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The year is 2519.

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Author Topic: WUSHU RESURRECTION  (Read 2269 times)

Description: 'Back In The Black'
« Reply #120 on: May 11, 2018, 05:12:11 PM »
 Emit had been nursing his first cup of, maybe coffee wasn't the right word. The brew certainly had coffee like qualities, the smell ,the color but the taste was something that needed dead taste buds or a strong will.

He tried not to smile too much at the XO ribbing on the young pilot. Hopefully he had thick skin because it would appear this might become the new norm.

Just as he was going to get up to add more sugar the Captain and Grace entered the gally with the young passenger in tow.

The tension behind Grace's eyes broke his heart. The emotions running through that poor girls head.

"I'm very interested in your flapjacks with an x Captain."

Emit about choked on his coffee!
"Pardon me, must o went down the wrong pipe. Who's Flapjacks?"


« Reply #121 on: May 12, 2018, 02:16:34 AM »
"Oh probably just coming up tell you what a great job you're doing champ."

The condescending nature in which Abigail addressed Amorru reminded him of a sawed off charlatan and bookie who favored a ratty-looking bowler and forced the swagger of a man twice his size. Anyone involved in the Eavesdown underground referred to him by the name of some other short-legged, unfortunate-looking creature. What was it again? Otter? Weasel? Oh no, I remember. Ferret.  Poor sod. Wonder what old Ferret's up to these days? Probably slinging mystery meats at Good Dogs. Ferret talked tough, liked to brag about his lengthy prison sentence and go on and on about his "business" plans, but Amorru already bore the impression that Abigail stood far stronger odds of backing it up. He fully intended to laugh along with her joke until he felt the firm-handed slap between his shoulders. The shock of it running down his spine clenched his cheeks and curled his toes as Amorru fumbled with the water.

"You really are just, killing it buddy...woops look like ya spilled your tea there. Best be careful with hot liquids."

Galileo Duschane's composure rippled, and for a brief moment his own snooty, proper tone threatened to school Abigail on the litany of punishments available for levying against any common filth with the audacity to touch any nobleborn, let alone a High Lord's eldest son. Amorru Reyes swallowed the words with a great deal of effort. He held the XO's gaze after she winked and maintained eye contact while fixing her own cup of hot sludge. Right. Territorial pissings then.  Lady of the ship and all. Figure I ought to play nice and keep my head free of any unwanted new holes. Amorru finally returned the wink. "Figure you're right. How clumsy of me." After the Captain's arrival and presumably sarcastic 'Ace' comment, Amorru became so engrossed in plotting the couple's demise he failed to notice the typically familiar odor of old money wafting toward him.

Quote from: Charity
"Mmm," she noted softly. "Would you mind making two cups?"

Amorru's eyes nearly rolled out of his head and fell to the floor at the perfumed aristocrat's request. He turned away from Charity's obvious attempt at gaining his social favor. Though a unique and enchanting specimen on a mid-size transport of questionable intent, women like Miss Charity hardly stood out in Persephone's noble courts. "Oh, I'm quite sure a refined woman such as yourself can prepare a proper spot of tea far better than my own clumsy technique. Miss Charity." Amorru reached for a sweetener, disappointed by the pantry's apparent lack of honey. He poured a couple of small spoons' worth into the mug before he stirred his drink in a back and forth arching motion, neither spilling a drop nor making a sound as he did so. Xavier announced breakfast, just as Amorru figured he would, prompting another inquiry. "Sounds decent. What've we got for mix-ins? Blueberries? Bananas and nuts? Dark chocolate morsels?" Amorru took a sip of his "tea" and almost died. He poured more water into the mug to cut the taste and offered Charity a look that said she might want to do the same.
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Metric, "Black Sheep"


« Reply #122 on: May 12, 2018, 02:40:58 PM »
Jax went about rummaging through the galley compartments gathering the required ingredients. Jax wasn't known for his culinary delights, but making pancakes was fairly straight forward. With everything procured he set aside his Captain's hat for a Toque Blanche, figuratively speaking ...and poured the powdery substance into a ceramic bowl. Jax turned to Reyes as he took an interest in the breakfast menu.

"Sounds decent. What've we got for mix-ins? Blueberries? Bananas and nuts? Dark chocolate morsels?""

Wushu's wanna be Chef stared down into the mixing bowl and grimaced..."Well if you count Weevils as mix-in's then we're all good."

« Last Edit: May 12, 2018, 02:42:43 PM by Jax »


« Reply #123 on: May 12, 2018, 06:27:18 PM »
"Now don't be hurting my 'Ace' pilot Abigail."

Abigail rolled her eyes upon Jax's entrance.
"Yes sir."
Between last night with his heroics involving Charity, Jax was starting to get under her skin. Things had been off between them for some time, ever since he left Ronin. Or was forced off, but it had been his own damn fault.  Things had always been tense between them, but more in the close ripping, savage physical acts sense. Not like this.  Now she felt domesticated, and she hated she had let it happen.

Her back teeth clamped shut as he began to work his way around the kitchen in his usual charming fashion. She felt betrayed, forced to act a certain way that was out of her nature. But in truth, Abigail had been complacent. She had listened to him, let him tell her what to do, as she followed him around like some love sick puppy.  The nausea from earlier had come back. Along with a lump in her throat which had only dissipated last night when she drank enough booze to silence the anger and disappointment in herself that had been sitting since they found the ship. 

A question arose in her mind as she watched him prattle on, What the hell have I allowed myself to become? This wasn't her, this sweet, obedient woman, a resemblance of her mother.  Abigail could feel the rage build quietly inside her as she continued to stare at Jax. An image quickly formed of her hurdling the mug straight at his head, not that it'd do much damage, but it'd stun him. It quickly escalated into a savage beating that ended with his face puffy,swollen and bruised, and the rage dissipating. 

Abigail swallowed the lump and closed her eyes taking a deep breath. Looking back at Jax she interrupted his attempt to be the universe's most welcoming captain, "Sir. Perhaps it would be better if we just discussed the game plan. So people can go on with their days. I think we all got to know each other plenty last night. Don't you think?" The tone was audible in her comment, it was petty and low for her, but it was all the strength she could summon with out making anyone uncomfortable. Even her regard for these strangers felt foreign.  What was wrong with her?


« Reply #124 on: May 12, 2018, 09:13:46 PM »
With a slow smile, Charity watched Amorru's hands as he stirred the 'tea', never spilling a drop or making the slightest sound against the inside of the cup. The spoon moved deftly through the liquid with a practiced ease and obvious refinement. "Clumsy," she repeated to herself, fairly certain that what she'd seen was as far from clumsy as one could get. "Please, just 'Charity' will be more than fine," she asked, looking his face over, laughter in her dark eyes when he didn't seem to enjoy the 'robust' flavor of the beverage.

Her attention slid toward the Sheriff, her smile persistent, eyes positively alight with mirth. "Why, the Captain's, of course," she answered him, still having no idea what they were. "I believe he is going to do us the favor of making breakfast," Charity clarified.

"Blueberries? Bananas and nuts? Dark chocolate morsels?"

Brows raised in curious interest and Charity turned a bit to get out of Jax' way, watching him gather the necessary materials for his flapjacks with an x. She had never had this particular breakfast food before but the listed 'mix-ins' sounded delightful. The idea of fresh fruit reminded her stomach that there was very little in it, although she was more than a little pleased that it refrained from grumbling audibly.

"Well if you count Weevils as mix-in's then we're all good."

Fiddling with the rings on her fingers, the aristocrat settled a hand over her stomach just in case, although what was once a gesture done out of an idle need to put her hand somewhere, it soon became an attempt to settle her suddenly upset stomach. Weavels? Her free hand moved outward aimlessly, stopping when her fingertips settled on Amorru's arm. She used him to keep herself upright, looking away from the captain and letting out a slow breath. Perhaps she wasn't hungry, after all. With a quick glance around the kitchen, Charity made a mental note to personally stock their galley with food. The kind lacking in 'weavels'.

"Sir. Perhaps it would be better if we just discussed the game plan. So people can go on with their days. I think we all got to know each other plenty last night. Don't you think?"

"I do find myself agreeing with our X.O, Captain, although I know it is not my place to offer my suggestions," she began, aware that she was just a passenger. But if getting down to business meant they didn't have to eat whatever concoction Jax was cooking up, then she was one hundred percent on board. She cast Grace a look that might have said, 'save me', unaware that she still had her hand settled against Amorru's arm, her stomach still churning uncomfortably.


« Reply #125 on: May 12, 2018, 10:36:11 PM »
"Sir. Perhaps it would be better if we just discussed the game plan. So people can go on with their days. I think we all got to know each other plenty last night. Don't you think?"

Jax paused his meal prep and offered a blank stare at the cabinet above his work space. Did she just say Sir? Can't be a good sign. He thought quickly before turning to face Abigail.

"I do find myself agreeing with our X.O, Captain, although I know it is not my place to offer my suggestions."

He was surprised when the passenger backed the XO oddly enough. His eyes darted between the two of them before settling back on Abigail.
"Well okay then..." He began "...I guess breakfast can wait a bit longer." He wiped his hands clean and approached the table where every was gathered. "So the 'Game Plan'..." Jax stressed in a deeper tone. "Is as follows...at 1200hrs I'm meeting the dock master concerning refueling the ship...." Wushu's Captain went on about various normal ship board issues that he wanted clear as well as each crew person's duty. All were assigned with the appropriate tasks given their station aboard Wushu. It all sounded so serious and official, the last thing Jax wanted to echo. At the end he tried to lighten the mood which Abigail soured, albeit unintentionally, though perhaps it might had already been too late. "We'll all meet up at the Flying Camel for farewell drinks and a meal, well easy on the drinks tonight if you can help it." He offered up his classic smile though it was missing a bit of it's usual luster. "So if there are no dire questions I'll get them Flapjacks a flippin'!" His last comment directed toward his XO.
« Last Edit: May 12, 2018, 10:42:04 PM by Jax »


« Reply #126 on: May 13, 2018, 03:09:32 AM »
Grace stifled a chuckle as Amorru queried the mix ins, surely he wasn't serious.  This far in space with this type of operation, luxuries such as this weren't going to be on the menu.  She was happy to just get the meal in itself.  Once Amorru was left alone with the stores it was certain to be a privilege to get a free meal.  She watched as Charity placed her hand on her stomach, her hand reaching out to Amorru.  Was she going to faint again?  Luckily it seemed she was alright, though she imagined the girl would politely take a bite of the meal and feign some sort of illness to get back to her more civilized truffles.  Not that Grace judged her on that, those truffles were amazing.

"Sir. Perhaps it would be better if we just discussed the game plan. So people can go on with their days. I think we all got to know each other plenty last night. Don't you think?"

Grace sensed there was a bit of tension between Abigail and the Captain, sensed in that it was like someone hit her in the face with a baseball bat that said tension on it.  Charity who in her estimation was looking to as politely as possible dodge the meal chimed in as well.  After the orders were doled out Grace was giddy at her assignment, fighting the urge to run and get her meticulous list and fifteen page report she'd prepared for the Captain but was not going to miss out on some flapjack's with an x.  She saw Emit cough a little on his coffee, he'd been awfully quiet since coming on board.  She'd make a point of taking him aside later, both to catch up and make sure he was alright.  She offered him a friendly smile.


« Reply #127 on: May 13, 2018, 04:51:57 PM »
"Shiny." Abigail forced a smile and left the kitchen to the cargo bay where she had installed a board  to practice knife throwing.  It was in all manner of speaking the only way she could think of to avoid Jax and the inevitable conversation.  It mulled over in her mind as the knives flew threw the air to hit the cork board repetitively.

It was hard to stay, she wanted to go to him, to yell at him. To love him. This time shew threw harder cutting her hand slightly on the follow through. "go se." she muttered under her breath.  It wasn't a deep cut, but the blood continued to flow.  She sighed and put the knives down, stomping off to the med bay. Hopefully Grace wouldn't be there, she just needed gauze and a bandage and had no need or want to talk to someone. 

Abigail found the appropriate drawer and pressed the bandage into her wound. She tied it off and leaned quietly against the counter.  Running her hand through her hair she though, "What am I doing? Why does this matter?" Continuing to ponder the situation would surely end in a blow out fight. And then she'd be alone. Alone was better right? Just them commanding the ship, he could do what he wanted for all she cared.  But she did, care. Her stomach turned again at the thought of it.  Abigail stood quietly continuing to think, hiding from the inevitable.


« Reply #128 on: May 13, 2018, 07:53:04 PM »
Suppose we could go for seducing the Mrs. Amorru's eyes danced between Abigail and Jax as he considered his options for ruining the pair. He took in the rising tension between them with a subtle smile creeping across his lips. Though I don't like my odds if she doesn't go for it. She doesn't act the type to be shy of a fistfight. I hate fistfights. Worse'n a gunfight. 'Least if I get my face busted in a gunfight I stand a better chance of dying 'fore I make it to a mirror. A mortifying thought crossed Amorru's mind, yet he felt the smile on his lips grow in spite of it. So what if she goes for it instead? If she decides to take it out on me she's liable to crush my pelvis. What would I do without my pelvis? Not much I'm sure. Figure it'd be kinder of her to just finish the job at that point. Kinda figure there's worse ways to die. The thought of such a fitting end widened Amorru's smile.

Irises like jade marbles scanned the room, stopping unintentionally on Grace's as the two made brief eye contact. His eyes narrowed as he lifted the mug to hide the smile like the sun behind a passing cloud: shining on and on, even while throwing shade.

Amorru felt a tug on his arm. Expecting to find Art, the disappointment sent his smile scurrying away as he looked down at Charity. Worse, she appeared not to be half as interested in him as nauseated by the prospect of eating weeviljax. For a woman of such fine tastes she appeared to lack a well-traveled and developed pallet. A crispy carapace would provide a satisfying crunch to the fluffy hotcake, though Amorru doubted the Captain kept the complementary fermented dates on hand to properly complete the dish. Not that it mattered; Jax didn't look like he could pour proper crepes to save his life. "If you're going to yack," Amorru's smile faded as Charity grew green before him, "do mind the jacket. Miss."
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« Reply #129 on: May 14, 2018, 01:31:26 AM »
What had been silence and calm only moments earlier had become a swirl of quips and movement. Once the coffee had been brewed, Art had performed her go to move and drifted into the background. Not so much sipping her coffee as doing it like a shot, she watched Amorru perform his tea ceremony, openly impressed. She made a mental note to procure something worthy of his skills before they left Greenleaf. Perhaps he could even teach her how to brew some herself. But before she could suggest as much, their small group became a gathering of the whole crew. Art truly committed to doing her best wallflower impression as she watched the interactions of the group. And boy there was a lot to see.

The most notable was the tension between the Captain and XO. They were obviously romantically involved and clearly in the throws of some kind of tension. Be it a matter of romance or an establishment of the chain of command, Art couldn't tell just yet. Either way it made her feel more nauseous than the prospect of eating weevils. How on earth had she managed to end up on a ship full of feelings? She'd talked herself into accepting the fact that the work she would be doing on Wushu may not be entirely legal. Criminal activity she could deal with. But the moony eyes, the tension and the romantic history was too much to bear. The black was apparently not as cold as it used to be.

Suddenly feeling stifled, Art slid from leaning against the wall and spoke for the first time since the arrival of the Captain. "If it's all the same to you, Captain, I'll take my pancakes to go. I've still got a lot of work to do in the engine room and I don't want to be the one holding us up from our departure." It was another lie to add to her long list. The only thing she needed to do was pick up supplies and she knew better than do deal with traders in between breakfast and lunch. The best time was after they'd had a good meal (and hopefully a drink or two) when her ample charms and her superior knowledge made her capable of getting the best deal possible. But she could fake playing around with the engines if it meant getting some distance from all the dramatics.


« Reply #130 on: May 14, 2018, 02:16:29 AM »
"If you're going to yack, do mind the jacket. Miss."

Casting a frown in his direction, Charity slid her hand off his arm and took a deep breath to straighten her spine and lower her shoulders, “Charity,” she corrected immediately, not seeming too ruffled by the fact that he was most assuredly refusing to call her by her name intentionally. Shaking her head, she ran her teeth over her lower lip, “I have no intention of... ‘yack’ing,” she informed him, looking his face over slowly, assessing him and attempting to add more puzzle pieces to the ones she had already acquired. Charity had never been sick in the presence of others, and she did not plan on breaking that entirely unintentional streak. Once more, her head shook from side to side, dark curls slipping over her shoulders before the ship’s couple regained her attention.

She idly ran her fingertips over the rings glimmering around her fingers, a thoughtful expression replacing the frown Amorru had put there. Something was clearly upsetting Abigail, she seemed more volatile than usual. Or, more volatile than Charity had come to think was ‘usual’, and it looked like Jax was just as unaware and confused by the sudden hostility from his XO. With one more reproachful glance up in the pilot’s direction, she turned away and walked slowly to where Grace was sitting, one hand holding a bit of her skirt out of the way while she moved.

"So if there are no dire questions I'll get them Flapjacks a flippin'!"

She was still plenty nervous about the upcoming weviljax. There was no doubt in her mind that she would at least try them, not wanting to be rude and deny their captain his joy. He did seem so very proud of his breakfast plans and she didn’t want to be the one to dash his culinary dreams. Charity positioned herself to stand behind Grace, her hands lowering to run through the doctor's hair, fingers deftly braiding the dark tresses in an attempt to calm her own nerves and in a way, to anchor the doctor to the room. It was mighty hard to escape when someone held your head hostage.

Her gaze followed Abigail as she stalked out of the galley and there was no doubt in her mind that the woman was headed off to break something. In a stunning display of self preservation, Charity did not attempt to speak to her or follow her to wherever she was headed. Her attention shifted to Artemis and although she did sigh sadly that the woman would be bailing on breakfast as well, she could see how uncomfortable she was and had no intention of stopping her either.
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« Reply #131 on: May 14, 2018, 04:57:09 AM »
A lot of drama was unfolding, mostly centered around their hosts but Amy and Charity seemed to have a thing going as well.  Poor girl looked a ghost at the prospect of eating the flapjacks.  Amorru was of no comfort to Charity or Grace as his eyes met hers and he smirked behind the mug with narrowed eyes.  The mug wasn't hiding his expression and it unsettled her so she found something else, anything else to look at.

Eventually the woman made her way back around and stood behind Grace, her silken hands running down her hair before starting to knot them together in a braid.  Grace really didn't mind and made no move to stop her, it actually was relaxing and she could tell it was something to relieve tension for Charity as well.  It reminded her of kindergarten when they were sitting during story time on the floor when one of the other kids used to "draw" on her back with their fingers, she was always careful not to move even if it tickled as it was relaxing and gave her the tingles or the medical term autonomous sensory meridian response.  Either way she was greatly enjoying it and it eased the tension in the room.

Artemis seemed to have the right idea though, breakfast to go.  She could get more work done before she went out to complete the captains task if she didn't stick around for the small talk.  Grace reached a hand back, running it softly down Charity's elbow to forearm wanting to reassure her that they would taste like a fluffy treat but not wanting to verbalize it at the risk of drawing attention from the Captain.


« Reply #132 on: May 14, 2018, 12:15:33 PM »
"If you're going to yack, do mind the jacket. Miss."

Rising from his seat to fill his cup with more of the dark drink, Emit turned to Charity and spoke.
" Don't worry none Missy,you can't hurt the look of that there jacket anymore than it does."

As Emit  passed by Grace on his way to the coffee pot he lightly patted her shoulder in support. Stepping closer towards the Flyboy and the flapjack prep he took a long pause.
"I'll be more than welcome to show some simple Hand to Hand techniques to any that might want to have a go. Dangers and foolishness are lurking all about in the Black can't be too careful."


« Reply #133 on: May 18, 2018, 01:55:53 AM »
Jax wrapped up breakfast with those that had stuck around. He did sift out most of the weevils but you could bet a few got through. Afterward there was quite a bit of work to get done so one by one the crew dispersed with the plan to meet up later at the saloon. At last Jax tracked down Abigail and with Deputy Culpepper bringing up the rear, headed to the saloon.


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« Reply #134 on: May 20, 2018, 02:21:33 AM »

Wushu's crew straggles back one and two at a time until they all finally make it, though some a little worse for wear. With the crew licking their wounds there was no time to rest, the ship needed to depart before Skyplex Security pieced together the details of their little escapade. As everyone ran or limped off to their appointed tasks, Doc Halladay tagged along trying to bandage up her injured crew mates.

It didn't take long for Jax's worse fear to materialize...Port Control had 'Land-Locked' Wushu.

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« Reply #135 on: May 23, 2018, 02:04:07 AM »
Jo managed to make her way to the dock where Wushu was and peered around at her new surroundings. In addition to her messenger bag, she had one trunk in tow. Outwardly, she looked fairly calm, but inwardly she was wondering just what she'd gotten herself into. Were the cast of characters any less interesting in appearance, she'd have just not shown up at the dock. As it was, there was at least one face in the crew she'd recognized and even if she hadn't remembered Charity right off, that was somehow a small comfort.

Now that she was aboard, she could look over the different members of the crew. There was Charity and another woman who appeared to be a doctor, as she was seeing to injuries. Jo wasn't sure if that was a comfort or a concern that a doctor was on full employ. Either it meant the captain took care of his crew or he expected to see trouble. Still, it meant there was someone to patch folks up, like the 'loud and mouthy' pilot who looked a little worse for wear after the fight at the bar. Brown eyes trailed over the rest, a couple of blonde women, one who looked more than a little furious about something and then a man who looked like he'd been a lawman on some outer world for a good while. It suddenly struck Jo that most of the crew were women. 'Well, that'll be different.'

Finally looking to her new captain, she let her weight drop more to one leg and leaned a little on her trunk. "So... um... anywhere I can stow my things? I mean, I can sleep in a hammock for all that, but we hit turbulence and the trunks gonna be all over the place."


« Reply #136 on: May 23, 2018, 10:41:16 AM »
Art made her way through the back streets, ditching her ill fated hat a few blocks away on the head of an unsuspecting woman who looked in her seventies. The woman seemed quite taken with the present and Art was slightly comforted to know she'd made someone smile that day. She felt almost charitable. And speaking of Charity...

Glancing back over her shoulder she was pleased to see the two women were still following her. Charity and Grace. What a biblical pair they made. Although if they were called after how they behaved their names should be reversed. Charity was moving through the crowd with a smoothness that impressed. Grace was still looking pained that she'd left so many injured behind. "Almost home," she called behind her, trying to be reassuring and testing out the word home so see how it felt. Still very odd but these things took time.

Once inside, Art wound her way towards the cargo bay to see who else had survived the fray. She was a little worried about Amorru but her sharp eyes had seen his little maneuver with the mob and she was comforted to know he wasn't severely injured. Although his outfit would be needing some serious medical attention. Luckily he had an ex who was good with stitches...
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« Reply #137 on: May 23, 2018, 08:50:56 PM »
As they walked, Charity gently patted Grace’s hand in some weak attempt to comfort the poor doctor who was still muttering to herself about the injuries she’d observed on those they’d left behind in the saloon. “There, there, I’m sure they have their own doctors to fix them up,” she murmured softly, speaking like one might speak to a frightened animal. Her expression was warm, her gaze gentle.

"Almost home," Artemis called out to them.

The aristocrat raised her brows, her attention sliding away from the doctor to settle on the back of Artemis’ head. Home? She supposed this would be a nice home, although as a passenger she was really only around until the crew decided they’d had enough of her and terminated her passage. As for her, she’d already grown too attached to Grace to leave on her own, and this crew was strange enough that no one would question her presence on the ship, so far from her home. The tension in her shoulders visibly vanished once they boarded the ship, although she had been entirely unaware that there was any tension in her body at all.

“I’ll be in the medbay,” Grace announced to any of the crew that was listening before flashing a timid smile in Charity’s direction and hurrying off after Artemis further into the ship. She was eager to begin organizing the already immaculate infirmary for what she thought would be a sudden influx of injured crew mates, Amorru being chief among them. She also made a mental note to do a quick inventory of what she'd used up fixing up the men Abigail and her friends had beaten half to death.

Charity paused in the cargo hold with Jo, the Captain, and anyone who hadn’t moved deeper into Wushu than that. The woman set a soft, elegant hand on Jo’s arm very lightly, offering her a welcoming smile at the same time, “I’m glad to see you made it back,” she murmured, not wanting to interrupt her conversation with the Captain. In all actuality, she was waiting to see the pilot’s return, her lips pursed in thought and what might have been morbid curiosity playing across her porcelain features. One jeweled hand lifted to idly reorganize her curls and straighten the crimson bow at the back of her head, her bracelets jingling.
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Abigail wasn't happy with the end result of that brawl but she did what was necessary. After running past Jax, with Emit in tow, she made her way through the crowd and slowed down to avoid detection.  They had gained a lot of attention from that scene at the bar, much like the first night. She wasn't sure if she loved or hated the recklessness of this crew, it certainly made things interesting.

Eventually Abigail had found her way back to Wushu and walked into the cargo bay. She looked down and blood still stained her shirt. A few obscenities flew out of her mouth as she shook her head. Looking up she saw she wasn't alone, Charity and their new recruit had already been there. Abigail walked toward the two women and she put out her hand, "Sorry about that, name's Abigail. I'm the XO. As for your items, they'll be stored in your room, feel free to grab a spare bunk." She turned to Charity mildly impressed the woman made it unscathed, "Glad to see you made it out of there, I suspect the fainting probably wouldn't have worked out this time."

Today wasn't her day, between breakfast, the lingering conversation between her and Jax.  Abigail bit the inside of her cheek forgetting how she must look to others.  Not that she cared, but unkempt would be a nice way of describing her current state. And perhaps a little distracted.


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After a slow methodical stroll back to the ship Jax breathed a sigh of relief once inside the presumed safety of Wushu. He slowly looked over his crew, some of them bruised and bloody, some most likely wondering what’s next. This little visit of his hadn’t quite turned out as planned, probably because there wasn’t one. Still he and Abigail had gathered a crew and a paying customer. ”Reyes…if you’re up to it we need to start prepping for departure, I think we wore out our welcome.”

"So... um... anywhere I can stow my things? I mean, I can sleep in a hammock for all that, but we hit turbulence and the trunks gonna be all over the place."

Before Jax could address their new recruit Abigail jumped in with the needed answers…Jax tagged on to the end ”Yes…Welcome to Wushu Miss Blaylocke…everyone if you haven’t met yet this is Jolene Blaylocke, our new Tech Specialist.” Jax then looked to their passenger… ”So Miss Charity, where were you planning to go?”


* * *