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Author Topic: Mona Heyerdahl  (Read 199 times)

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Mona Heyerdahl
« on: October 09, 2018, 09:27:01 PM »

Age:  34
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Squad Leader/First Officer
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Soldier (Demolitions Specialist)/Gunhand (Heavy Arms)
Equipment:  Traveling Clothes - Mostly coarse and hardy material; a lot of tank tops and utilitarian button-ups, and cargo dungarees
Brown Coat - A high-waisted, brown leather coat that's grown darker and more worn over time. An iconic memento of her time spent as a rebel soldier, accented with scorch marks, cracked and peeled lacquer, puncture marks and bullet holes roughly stitched shut with an unpracticed hand, and the insignia and regalia of her former rank (what was it?) and squad (who were they). She really only wears it when she's drunk and nostalgic, as she's embraced her new life and seeks to put Hafthor's war behind her.
Fitness Gear - Including warm-ups, resistence equipment, free weights, and a yoga mat
Keepsakes - A weathered gray case of mementos collected throughout her life. Amidst dog tags and encrypted messages from the war she carries her family wherever she goes: a copy of Hafthor's anti-Alliance "manifesto", an elk antler hunting knife with Holger's name hastily carved into the handle, a Mjolnir pendant Fridtjof gifted her before the war, captures of Pa and waves from Helga, hand-written letters from Sigurd - mercifully short and to the point, as Mona always hated when he spoke of things in which she bore no interest - and one of Erma's baby teeth in a small glass vial. Standing out among the gathered memories is a locket containing a still frame capture of her mother. The Brown Coat is most often stored here as well.
Spacesuit - A cheap but efficient, oxygen-providing, vacuum-proof suit for salvage jobs requiring cutting. Mostly.
Environmental Protection Gear - Rebreathers for acrid environments, visors to protect the eyes, earplugs and covers, and thermal regulating jumpsuit.
Weaponry - An assortment of pistols, shotguns, heavy carbines, knives, clubs, saps, garrotes, and knuckle dusters to fit the occasion. Is known to deploy an explosive charge when the need arises, usually in the form of improvised devices.

Appearance:  Tall, muscular, masculine, eagle eyed and blonde, her body is a canvas upon which burns, cuts, stabs, and bullet holes paint a picture of the toll taken by duty: be it in service to her employers, or in service to her fellow soldiers.

Her nearly six and a half foot frame is exaggerated even further by her choice of thick-soled footwear. Her already massive boots are further accentuated by plated steel shin covers as she is often seen wearing the proper protective gear required for any task. This gear typically includes a thick protective vest or jacket, safety goggles or welding visors, rebreathers, reinforced gloves, and mounting and carrying harnesses for staying anchored and hauling large equipment.

During her rare free time, she relaxes in equally simple and utilitarian garb, typically in earth tone slacks and free-fitting collared button ups and tank tops.
Faceclaim:  Gwendoline Christie

Initial Personality:  Straight and to the point, all about business and completing the job as safely and efficiently as possible. Cuts an imposing figure both by nature and intent. Displays a proud work ethic and expects nothing less from her crew.
Underlying Personality:  For those who've known her a long time, they know someone who treats them like one of her own. This is likely due to her origins in a sizable, closely-knit family she longs for but can't make herself return to. Her favorite siblings are scattered across the 'Verse, and there's no way she can force herself into marriage just because Pa says she's good breeding stock. Deep down, she's as wild and eager to fight as she is protective and loyal.

Known History:  - Born on St. Albans, 2485. Records indicate she enlisted before the legal age of recruitment, likely using falsified documentation. Discharge records indicate she left the Independent Army after the Battle of Serenity Valley. Employment records show she returned home very shortly after discharge, and maintained steady work in the mines for three years. Later records show her leaving the planet to take on work aboard The Darling.

Other History:  - Eldest brother, Hafthor, roped her into fighting against the Alliance on the front lines, appealing to her protective yet wild nature to inspire her with talk of freedom, sovereignty, and loyalty to family and fellow man.

- Earned the nickname "The Valkyrie" on the battlefield for the obvious connotations of being a larger than life warrior woman and a supernatural force to be reckoned with, but most notably her absolute refusal to leave behind the dead and the dying to ensure their proper funeral rites that their souls might move on from this 'Verse and not linger on a cursed, war-torn field of angry ghosts.

- Only lost one comrade whose fate remains a mystery to her: Ignacious Nate Goodweather. Mona accepts that death is a part of life, but her guilt over not knowing Nate's fate nor being able to ensure that his family was able to provide him proper funeral rites left her feeling such guilt that she tracked down Nate's next of kin, Barnaby Goodweather, to apologize and offer her condolences in an attempt to clear her conscience. In many ways, she remains haunted by Nate's memory to this day.

- Attempted to settle down back on St. Albans, passing her time in the mines by day and flirting with bartenders by night. Repeatedly urged by her father to "just do a woman's duty" and help usher in the next generation.

- Contacted Barnaby Goodweather once again, looking for a permanent escape from St. Albans, and has made a quiet life for herself, living and working aboard the Darling for the past few years.

Skills and Strengths:  As confident and considerable a crew chief as stern and stalwart a squad sergeant, she finds leadership a natural fit in most circumstances. She understands and can teach the proper use of and regular maintenance of all equipment required for the job, weather it's using a cutting arm to salvage a shipwreck or blowing a bridge to sabotage enemy escape routes. Trained in hand to hand combat by her brothers since childhood, and due to her near idolization of her brother Holger she came to be very handy with a knife. Trained in military movements, often serving a trench grenadier in the Unification War, and became proficient with heavy arms such as the DShK and the M60D, a modified version of which she keeps as a personal armament. Personal code of ethics, emphasizing duty and loyalty, keeps her steadfast, productive, and reliable.
Weaknesses:  Borne of a personal code instilled in her by family, faith, and armed service that she remains loyal to even in the most trying of circumstances. Tends to hold a grudge. She keeps a trophy of her sister Erna's baby tooth, which Mona removed with her bare hand during one of the more heated arguments between the two. It's one of many moments she looks back on her life and considers how closely she's rivaled Holger as a kind of monster. Fairly terrible at cooking, dancing, sewing, and other skills considered by her father and brothers as a womanly. Has trouble using even the most basic Cortex devices, and could never dream of programming or hacking. Though trained in first aid as required on the battlefield, the finer points of medical procedures escapes her.

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I know that I hung on a windy tree nine long nights, wounded with a spear, dedicated to Odin, myself to myself, on that tree of which no man knows from where its roots run.


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