S1E0 - Preparations To Launch

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Karyn Wychovski

Karyn awoke and stretched her arms high overhead, feeling the thin strands of hangover slipping off and down her back. Her shoulder blades flexed in response, and she sighed deeply. The party had been refreshing. The crew, while certain members seemed to be already associated into small cliches, still remained friendly to others as well. She slipped from beneath the covers, stood and stretched some more, twisting her torso to get the last of the kinks out. She stood for a moment, feeling the deck beneath her feet.

No engine thrumming. We're still grounded. Bet Ben is up in the bridge.

She took her time dressing; smart, pressed trousers and white shirt, thigh high boots, and as a last minute thought, a satin scarf knotted around her neck. She studied the effect in the wardroom mirror, and nodded in satisfaction.

Leaving her berth, she made way to the galley where she gathered a mug and filled it with hot coffee. After a brief hesitation, she filled a second mug.

Benjamin Street

Quote"You've been long term on smaller ships?" Honor said with a small voice as her free hand floated up to rest on her throat.  "I have a feeling that I might be spending a fair amount of time up here.  I know my room is one of the larger, but I have woke up more than once feeling like the walls were closing in."

Ben nodded. "Oh yeah, most of the boats I've been on have been smaller than Allure... and like I said. Feel free to come up here as much as you want."

Quote"I haven't been sleeping well," she admitted quietly.  Then she stiffened and stood tall as she spoke quickly.  "It won't affect how I do my job though.  I kinda get in the zone while I work.  I have the highest ratings.  That's how I got here.  I am good at what I do."

His smile turned a shade more amused as she needlessly defended herself. He knew she was good, or else she wouldn't be here. Elena had high standards.

Quote"Just wish it wasn't so gorram small so I can sleep," she said again. "Do you have any ideas on how I could go about that?  Some kind of trick that would calm me down a bit?"

Ben's expression turned pensive. He thought for a few moments and then gave one of his overly expressive shrugs. "You could... maybe line a wall or the ceiling with screens and have them display a nighttime view of a valley or a star-scape? It'd sure be expensive, but that might trick your brain. Other than that maybe try some breathing exercises? Those are real good at helping people calm down, and I know a couple I could teach you. Or try doing a heavy workout right before bed, get yourself so tired that you just cant stay awake?" He paused and the grin returned. "Or you could ask the Captain if you could string a hammock on the bridge."


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Quote from: Elena"I am quite ready," she assured him, taking a step closer but pausing and keeping herself from taking any more. "But if I'm honest, I am a little nervous," she whispered, a twinkle in her eyes as she told him her secret. A manicured index finger rose to settle vertically over her lush lips, bright mischief in her eyes as she silently asked him to keep this new secret of hers between them. After all, a Captain shouldn't be nervous. Nerves were a luxury for the crew. She had to be steadfast, steady, a fixed point.

"How are you finding the ship?" she asked curiously, lowering her hand slowly and taking a deep breath.

Damien smiled. "Well it would be wise to be a little nervous, this is quite an opportunity you have here, but I know you are up for the challenge." The Chef slid to Elena's left as they began a slow walk up the pathway between rows of flowering bushes. "The ship is quite extraordinary, I mean look at this conservatory....this is no mere garden." He motioned with his arm before bringing it back down to link up with hers. He had the crazy idea that such a beautiful place warranted them walking arm in arm as a rich Core couple would around the grounds of their estate. Damien waited to see if she'd pull away as he continued...."Yes they fixed her up good and the kitchen, apart from a few minor glitches, is superb."

' H o p e ... I s   N o t   A   C o u r s e   O f   A c t i o n ! '

Maxell Graves

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Maxell stared at the closed cargo ramp, recalling his final interactions with one Jesse Walker as he escorted the stowaway from The Allure. He fought valiantly to keep his stoic expression unbroken by the smile threatening his lips as they walked, waiting until the very end to inform her that under Elena's orders he neglected to contact the local authorities. Not knowing what kind of response he hoped to receive, and certainly not expecting gratitude, Max was surprised when the cortex slicer left the hard-boiled purple belly with a bit of advice. "Maybe I didn't make the crew, Maxey-poo. But at least I made some friends. You should try it." Graves donned the same sour expression he bore then as he turned from the door. "What an idiot."

Max made the rounds of the ship, following one of many routes he intended to test for overall efficiency and at the end of his circuit checked his watch for the time. "Hm. Fifteen seconds longer than the last patrol pattern, but I like doubling back over the cargo hold via the cat walks. Shooting's good from there... Hrrm. Cargo hold, galley, engineering, bridge, barracks, guest suites and the Guild quarters. That covers everything except - the gorram gardens! Damnit!"

Maxell's boots clanged and banged through the corridors of The Allure as the one-time "Lifer" berated himself for a mistake he would've been embarrassed to make as an enlisted man, let alone a seasoned veteran who ought to know far better. The gardens, while beautiful and exotic as well as a luxury most space-fairing vessels lacked, provided the potential for a major security risk. Anyone with the patience and proper training for concealment and camouflage could hide there for hours without being detected by an untrained eye, a reminder that brought Max's belt knife into his hand as he entered.

For a moment the grizzled vet struggled against the exploding kaleidoscope of vivid colors in the greenhouse environment, the terrain suddenly reminding him of an ill-fated jungle campaign. Drawing a deep breath and forcing down the urge to scream, he tried to remind himself that no enemy combatants actually lurked behind the oranges, reds, purples, blues, and all that ruttin' green. The marine only found himself surrounded by the blooming fauna.

He inhaled slowly, drawing the natural perfume into his nostrils without a hint of napalm or ion discharge in the air. Slowly he relaxed, turned, and beheld the most beautiful blossom of them all: the lady Elena, Captain of The Allure. This time Maxell couldn't stop his smile. He hoped she'd see him, be impressed with his dedicated to his duty. He approached her cautiously, not wanting to startle her, when he caught a movement in the brush not far from her and Max's teeth clenched as he made to throw the knife. Damien Riggs slipped out from the lavish greenery, stilling Max's throw and proving him right to consider the gardens a major security factor.

His eyes turned to slits as he watched them interact. He was still suspicious of Riggs. Something about him just seemed a little... slippery. Worse, Elena seemed to trust him, and as he watched them interact in silence he began to fear she may even be attracted to him. A glower clouded the warrior's visage then, and he felt suddenly aware of himself. Turning, his shoulders slumped and his teeth ground against each other as he stomped away quite a bit more loudly than he approached.
The bugle sounds - the charge begins, But on this battlefield no one wins
The smell of acrid smoke and horse's breath, As I plunge on into certain death

Iron Maiden, "The Trooper"

Honor Saxton

"Oh yeah, most of the boats I've been on have been smaller than Allure... and like I said. Feel free to come up here as much as you want."

Most of the ships he'd been on were smaller?  But it was nice that he offered to allow her to come up to the bridge whenever she wanted.

"That's nice of you to offer, but I would want to get in anyone's way," she said quietly.  "I hope my discomfort won't last long.  Perhaps I will just get over it..."

She knew that was probably not ever going to happen.  She'd been this way for as long as she could remember.

"Just seems like it bothers me more at night.  My mind won't shut off and all."

She looked at him to notice this whole thing seemed amusing to him.  She tilted her head a little as she studied him.  Was he making fun of her?  She watched his expression change as he seemed to seriously think about her options when it came to trying to relax.  No...  He was just a good guy.  He seemed to really want to help.  Then he shrugged.  She couldn't help but smile at him because it was a bit on the exaggerated side.  And it was cute.

"You could... maybe line a wall or the ceiling with screens and have them display a nighttime view of a valley or a star-scape? It'd sure be expensive, but that might trick your brain.

Tried that for a while at a place she rented right when she got started with school.  It didn't work and she ended up moving.

"Other than that maybe try some breathing exercises? Those are real good at helping people calm down, and I know a couple I could teach you."

She'd tried a bunch of those too, but if he had some new ones, she wouldn't be adverse to trying.

"Or try doing a heavy workout right before bed, get yourself so tired that you just cant stay awake?"

Eew...  Doing a big sweaty workout and dropping into bed?  She had nice sheets.  She would have to shower and then she'd be awake again.

"Or you could ask the Captain if you could string a hammock on the bridge."

Her eyes snapped back to his on that comment. Did she hear him right? Then she noticed the grin and she smiled back.

"Do you think a hammock would mess with the feng shui up here?" she quipped with a giggle as she looked around to see if there was actually some place something like that could be rigged.  she sighed a little.  "I tried a few types of breathing exercises, but I wouldn't mind trying out a couple of more."

She turned to face him.

"What did you have in mind?"


Shortly before 10 AM, as the crew was still waking and some were making preparations, there was a buzzing sound for messages in Captain Elena Marseille's quarters. After a few moments, as it went unheeded, the message was transferred to the comm wristband she wore.

"Our arrival time is one hour from now. There will be a dozen men plus me waiting to board at that time. --- Captain Andrews, Alliance Navy

---- Approximately One Hour Later ----

Outside the docking area for the bay, a well-appointed truck arrived and slowed to a stop. The man getting out of the car which preceded it was dressed in what could be termed as a standard officer fare. However, there was nothing out of place, no sense of casualness in his manner. This man carried himself as career military. His adjutant made his way back to the truck as he could be seen barking orders toward the truck. The echo of his voice did not make clear what was being said but the actions of the men departing made it apparent to those who were watching.

Carrying their duffel bags, the men quickly snapped into a formation of two rows, six deep, as they marched forward with their bags in hand. The officer, with the adjutant by his side, leading them into the docking area and down the steps to the bay holding The Allure. It was impressive enough, especially for those with the knowledge these were fighter pilots of the Alliance Navy. Well rehearsed and obedient to their commanding officer, the men stayed in military formation until he could be heard to call for them to halt their movement.

The open cargo bay door for The Allure made it easy to see the display of prowess. After ordering his men to halt, the Captain marched forward swiftly, the adjutant only a couple of steps behind. Stopping only a step short of entering The Allure itself, he paused for a moment to survey the interior. "My name is Captain Andrews and I am looking for Captain Marseille. There is an appointment for this vessel. Identify yourself so we get underway as soon as possible."

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