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Marty's demeanor continued to devolve in front of Helena's eyes. Her brow raised slightly - but perhaps it was more than just nerves and the man's sanity at this point. Following Marty up to the register Helena slowly looked around for any suspicious behavior, she didn't see anything out of the ordinary which could only mean Marty knew something she didn't. As he rushed the cashier, Helena felt the small playful nudge from Marty. She gently shoved him back playing the part whilst taking on his queue.

Looking down Helena's eyes widened and a sense of urgency rushed through her system. She gave him a small nod of acknowledgement. His grip tightened and she responded in kind, it was time to move and this cashier was of no help.

"You know actually - I think we should stay in. Grab some food, bottle of wine. After all it is our anniversary - you know get some time alone." Helena gave him a playful nudge and a wink turning back to the cashier she leaned in with a whisper,

"Would you mind speeding up a smidge dear. I appreciate your time and all but we're itching to get home and I mean...well, look at him." Helena added a nod back towards Marty as well as a quick blush. "You get it, right?"

Turning back to Marty, she grabbed his upper arm with her other hand, playing up the farce, she took the opportunity to look out the windows inconspicuously. Hoping anyone walking by would think they were just an overly affectionate couple out for a day of shopping.
Helena watched Marty walk off towards the dress room, shaking her head with a small smile as she made her way to dressing rooms with her own gettup. She entered the room closing the door behind her, Helena pursed her lips as she sorted through her different options. A fur jacket, or what was supposed to be fur, that was bright pink and what one could only assume was an animal print of some sort. It wasn't really her style and far too bright.  She tossed it a side, along with several other items that were just...a bit too loud. A jean jacket had thankfully found its way into the pile, and she quickly slipped it on. It was about two seconds later that she heard a small knock on the door,

"Darling... I would never dream to rush you but..."

Helena smirked, that accent. She sighed and replied in kind, "Be right there dearest." Helena opened the door and posed for Marty, "What do you think, hobo chic?" She gave him a playful wink as she spun around.  However the act was short lived as she noticed his overall demeanor. Something was clearly very wrong - her eyes scanned the room but from what she saw there was no perceived threat, so what did he know that she didn't.

She did her best to keep it light, "Now dear what's got your knickers in a twist, couldn't find your favorite brand?"
Current Iscariot Episode / Re: Iscariot Ep 5: On The Hunt
February 12, 2021, 03:24:58 PM
Helena listened to Marty as he danced around his words trying to explain why an overweight and out of breath bookie was after them. Her eyes narrowed and sighed shaking her head. It's always the pretty ones. She pursed her lips thinking of the best way to get them out. The next shuttle wasn't available for a while, and they could only wander around these shops and places for so long, without being noticed. The only thing all of this made her want to do was double check her gun was still holstered on her side in case anything got a little to...exciting.

They were out the door and amongst other patrons again, Marty quickly settled into the next rouse to avoid detection,

"Honey... don't you think we should get some new clothes while we're here on uh... vacation!"

Helena rose a brow and looked at him with a smirk, she shook her head, "What a fine idea dear your clothing is looking a bit drab isn't it." Helena interlaced her fingers with his as any couple on vacation would and   started walking towards the store.

It was full of some of the more...interesting looks out there. She never was one for fashion but it would likely be better to blend at this point than stick out with some neon looking getup. She grabbed a few things and shoved them at Marty nodding towards the dressing rooms. Without a word she grabbed some items for her self and head back to try them on.
It didn't take long after Helena stood up for someone to recognize Marty. What was originally supposed to be a quiet easy way to earn money, had turned into a slightly more complicated endeavor. She felt her body jerk forward as Marty pulled her towards the exit. On their way out its seemed the bookie wasn't alone, two burly gentleman launched off their stools barreling towards them. 

Her eyes widened and moved faster pushing Marty out the door, "Move your arse we've got company." She grabbed Marty's hand to pull him along. The goal at this point was to get as far away from the two goons as possible.  Clearly Marty was in some kind of trouble and she wasn't entirely certain what, or who was after him. The docks were too crowded, they needed some place to hide, her eyes searched rapidly for any place that would help them hide.

Pushing her way through a large crowd, hoping for some sort of cover, Helena took a quick turn into a store of some sort. For now the two men weren't behind them. Turning from the door Helena looked around, she wasn't entirely sure where they had ended up. There was an odd floral sent in the air, a woman in the back was hanging scarves and a tapestry was hanging from the wall. Thankfully there was some space in the back that provided minimal cover...and an exit out the back. 

Helena grabbed Marty's hand again and pulled him towards the back door,

"Marty dear. I think you have some explaining to do."
Helena sipped her drink quietly as she watched the door.  The bar hummed on ignoring her presence, save for a wave down for another drink. Sure she was a pretty thing, and it was odd she was sitting by herself, but Iscariot attracted all types, and maybe she was just looking for a midday drink or two on her own.

She was half way through her second drink when a boyishly handsome individual walked through the door. Helena watched him intently continuing to sip as he looked around like a skittishly. Clearly he was trying to avoid someone, he certainly looked the type that would get into trouble. Or would get her into trouble. She furrowed her brow as his face stirred a distant memory...Krueger...Tricky. Ah yes. Marty.  She chuckled at the memory of that job and just shook her head. Seemed like a life time ago.

"Sorry I'm late... I wasn't expecting my first day back on Iscariot to be so... totally buggered."

Buggered, what a choice of words. Helena quietly watched her twitchy acquaintance who was clearly running from something. Which never boded well for work. The bar had slowed down since she had arrived, and it was no coincidence.

"Pint of your best, mate... Apologies again for my tardiness."

He also seemed blissfully unaware of the attention he had drawn.  Helena smiled back at the charmer,

"Not sure how much time you'll have to drink that ...I suspect whoever you're running from will have heard about the hubbub from of a few of these patrons on their way out." The beer arrived and she took a quick swig, "Figured you could use the help." Helena winked unable to control her natural inclination to flirt with anything that was male and attractive. Looking around a few people had left, and a few were still looking over their shoulders in Marty's direction.

"Perhaps we should get out of here and find some place a little more...private?" Leaving a few credits on the table, Helena slid out of her seat and nodded towards the door. "Shall we?"
Current Iscariot Episode / Re: Iscariot Ep 5: On The Hunt
December 18, 2020, 07:37:47 PM
A bar on Iscariot:

Helena had been meandering her way around Iscariot waiting for her contact to reach out. Work was supposed to be coming her way, supposedly, but communications had been dead silent. Eventually, she did what any unemployed individual on a space station might do. She found her way to a bar.

She didn't look at the name but the establishment seemed like it was on the quieter side compare others in the area. Helena took a seat at a table in the corner, strategically placed to allow her to watch the door without seeming too conspicuous. Nodding gently, Helena flagged down the closest staff member and ordered a whiskey, neat.  Maybe it was too early in the day, who knew, she was never good at determining time.

Leaning back in her seat, Helena did her best to relax and wait for some kind of sign from her employer. Maybe it was all a dream and in fact no one wanted to hire her. Wouldn't that be a hoot?
Character Application / Re: Helena Cain
November 05, 2019, 01:04:46 PM
Medical Records


Ship Specific (If going by an assumed name):
Empress Heists IC / Re: A Shipful of Dollars
November 03, 2019, 09:23:38 AM
Helena stood in the bathroom looking at her nails, run her thumb over the tips of her fingers. Unawares of the commotion going on outside. That is until,

Quote from: Tricky on November 01, 2019, 12:53:10 AM"Ms. Cain! Helena Cain! These very large and brawny gentlemen in very - uh - fine and stylish suits would like a word with you! Hello? Ms. Cain! You don't have to keep dragging me. I'm sure if you just let me go fetch her she'll be happy to help you figure this all out."
Looking up into the mirror, she gave herself an exasperated sigh. Not looking to address  Tricky immediately, Helena took her time, touching up her lipstick. Giving herself a fine a once over she smiled, pleased with herself.  She put away her things and left the bathroom, gliding her way towards the ruckus Tricky was making. 

She found him with more body guards than what seemed actually necessary. Helena eyed Tricky, uncertain of what his end game was, but it clearly had to do with her employer.  Not that she cared what happened to the man but he was her payday. Pausing for a moment she watched Tricky struggle as the bodyguards prevented him from walking away. It was amusing to say the least. She waved off the brutes dragging Tricky to his impending doom.  "I'll take care of..." gesturing towards Tricky, "This." Whatever he was up to better be worth it.  She grabbed Tricky by the collar and dragged him out of eye and ear shot of the crowd. Shoving him towards an empty room Helena followed quickly behind as she looked over shoulder. "Couldn't help yourself could you?" She scolded him in an accusatory tone.
Empress Heists IC / Re: A Shipful of Dollars
October 16, 2019, 03:57:09 PM
Quote from: Tricky on October 14, 2019, 10:25:41 PM"I'm afraid I can't be moseyin' off just now. Working a bit of a job myself....What are you making on this job of yours? Whadya say I cut you in on mine, and you just head on to the ladies' room to freshen up....I'll even cover the dry cleaning."

Helena continued to pat her self down as Tricky spoke.  Her eye brow rose at the news of a job, it wasn't surprising, but the idea of money peaked her interest.  She wasn't stupid, he was probably here thieving, the actual job he was working hadn't even crossed her mind as a possibility.  She sighed, truly disappointed that the nicest thing she owned was now ruined. However, he did offer to pick up the bill. Frustrated with the current state of her dress she pursed her lips and looked up at Tricky, "I suppose the bathroom would be the place to fix....this." Gesturing to her dress, Helena turned to one the brutes guarding her employer, "Watch him will ya, I've gotta go....powder my nose, or something."

Looking back at Tricky she gave him the once over and smirked shaking her head. It was just a bit of extra money right? What's the harm? Helena turned and sauntered her way toward the ladies' room.
Empress Heists IC / Re: A Shipful of Dollars
October 14, 2019, 05:10:39 PM
Quote from: Tricky on October 07, 2019, 07:48:06 PM"Is that close enough?"

Is that close enough? Is that close enough? Was he goading her? Did he not remember their last encounter? A flicker of light hit Helena's eyes, blinding her momentarily.  Helena blinked, still annoyed, by everything, so annoyed that she hadn't even noticed the woman behind her sidling up to her employer.  Stupid move on her part but attractive men and things that angered her were her kryptonite, thus making her one of the easiest marks in this situation.

"Listen here Trampy, I don't know what you're doing here. But I don't like it. I've got work to do and I don't have the time to show you how to take a proper beating again. Do us both a favor, and leave."

Her grip remained tightly on her assailant's jacket, but only briefly. She released giving him a slight push away but not so hard that it would knock him backwards. A growl of frustration escaped the back of her mouth as she looked at her dress. Helena snatched some napkins out of the hands of a nearby waiter and wiped down what she could.
Empress Heists IC / Re: A Shipful of Dollars
October 01, 2019, 05:46:26 PM
Helena had lost the dapper gentleman in the crowd. But that wasn't important now, her job was to focus on her employer and his safety, and something just didn't feel right. They moved slowly through the through the cparty, the low murmur of conversation surrounding them.  The silence was almost soothing...until a very cold, and wet substance trickled down her back.

"For all that is good and holy in the 'verse. Qing wa cao de liu mang." Helena clamped down on her back teeth in an attempt to keep quiet turning she looked to see who her assailant was. But of course. Trampy. Her lips turned inward and audible click could be heard as she forced the rage into grinding her teeth. The urge to stab the man was taking over but money was far too necessary. So she conveyed her desire to murder him in a private setting with the assistance of body language.

Grabbing him swiftly by the jacket she hissed, "What. Do you think. Your doing?" Each word enunciated thoroughly. It was unfortunate that he smelled so good and was so damn handsome, he would make a very attractive corpse.
Empress Heists IC / Re: A Shipful of Dollars
September 15, 2019, 11:04:54 AM
Quote. "Do you like parties? I don't like parties. Who are all these people? That guy? I don't know him. And he's here for me! All of this security seems silly to me. But they insisted. Thanks all the same."

Helena offered a forced smile to her patron. She nodded absentmindedly as she continued to watch the room. Truthfully she did enjoy a good party, even a fancy party. This was the guy she'd be avoiding though, or sizing up as a potential mark. After all look at the guy, his entire demeanor screamed "take my money". But unfortunately, she was here to protect him.  Helena sighed letting go the wistful thought of a job that would be far more interesting. As she continued to scan the room, she couldn't quite shrug off the feeling that some was watching her. 

That was quickly interrupted however by a familiar face.  Helena squinted at Mr. tall dark and handsome across the room.  She knew him, but couldn't quite remember from where. Maybe Iscariot...what was it, Trampy? Probably, that sounded like it fit him. Not that he wasn't fun to look at. In another situation she'd probably find her way moving in that direction. But not today, his presence made her uneasy.  Breaking her gaze, Helena put her hand on her employer moving him closer into the fold of his security team.
Empress Heists IC / Re: A Shipful of Dollars
August 26, 2019, 04:41:18 PM
The Party

Helena entered the room, behind her employer.  Dressed to the nines like everyone else, the man had paid for her attire, and concealed weapons because a holster wasn't going to quite fit her "look."  Thankfully that was outside of her overall expenses, unfortunately for her proper attire meant a black slinky dress and heels. At least the latter could be used as a weapon in a tight situation. The usual body guard crew came with him and she trailed behind as if she were another guest.  Carefully keeping her distance, a comm in one ear should it be necessary, the red head made his way through the crowd, he was way too easy to spot.  Sighing in frustration she looked up at the vantage points, annoyed she wasn't watching from above. But the idiot thought he would be safer if he had more people surrounding him. She rolled her eyes internally as the conversation replayed in her mind.  Like that big brute next to him would take a bullet let alone a knife for his employer. The guy was purely muscle, made for a good show dog but nothing else. He finally stopped and so did she, pulling out her compact she "applied makeup" while exploring other vantage points from her position

Empress Heists IC / Re: A Shipful of Dollars
August 18, 2019, 05:24:17 PM
Helena had been in Osiris for a couple of days now.  She had received a wave while on Iscariot a week or so ago about some well to do Buhn Dahn with a supposed target on his back. He could be paranoid but the security firm that reached out to her was obviously desperate for someone that could blend in and protect the guy at the same time. It wouldn't be the first time she had to wear heels and a dress to a gig, but it wasn't her favorite.

However the gig wasn't for a few hours and a whiskey or two never hurt.  She had already looked at the schematics for the place, there were plenty of entry points to the place and vantage points for an easy kill.  She hated politicians but this one she'd be sticking to like her life depended on it...or her paycheck as it were.  It seemed easy but something was always up, after all why would they could through the effort of hiring someone like her.

Taking another sip Helena looked up at the clock and sighed, it was about time to get her self ready for the party.  Taking a final swig Helena laid down her credits and headed out.
Character Application / Re: Helena Cain
August 08, 2019, 05:06:49 PM

Helena carries two knives on her at all times, they're her weapon of choice.  Knives offer the speed and accuracy guns don't. One is a tactical knife that is approximately 7 inches, appropriate for hand to hand combat or brawl. The other is a smaller switch blade she keeps concealed in her ankle holster. Better for sticky situations. On her hips rest two semi-automatic pistols, for the occasional gun fight, and of course a PDA.

Pretty much.....
Ronin IC / Re: S2E8 - To Catch A Glory
July 31, 2018, 06:17:44 PM
Helena made her way to Ops and listened intently to the overview of the job.  Once Lin had finished, it seemed simple enough, cause a distraction and get some money in the process. She did love a good bank heist. Helena walked up to the modeler and looked at the two buildings, the bank was a glorified cinder block with windows, an really one entrance.  The casino was easy enough, someone's gotta cause a ruckus, and she could think of a few people who were up for that job.

"So the way I see it....a few of us here have hit a bank or our two in our time,"  Helena looked over at Vega and smirked, "Might be a good idea if those of us with a bit of heist experience rob the bank, while those of us who have the ability to get dressed and look all fancy like head to the casino...Iris I reckon you're the type to keep a dress or two handy perhaps you could bring our fine mechanic here as your date and cause a bit of a ruckus?" She looked back at Lin,

"Who's driving the getaway? Nat swinging on by once you're done so the rest of us can get home safe and sound?"
Ronin IC / Re: S2E8 - To Catch A Glory
July 25, 2018, 05:31:41 PM
Quote"I expect there will be gunplay but Vega can tell me if there is music in the elevators later. My part of the plan will not have any."

Helena rose a brown and threw a look to Vega, she could only assume it meant trouble. Seeing Lin in such a jovial mood was almost unsettling,  but perhaps that's how he normally acted. After all, losing two crew members and dealing with the same crime boss for years would kill anybody's mood. Nat again acted as the much needed comedy , seemed to get a rise out of Vega and Iris, he was just full of surprises this morning.

Quote"Elevator music always bored me. I can't imagine who dreamed up the idea of that kind of music being enjoyable while in a small moving box like that. I'd offer to play something to replace it, but I don't think my running around playing a violin would prove all that useful."

A small chuckle came out as Helena imagined Iris running around with them with a violin. She opened her mouth to speak but Vega had cleared his throat. As he explained she listened intently until the end,

Quote".. elevator music. I couldn't help it. Burst out laughing."
She stopped mid bite and quickly swallowed, looking over at Vega,

"You mean you do have a sense of humor?"  Helena tried to maintain a semi serious face, but it the smile broke through as she turned back to her plate.

"You know Iris," Helena pushed her plate away as she finished up, "Violin music would be lovely every now in then...."
Gryphon OOC / Re: OOC
July 23, 2018, 05:00:56 PM
That is NOT what i meant. i meant like...moo cow. butcher shop....hahaha
Yas all things are good in that statement.
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