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Author Topic: Tereza Kovačević  (Read 124 times)

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Tereza Kovačević
« on: April 01, 2019, 03:56:49 AM »
Tereza Kovačević

Age:  36

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Pilot

Secondary Occupation:  Security Solutions

Equipment:  Eisenhengst Fluganzug -- Top of the line G-Suit on par with most Alliance combat pilot G-suits, but in brighter colors. Lime green and metallic copper in the case of Tereza's suit.

KCS Armadillo v2.0.3 -- Personal Cortex Terminal, rugged and practical with expanded memory drives. Not a pocket model by any means, the Armadillo is big enough to require a carrying pouch dedicated to it on any normal carrier rig or harness.

Blue Sun Archangel Series + Shield Plates -- Sometimes the big dog does make the best products. Blue Sun has proven itself in dozens of markets and personal protection is definitely one, even if it isn't what they are famous for. The Archangel's Shield is a modular tactical plate carrier that, when fitted with the recommended 'Shield' level five plates, rated to to stop up to 408 Chey Tac rounds from a distance of 25 meters, outperforms most other vests and plate carriers in the field.

Invictus Arms Imperator Mk. 4 -- A Modular 'Self Defense' weapon designed for the civilian market with a focus on situational flexibility. A distant descendant of the XM8 line of firearms the Imperator is chambered in 6.5 millimeter caseless with Invictus Arms providing both teflon tipped tungsten cored APDS and subsonic frangible rounds for use with a suppressor. - The weapon system is stored in a rifle sized hard case and comes with the standard attachments to convert to the following modes: SMG, Carbine, Auto-Rifle, DMR. - Tereza has additionally purchased two ten round magazines, four thirty round magazines, and two sixy round 'heavy mag' magazines.

Appearance:  Thirty Six years have only managed to help Tereza understand what 'good shape' really means. At five foot five and one hundred and thirty pounds the woman is in what she likes to think of as her prime. Blonde hair falls in loose ringlets just a ways past her shoulders but is more often that not pulled into a braid. Brown eyes seem to smile constantly and full lips usually do. Tereza dresses comfortably, her style influenced by the casually wealthy of the border worlds, not that she is by any shape wealthy in her own right.

Face Claim:  Valentina Shevchenko

Initial Personality:  Friendly, if reserved, Tereza isn't above casual small talk with strangers but talking about her past, beyond her racing career, is usually a no go. Observed from a distance she almost seems a bit air headed and distractible. Even in initial meetings this observation can continue as she misses bits of conversation, and her attention drifts to the background and the local surroundings.

Underlying Personality:  Tereza is a focused and hardened individual, having spent several years first as a JTAC then as a combat pilot in the paramilitary organization known as Vedushchiy Koloss (Ведущий Колосс). Constantly observing her surroundings and watching for change at all times often makes her appear flighty and non-committal in conversations. But when interacting with people whom she actually respects or cares for her attention can be laser focused.

Known History:  Search Subject: Tereza Kovačević
Display Initial Results?
Name: Tereza Kovačević
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Height: 1.65 Meters
Weight: 58.9 Kilograms

Primary Education - Lansdowne Estate Primary School, Bellerophon
Secondary Education - Licensed Private Tutorship, Narisovannyye Zvezdy Space Station
Extended Education - Pilot's License, Riktus Academy - Rated for Single Seat Light Ships through Medium Freighters.

Work History:
Vedushchiy Koloss - Paramilitary Contractors, under contract with Blue Sun to protect outer rim resources. - Listed Positions - JTAC, Strike Pilot.
White Star Racing League - A high speed high stakes racing environment fielding ships that once were military fighters, stripped down and souped up, it is the border world's ultimate display of speed and agility. - Flew the Kessler Cyber Security Typhoon for three seasons before retiring from the sport for personal reasons.

Criminal Record:
Held for questioning regarding a bank heist on Greenleaf. - Released due to lack of evidence against her and apprehension of an unrelated, known and wanted, suspect.

Other History:  Despite coming from a substantially wealthy family on Bellerophon, Tereza left home with her brother when he signed on to fly shuttles for a Blue Sun financed space station. Home life wasn't bad by any means, but Tereza was a girl with cortex access and a wild imagination.

Her brother made sure she finished her education however as a teenager she was quickly falling in with the high speed low drag somewhat flamboyant operators of the local paramilitary organization on the station and as soon as she hit seventeen, with her brother, her current guardian's permission, signed the paperwork and began training as an infantryman in the organization who's name translated to Iron Colossus.

While serving with the Vedushchiy Koloss as a JTAC operator Tereza took several pistol caliber bullet strikes to her left thigh and hip, putting her out of action for several months, and further pushing to get her pilot's licence and start her career as a combat pilot. In this roll she flew a SU-64 Rhino, a heavy weight single seater fighter bomber.

Leaving her racing career to persue a whirlwind romance with a man by the name of Vitaly Kayolev, a smuggler and general criminal, Tereza found herself quickly involved in the criminal underground and as her first act of high profile crime, robbed a bank on Greenleaf, escaping with enough hard currency to get her clear of the investigation. Her partner in crime wasn't as lucky however. Partial due to the 6.5 millimeter bullet lodged in his upper thigh after he had tried to cut her out of the score and leave her for the quickly approaching security. Honor among thieves however lived up to its name for once and he didn't rat on her after being taken in.

Skills and Strengths:  Basic Training - While not part of a governmental armed force, Tereza was a professional soldier never the less. She is trained to shoot, move, and keep pressure on an enemy while in combat.

Communication Skills - Years serving as JTAC and as a CAS pilot have given Tereza solid communication skills over comms.

Blood Like Ice - From calling in to delivering danger close air strikes and even racing heavily modified racing ships through dense asteroid fields, Tereza is good at keeping her cool in times of intense stress.

Weaknesses:  Knowing a Spanner from a Supercharger - Engineering training was never covered in her time spend working as a paramilitary operator as as such Tereza does her best to stay out of engine rooms and maintenance bays. And for good reason. Not only are engines mysterious machines ruled by incomprehensible laws, but so are most other technological objects that are not firearms.

On The Wire - Nearly a decade and a half of service in shadow war zones and border skirmishes has left Tereza with a nervous habit of over awareness, more commonly known as paranoia. PTSD manifests itself in bouts of anger usually triggered by unexpected loud noises, IE gunshots, engine backfires, explosions. Usually these episodes do not manifest when Tereza has intentionally engaged herself in combat.
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Re: Tereza Kovačević

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Re: Tereza Kovačević
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