make it back or get caught by the explosion as well and what was Abigail's fate? The mezzanine was now in full blown chaos mode as Jax stumbled to his feet. Before he went back to the ship though he had to finish his search for Archer, he just had to. Jax continued his hunt around and through the wreckage left by the blasts as rescue crews dashed back and forth amongst the injured. The smoke and emergency lighting made it hard to see.


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As Jax made his way further from the blast epicenter the air became a bit clearer and easier to breath though the emergency lighting was still dim making objects and people hard to see. He glanced up toward the second level assuring himself Abigail would not have gone up, or he sure hoped she didn't. Even now the trail was growing cold fast as he slowed his forward movement and came an abrupt stop. He just stood there with his hand on his hips wearing that classic smirk on his face. A maelstrom of activity swirled all around him but no sign of his partner in crime.

Suddenly confusion and surprise erased the smirk as a hard blow was struck across his back knocking him to the floor. Scrambling to his hands and knees only to be laid flat again by a good swift kick to his side. "STAY DOWN RAT!" A hoarse voice belched. Jax refused the command and once more pushed up from the cold metallic floor only to receive a pair of kicks causing him to roll over coughing and gagging. Jax could see three men surrounded him, by their dress they were Moda without a doubt. "Keep it up Rat and you'll get some more!" Having a change of mind Jax waved his hands in surrender..."Fine fine, I'm done, I'm done....Dohn Luh Mah?!"

Dohn Luh Mah? = Are We Clear?


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The three Moda henchmen seemed to care less about what had just recently taken place in the business center. Jax was their primary concern and it seemed no amount of violent explosions would deter them from whatever their task was. The kicking had stopped for now allowing Jax to ease his coughing, the pain though was still quite unmistakable. Without notice he was scooped up from behind as one of his attackers pulled him up by the arms and towed him over to an alcove off the main pathway and clear of the still shaken crowd. "Why are you not on your ship Captain?!" The question hit Jax as somewhat odd, he expected a more sinister query from this group.

Jax slumped back to the floor when he was let go finding a not so comfy seat with his back resting up against the wall. He rubbed his side that was sore pressing to see if he had any broken ribs. His prodding produced some sharp winces but he surmised that nothing was broken, but he was no doctor. "We'll take your answer now Captain....why are you not with your ship? Last time I ask." Jax ceased his physical exam and glanced up..."Oh well I've seemed to have lost a crew member, my XO as a matter of fact, perhaps you....." The shorter fellow cut him off. "Blonde woman with a bad attitude? ....yeah we seen her."

Jax's face lit up, a break through at last he thought. "Well that's great, thanks so much lads. Now just take me to her and we'll get back to the ship." The brigands burst out in laughter and shared a few comments back and forth at Jax's expense. "Not that easy Captain, Anja has her and your ship on lock down." Wushu's Skipper though beaten and bruised still had the capacity to lose his temper. He rose to his feet slowly and ditched his casual banter and spoke in a more dire and harsh tone. "Take me to her and she better not be harmed!"

Abigail Archer

Jax's concern for Abigail while probably appreciated, wasn't entirely necessary.  The guards were in more trouble than she was, even with her hands restrained. If they strapped her down she still had her teeth at the very least, and the last guy that came near here could attest to that. Blood dripped down out of her mouth, and she cackled. She had a stare like a rabid animal, waiting for the next person to come near her.

Spitting out her opponents blood she grinned, "Comeon boys I don't bite that hard." She winked at her last victim and the man just shook his head. Eyes wide and still in disbelief a chunk of his flesh was missing and now on the ground off the cell. 


Jax was lead away by his Moda Tong associates to a secure entry hatch which lead to a spider web of corridors under the city. Once the door was closed all the tumult of the post explosion galleria was left behind. Jax kept quiet as he worked on trying to memorize ever twist and turn they took in the dimly lit passages. Thoughts of the crew and Wushu tried to fill his mind but he had to push them back for now, there would be time for that after he secured Abigail's release. As they turned yet another corner, far in the distance he could make out an all too familiar silhouette....Anja.


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Anja waited until Jax was close to begin, all the while keeping a pistol trained on him. "Jason what the hell are you doing, you were supposed to put a crew together....a damn working crew not debutantes and a still wet behind the ears pilot." Her tone was firm but not harsh. Anja glanced over her shoulder toward a door. "What you need are more crew like that Archer woman, I swear if she takes another bite out of one of my men I won't have to feed her this evening." A small smile began to part her tight lips, still she wouldn't let Jax speak yet. "I'm not finished, Wushu is leaving without you and I doubt if any of them will survive the job and that's on you Jason, not me." Anja holstered the firearm and folded her arms as a look of concern broke her stern face. "I have other pressing concerns and it involves you and Ms Archer." She moved in tight to Jax, face to face. "The Tong is imploding and as I see it I'm on the outs if I can't get control. Since Yan's death the family has been fractured and the internal power struggle is now finally coming to a head." Anja moved her hands to Jax's shoulders and spoke with a sober inflection. "I need Archer and you to assist me in escaping Heraklion....Jason, you're the only one I can trust."


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Walking side by side Anja and Jax made their way down a dimly lit corridor toward the room where Abigail was being held. As they made a quick left turn Jax stumbled over a lifeless body sprawled on the floor. Coming to a rest on the deck Jax looked up at Anja...."Well that can't be good." About thirty feet further down they came to a door partially ajar, a small puddle of blood crept from underneath it. Jax pushed past Anja fearing the worse and pushed the door open with a frantic shove.

Inside the room a hanging light still swung slowly back and forth illuminating three more comatose Tong goons. "Abigail" Jax said softly to himself. Anja stepped up inspecting the scene... "She leave a trail of dead people everywhere she goes this girl friend of yours?" For the first time the realization that he wouldn't be seeing Abigail Archer again hit him. Jax turned to Anja...."It's a problem she's working on now what?"

Anja glanced around the room showing no remorse for her dead associates. "Lucky for us she did our dirty work, we needed these four taken out to have any chance of walking out of here alive." She pointed to several weapons scattered about...."You might want to arm yourself up, it's not gonna be a walk in the park." Anja led Jax and two others that were loyal to her, down a narrowing hallway that dead ended with a hatch in the floor. Anja paused...."This will take us down another level where we can back track to the port, I have my ship there." She checked a time piece on her wrist. "We need to be there when they lift the Port Lock or this will just be a long walk for nothing."


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The plan was close to failing on several occasions as they scurried through the subterranean corridors. In the end they made it to her Ship  and when the lock was lifted for Wushu, they slipped away as well. Jax plotted the course and performed a hardburn for Jiangyin, as Anja had a few contacts there that she could trust. She would lay low until the time was right and then reclaim her family's organization. Jax for his efforts received a hefty sum of coin and one long hard kiss. Anja vowed to call him up when she was ready and expected his help. Jax made his goodbyes as a large Mule arrived with several heavily armed men aboard. Anja hopped in and the vehicle spun about leaving Jax in a cloud of dust and alone once again.

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