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Author Topic: Episode 0: To Steal A Pirate Ship  (Read 468 times)

Re: Episode 0: To Steal A Pirate Ship
« Reply #20 on: November 22, 2018, 08:05:34 PM »
“Don’t have to tell me twice,’ Izak said as he stood from his seat. He slid his belonging out from under the table and in a single fluid motion, slung the large bag over his shoulder. The cantina was getting busier, as was the main street they were on. While a stick up in broad daylight gave them the confusion and cover of crowds, it also gave them a much higher chance of being spotted, and identified.

This whole thing could go sideways at least a dozen different ways, but then again, it was not worth his time to think about such things now, he was committed to the task ahead of him, there was no turning back. He was content with that.

But nevertheless, something felt off…really off.

This was too easy, and today, he felt like they were being watched in the cantina.

Gorram, Izak thought.

“Hey,” he said to Jo. “Don’t let your guard down yet, this may be my first time stealing a ship as a crime, but we better make sure no one follows us. My money says somebody was looking for you in that dive we just left.”

Re: Episode 0: To Steal A Pirate Ship

Re: Episode 0: To Steal A Pirate Ship
« Reply #21 on: December 06, 2018, 01:59:23 AM »
Harl took up the chase as his mark and accomplice began to move. He kept a safe distance using what foot traffic there was on the docks to shield himself, Harl used it to his advantage as best he could. Their direction of travel piqued his curiosity for they seemed to be headed toward a Federal vessel. Just how would he collect this nefarious bounty now in such close proximity to Alliance personnel just added to the trouble of the day. Harl slowed his forward progress, now he had to keep himself unseen from the Feds as well as Mister Soong and company. It was a fine line though to keep your target from noticing a tail and losing your target all together in a crowd...Not losing this one today... Harl muttered to himself and quickened his pace.

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