Matthew Miles

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Matthew William Miles

Age: 42

Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Bartender

Secondary Occupation (optional):  Public Relations

Appearance:  Grizzled

Faceclaim:  Billy Burke

Initial Personality:  Gruff and full of witty Sinicism and pessimism. Matt doesn't care about a whole lot. Matt tries to keep his head low and keep living.   A good drink and a willing woman is all he needs in life.

Underlying Personality:  Gruff grizzled more traumitised then he'd like to admit. The war's long over, but for some the War will never be over. Matt tries his best to remember the former and forget the latter, usually by finding the bottom of a bottle. Matt is still a capable fighter and keeps his skills sharp. HERE

Known History:  Matt's family has a ranch on Boros spent most of his adult life on it, always trying to get away. In the lead up to the war Boros started building up it's ilitary recruitment drives were had. Matt enlisted as soon as he was old enough at.Career military. A few years in Matt was a seargent, he took some sort of psychological exam that tagged him for Special Forces training, specifically he was sent to train insurgencies and militia's.
When the war started in full Matt continued behind enemy lines. Guerilla fighters targeting supply lines, factories, reserve stations. The Alliance called them and him terrorist, pretty soon he had a price on his head. They called him "The Ghost". Matt did things he's not proud of and tries his best not to remember.
When The War ended Matt faked his death, hitch hiked his way to a station, got a job as a shady bartender. Matt was content in his new gig right up until one bar fight went to far, some Purple Belly loudly bragging about U-Day. They pulled a gun Matt stuck them with his knife.
Now once again he's on the run, with a price on his head. 

Other History:  After the war, Matt used his contacts to develop smuggling routes. Turns out targeting supply lines, and going behind enemy lines gave him a certain skill set. Matt set up shop on Paquin. Shadey enough to disappear in and conduct business. Matt made a decent living as a fence and contact between people just looking to make an honest dishonest living. Arms, ships, medical supplies even scrap metal, all the refuse that's left lying about after a war.
Matt had a good living or atleast surviving under the radar. Right up until some former purple belly started raving on U-Day, in his Independent friendly bar. Matt tried to kick him and his friends out, a brawl started, someone pulled a gun Matt was quicker on thd draw with his knife.
Turns out the gorram idiot was a prefects nephew. Matt had a new price on his head, he barely managed to grab his brown coat before going on the run.

Skills and Strengths:  Guns

Weaknesses:  Drunk
Easily Riled

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