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Finding Serenity

Finding Serenity is an original-character roleplay set in Joss Whedon's Firefly 'Verse. Events take place after the events of the Serenity movie.

The year is 2519.

Earth-That-Was is long gone. Humans found a new group of solar systems with dozens of planets and hundreds of moons. The "Core" planets are civilised, high-tech and under Alliance control. The "Border" worlds are diverse and distinct. The "Rim" is the wild west of the 'verse and the "Black" is where our ships travel, hoping to avoid the perils of space: Alliance, pirates, and the monsters known as Reavers.

So here we are, on the "raggedy edge". This is where our characters live. There are those who stick by the Alliance Government, those who want to rise up against it, and those that just don't care either way as long as they can make a living. With every turn, every choice put forward and every decision made we are FINDING SERENITY

Author Topic: Emit Culpepper  (Read 234 times)

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Emit Culpepper
« on: March 10, 2018, 03:01:03 AM »
Emit Culpepper
Date of Birth:  24.01.2475
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Gunhand
Secondary Occupation:  General Crew
Requested Ship:  Any
Equipment:  Emit carries a Le Mat Mk2 as his main sidearm. It's a 9 shot cylinder of .44 over a fixed 20g tube. As a secondary sidearm he carries a North Star-Break Open 6 shot,also chambered in .44 on his left side.

For task needing distance,Emit,carries a Lever Action Carbin.

 He also carries a sturdy fixed blade fighting knife and pocket flashlight. Other odds and ends of clothing and such he packs away in a large canvas ruck.

Appearance:  Standing at only 5ft8 Emit,has encountered more than his fare share of jokes & ribbing. Something of a runt growing up, he never really was able to shed his wiry frame, no matter how hard he trained.
His hair once a deep dark brown, now has it's share of gray peeking through here and there. A testament not only to his age but wisdom too.
He chooses to wear a thick mustache, much like most Law Men he has encountered over the years. Something he believes to be a badge of honor.
His clothing choices tend to reflect a need for comfort and efficiency rather than style or high fashion.
Face Claim:  Scoot McNairy le=''><img src='http://i.imgur.com/mCeyCxi.jpg' alt='' title='Hosted by imgur.com' />[/url]

Initial Personality:  Sometimes standing out with his soft spoken yet authoritative posture and no non-sense glare. Emit,takes what he does in life seriously & holds those around him accountable for their actions. For those  who choose to notice, his eyes hide something that only one  who has served a failed cause can relate.

Underlying Personality:  For those in good favor of Emit, it is not uncommon to fall victim to one of his parental stern talkings or philosophical rants. Those who get to know Emit,understand that it's his way of showing genuine concern for the well being of those he cares for. Once befriended, he is quick to keep his loyalties, acting as a watchful Sheepdog over his flock.
When in a relaxed setting it is easy to see that Emit,is the real deal, someone of true grit. Earn his friendship & you have someone to back your play all the way to the gates.

   Emit Culpepper, was born on Bernadette to the proud parents of Jebediah Culpepper, a second generation Law Man, and Priscilla Sinclair,a trained Apothecary from Lodinum.

   Military records show that Emit, served with Independent forces during the Unification War,attached to Pathfinder Special Operations. Sparse records report his capture and detainment as a Prisoner Of War by Alliance Forces during the last year of the conflict.

   Employment records show that Emit, received training as a Sheriff's Deputy from the Municipality of Bernadette.

  Legal records show no arrest other than Unification War related detainment.
Other History:  2475 - Born on Bernadette
Emit's childhood for the most part was a pleasant one. He was homeschooled by his mother in the finer aspects of reading,writing, arithmetic and the arts. When old enough he starting helping with daily activities in her Apothecary shop.
During this time Emit, also would venture out on short camping trips with his father,learning survival,tracking, horsemanship and how to fire a gun.

2492 - At age 17 Emit, would commission a Sheriff's Deputy spot working and training along side his father,Sheriff Jeb Culpepper. Although Emit's mother was proud of him,she thought the job was far to dangerous for someone so young.

2496 - At the age of 21 having served 4yrs now as a Deputy,Emit got into his first gun fight.
    It was during this encounter that he first met his wife Mary Ann Sprous. Emit,had been called to respond to a possible robbery in progress at the general store. Mary Ann was working as the clerk that day. Emit, had ran his horse as fast as he could but apparently had missed the robbers. He went to enter the building to secure the crime scene, at which point he startled 18yr old Mary Ann,who now was armed with the family shotgun. A single Shotgun round discharged which ricocheted off the ice box sending pellets into Emit's buttocks. A few days later Emit asked Mary Ann out and she accepted. As they say the rest is history.

2498 - Married Mary Ann Sprous

2506 - As the War for Unification was starting Emit, now 31yrs old, had become a husband and father. He was also now an accomplished Law Man with 14yrs experience. He loved his family dearly, but his love for a free Verse was also great. Emit, traveled to Persephone and enlisted with Independent Forces,quickly being placed into the Pathfinder program.

Skills and Strengths:  Law Dog: Emit Culpepper, is a skilled Investigator and Law Man with more than 15yrs service.

Cowpoke : Emit is knowledgeable of the daily workings of small farm life, he also  is a skillful horseman.

Powders and Pills : Emit has a fair amount of knowledge and experience relating to the art of Apothecary, having been trained by his mother, to assist in her shop.

Browncoat: Extensive Military training in Recon,Infiltration,Counter Insurgent,Sabotage,Guerilla Warfare,Tracking and Land Navigation. As taught by Pathfinder Special Operations of Independent Forces.

Warriors Way : A skilled firearms handler and combatant of hand to hand wrist locks & arm take downs. Emit, is still considered a formidable opponent at his age.

Weaknesses:  War Demons- Haunted by visions of the war in his dreams, Emit,struggles with the choices he was forced to make.

Lost Love- The death of his wife and child effect him daily. Which explains why he shows such a protective nature towards those he befriends.

Technophobia- Dislike of advanced technology,especially computers. An open range on horse back is more to his liking.

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Re: Emit Culpepper

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Re: Emit Culpepper
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le=''><img src='http://i.imgur.com/mCeyCxi.jpg' alt='' title='Hosted by imgur.com' />[/url]
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