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Author Topic: Episode 2: Catch a Tiger By The Toe  (Read 50 times)

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Episode 2: Catch a Tiger By The Toe
« on: September 08, 2019, 11:05:37 AM »
The ship disengaged from the station, its thrusters flashing as it was propelled away from Iscariot at a safe but slightly hurried speed. The chaos from the Hub had followed the crew down to the docks, but no further. It seemed they were satisfied with chasing away the 'cheaters' and calling the whole race a wash, something Leon would no doubt appreciate, if he acknowledged it has happened in the first place.

Despite the dangers, the crew remained intact and whole. In fact, they'd added one new face and reclaimed another to add to their roster. Now, The Revenge sailed out into The Black, Captained once more by Isa Romero. The ship seemed to move a little faster, run a little smoother, and feel a little lighter with its rightful Captain restored to its position. The Revenge was pleased.

Where would they go? What would they do? And would they ever manage to get along?

Re: Episode 2: Catch a Tiger By The Toe

Re: Episode 2: Catch a Tiger By The Toe
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2019, 05:11:17 PM »
Isa stood at the helm of the ship continuing to watch as the stars passed them.  It was hard to explain quite how she felt being back on board, but one might say it was like seeing an old friend...or otherwise. Every moment seemed like it could be her last, like all of a sudden, all of it might just disappear. A rush of fear and anxiety flowed through her every time that thought came to mind. Most would probably feel this about a person, but what good were people? They died easily and were susceptible to disappointing her. Isa took another look around the cockpit and nodded as if to say That's enough now. Isa picked up the comm again,

"Captain Romero here, crew meeting in 15, make your way to lounge." She let go of the unit and placed it back in it's holder.  "That means all of you as well." She noted to the individuals still with her in the cockpit, turning quickly Isa made her way to the lounge, she pulled out her PDA, sending a quick message to her contact, Tony.

PDA Message

T - Package acquired, and in transit. Ready when you are.

- R


Isa arrived shortly and stood with her arms crossed, waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive.

Re: Episode 2: Catch a Tiger By The Toe

Re: Episode 2: Catch a Tiger By The Toe
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2019, 12:33:12 AM »
Tereza exited the port side head and finished pulling her hair into a loose braid, the blond hair was still slightly damp, not properly washed or anything but splashed enough so that the helmet hair frizz was manageable. She had changed out of her flight suit, both it and her helmet were stashed in her rucksack next to the co-pilot's seat for the time being. Figuring out a bunk was probably something that could happen in this whole crew meeting deal.

"Have to say, captain." Tereza said as she approached Isa and slipped into a chair at the central table. "Of all the ships I would expect a pirate crew to be slamming around in, a Shadow Wolf so new you can still taste the Alliance in the air wasn't particularly high on my list." The smile that curled up one corner of her lips was genuinely amused.

The Shadow Wolf Light Recon Cruiser was larger than most the ships that Tereza had flown. Big enough to hold most of the small strike craft she was familiar with, like her beloved Typhoon. But memory did not serve if it could actually handle a Messerschmitt-Dassault ME 772 Krumphau, the ship she had spent the majority of the close air support stick time in. The boxy strike craft was larger than your average shuttle, its stubby wings extending further than necessary in order to carry additional payload on pylons between the body fo the craft and the oversized engines.

Tereza leaned back, nibbling lightly on her lower lip as she contemplated how hard it would be to raise the roughly twenty five million the craft sold for on the not quite civilian market.
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Re: Episode 2: Catch a Tiger By The Toe

Re: Episode 2: Catch a Tiger By The Toe
« Reply #3 on: September 13, 2019, 08:07:03 PM »
For fifteen gloriously silent moments, Melody sat alone in the pilot’s chair and stared out into the glimmering expanse of space while the crew assembled downstairs (she assumed) and her co-pilot washed up in the bathroom nearby. She kept her arms crossed over her chest and one ankle resting atop the other, her expression far less irritated than it had been in quite some time. They had their ship, it was full up and stocked, their Captain and her friend was returned to them, and they were flying free. The sound of Tereza leaving the bathroom and heading down the stairs finally roused her from her thoughts and she smiled to herself before leaning forward and initializing the autopilot. She didn’t have a destination in mind but she let them drift away from the typical shipping lanes, not wanting to be anywhere easy to find just yet.

Melody stood, stretched her arms above her head, and with one more look out the front, turned to head off the bridge and down the stairs leading into the lounge. On her way down, she could hear the conversation traveling up the stairs, and Mel couldn’t help but agree. She nodded her chin first to Isa, then to her co-pilot. Taking the ship out had been as fast as it had been thanks to having another set of hands at the helm and she, delisted her gruff demeanor, appreciated that.

“That’s the point,” she noted, holding up her index finger and moving it in a circular motion, “Doesn’t really scream ‘pirate’, which kind of makes it scream ‘pirate’,” she added, grinning and pulling a seat away from the table. As she sat, her feet went up onto the edge of the table and crossed at the ankles, her hands folding together behind her head as she stretched out, sighing contentedly. Mel was thankful she didn’t have to wrangle this herd of cats any longer, although she did pity her friend a little. The pilot stared at Isa for a good long second, happy to have her back and savoring her presence. This was far better than the fate she’d imagined for the woman.


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