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Finding Serenity

Finding Serenity is an original-character roleplay set in Joss Whedon's Firefly 'Verse. Events take place after the events of the Serenity movie.

The year is 2519.

Earth-That-Was is long gone. Humans found a new group of solar systems with dozens of planets and hundreds of moons. The "Core" planets are civilised, high-tech and under Alliance control. The "Border" worlds are diverse and distinct. The "Rim" is the wild west of the 'verse and the "Black" is where our ships travel, hoping to avoid the perils of space: Alliance, pirates, and the monsters known as Reavers.

So here we are, on the "raggedy edge". This is where our characters live. There are those who stick by the Alliance Government, those who want to rise up against it, and those that just don't care either way as long as they can make a living. With every turn, every choice put forward and every decision made we are FINDING SERENITY

Author Topic: The Millers  (Read 41 times)

Description: Character connection opportunities / Character concepts
The Millers
« on: February 10, 2019, 10:59:19 PM »
Any good idea is worth stealing. So I am just gonna go ahead and rip off NSB's thread casting Holger's family. Anyone who'd like to create a character from the Miller clan, this is what I've envisioned so far but I'd love to hear ideas. The Millers are an Alliance military family, with every member of the family spending at least some time in the service, and both parents still serving as high ranking officers.

The Miller brothers:

Name: Mason Miller
PB suggestion: Daniel Craig
Rough character concept: Eldest brother. Retired from special forces a few years ago, started a private military firm he ran with Miles and Millicent. Fiercely intelligent and equally impatient, he takes command of every room he's in. With little explanation, he recently dissolved the organization, rendering half of the family unemployed.

Name: Miles Miller
PB suggestion: Dan Stevens
Rough character concept: Middle child. Often thought of as the "odd duck" he still stuck with the Alliance Navy until Mason started his independent firm. He was one of the best coders in the counterintelligence division but the pay can't compete with the private sector. A somewhat nervous, and quiet disposition, he prefers to fly under the radar, but isn't to be underestimated. 

The Miller Sisters:

Name: Millicent Miller
PB suggestion: Rosamund Pike
Rough character concept: One of the eldest, she was often the surrogate mother to the group. It made her equally caring, and cunning. A veteran of the Alliance Intel Services, many assume her brother is the brains of the operation, when in fact it was her handling most of the day to day operations, in addition to taking on many contracts personally.

Name: Matilda Miller
PB suggestion: Emily Blunt
Rough character concept: The most gung ho member of the Miller clan, she took to the family occupation like none other. She only recently left the her role as a combat engineer after being passed over for a promotion. Intending to work for the family mercenary business until it also dissolved, shes notorious for entering underground fighting competitions as a ringer.

Name: Melinda Miller
PB suggestion: Sienna Miller
Rough character concept: A reformed optimist, her time as a surgeon during the war shaved off much of her cheery disposition. She left the service as soon as the war ended and has worked mostly as a cosmetic surgeon since then.

Name: Madeleine Miller
PB suggestion: Hayley Atwell
Rough character concept: After concentrating in law at the Dyton academy, the Navy sponsored her all the way through college. After serving for 2 years as the equivalent of a JAG officer she retired and moved out to the rim. An idealist, she believes the full weight of Alliance law can be used to help the people of the rim as well.

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