S1:Ep4 - You're NoBody 'Till SomeBody Loves You

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Viktor Söderberg

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Away Team
"If somebody else wants to go 'fore Mattie, that's good, too."

"Oh, fun! Let's see. My name is Viktor and I'm going on a picnic with Barnaby. He's bringing apples and I'm bringing..." the pressure in his ears began to increase just a little indicating their assent into the mountains. He plugged his nose, held his mouth tight closed and pushed out a breath equalizing the pressure. "...bubble gum."

The preacher sneaked a look at the gentleman beside him. It looked as though he'd fallen asleep on Arlo's shoulder, his hands still around his all-important briefcase. Viktor was more than a little concerned about the man's health. He watched for far too long for the man's next breath in the movement of his chest. He was, in fact, breathing but it was shallow and far apart. Viktor said a little prayer that Mr. Potter made it to their destination continuing to breathe.

As he continued to study their client, Viktor's mind wandered from Potter's health to the contents of the case. He guarded it so dearly it could be anything he held precious. But, the preacher reckoned it was money. Either the money he'd owe them at the end of the trip, or money he owed to someone else - perhaps in the form of diamonds even! It could be papers too: deeds, leans, leases, IOUs and the like. Or, if he was thinking of papers, maybe it was blackmail material.
What if it was something truly hideous like a virus or some chemical that rewires peoples brains!

You're being ridiculous, Viktor, he told himself. Likely as not, it just some heirloom or your first guess, money.

Thackery Arlington III

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The Away Team

Between the certain doom on one side and the unwelcome closeness of their client on the other, Arlo was turning a decidedly greenish shade. There was nowhere he could look without distressing himself further, so he fixed his eyes on his lap and tried to focus on the captain's asinine attempts at distraction. He supposed he appreciated the effort in a grudging, resentful sort of way, however little good it may do.

I'm going on a picnic, and I'm bringing... B... A jostle of the mule reminded him of the hopefully-not-contagious sickly head on his shoulder. Bile. Bilge. Another jostle. A not-brief-enough glimpse of the edge of the road. A bumpy break upon the bedrock below, beginning our bloody... bemise.

Fortunately for everyone in the mule, the vicar got to B first, leaving Arlo with C. In a strained voice, Arlo dutifully recited the opening lines of the game, then finished with, "And I'm bringing... cauliflower." He gave a helpless shrug that sadly failed to 'inadvertently' roll Potter's head off his shoulder, and returned his attention to his knees.

The distinctive briefcase hovered in his peripheral vision there, and, much like Viktor, Arlo couldn't help wondering what was in it. Potter's grip had loosened slightly. Perhaps the unpredictable road might loosen it further... If nothing else, Arlo estimated a good chance that interfering with the precious thing might wake the man and make him sit up straight again. Slowly, casually, he reached out to give it a poke...
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"I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in principle."

Tabitha Haemish

The Home Team

"We's just gotta be careful is all, Tabby... We should talk to Riggs about the bug he found on Darling. I don't care much for being followed like this..."

Tabitha paused a moment to look back at Rian, lips pursed as she chewed thoughtfully on the inside of her cheek. She released his hand and reached up to slowly run the tip of her index finger down his forehead and over the bridge of his nose. Then, she repeated the motion. Like calming a rabbit or a hound dog.

"Did anyone check the outside of the Darling yet? If Mister Riggs found something, then he can tell us where to look on the ship's hull and we can make sure for ourselves if something's there or if something's not. I bet that will feel a lot better than guessing and fretting ourselves into a tizzy. It's always good to get a second opinion," she suggested, lowering her hand and tilting her head to the side.

Her hands then went to the sides of his arms, rubbing them up and down to rub some warmth back into his body and to shake away the stress, although she was more or less just jostling him slightly, maybe to get him to focus on the here and now and on the physical world. "Let's go find our new Mechanic, and then crawl on the ship! And if there's something out there, we can take it off and put it on a cat and-" she made shooing gestures with her hands, smiling up at him. "Everything's gonna be just fine!"
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Ship Time: 1227
Ship Location: Secondary Claim, St, Albans
Mule Location: 1 Hour outside of Secondary Claim. 300 Miles away from Primary Claim.

The Away-Team

A hand rose to slap at Arlo's weakly, and when he brought his attention back to the passenger's face, Potter was staring at him with darkness in his eyes. Light didn't seem to reflect in those glassy pools, and for a moment, it seemed that all that radiated from the orbs in his face was malice and threat. And then, he slouched down in his seat all the more and purposefully rested his head on the fancy man's shoulder.

Ship Time: 1327
Ship Location: Secondary Claim, St, Albans
Mule Location: 2 Hours outside of Secondary Claim. 225 Miles away from Primary Claim.

The Away-Team

The group (save Mattie, who staunchly refused to be a part of the road-trip game) managed to get all the way to 'U', when things started to turn in a direction just about everyone was dreading. There was a soft rumble in the earth, the kind that you couldn't hear, but could feel in the depths of your bones. Larger pieces of snow and chunks of ice idly fluttered down to land with a splat and a crunch on top of the Mule's temporary roof before being blasted off again by the wind. By now, visibility was minimal, but the vehicle ahead of them moved slowly and with their lights on to allow Barnaby to be able to keep up without driving off the edge of a cliff. The red lights of their brakes flared to life and the car stopped, just as the world's rumblings heightened and a cone of snow, debris, and earth slid down the side of the cliff just ahead of Jeb's group, a plume of snowy fluff momentarily obscuring the entirety of their view of one another.

As the snowy dust settled, Jeb could be seen getting out of his vehicle, covered head to toe in furs and bracing himself against the wind to inspect the damage to the path ahead of them. In the back seat of the Darling's mule, Potter groaned softly and went limp, body sliding off Arlo's shoulder to rest horrifyingly across his lap. His breathing was quick, labored, and carried a wheeze. His skin was jaundiced, his body temperature high, and his skin covered in a sheen of sweat. The briefcase tumbled off his lap onto his feet, no longer attended or guarded.

The Home-Team

By the time the pair had gotten to the cargo bay, their new mechanic had seemingly vanished. Had he simply taken a moment to go to the bathroom? Was he working on finding out more information about the irregularities he'd found on the ship's systems? Had he been kidnapped by whoever the dock worker had seen watching the Darling? Had space monkeys devoured him in the ship's ventilation system?

The Darling napped warily in the snow, the hull itself freezing to the touch and a the hum of the idle systems becoming marginally louder as the heating units worked to warm up the interior. Compared to the frigid vacuum of space, this was nothing for Her, and perhaps the hum of Her engines could provide some semblance of comfort.

Another message notification beeped from Rian's cortex device: "Ther still here sir. Fuled up an repared but they aint leevin. 1'a them haz fancy hat, keeps smokin an lookin yer way from open cargo ramp. I think they lookin 4 ya."
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