Lomari says: Don't forget to check out our Discord! https://discord.gg/ZRWpQaS

Tabitha Haemish says: Hope everyone had a good holiday.

Lomari says: Please assist our beautiful Head Mod NoSeatBelts with cleaning up the casting call. Some of you have some inactive characters. I need you all to let us know, either in DM ib Discord or PM on site, which you can let go of or which you want to keep and play again.

Scout says: Better nate than lever

noseatbelts says: And after the post went up

noseatbelts says: He says, 3 days late

noseatbelts says: Yes, Scout, that's fine.

Scout says: Yo nos is it ok to say Mason told Ror not to come to the meeting

Scout says: To whom it may concern

Scout says: I've got an almost finished post for the main Courtesan thread that Imma post tomorrow

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