Leaving Santo

Started by Gwen Eiber, October 20, 2019, 11:51:12 AM

Gwen Eiber

Doctor Steven Eiber's contemporaries at the hospital thought he was insane when he told them of his plans to take his new bride and move to the small planet of Santo. Santo being the sole planet orbiting the protostar Qin Shi Huang in the White Sun system. It was initially terraformed in 2305 and by 2350 it seemed to be stable.  They couldn't understand why the successful doctor would want to leave the posh life of living on a central planet to go struggle out on the Rim.  If they didn't understand it, it wasn't something he'd be able to explain to them. 

Neither his family, nor his wife's family would try to understand it either.  Mostly likely they thought it was some kind of phase, some type of charity project. They understood donating to charity after all, just not actually living or working with the poor. 

Steven and Emily knew though.  They knew exactly what they wanted. In 2480, they tied up loose ends, made financial arrangements and they bought a plot of land.  They moved there, starting a life as the local doctor and teacher.  They farmed their land and helped the other settlers.  It wasn't an easy life, but it was satisfying for them. 

In the Spring of 2483 Emily gave birth to a healthy baby girl.  She had a cherub's face, big blue eyes and two very devoted parents.  It was about an idealistic upbringing as anyone could ask for.  Loving parents, beautiful farm, nice community. 

She was brought up in a strict but loving household.  Well educated by her parents but also learning real world skills like tending to a garden, cooking, preserving food, horseback riding, tanning hides, sewing, plus helping her father in his practice. She attended church, sang in the choir and when she came of age a nice young man came around asking to walk out with her.  And he was a nice young man.  A nice young man with good prospects.  A handsome young man.  She could have stayed there on Santo, lived on the farm with him.  Tended her garden and had fat babies. Taught school or maybe helped her dad with the medical practice.

But she realized she didn't know anything about life outside of her little part of the world.  Nothing about the great big 'Verse. She agonized over the choice for nearly a month, then told him no.  She fled the planet to experience life.  Maybe someday she'll go back and settle down, or maybe not.

Pretty is as pretty does.

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