Started by Tojoyama, February 16, 2023, 01:07:54 PM


Ship Name: Phoenix

Ship Design: Firefly

Your Characters Role on Board Captain Travis Chao,
Though duties of Captain/running the ship could be, should be, someone else.
Character building as crew rolls along...

Style of Ship: Bounty Hunter / Equalizer / A-Team
"If there's a problem...If no one else can help...And if you can comm them..."
"Got a Problem, Odds Against you; Comm PHOENIX: xxx cortex"

Role play style: Action. Field jobs, discuss, Intell, Do The Job. Next

Style of Narration: Narration with input from Players specifically in making up the jobs they will take on, then narrating them out. Open to others taking a turn at narration.

Narrator: Tojoyama
Captain: Travis Chao
XO: open, run the ship, could double as Pilot/Mech
Pilot: open
Mechanic: open
Tech Hacker: open
Medic: open trauma experience a must
Gunhand: Yes please
Crewman/Passenger:  - perhaps

Sarah Dalgleish

I have a doctor, Sarah Dalgleish, who could take up the Medic slot. The account is already here, just have to recreate the application (I have a copy).

Oops... wrong account, I meant to post as Clare.

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