Marvel: Regenesis - 1980s Cold War AU

Started by Gibs, July 17, 2023, 07:06:28 PM


Welcome to the 1980s: the era of bad hair, wild taste, and a constant fear of Mutually Assured Destruction. Video killed the radio star, the shopping mall is the center of the universe, and an Iron Curtain still separates East from West. And while the fear of communism still permeates western politics and society, another fear is stoked alongside it by opportunistic politicians and zealots: the fear of mutants.

Join us for our first site plot: FROM GENOSHA WITH LOVE. Magneto, thought dead for the past six years, has made his stunning return to the world stage by violently liberating the nation of Genosha from its oppressive human regime, declaring it an independent haven for mutants. How will the superpowers respond? Will the Brotherhood cells active during his supposed death remain loyal? How will people navigate the rising tension and violence between mutants and humans?


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