Registration Agreement

By registering and applying for a character on this site you agree to abide by the following rules and regulations both on the board and in the chat area.

Basic Forum Rules:

Everyone on this site should be treated with respect.  Harassment of another member will not be tolerated.  While you may not agree with everyone, conversations are expected to remain civil.

While we borrow some terms and phrases to create our take on the 'verse, wholesale plagiarism is unacceptable.  There is a difference between a concept inspired by another work, and a direct rip-off.

You only have control over one character: your own.  Do not post the thoughts and actions of others.

Should a player become a toxic factor on a ship, the Captain can reach out to the Narrator and the Staff in order to mediate the situation.

Posting Regulations:

If you know you will be unable to post for an extended period (4 days or more), please let your narrator and your shipmates know so the story doesn't stall. Likewise, if you are waiting for a player to post for more than 4 days and it is now holding up the story, you are free to skip that player and continue on. For more detailed information on preferred posting rates, please refer to each ships Information section.

Do not double post in the IC forums.  Give someone else a turn to write before you continue.  If most of your shipmates are not posting as frequently as you, please slow down.

Please proofread your posts before you submit them for spelling and grammar.  The forum has a built-in spell-checker; please use it.  We all make the occasional mistake, but the focus of this site is writing a good story.

Keep quotations and/or color coding consistent. Each ship might have its own method such as using the quotation code or having players choose colors for their dialogue. Whatever the method, please be clear and consistent so other players know who is speaking, when.

Don't edit your post once someone has responded to it.  The only time an edit is acceptable is if you have contradicted previously-posted information and have been asked to adjust your post accordingly.

Posts should be at least 100 to 200 words long, or at least five or six sentences, to ensure a descriptive and well-written addition to the story and ensures that your fellow players have enough to react to in their own posts.

Out of Character comments should not be posted in a story thread. They need to be posted in the OOC threads with your OOC account.

Sometimes, things might get heated between characters. Love blossoms, infatuation arises, but please remember to keep things appropriate. When dealing with a sexual situation, a "fade to black" is the best course of action. No ERP (erotic role play) is allowed on the FindingSerenity forums.

Creating A New Ship:

We realize that there aren't a ton of official layouts and blueprints out there, and that sometimes we're just plain going to have to make something up/edit something heavily in order to make it work (such as for Iscariot). But while we're pulling from neutral and unofficial resources for these layouts, it must be officially noted that final ship designs, narrative styles, and proposed plots are at the final discretion of the admin staff. And while we're willing to work with everyone in order to get their idea to work some things we just aren't going to allow. A user posting a layout he or she thinks is neat in a thread does not make that layout official or acceptable "as is."

Canon Resources:

Serenity: Those Left Behind
R. Tam sessions
Serenity: Better Days
Serenity: The Other Half
Serenity: Float Out
Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale
Serenity: Downtime
Serenity: It's Never Easy
Serenity: Leaves on the Wind
Four official companion books written by Whedon
Any comments from Whedon himself pertaining to the story or history of the show.
The Serenity novelization.
The Serenity RPG, and related materials.
FindingSerenity's Storylines.
The Firefly Wiki

Fanmade Content or Fanfiction is not considered Canon.


Players are permitted to create minor NPCs if they have no significant relevance or effect on the plot (i.e extras like barkeeps, waitstaff, the guy on the sidewalk, a patron in a store). Any major NPCs will need to be approved by and played by the appointed narrator. This is done so that a ship/station's plot does not accidentally get derailed by a non-narrator and to keep things fair among all players.


While there may be crazy advanced stuff available in the Core to the ridiculously wealthy, most of the tech our characters have access to is much more in the range of,  "modern day but more shiny" to "1800s yeehaw."

For example, out on the border planets we see a regression to 1800s technology, including a reversion to country living. In the middle ranges we see technology like the Cry Baby, in which an electronic device that simulates a distress call is built inside of a tin coffee can. On the other side of the spectrum, at the highest level of the government, we see devices like the sonic device, a sophisticated and compact device that can deliver lethal levels of sound.

Here is a link to some great examples of technology seen in the 'Verse:

Character Restrictions:

Sometimes, we have to say no.  While we encourage your imagination and creativity, we also want to stay as true to our 'Verse as we can, and there are some things that just don't fit in.

Super Characters are great... for a Super Hero RPG. In the Firefly verse, a person who can do anything, fix anything, save everyone, anticipate everything, kill anyone, masters every fighting style... you get the point... just isn't fun for everyone else to RP with.

While the temptation is there to write this fantastically skilled character, good at anything he does and already an expert at everything, it just isn't a character we will accept. People are fallible, they make mistakes and they don't always know everything that's going on. No one is good at everything, period.

Our 'Verse is about ordinary people, who find themselves in extraordinary situations.

Most characters that come through are your basic 'Firefly-esque' characters. However, there are some types of characters from The 'Verse that have to be admin approved for Playable Characters (PCs) and generally won't be accepted as a first character.

Assassins, Operatives, Spies, Super Soldiers: Should be few and far between and the backstory should be able to explain their existence as well as why or how this character exists post Miranda Signal.

Readers/Experiments/"Rivers" - Few and far between. Not every reader/experiment has broken out and escaped and now roams freely in the verse.

Canon Characters - Sorry, no Mal's, Zoe's or any other main character from either the series or movie. This includes connection to canon characters, i.e sisters, cousins, spouses, etc.

Cyborgs/Cybernetic or Robotic Enhancements/Genetically Re-engineered - While the technology in the 'Verse is far advanced, it was not a common thing.  To keep true to the feel of the 'Verse, we will require a good reason for a character to possess this item/items. We'd also like the player to keep in mind the level of tech that would reasonably be in this prosthetic, based on the character's affiliations/social position.

Character Death:

Yes a character's death can, has and WILL happen.

While we all respect the time, effort and care that is put into each character, death is a reality. If your character is in a gun fight, they may not always win. Especially if they do something silly like stand in the open while the bullets are flying.

Our Narrators are respectful of the player and the character both, and work with them in some regards.  In other cases, sometimes people just die.  All of us asked 'WHY?!?!?' when Wash died in 'Serenity'.  The answer?  Death happens.  Especially when you live a life like they did.  However please do not take this to mean that we kill people at the drop of a hat as this is not the case.  We just as that you be aware of what happens in character as we are also strong proponents of what a character does in character will have in character consequences.


Character inactivity is almost inevitable.  If you will be away from the rp, for whatever reason, for more than four to five days, please notify your Narrator & Captain so as to give them a chance to make adjustments in the RP.

Should anyone disappear for 30 days (one month) without warning, the captain or narrator of their ship is well within their rights to move the character into a place where they will not be in the way. Generally we ask our captains and narrators to attempt contact several times in various ways first.

Should the absence continue without any word from the player for 90 days (three months), the character(s) will be removed from the ship and placed in the inactive character list. This does not mean your character is dead. They can be brought back into play at any time, however, they may have been replaced on the ship.

This forum includes sexual themes and violence and is rated 15+ or M (depending on where you hail from).  If you are uncomfortable in any given situation, speak with your narrator.  However, life on the rim is violent, and often inescapable.  Your characters are not immortal, and death is a very real possibility.
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