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Author Topic: S1:Ep1 - Time is Flea-ting  (Read 282 times)

Re: S1:Ep1 - Time is Flea-ting
« Reply #20 on: November 06, 2018, 09:40:07 PM »
Responding non-verbally to each person as they arrived, either in the negative when asked about changes to the mission, or a just-a-minute-everything-will-be-covered-in-the-briefing; Barnaby saved his words for when everyone arrived.

With those that needed to be suited up and everyone else assembled, Barnaby beamed with pride at his crew. Everyone hopped to it without having to be asked twice, and were all ready for the greater good of the crew. Their faith in him, and his in return, fostered a positive, optimistic atmosphere that caused him to grin despite the gravity of the mission.

Barnaby took a deep breath and tipped his hat back on his head before he started speaking. Lackadaisical. Calm. “Show a hands, who’s walked the Black before?” He said to the crowd, and looked for raised hands to join his, though he didn’t wait for them before he continued. Space-walking wasn’t as common as it used to be, he didn’t reckon on many of these young folks having had much experience in it. “Well I have. Must be close to fifty times now. Good thing for a spacer to have experience with. If you keep your head and stay focused, it ain’t that different from swimming.”

That wasn’t exactly true. When swimming you could use the water to propel yourself to and fro. Not so in Space. But most folks knew that. “You’ll be tethered to the ship and to each other. Anything goes rickety we’ll wheel ya in lickity.” He chose not to linger on this particular point. The thought of drifting off in the Black with no way back, nobody needed to think on that for too long. “I’ll be at the helm, keeping Darling niiice and steady, getcha close as I can to her and I’ll keep it that way best I can. Wreck is spinnin’ slow, ain’t uncommon in this type wreck, but that means cargo’ll be scattered. We’re taking whatever we can back, ain’t picky on that and I don’t want you out there long enough to catalogue the lot.” He said, pausing for effect.

He jutted a thumb back towards the heart of the Darling. “Grab and get. That’s your mission.” As if on cue, the proximity alert alarm sounded. “That’s me. Any questions I’ll be on Com. Space walk? More like cake walk, am I right?” A joke at this time might have been inappropriate for some, but Barnaby felt it helped take the edge off. “Preacher. Tabby cat. Clear on out so we can vent the airlock. You can join me in the cockpit if you’d like.” He gave the trio of boarders one last warm look. “Good speed to ya.”

With that he jogged to the cockpit and swung into the pilot’s seat like he’d done it a hundred-thousand times, though it was probably more. The controls were worn and familiar to his touch, the screens and read-outs easy on his eyes. He took the yoke in his hand, turned off auto-pilot, and was proud at the lack of shudder as the ship transitioned to his control. He tapped the button and opened up the group com channel. “Cap’n to crew. Com check. 1-2-3 check.” As he spoke he maneuvered the Darling closer to the wreck, the movements practiced and precise. “I’ll be on position momentarily. Y’all vent the airlock at your leisure and hop out on your mark.”

Re: S1:Ep1 - Time is Flea-ting

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Re: S1:Ep1 - Time is Flea-ting
« Reply #21 on: November 13, 2018, 09:19:29 PM »
Ship Time: 1044.
Location: The revised location of their target. Within range of the ship’s proximity sensors.

The proximity alarm sounded through the ship, alerting the crew and Captain to the Darling’s impending closeness with the drifting and spinning ship they had been looking for. As they neared it and its glimmering aura, from the cockpit, the makeup of this fog became clear when small pieces of it bounced harmlessly off the front every so often, although for those down below, it was still all a mystery.

For those in the hold, readying for a walk in the black, the mystery of the ship’s demise would soon unfold before them. With the non-suited crew out of the airlock, it was safe for the other members of the crew to press the required sequence of buttons to vent the airlock. Soon, everything became still and silent. The only noise filling their ears was the sound of their own breathing, the noise their suits made when it connected with the ground, their bodies, or their equipment, and the comms system inside their helmets. Everything else was muffled and dim by comparison.

A red light turned in a slow oscillation near the bay doors before they creaked and began to open, the shimmering darkness of the whole of the ‘Verse spreading out before them inch by inch. Out in the dark, the lights blinking on the derelict vessel as well as the Darling’s directional beams lit up their target. The ship before them spun slowly and calmly, like it was normal for it to be rotating the way it was. Its glimmering halo, now closer and easier to see, was clearly made up of small pieces of metal that could have been ripped or pushed off of the ship. Small black dots of shadow peppered the exterior of the vessel, around the same size as each piece of floating debris haloing the ship.

The way Barnaby had positioned them, they weren’t too far of a drift from the other boat’s cargo bay doors, provided they could get them open while it was spinning the way it was. Alternately, there were a few hatches on its side, likely easier to work with as they were in the center of the ship’s side and so the spin on them wasn’t as severe as the front and back. There was no large debris between them, but the fog would need to be navigated wisely.


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