The Allure

 A Core ship owned by investors the Companion Guild and The House on its maiden voyage throughout the 'Verse. What could possibly go wrong?

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The Brass Ferret
A salvage ship, owned and operated by Fractured Field Industries.

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 Constance is the Third Panet in the Kalidasa System with two orbiting terraformed moons Barrowclough and Disraeli. It was one of the Rim planets that did actually a fair bit of Core influence at least in the Capital city of Hépínggē. Some smaller towns and villages, like Juniper Grove have a very much Rim feel and compose more of ranches and farmland. Some of the larger towns, like Bethany Falls are a mix of both the Rim and the Core. There is an Alliance mining outpost on Barrowclough which sometimes has an Alliance Military presence but they seldom venture down to the planet themselves unless on leave.

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The Courtesan
The Courtesan follows the misadventures of The Miller Family. The family business is bounty hunting and security, no matter what the name implies.

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Join Patrick "Tricky" O'Doyle and the Empress crew in their continued pursuit of the next big score.

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After months spent scattered across the 'Verse, Captain Marx gathers her crew to reclaim their ship, The Gryphon, and head out on an audacious treasure hunt that if found, could send repercussions across the known worlds. But first things first...get the crew, get the ship...get the gold!

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In their debut mission, Mischief lived up, or rather down, to her new name and suffered a breakdown; they couldn't repair her in time and lost the contract. That set the scene for too high a percentage of their subsequent missions, including their last trip which ended badly; Mischief threw a wobbly, landing hard; the cargo was damaged and the ship needed repairs which Chris and Addison couldn't afford. There is hope. Mischief has been engaged to hunt down a missing ship, Gryphon.

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 Wushu is at long last Back in the Black with a course set for adventure and fortune.

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