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Finding Serenity

Finding Serenity is an original-character roleplay set in Joss Whedon's Firefly 'Verse. Events take place after the events of the Serenity movie.

The year is 2519.

Earth-That-Was is long gone. Humans found a new group of solar systems with dozens of planets and hundreds of moons. The "Core" planets are civilised, high-tech and under Alliance control. The "Border" worlds are diverse and distinct. The "Rim" is the wild west of the 'verse and the "Black" is where our ships travel, hoping to avoid the perils of space: Alliance, pirates, and the monsters known as Reavers.

So here we are, on the "raggedy edge". This is where our characters live. There are those who stick by the Alliance Government, those who want to rise up against it, and those that just don't care either way as long as they can make a living. With every turn, every choice put forward and every decision made we are FINDING SERENITY

Author Topic: Joshua "Joss" Carter  (Read 146 times)

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Joshua "Joss" Carter
« on: September 09, 2018, 08:34:50 AM »
Joss (Real Name: Joshua Carter)
Age: Forty
Gender: Male

Primary Occupation: Doctor
Secondary Occupation (optional): Passenger
Equipment: Suitcase-
  • Clothing, which includes: three suits (jacket and pants), four  button-up shirts, two vests, four ties, underwear, socks, one sweater, one jacket, three belts, and pajamas (it’s a wonder how he manages to back so much into one suitcase but he does).
  • Essential toiletries.
  • Some money (he was not able to take out all of his money before his account was frozen for an unknown reason).
  • Papers. He has both his fake identification and real identification, though he keeps the real one in a hidden pocket.

Medical Bag-
  • Clipboard and pen.
  • Recorder.
  • Medical supplies (such as gauze, bandages, prescription drugs/medicine, syringes, needles, etc.). Some of the syringes and pills look a little different from the others and he tries his best to make sure no one sees these ones.
  • Glasses case for his glasses.
  • An inhaler for his asthma condition.
  • A .45 caliber gun with some ammo for protection (though, him actually using the gun means he is most likely in a desperate situation). This is either stored on his person, in his suitcase, or in his medical bag depending on which one he has/does not have at the time.

Appearance:  Standing at 5’9”, Joss is a rather gaunt-looking fellow. His pale-ish skin depicts a life that wasn’t spent as much outside (until just recently, anyway) and his raised cheekbones often cause him to have dark rings under his eyes even when he is not tired. His darkish-brown hair is long enough to fall over his forehead but most of the time he either has it brushed back or parted in two ways. He is clean-shaven approximately 99% of the time and in all honesty if he does have some stubble on his face it’s because his life is going down a steep inclined path -surprisingly, he’s still not at that point. His most distinct feature is his piercing blue eyes though at times he considers this a bane rather than a boon since he can be identified easier because of this.

For the most part he dresses rather properly. Approximately two to three layers depending on the setting or how he feels (a suit, sometimes a vest, a button-up dress shirt, a tie, a belt, dress pants, and dress shoes). The colors of his clothes usually range from dark blue to browns -nothing too flashy- with his dress shirts mostly being white. He rarely wears anything more casual (though that might change if anything happens to his current sets of clothing).
Faceclaim:  Cillian Murphy

Initial Personality:  Joss is pretty cold and formal to most strangers and acquaintances, bordering on being condescending. He speaks politely and sophistically but it doesn’t mean he will forgo a sharp tone to his words if he feels insulted -which is honestly often if one thinks about it closely. He can be rather blunt, perhaps colliding with his more polite persona, though if he is not stressed out or in a very bad situation he knows when to hold his tongue. He rarely smiles or jokes and probably laughs at other’s jokes even less. Although, if one is quick enough they may realize he has a good handle on having a little bit of a dry sense of humor.
Underlying Personality:  He is still rather cold at times but perhaps he lets slip a smirk or a chuckle at something he finds amusing. More or less; he’s honestly a ball of stress ready to to unravel at a moment’s notice. He’s never been a friendly person so anyone expecting him to suddenly warm up to them once he gets to know them will be sorely disappointed. Patience and/or time will cause him to perhaps open up about what he is thinking or feeling, although doing that does kind of show that not only is he a somewhat selfish person but he has done bad things in order to save his own hide (thus tying in to selfishness). There may be some good in him though it’s probably, deep, deep down -to the point where he may not even be aware that it exists.

While undiagnosed, he may suffer from some degree of depression, anxiety, and trust issues.

Known History:  There are no known records of a man named ‘Joss’. The papers that he does have claim he is from Constance and that his career is a traveling physician. A good eye can most certainly tell that these documents are fake.

Records of a man named ‘Joshua Carter’ are as follows:
Born: October 18th, 2479 on Osiris.
Mother- Julia Carter (née Granton), deceased.
Father- Erik Carter, alive.
Brother- Jacob Carter, alive.
Grandfather (Father’s side)- Derek Carter, alive.
Grandmother (Father’s side)- Jennifer Carter (née Kursten), deceased.
Grandfather (Mother’s side)- Kramer Granton, alive.
Grandmother (Mother’s side)- Haylee Granton (née O’Donnel), alive.

Graduated with a degree in pharmaceuticals at the University of Osiris in 2506. Class rank: Upper 10%. Granted medical license in 2508 at St. Lucy’s Hospital on Osiris.
Other History:  Joshua Carter was born on October 18th, 2479 at St. Lucy’s Hospital to Julia and Erik Carter. His fraternal twin, Jacob Carter, was born three minutes before him, making him the younger of the two. His father is the head of a pharmaceutical company that is fairly successful so he and his brother have always lived a life of wealth. Even from a young age he studied to become a doctor alongside his brother (who is currently a licensed surgeon) under his father’s guidance. Out of the two, he seemed to be the successor of his father once he became a proper age due to his fantastic memory and studying skills. His brother was also less motivated, though he did still stick through his own set of studies.

That all changed when the family was broken down after his mother, Julia, cheated on his father and left. This devastated their father and he was never fully recovered. A few years later his mother died (records say it was a natural cause, though there is some suspicion that Erik Carter may have had a hand in her death), and he began to become a lot more critical of anything Joshua did. His father never laid a hand on him but a lot of damage was done mentally and emotionally, causing Joshua to start withdrawing in on himself. Since this coincided with his mother’s death and barely anyone around dared question Erik Carter about what he was doing, not much was done to help Joshua.

It is somewhat unsaid whether or not Jacob received the same treatment. Though, it can be pointed out that while Jacob –at the time- looked more like his father, Joshua looked more like his mother, which may have led his father to resent his appearance (despite Joshua being the ideal child out of the two). This is probably where most of Joshua’s problems today originated from.

Despite what was happening to him, Joshua trudged on, completed school, and went to the University of Osiris for a degree in pharmaceuticals. His brother also went to the same school for a degree in Surgery, which lead to Joshua often having to take care of his brother’s grades and cleaning. They both graduated the same year, in the same class –his brother being in the higher ranks than himself, surprisingly enough. Unsurprisingly enough, it was also during college that he started getting addicted to drugs, which affected his grades but not enough to cause anyone to doubt his mental prowess -he was still in the 10%, after all. While Joshua took two years to get his medical degree afterwards, Jacob only took one and was granted a great-paying job soon after that one year. Joshua was forced to join his father’s company –something he did not like one bit- and despite being paid well he was still fearful of his father’s critical and venomous nature. This is a great point of anger for Joshua, who feels that he was cheated in life while his brother was able to be very successful and carefree.

His father had remarried just before Joshua went to college to Andrea Carpenter, a fairly wealthy businesswoman who had been recently widowed. Since he was at college he hadn't really associated with the woman, though he was not pleased that the woman was barely a year or so older than Jacob and he. However, when he began to work for his father’s company he had to speak to her more and the two did not get along whatsoever. She was as sharp as his father, often joining in on the criticisms that the man spoke about. This caused Joshua’s time being with the company to be even more dreadful than before.

Even with this and coworkers who felt like they could walk over him, not too much happened for a long time. That didn’t include his secret drug habit he was attempting to hide from the world, of course; he had become more and more discreet with how he went about his business and more and more desperate for something to make him feel better. He needed a way to cope with the monotony of his job, the harshness of his father, and the resentment he felt towards his twin (who was almost like a constant presence in his life, much to his chagrin).

Three months ago, in 2519, a scandal occurred at the pharmaceutical company and it was suspected that Erik Carter had done something that he now needed to cover up. In reality, Joshua Carter made some shady dealings with an Underworld drug-dealer so that he could get the drugs he needed. This, in turn, created some troubling circumstances and eventually led to the death of an employee of the company. Joshua panicked and told Jacob, who then told his stepmother, who then told his father. At the time, however, it wasn’t suspected that Joshua had really anything to do with the death of the employee besides being within the same area as the individual. This still didn’t reassure him.

Fearing for his life, Joshua hired a bodyguard to protect him. Unfortunately, when Joshua met up with the bodyguard, the vehicle the bodyguard was in blew up –instantly killing the man and sending Joshua through the glass that he was standing in front of at the time. His brother was walking with his fiancé, Abriel (whom he had proposed to a year previously) just as Joshua went to interact with the man, right before the explosion. Jacob rushed over to help his brother while Abriel called for an ambulance.

After about a week he left the hospital –much to his brother’s horror- and told everyone he was going on a ‘vacation’. He then packed a suitcase with some clothing and fled, not even contacting his family to tell them where he was going. One month later, people are now getting suspicious about why he hasn’t returned, and are now starting head out to find where he is. Among those people are his father, the drug-dealer he was dealing with, and even his twin brother.

He stayed with a friend of his from college during this period of time but now wishes to leave the planet due to paranoia. He’s not too sure how much he’s being hunted down so he figures he can use public transportation to get out safely. However, his friend tells him outright that this is a bad idea and says he has another one in mind.

That may or may not involve Joshua taking on a guise and leaving via a ship.

Joshua has no choice, whether he likes it or not.

Skills and Strengths: 
  • He is a licensed doctor in pharmaceuticals (and has been studying it ever since he was young) so he knows a lot about medicine and drugs. He does know quite a bit about mending wounds and broken bones as well; he even knows how to perform surgery but not the most complicated types. He can do check-ups on people, though some types of tests are foreign to him when concerning some serious illnesses.
  • He has a fantastic memory and he can retain details at a fairly good level. It’s also why he’s rather good at studying (mostly from textbooks and other written texts, though). As long as he’s learned something in school or during his time working for his father’s company he has a better time recalling it.
  • He is pretty good at talking to people of either similar wealth status or education -he tends to figure out what the best thing to say is and how to react. Obviously, his mood might get in the way or other circumstances though overall he is able to make his way through conversations.
  • He is actually a pretty good cook and cleaner due to his brother being a horrible cook and slob.
  • He is very well-versed in poetry and classic literature and can speak a few additional languages besides English and Chinese.

  • When nervous, Joshua’s hands start to shake. It takes him a bit to calm himself enough for this to stop.
  • He’s not a fighter and is particularly afraid of guns (though he has one himself for defense. He definitely does not like to even look at it let alone use it).
  • As mentioned, he has an almost photographic memory, although due to previous traumatic events it is now muddled up. His knowledge and studies aren’t as affected but memories of the past can be. It is like knowing that something is correct, even though in reality it probably isn’t.
  • Due to his upbringing and exposure, he is better at learning subjects and ideas from books rather than hands-on. This makes it difficult for him to learn new things without someone walking him through or using a book. Also because of this, it is difficult for him to think abstractly or to go with something without having hard facts about the idea.
  • He is not very good at using computers or any other technology that is not related to his field of work.
  • He is somewhat non-confrontational; although he does speak his mind, and can hold his own in arguments, when someone forces their opinion on him or threatens him, he generally backs down. Essentially, he is easy to coerce or strong-arm.
  • He is myopic; not enough so that he is dependent on glasses 24/7 but enough that he usually wears them when doing some of his work and when he is trying to see something far away.
  • He suffers from asthma and so has to have an inhaler on him or near him when he is feeling short of breath or wheezing. He is very susceptible to asthma attacks when stressed or panicked.
  • He also suffers from some degree of depression but seems to be able to handle it enough so that not much suspicion is raised.
  • He has a secret drug addiction he has never been able to get rid of. He often goes through painful withdrawals in order to try to get rid of the addiction but, at some point, he goes back to it. He gets very upset and angry when it is brought up (if someone finds out about it).
  • He gets very upset also when his family is brought up. It appears to be a sensitive subject to him –especially if his brother and what he does is brought up- to the point where he may snap at someone if they continue to prod him.
  • He is almost completely ignorant of what goes on in the Border and even more ignorant (if that is even possible) of what goes on in the Rim.
  • Because of traumatic events in his past, it is difficult for him to be completely friendly or comfortable around anyone.
  • He tends to not forgive others easily, so it can create some bad situations if he is still mad at someone for something they had done recently.

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