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Author Topic: S2E9 - A Beach Is Not Life  (Read 19 times)

S2E9 - A Beach Is Not Life
« on: June 04, 2019, 04:36:38 AM »
The Summerfair job had gone reasonably well as far as Lin was concerned. The casino was a good distraction and the funds gained from the bank next door enabled Ronin to escape detection by disappearing with some aid from the cortex. The first stop following the job had been to get Ian Dugan as close to Glory as possible. There was a debt to pay off but first, they had to head Ganzhou City on Beaumonde. The one who held Ian's marker and, thus Glory's keys, was located there in some bar.

Landing far from the Ganzhou, Lin bid Ian and Abe farewell and wished them luck on getting Glory back in one piece. The shuttle could easily get them to where they needed to be on the planet. Some of the crew disembarked on Beaumonde and did not return. He could not blame them. Then again, he did not blame most of the crew who showed up for one or two jobs and moved on. Not everyone wants the life or the cause Lin had chosen to undertake.

Lin made the choice not to stick around either and instead Ronin went to a favored planet, Harvest. New Wichita had been an irregular port of call for the ship. The relatively fresh air, actual fresh protein from one of the ranches, and atmosphere that was relaxed enough always tended to recharge Lin somewhat. It did not always work, just most of the time. He made sure they were loaded up with what they needed, albeit with a more diminished crew than normal and headed out again.

Lin was starting to feel the burnout of his constant chase of Nikola. If he was tired, she had to be exhausted. Ronin's efforts at ripping her web apart and targeting her financial backing had to have been harder on her than him and the ship. He decided to play a tourist a bit and captained Ronin to a place it had never been before -- New Melbourne.

The ocean world had actually been a breath of fresh salt air. Lin had Ronin moored at the Norray Docks which rested below a series of hills. Atop the highest hill overlooking the city stood the Leham Abbey. It was an excellent place to stop, listen to the water, the local children playing, and to tip one's feet in the water along the beach. Norray was a quiet enough town, almost picturesque, like a painting from Earth-That-Was. New Melbourne was overflowing with marine life and catches were made every day off of several piers around town.

The day after Ronin had touched down on the planet. Lin had tried to relax, center himself and refocus. The ship occupied one of only four berths in the town. Lin paid triple the going rate in order to park the ship there for such a long time. He availed himself of a local tea shop, meditated and just tried to decompress. It had been years for him chasing the situation without taking a real break. He was not sure how many of the crew would be accompanying him when Ronin lifted off again. Lin was not even sure how many had stuck around after a couple of days dirtside or is it oceanside.

For the moment, he was sitting at a cafe overlooking one of the quieter stretches of the sand drinking tea. Ronin loomed off to one side in the background. It had been peaceful. So peaceful in fact that after the second day, he took off his commband on his wrist and left it in the ship. He was aiming for no distractions but still checked the ship's messages daily. The peace would be fleeting soon enough.

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Re: S2E9 - A Beach Is Not Life

Re: S2E9 - A Beach Is Not Life
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2019, 02:31:49 AM »
The job was accomplished, and at the end Ava returned to Ronin.  She still didn't entirely feel like crew, but she'd done her part successfully; she'd done something valuable for the mission and that helped to quiet the nagging feeling that she didn't belong.

The post-job clean-up passed in a blur of travel.  Ava'd stayed well aboard the ship in Beaumonde.  She'd dared to venture outside on Harvest, but felt wholly out of place with her Core clothes and Core manners.  Once they'd reached New Melbourne she'd taken the opportunity to head into town and buy a new wardrobe, one more suited to the Rim and the lifestyle Ava figured she would ultimately be adopting.

That urgent job out of the way, it turned out there was no next job on her list.  The infirmary was already set in order, she'd spent some time in the hydroponics, no one was ill or injured...  The doctor figured it was time to see if she was still capable of relaxing.

The beach seemed the best destination for that experiment, and Ava meandered over the sand where the waves would sometimes stretch to push up against her bare feet.  She'd tried out one of her new outfits, a white sundress with sunflowers embroidered around the hem combined with a wide-brimmed hat and large sunglasses.  She looked more like a tourist than a local, but at least she didn't look like a tourist from the Core.  She let out a heavy breath and tried to ease out the tension that had taken up permanent residence in her shoulders.

Her path took her near a group of shops overlooking the coast.  She caught sight of Lin heading into a cafe and slowed to a stop.  Many of the Ronin's crew had left over the past few days.  Ava's presence on the Ronin hadn't been so much conscious decision to stay there as the easier to place to be as she failed to decide what to do.  Ava pressed her eyes closed, wiggling her toes in the sand.  She couldn't keep going the way she was.  She had to start thinking of the future as something more definite than a giant miasma of fear.  She had to stop drifting like foam on the tide and start making plans.  A deep breath and she opened her eyes and headed for the cafe.

In the doorway, Ava glanced quickly around the room for possible security cameras, then spotting none took off her sunglasses and hung them from the neck of her dress.  Lin was easy enough to find at a table near the window and she approached quietly.  "Mind if I join you, captain?"


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