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The Darling IC / S1:Ep7 - Party On, Whitefall
June 28, 2023, 12:02:24 PM
Previously on The Darling...

The docking clamps were finally locking onto the ship. They were safe on terra firma. Before the shit-shoveler could get up from his seat, Rian grabbed Albie by the arm.

"Everybody out except the kid....Why the hell are you chasing sheep around? Did the big guy save your life and now you have some sort of Golden Trail life-oath thing where you have to do what he says forever?"

Ship Time: 1438
Ship Location: Patience Docks - Whitefall

Outside the ship, a small group of strangers waited on horseback, their eyes on the Darling and their guns held idly across their laps. Behind them, someone was driving a hover mule with a large pen in the back, presumably for the sheep. Their leader, or so it seemed, sat side-saddle atop a large black horse, her wide brimmed hat blocking most of the sun from her already freckled skin. She toyed with a brown bag as she waited for the occupants of the ship to start unloading.

Beneath the ship, the clamps holding the Darling in place tightened and locked, a red light flashing quietly next to the mechanism.
Iscariot Station Location
Parallel to the Automated Cortex Relay past the Himinbjorg System out in "The Rim."
Station Time: 1515


Although the danger had passed and the general attitude of the station had settled, very few residents were ready to risk heading back out or opening their shops. They'd just call today a 'wash' and try again tomorrow. It was one of the rare moments in the station's history where most walkways, corridors, and tubes were just about empty. Had there been a tumbleweed available, it would have happily bounced across a path or two. For someone wanting to carry out a clandestine meeting, there was simply no time more perfect than the present.

The station was as close to the Himinbjorg system's Automated Cortex Relay as it was going to get until meeting up with the next one in about a week. The signal to and from Iscariot was strong and reliable now, which meant any messages going out or coming in would be best sent in the next day or so to ensure their timely delivery.
New Ship Ideas / The Allure [Rebranded!]
August 03, 2021, 12:20:40 PM
The Allure

Ship Name: The Allure

Ship Design: Exeter Class

Your Characters Role on Board Captain

Style of Ship: Pleasure Vessel/Companion House and Casino

Style of Narration: Fully narrated plot, NPCs.

The Exeter is a three deck ship with the main deck, a passenger in the middle (complete with almost all amenities) and a cargo deck. There is a quarter deck which is basically a shuttle bay on the top of the ship. The ship has passenger cabins (singles & doubles), a med bay, lots of cargo space, lounge, sizable engine room and will need a number of crew to function.

The ship is owned by investors including the Companion Guild and The House. The House (site canon) exist similar to the Companions Guild and are officially licensed per the Alliance to run games and/or hold gambling events.

The ship had a rough start. Before the maiden voyage, the House and the Guild got into a squabble over profits and control of the ship, grounding it until their contracts could be renegotiated. The Captain was set up on Iscariot Station at The Lady Magdalene. She's been looking for an opportunity to call her crew back and get the ship up and running again.

Contracts have been finalized, the powers that be satisfied, and the ship is back on the table. All it needs now is a crew and for its former captain to get the ball rolling.


Narrator: Lomari
Captain: Elena Marseille (Lomari)
XO/Pilot 1: Benjamin Street (Axe)
Pilot 2: OPEN
Mechanic/Engineer: OPEN
Doctor: OPEN
Companion 2: OPEN
House Representative/Gambler: OPEN
Security: OPEN
Electronics/Comp Tech: Jesse Welker (Helena)
The Darling IC / S1:Ep6 - Lights, Camera, Action!
August 01, 2021, 04:17:48 PM
Ship Time: 1837
Ship Location: Secondary Claim, St. Albans

The sun was nearly set when everyone regrouped at the Söderberg home, with a noticeable change in the roster. Rian's data pad beeped again to remind him of the message waiting for him, forwarded to his machine from the Darling and likely originally meant for the Captain of the ship.

If anything was going to be explained, sorted out, or come to terms with, it was going to be now. The snow picked up, gently raining down on them in thick white sheets, blocking the world around the home with a white haze.
Iscariot Station Location
Approaching the Automated Cortex Relay past the Himinbjorg System out in "The Rim."
Station Time: 1225

Another day, another hastily avoided catastrophe. A few days later, 'Afternoon' was approaching on Iscariot Space Station as it made its way through its long orbit around the systems. No plants showed up in the outer windows or the glass of the upper dome as more than anything but distant lights, however they were clearly near enough to a Automated Cortex Relay station that it was just visible out in the Black. Whenever this happened, communications between the station and its ships were far more frequent and of a much higher quality. Radio shows, news, and pictures came in faster and more often, and jobs on the Iscariot Job board began to populate with the stronger signal to the cortex.

Shipments came in in an influx now, the docks full of ships coming and going as demand for supplies reached their intended vendors quicker. Merchants set up shop in the main shopping sectors of the station, businesses were replenished of their wares and stores of food, and fresh blood came to Iscariot for work or pleasure, the latter taking the form of betting, the Companion House, and possibly a little drinking and Karaoke. This time also proved a perfect window for those on Iscariot who wished to get moving on to somewhere else. With this many ships at port, the possibilities were endless.
Shanghai Crew / Rhiannon "Junior" Pool
September 16, 2020, 09:49:55 AM
Rhiannon "Junior" Pool

Age:  17 and a half.

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Salvage and Reclamation 'Apprentice'.

Appearance:  Still a bit short, waiting on that promised growth spurt, Rhiannon stands at an average 5'4" with a wild mass of red curls that she's learned to beat down into submission over time. Freckles run wild over her cheeks and nose, both from her genetics and her time working with her parents under the sun. She's got an athletic build, from honest labor, and bright blue eyes like her father's.

Faceclaim:  Emily Browning

Initial Personality:  Like her father, Rhiannon can come across as brash and quick tempered, and has no problem saying what she means when she means it. She's a go-getter, with fire under her belt and a can do attitude no matter the situation. There's a wildness to her that seems like it's held at bay with twine and tape.

Underlying Personality:  Beneath all that, Rhiannon Pool is actually pretty calculating and deliberate. She learned patience and steadfastness through her mother and can (when necessary) be the diplomat between her father and a third party. She might not be a tomboy but she does struggle with being overtly 'girly' or 'feminine', although she is never against trying.

Known History:  Born: 2502. Beylix.
Parents: Reinhardt Pool and Charlotte Maurier
Siblings: Twin brother Roquefort Pool
Academic records:
K-12 Schooling completed from Higgins Academy, a publicly funded school.
Occupational Record:
2518-19 Apprenticeship at C&R Salvage and Reclamation
Military Record:
Criminal Record:
2517. Rhiannon and Roquefort Pool held for parental pickup post detainment for Vandalism. No charges filed.

Other History:  Rhiannon and Roquefort were born two minutes apart, during an emergency landing on Beylix. That hadn't been the intended location for the birth of Pool and Chuck's children, but they'd been eager to see the 'Verse and nothing could stop them. What followed was a simple and honest life, or at least as simple and honest as they'd ever known. They were raised by their no-nonsense parents, in a home that was akin to a forest of ship parts for them to play in.

While Rocky took after their mother in his temperament and interests, Rhiannon was very clearly a daddy's girl. She followed her father around like a duckling, picking up his nuances and personality traits and finding a joy in his craft. Her best memories are of getting into less than legal/safe hi-jinks with her brother and father, despite their mother giving him what for one they'd returned. No matter how many times she scolded them, Rhiannon was already ready for another adventure with her dad. Some things were worth the trouble.

Despite it not being entirely 'allowed' for her to work at such a young age, Rhiannon helped her parents out at their Salvage and Reclamation yard as much as she was allowed. She wasn't necessarily a tomboy, but she was no fancy lady either and enjoyed nothing more than being elbows deep in a salvaged part or dewy with the sweat of probably honest labor.

She learned a lot from her father (other than their family business), despite her mother's protestations on the matter. He was pretty clear on not wanting her to turn out like he had, but that didn't seem like such a bad thing to her. He could take care of himself, and his family, and no one messed with him without being immediately punished for doing so. He wad respected in their community (in her eyes). After getting into several tussels on her own (and losing quite a few of them), her father finally gave in and taught her how to fight, not because he wanted her doing it, but because he didn't want her doing it poorly and suffering the consequences. It was with this same kind of mentality that he then taught her how to use a gun, clean it, and take it apart. Better to do it under his watchful eye than to do it wrong on her own and get herself hurt. She quite agreed with that logic, no matter how often her mother yelled at them for it.

Skills and Strengths:  Light/Self-guided engineering
Shuttle piloting (short distance, small vessel)
Terrain vehicles(short distance, small vessel)
Reclamation machinery (short distance, small vessel)
Charisma, to combat and/or aid with her father's typical crassness.
Creative and quick thinking.
Can handle herself in a scrap.
Is able to use, clean, and disassemble most rudimentary guns.
Can curse with the best of them.

Weaknesses:  She did inherit a bit of her father's temper and her mother's stern demeanor.
Has a penchant for getting into trouble.
Has no concrete knowledge of the high-class intricacies and rules of life.
While she has worked with her dad for years at the yard, she has had no real experience out in the 'Verse and is running on hypothetical knowledge and imagination.
Cannot pilot anything bigger than a small shuttle/mules/etc. She's more than happy to try but be prepared to land somewhere you didn't entirely intent. I.E the side of a wall, another planet, that asteroid system, atop another vessel.
She can scrap and assemble with the best of them, but when it comes to the computer portions of repairing ships or devices, she's lost. That's her brother's forte.

Wyatt Crew / Genevieve LeBlanc
September 09, 2020, 10:05:56 AM
Genevieve Renée LeBlanc

Age:  35

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Infiltration Specialist - Alliance Federal Marshal Service

Secondary Occupation (optional):  Infiltration Specialist - Alliance Navy (Reserve)

Appearance:  Genevieve is lean from an active childhood and more active adulthood. She stands at a moderate 5' 7'' with dark hair and eyes. She resembles a large cat with coiling muscles and slow movements.

Faceclaim:  Elodie Yung

Initial Personality:  While others may be the ones to go in guns blazing, knocking down doors and taking names, Genevieve is subtle and elegant. She's the assistant you hired last week who works late with you every day and creates a rapport before stabbing you and pushing you out the window. Like a cat, she is quiet and stern, almost cold in the way she interacts with the world. She knows best and does not tolerate insubordination, and prefers to do things on her own than rely on someone who won't get the job done right. Many have called her frigid and aloof. Some have called her confrontational.

Underlying Personality:  Gen still believes in the good of mankind. She is hopeful and starry eyed when it comes to the future, despite the crumbling of her faith in the government she'd done so much work for. She believes that she can and should help those who can't help themselves and strives in all things to help others, even if they don't think she'd helping them at the time. She thought she was helping people in the war, during the bloody missions for the Alliance, and she has had a hard time coming to grips with the fact that maybe she was harming more than she was helping. Full of guilt and the need to do better, she continues to try to help the less fortunate in her own way.

Known History:  2484 - Born, Londinium
Parents: Sargent Solange LeBlanc and Captain Antoine LeBlanc
Siblings: Louis LeBlanc, Pierre LeBlanc, Hugo LeBlanc, and Claude LeBlanc.
2502 - Graduates. Enlists in Alliance Navy and completes basic training.
2503 - Approved for entry into the Navy Special Operations Academy
2506 - The Unification War Begins.  Assigned to Special Infiltration and Intelligence Task Force.
2519 - Transfers to reserve Status with Alliance Navy.
2520 - Transfer approved to Ariel Law Enforcement Academy. Approved for position in Alliance Federal Marshal Service.

Other History:  Genevieve has been competitive all her life. Growing up with four older brothers in an Alliance household meant she had to fight tooth and nail to get the attention and praise of her parents. It also meant being the one daughter upon  which her mother could lavish all of her expectations and vicarious dreams. Both of her parents were heavily involved in the hard work of running the government, so most of the actual raising of the children was left to their Nanny and private tutors. This led to five children with mild abandonment complexes and a pathological need for praise and attention. They were constantly one-upping each other when it came to extracurriculars, grades, and trouble just to get the barest crumbs of their parent's limited attention. While this manifested itself in the need to shine in the public eye for 50% of her brothers, she and the other 50% eventually took to working hard on their own and fading into the shadows, pushing back against their innate desire to be noticed.

With her parents being both Officers in the Alliance and being known to work with members of Parliament on occasion, the family was constantly under scrutiny from the media as well as the government itself. To keep up appearances of being magnanimous and well-to-do, (and thus to be seen as possessing the virtues of the Alliance), the LeBlanc name became synonymous with Charity Fundraisers and Relief Auctions. As a child, Gen found the whole parade distasteful, although she couldn't put her finger on why, exactly. It wasn't until she'd reached adolescence that her older brother, Louis, explained to her that it was all a show. All the money raised simply paid for the event itself, over and over and over again. No charity's were really helped and no one on the Rim ever really received relief.

It was around this time that Genevieve stopped allowing herself to be dressed up and presented to the wealthy and influential like an accessory to her mother, and instead started rebelling and getting into trouble with her brother Pierre. She insisted on taking martial arts classes with him, despite her mother's disapproval of such an extracurricular activity, and the pair of them used each other to get stronger. It was during this time that she decided she was going to join the Navy the moment she was able.

As an adult, this distaste for the lies of wealth as well as her deep need to be better than her peers at everything she did carried over into her military career. She was constantly having to work harder and better than her peers, needing to prove to them and herself that she could stand on her own.

It wasn't until she was assigned to the Special Infiltration and Intelligence Task Force that she finally felt like she was right where she needed to be. She felt whole and complete. She'd found her bliss and had gotten there by herself. Her family name hadn't provided her with any shortcuts, and she'd had to overcome the prejudices of the military complex on her own, but she'd finally done it. She didn't need the approval of her parents any longer, she approved of herself.

After the Broadcast, she decided to be more proactive in her future and joined Ariel Law Enforcement Academy, and eventually was approved for a position in the Alliance Federal Marshal Service. Sure, most of this was fueled by guilt, but that wasn't what was important...

Skills and Strengths:  Covert Infiltration Specialist.
Hand to Hand combat, specifically specializing in a martial art style based after Earth That Was' Krav Maga.
Weaponry made specifically for close quarters or long distances (i.e knives and/or long range rifles).
Investigative Skills / Law Enforcement training.
Brief introduction to piloting.

Weaknesses:  Mid-range weaponry. Meant for use as an elegant solution to tough problems, and as such is not proficient in being the strong arm of the law.
Physically not as strong as those on the front lines or of larger stature than her.
Has no mechanical know how that extends beyond keeping her own gear in order.
Likewise has no medical know how that extends beyond emergency triage/first aid.
Guilt and Self Doubt following the Miranda Broadcast.

Louis: (42)
The eldest of the LeBlanc siblings, and the one whom the sun shines upon the most. Charismatic, popular, and verbose, he was quick to find joy in the theatrical arts. It is suspected by the media (and the family) that he might have a different father than the other siblings.
Occupation: Actor
Play by: Kenneth Branagh

Pierre: (40)
Clearly the muscle in the family, Pierre and Gen fought like cats and dogs growing up but had the strongest bond. He was always the one to start fights, convince the siblings to get into trouble, and to his credit received all the punishments for their adventures. As an adult, he took to police work and then set out on his own as a Bounty Hunter for the Alliance.
Occupation: Alliance Bounty Hunter
Play by: Bobby Cannavale

Hugo: (38)
Occupation: Local Government Aide
Play by: Ryan Potter

Antoine: (36)
Finding no need to prove himself and 'knowing' he is the family favorite (as the last born son, he is baby), he had no desire to live an exciting life of government service or public spotlight. He always excelled at mathematics and took over the family accounting when their parents retired. Now owns his own accounting firm. 
Occupation: Accountant
Play by: Baran Onkol
The Darling IC / S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
July 28, 2020, 07:23:56 PM
Previously on The Darling...

The Away-Team

As the snowy dust settled, Jeb could be seen getting out of his vehicle, covered head to toe in furs and bracing himself against the wind to inspect the damage to the path ahead of them. In the back seat of the Darling's mule, Potter groaned softly and went limp, body sliding off Arlo's shoulder to rest horrifyingly across his lap. His breathing was quick, labored, and carried a wheeze. His skin was jaundiced, his body temperature high, and his skin covered in a sheen of sweat. The briefcase tumbled off his lap onto his feet, no longer attended or guarded.

The Home-Team

Another message notification beeped from Rian's cortex device: "Ther still here sir. Fuled up an repared but they aint leevin. 1'a them haz fancy hat, keeps smokin an lookin yer way from open cargo ramp. I think they lookin 4 ya."
The Signal Newsletter / The Signal: May 2020
May 27, 2020, 07:06:59 PM

On hold / Abigale Janet Layton[WIP]
May 19, 2020, 04:53:32 PM
Abigale Janet Layton

Age:  30

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Alliance Certified Doctor

Secondary Occupation (optional):  Freelance Veterinarian (Not Certified)

Appearance:  TYPE HERE

Faceclaim:  Aubrey Plaza

Initial Personality:  Were there ever to be the perfect human personification of a cat, it would be Abigale. Aloof, cold, cynical, dark, and more than a little terrifying in her ideals and thoughts. She is anti-social to a fault, unless it benefits her in which case she has been known to begrudgingly allow some forms of social interaction. Abigail is also wildly mischievous, dangerously troublesome, and amazingly accident prone. Although typically the accidents happen to those in her sphere of influence rather than to her directly. She does not seem to be easily phased by violence or the bloody outcomes of violence.

Underlying Personality:  Mildly neurotic and extremely particular, Abigale has a perfectionist streak that is vastly harmful to her own self esteem. Despite being hyped up by her family regularly and excelling in everything she does professionally and personally, she suffers from intense impostor syndrome and anxiety. Being an older sister, she does have the capacity to be caring and kind, and although she doesn't typically express it, she is a strong guardian of the underdog. She expresses her affection for those she cares about via little secret gifts, hidden words of encouragement, and occasionally by sabotaging any of her loved ones enemies or bullies.

Known History:  Search Queary: Abigail Layton...|
Date of Birth: 2489
Place of Birth: Saint Lucy's Hospital, Ariel City, Ariel.
Father: Obediah Layton
Mother: Winnifred Layton (Maiden Name: Bonney)
Siblings: Ambrose Layton (35), Clementine Layton (32), Ethan Layton (26), Michah Layton (20).
Would you like to make another search? Y/N: Y
Search Queary: Abigail Layton, Education...|
Official Education Transcript:
Completed 4 years of medical school at Shinei University in Ariel City.
Completed 4 Years of Residency Training at Saint Lucy's Hospital in Ariel City.

Other History:  TYPE HERE

Skills and Strengths:  TYPE HERE

Weaknesses:  TYPE HERE

Iscariot Station Location: Passing the Himinbjorg System out in "The Rim."
Station Time: 1100

Iscariot had made another full circle as it moved on its deep orbit through Border Space. Its circular  build allowed for a full rotation that simulated the typical 24-Hour Day Cycle that most planet-side individuals were used to, and thus kept the station's residents and visitors on somewhat of a steady and predictable routine. Night ended, the neon signs flickering off and the artificial lighting lining the walkways and thoroughfares brightening to mimic daylight. Businesses began to open, the loud karaoke music died down to a dull throb in the shopping sectors, and the cacophonous buzzing of commerce filled the metal hunk of junk sailing through the Black.

In the past few weeks, there had been an increasing amount of chatter in the back channels about ducks and geese and other foul birds. There had also been a surge in the mentioning of snakes and eggs, but to the layman, this was all nonsense fueled by the insanity of being out in space too long, or inspired by the low-grade high-potency drugs peddled in the dark alleys of the less than lawful space station. Word on the street was that Lil' Sebastian was up to something, but what that was was anybody's guess and no one planned on asking him for specifics.

Down at the docks, ships came and went carrying cargo, tourists, and new faces who found themselves drawn to the morally ambiguous nature of the station lost out in the stars. Here, they could be whoever they wanted and no one would care enough to look too closely at a forged ID or a halfheartedly constructed backstory. Jobs were plentiful if one knew where to look, friends were plenty if one had the right temperament, and adventures were boundless if one lacked a sense of self preservation.

In another area of the Station, a certain woman's cortex pad bliped with a response to her urgent message.
"Prime Cuts," was all it said and was distinctly lacking in any sender information. It looked like most of it had been scrubbed clean very purposefully.
Odette Information / Odette Floorplan (Detailed)
May 13, 2020, 12:17:33 PM
Odette Floorplan:
Gryphon has one main deck sandwiched between the ship's major systems. There is a small bridge deck above and an airlock with exit ramp below. All of these areas are detailed in the following section and labeled on the interior map.

FamilyName: Haemish
Homeland: Dogwood, Athens - Georgia System

Clan history: The Haemish family has always lived a very simple and wholesome life on Athens. They made enough money to be reasonably comfortable and never knew hunger or hardship. Their parents (Bartholomew Haemish and Marianne Larson) were well respected in the community as healers and in her mother's case, as a 'witch'. Not to say she had any special powers, but when a woman comes to heal your son's fever with chants, waved smoking sage and an herbal remedy she prepared herself, people tended to assume she was a witch. Her older brother found a joy for working with his hands and took on apprenticeships with local carpenters and masons while her younger sister assisted the town's clothing makers and fabric manufacturers while Tabitha herself followed in her parent's healing footsteps.They have always lived on Athens, and have been a staple of the community for as long as there were people living on that rock, or so they assume.

The Haemish Siblings

Jeremy Haemish
Jude Law

The oldest of the Haemish children, Jeremy avoided having to enlist in either side of the war simply by being the only male son on a small homestead. His family needed him to be planetside and helping out at home. Their parents kept them fed and comfortable with their professions as the local medical workers, and Jeremy helped around the house with their meager and humble crops and in keeping the house maintained. Through this, he found a love for working with his hands and took on apprenticeships with local carpenters and masons and found joy in his new career. He was always soft spoken and smile easily, but was a staunch protector of his younger sisters. There were several occasions in which he had to chase the town boys away with a hammer, and had earned a reputation among the young men in town as being formidable and daunting.

Tabitha Haemish
Mia Wasikowska

Taken - Lomari
Tabitha is a whimsical sort of magical creature who seems to interact with the human world in short bursts. Always ready to laugh, have fun, and lend a hand, she is a whirlwind of positive energy and joy. Personal space is a bubble whose existence she is unaware of and has been known to hold hands with strangers. She is always ready and willing to give more of herself than there is and to put everything she has into her endeavors.

Tabitha was eventually hired on by the Captain of The Darling during a particularly nasty illness that had been wreaking havoc aboard his ship, with unknown cause. She wasn't a fancy Core doctor, but she was educated and well-liked by her peers and would do just fine. Tabby did her best, but in the end she was only able to successfully cure the younger crew members of his ship, ultimately failing at saving his elderly parents. All she could do was make their passing comfortable and served as what essentially became a live-in caretaker for the couple. Upon their passing, Tabitha meant to leave the ship, feeling she'd failed it and its crew, but was instead hired on by its new owner and current Captain.

Emily Haemish
Elle Fanning

The youngest of the bunch, younger than her sister Tabitha by seven years, she was always the one to get away with murder. Popular with the boys and proud of it, she fluttered from boyfriend to boyfriend but never made any deep connection with any of them, finding they were all thinking too small for her liking. Like her siblings, she is kind and compassionate and more than a little carefree, but she was always more ambitious than the rest. She applied herself to her interests, yearned for exploration of the stars, and found inspiration in nature. Emily began her apprenticeships in textile business and haberdasheries in the local community, but her sketch books and homemade fashion masterpieces show a need to do more and to be more. She yearns to head to the Core.
The Signal Newsletter / The Signal: April 2020
April 27, 2020, 01:59:00 PM

Darling Asides / S1:Ep4 (YNTSLY) - No Tea No Shade
February 25, 2020, 02:16:53 PM
Recap from S1:Ep4 - You're NoBody 'Till SomeBody Loves You

"Raise a glass, if you don't mind. To all of us and all of you and maybe one for me too! Cheers!" their Captain said, and Tabby sat, her hands coiling around her own teacup as she lifted it in turn. Once the toast was over, she took a tender sip, careful not to burn her tongue.

"Ya'll know what goes good with tea? ... Singin'. Tabby, do us the pleasure wouldja?"

"Yeah! Raise our spirits in the timeless art of song, good doctor," Rian added.

The teacup returned to the table and the doctor cleared her throat as she stood, a hand lifting to smooth back the curls with varying levels of success. She didn't ask what their next plan was, where they were headed, what exactly had happened, or whether they should worry about that suave fellow coming back to haunt them. That wasn't her way. She looked around at the table and began her singing, tips of her fingers settled against the edge of the table.

We circle around, we circle around
The boundaries of the earth

We circle around, we circle around
The boundaries of the Earth

Wearing our long wing feathers as we fly
Wearing our long wing feathers as we fly

We circle around, we circle around
The boundaries of the sky

Iscariot Archived Episodes / Episode 4: Hub/Docks
February 10, 2020, 09:55:01 AM
Station Time: 7PM – 1900 Hours.

With Charity, King, Gwen, and Emit departing the Medical Bay, business went on as usual. Patients came and went, their malady's ranging from near severed fingers from working in the deep portions of the station, to rashes from chemicals used during the cleaning process in the bowels of Iscariot's belly.  Most of the work done at the station centered around those whose livelihoods depended on the continued smooth running of the beast's internal machinations. Treating spacers was rare, but always an interesting experience for the Med Bay Staff.

Up in the Garden/Café at the very tippy-top of the station, residents and visitors prepared to watch small vessels and hunks of junk orbit the station in their ritual races.
Iscariot Archived Episodes / Episode 4: Sectors/Shops
February 10, 2020, 09:47:43 AM
Station Time: 7PM – 1900 Hours.

Max, having been in a foul mood following his visit with Devon and her ultimate 'escape' at the suggestion of the sweet Elena, had been roused from his anger by a wave from an old associate. An Eath-That-Was artifact had resurfaced on the black market and was up for grabs but wouldn't be there long. With a gathering of his immediate belongings, a brisk avoidance of the woman, Alice to be exact, in his store save for asking her to leave so he could lock up, and a soft goodbye to Elena, Maxell left the station in pursuit of treasure.

Despite his drunken excitement and exuberant hand waving, Moira managed to get through her hair appointment with Amorru with little to no accidental ear cutting or over bleaching. Of course, the brunette left the shop with hair white as snow and an attitude made all the worse by sips from his flask when he thought she wasn't looking. After the stylist sent him on his merry way, he made quick work of entering the races with an endorsement from a Mister Decimal, touting his skills as a pilot, nay, as the Best Pilot in the Gorram 'Verse. Of course, mid race, his shuttle mysteriously shot off into space in the direction of the nearest planet at the sight of a Persephone branded cargo vessel docking at the station.

Down at Jed's Dojo, Angela set an appointment to rent out the dojo at a later date and went on their way to find their lodging on the station and get settled in.

With no sun to orbit, Iscariot functioned on a typical rotation of 24 hours, although their 'night' life was just as bustling as the 'day' shift, what with ships coming in on their own time or shipments from planets functioning along the night and day of their home planet arriving and needing offloading. As it was, most of the 'day' on the station had passed in relative ease, the nightlife falling into full swing. The lighting in the passageways dimmed just slightly to make the neon of shop signs burn all the brighter, casting their colorful glow down onto the passersby.  Music from the bar and karaoke lounge filtered out into the walkway, bustling at the threshold of nearby shops. Vendors and street cars shouted out the availability of wares and takeaway food and carts and mules hiccupped around the shops with cargo and merchandise ordered by shop owners and station workers.

Jobs flickered on the station's Job Board, including listings from ships that had put said openings on the cortex. A ship whose name had been redacted indicated they needed a Mechanic and had a cortex code that was clearly a throwaway number listed as the contact. Another ship, The Darling, had listings posted for a Pilot and a Mechanic, and specified that they were a working ship full of honest, law-abiding folk.
Previously on The Darling...

"That went about as smoothly as it could have," came the voice from the other section of the train, its owner making their way through the residual fog into their car. Geraldine Price emerged from the haze; her own gun held at the ready although she seemed pretty relaxed given the situation. It might've been cockiness, to the untrained observer, but to those that knew better, it was a sheer confidence in the fact that she could put down everyone in this train without breaking a sweat and sleep well that night to boot.

"Was surprised to get your call, Barna-baby,"she told him, a smirk pulling at one corner of her lips as she cocked her hip to the side and looked down at those handcuffed with an amused grin and quirk of a brow. "But I gotta admit, I don't hate what I'm seein' here," the woman continued, nodding her chin toward her men and watching them tug Rian away from Abe and Co to set him on his feet beside Barn and Mattie, who they also pulled to her feet, although the Feds left all but Barnaby still cuffed. Just in case.

SS Iscariot Crew / Angela Evans
November 18, 2019, 11:05:03 AM
Angela Evans
Player: Lomari

Age:  35
Primary Occupation:  Asset
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Specialist

Appearance:  Androgynous and unassuming, Angela is typically seen (if she's seen at all) sporting an asymmetrical bob and a business suit. She is tall and lithe with chiseled features that could broadcast either male or female depending on her need. Her eyes are a light grey-blue and her skin is pale and surprisingly unblemished, although upon closer inspection it might have been altered to appear that way. Her fingertips are unnaturally smooth and her teeth perfectly capped in ivory.
Faceclaim:  Tilda Swinton

Initial Personality:  A winter's blizzard. She is cold and unfeeling, frigid and dangerous. Beneath the blue of her eyes is the darkness of a winter's night and the frost of a hardened lake. She doesn't laugh, she doesn't smile, and if she should do so, it only precedes something terrifying and painful. She is self-sufficient and fiercely independent, refusing to rely on others for most things (like company, friendship, most low-level technological issues that she can manage on her own, and the success of a job).
Underlying Personality:  Confusion reigns supreme. Confusion about others, about their ties to one another, about their emotions and their experiences. Confusion about families. Confusion about friends. And an anger at her inability to understand.

Known History:  Cortex Search "Angela Evans"...


Found: Angela Evangeline Evans
Birthdate: [Classified]
Birthplace: Londinium, White Sun System
Mother: Evangeline Evans
Father: Edward Evans
Education: Private tutelage.
Employment: [Classified]


List Criminal Record...




End of Report...


Uploading Search Query and Cortex User Location Data to Server...|

Other History:  Angela Evans, daughter of Edward Evans and Evangeline Evans, was raised on Londinium amidst the hustle and bustle of the capital city. Not but a few blocks away from the Alliance Parliament building and its surrounding Alliance government complex, she was no stranger to the constant buzzing of political and corporate business. Edward and Evangeline were computer systems and communication technology specialists, dealing in the 'researching and manufacturing of up and coming technologies' meant to be sent out via the Blue Sun corporation to their subsidiaries and shell companies across the 'Verse. Like most of the lucky ones in the megacorporation's employ, Edward and Evangeline were loyal to the brand.

For several summers over her formative years, Angela was sent to corporately sponsored camps meant for 'team building and the development of interpersonal skills' among the other children of Blue Sun employees. At the end of each subsequent summer, their daughter's obsession and devotion to the conglomerate became deeper, more rigid, and vastly worrying. She adhered inflexibly to what she had come to know as their doctrine and set of beliefs, feeling even her parents weren't doing enough to show their support for the establishment that put food on their table and a roof over their heads. For years, this continued, and her parents grew increasingly alarmed. Angela had become well versed in martial arts, thanks to the 'workshops' held at the camps that she now insisted she go to. Her behavior became suspicious, distrustful, and disdainful toward her family.

At 16, Angela was granted a position within Blue Sun, although her parents were never informed of the title or pay scale and their daughter moved out to live in on-site dormitories provided by the multiplanet corporation. Two years later, her parents were under investigation pending charges of a breached NDA and suspected corporate espionage against their parent company. Of course, these charges were entirely internal, and the couple was never arrested by any Alliance official. Instead, on a moonlit night at a quarter to twelve, they were found dead in their Londinium estate. It had been clean, efficient, and after a month of dead-end leads and no information to go on, the Alliance marked it as a Cold Case and moved on, leaving their daughter with the Evans' estate and holdings, which were promptly transferred to a subsidiary belonging to Blue Sun.

Angela found her calling in working the corporate espionage cases assigned to her by her benefactors, as well as doing the dirty jobs those in charge didn't want to do themselves. At age 19 she was enlisted with the Alliance, serving in the Union of Allied Planets Army as a low tier grunt for several years, participating dutifully in the unification war from 2506 to 2509, although she never seemed to indicate her opinion on the war or on which side was in the wrong. Her work was consistent and commendable, however, she never sought any promotions and left at the end of her contract in 2509. Whether or not this was done to upgrade and fine tune her skill set, or if the entirety of her enlistment had been done under the guise of information gathering was unclear. Especially to anyone on the outside looking in. 

She made her way from station to Skyplex to planet for the next 10 years, never staying around long enough to make much of an impression on anyone and finishing her work quickly and efficiently. Assisting in setup for future shell corporations, removal of risks to company supply lines, and altogether upkeep of the great and glorious Blue Sun. 

Skills and Strengths:  Several forms of Martial Arts.
General piloting (shuttles, small crafts)
General mechanical skills (keeping said small crafts running, day to day mechanic duties)
Technological prowess
General Medical Skills (Self-care as simple as disinfecting, up to self-stitches).
Gun handling and safety.
Highly intelligent.
Weaknesses:  Genuine emotions.
Engineering above day-to-day maintenance and the occasional very specific tool operation know-how.
Piloting anything larger than a Firfly class vessel.
Medicinal skills above the skill set of basic wound maintenance.
At the utter mercy of her Masters.
No Friends or Family to speak of.
Difficulty working on a team or in a group setting. 

Admin Approved! (RUNE)
Phoenix IC / Season 1: Ep 0 - Reborn in Fire
October 20, 2019, 03:00:30 PM
 "That sounds like the Alliance....unite all the planets under one rule so that each can be ignored or interfered with equally."

Location: Greenleaf Skyplex
Station Time: 1836

The ship's engines glimmered in the darkness of space as it roared away from Greenleaf Skyplex like a bat out of Hell, casting its warm glow out into the cold. From where the abandoned crew watched, the vessel became smaller and smaller and further out of their reach. Without much warning, as was always the way when it came to the Alliance, the ship and its Captain had been repossessed by the government and sent on official business at the far end of the 'Verse. It had all happened in such a flash, leaving the remaining crew reeling from the decision. They'd only just taken off when they'd been made to turn back to off board the ship's new inhabitants. Now, while the Alliance was overbearing and demanding, it wouldn't call itself cruel and left each member dropped off with a comfortable severance package and a glowing recommendation. Of course, the recommendations had been vague and clearly taken from a pre-made document with their names slapped onto each one, but perhaps in this case, it was the thought that counted. Now without a home but the means to find another or settle down on the Skyplex, the crew had a decision to make.

Throngs of crews and interested parties moved around the group like schools of many hued fish, boarding vessels or hauling cargo and the like out of cargo holds. A constant din of conversation and business hummed through the docks, vibrating with life and commerce. There were plenty of eating establishments nearby in which to sit and go over everything that had happened, as well as rooms to rent and classified boards to peruse. But what mattered was that they were still together, and their journey's path would be decided upon by them, not by the Alliance and not by the ship that had left them behind. They were the creators of their own destiny now.
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