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Finding Serenity

Finding Serenity is an original-character roleplay set in Joss Whedon's Firefly 'Verse. Events take place after the events of the Serenity movie.

The year is 2519.

Earth-That-Was is long gone. Humans found a new group of solar systems with dozens of planets and hundreds of moons. The "Core" planets are civilised, high-tech and under Alliance control. The "Border" worlds are diverse and distinct. The "Rim" is the wild west of the 'verse and the "Black" is where our ships travel, hoping to avoid the perils of space: Alliance, pirates, and the monsters known as Reavers.

So here we are, on the "raggedy edge". This is where our characters live. There are those who stick by the Alliance Government, those who want to rise up against it, and those that just don't care either way as long as they can make a living. With every turn, every choice put forward and every decision made we are FINDING SERENITY

Author Topic: Joakim Soong (WIP)  (Read 22 times)

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Joakim Soong (WIP)
« on: August 04, 2018, 04:27:21 PM »
Joakim Soong

Age:  29
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Tech specialist
Equipment:  TYPE HERE

Appearance:  TYPE HERE
Faceclaim:  Steven Yeun

Initial Personality:  TYPE HERE
Underlying Personality:  TYPE HERE

Known History:  Joakim Eustace Soong was born on January 8th, 2489, on Beaumonde. He is the only child of factory workers Scott and Arra Soong.

In 2515, his parents were killed in a factory accident along with seven other workers. The deaths were determined to be caused by the employees' failure to follow safety regulations, and the factory owners were absolved of all responsibility.

Later, data suggesting the factory's safety precautions had been grossly out of date surfaced, but nothing major came out of it.

Joakim enrolled in school for computer engineering in 2513. He dropped out two years into his studies without receiving his degree. He has no military record.

He is wanted for questioning by the Interpol for suspected ties to cybercrime activity.
Other History:  Joakim's parents always wanted a big family. Unfortunately, his birth was a difficult one and left his mother unable to have any more children, and so the Soongs settled for smothering their only son with as much love and attention as possible. You could even say they spoiled him, if they'd had enough expendable income to spoil him with.

The Soongs did begin socking away money from their meager income early on in order to ensure that Joakim would be able to get an education and follow his dreams, which revolved around working with technology in some capacity. Of course, Joakim also did his own part by taking whatever jobs were available, including working at a scrap yard. He was eventually able to enroll in school for engineering -- it wasn't a very prestigious school by any means, but a degree was a degree, an opportunity to climb a step or two higher on the social ladder. He did well in his studies and even entered into a serious relationship. His life seemed to be on the right track.

Then his parents were killed in an accident at the factory, and Joakim went on a downward spiral. He didn't believe the official story about the workers neglecting safety regulations for one second. He tried to persuade the Interpol to investigate the matter, but they were unmoved by his lack of concrete evidence of any shady ongoings -- and so he took matters into his own hands. What began as dogging the company representatives like an intrepid reporter soon escalated into hacking into their classified records and correspondence. Uncovering the truth about the accident became a full-blown obsession for Joakim. Unable to focus on his studies, let alone pay for them, he dropped out of school. His girlfriend wasn't too happy about it, and took off soon after.

Joakim remained resilient and eventually discovered that it was the company that had cut corners, creating an unsafe work environment which ultimately led to the accident. The higher-ups were covering their own asses by making the victims into scapegoats. Joakim leaked the information in hopes of drawing the feds' attention and bringing forth some kind of change. All that happened was that a handful of the victims' family members got up in arms, but didn't have the strength or resources to see it through and were soon silenced. The feds, on the other hand, were corrupt and didn't care to waste their time on something as minor as a handful of low-class citizens kicking the bucket while greasing the wheels of capitalism.

Joakim's family had sided with the Alliance during the war because they'd believed their influence would provide stability and a safety net for their citizens. Now he was faced with a bitter reality: their administration valued the reputation of the rich over the lives of the poor. Disappointed and disillusioned by the whole ordeal, Joakim didn't know what else to do but to ditch Beaumonde before the feds put two and two together and came knocking on his door.

Joakim has been increasingly against the Alliance and their way of running things ever since. When the Miranda broadcast hit the waves, he had no trouble believing it to be true.

Skills and Strengths:  TYPE HERE
Weaknesses:  TYPE HERE


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