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Newsletter Feb 2014


Okay so so much for the bi-annual/once a quarter newsletter.  We have been very bad admins and have let this slip completely.  For that we do apologise.  We will try and keep up the once a quarter newsletters in the future.   If anyone has any suggestions of what they would like to see in them please speak up.

What’s New

Well since February 2013  we have had a ton of new members which is really great to see.  We have lost a few ships in the process but we have also gained some as well.  In that light I would like to introduce The SignalGryphon and Viper which are the newest additions to the fleet.
We have new Admins, which means that there will be hopefully a more smooth flight along if one of us gets busy or needs some time away.


There has not been much housekeeping done since the last newsletter other than the changes to the applications.  Now there is a section for people to nominate a ship they are interested in joining if they wish.  The applications themselves are now sorted by ship/planet in the Employed Section of the Census.

The way that applications are logged is also different, and now they will come under the main account of a person, with the subaccount linking back to the character profile. This should give everyone a better idea of the spiderweb of who’s who.

Caliope Comments

The second anniversary of FindingSerenity.net has now come and gone (like three months ago now 0.0).  There have been a lot of ups and downs, coming and goings of the last two years but we are still here and I think better than ever.  The fact that we seem to have a continuous flow of new players arriving and even a few old faces returning seems testament to that.  So all I would like to say in my comments this time is Thank You.

Thank you for sticking with the site.  Thank you for giving the site a go.  Thank you for putting up with my spottiness on occasion. 

This site could not exist without you the players and my fellow admins, narrators and captains.  This site is only where it is because of you all and I can not thank you enough for that.

Kysen’s Communication

Since I haven’t been around very long, I feel as if I am still getting to know all of you. It is coming up on my first full year of being a part of the site, and I want to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome. I am continually impressed with all of the amazing characters and writing that make FS what it is. I look forward to reading all of your posts every day, and I enjoy helping where I can. There have been some recent additions to the site in both the Admin and player roles, and I sincerely appreciate both.

Badge Nominations

Well done and thanks to the folks that participated in our Hallowe’en event last October. We will be trying to make events like these a little more regular to add a fun challenge to the RP and maybe spark some inspiration for great moments. The following are the people who took part and will receive a Masquerade participation badge. Check out their work by clicking on their name to follow the link!

Shadow Neesan (Shadow Neesan)
Cyril Leland Wade (PurpleRiver)
Kyle Ventner (Myth Archangel)
Caber Rowley (dannyness)

FS Awards

The FS Awards are back! They’re a little different than they were before and we believe better!

To make a nomination, go to the Kudos/Noteworthy Posts area, click on the appropriate category, and post a link to the post you want to nominate. If you don’t know what category it should be, post in the general kudos thread and PurpleRiver will assign it to a category for you. Huge thanks to all the players that have been doing this all year!

For the first nomination a player/character gets in any category, they will be awarded a bronze award for that category. The more nominations a player/character gets, they will move up the levels to a silver, gold, and eventually a platinum award. There will also be awards for the folk who nominate, so please, spread the awesomeness and make some nominations!

So far, we have the following Bronze Awards to be given out.

It’s What I Do, Darlin’ - the Mal Award (Posts that are just awesome in some way)
PrairieGhost as Victoria Dare, Ronin
Darius as Jared Brownsfield, Horizon
PeterWatson as Peter Watson, Gemini
BlackBetty as Sabrina Kurigawa, Bridgeway

Everything’s Shiny - the Kaylee Award (Posts that show off a character’s character)
Alex Quinn as Marcus Quinn, Nomad
BlackBetty as Sabrina Kurigawa, Bridgeway
PurpleRiver as Luke Donovan, Bridgeway
edgesteel as Nick Bradshaw, The Signal

Girl In A Box - the River Award (An intro post that is just so darn good)
Alex Quinn as Loki, Avalon
dannyness as Caber Rowley, Gemini
edgesteel as Nick Bradshaw, The Signal

You Fog Things Up - the Inara Award (Characters that play well with others, not just romantic)
Jared Brownsfield & Ally Anders, Horizon
Vega Barnet & Luke Donovan, Ronin

Juggling Geese - the Wash Award (Comedic Posts)

Quote from: dannyness as Caber Rowley, Gemini
The infirmary was in a similar state of disarray, like some kind of public relations specialist had been looking for some tape.

Quote from: Ian Dugan as Ian Dugan, Ronin
Ian knocked on the bullet proof glass and looked at the guard inside.

He mouthed the words "Your Next"

I Call Her Vera - the Jayne Award (In Character One-Liners)

Quote from: Alex Quinn as Loki, Avalon
“I don' normally invite people on to a ship that donnae belong to me, Still if yeh hadn' called out that goon woulda got me, an' i think sir Jared Brown...town...er...son... right so our captain, Sir Jared Browntownerson, should be here any second now, an' Ah think Ah can justify ye bein' on board, at least 'til the next port-o-call”

Quote from: dannyness as Caber Rowley, Gemini
"Destitution," admitted Caber. "The crew I was on used me up and just tossed me aside once they got what they wanted out me." Caber realized how this sounded. "Uh...I said 'destitution,' not 'prostitution,' right? I'm a mechanic, I'm not a whore. Yet."

**New Category**
A Touch of Creativity  (for adding something extra-special to a post)
Letter from the Knights Templar by Darius, Horizon
Sabrina's art portfolio by Black Betty, Nevermore

State of the ‘Verse

The following is for the interest of players and the aid of narrators. It should not be considered IC knowledge.

1st QUARTER 2519

Canton, Higgin’s Moon
Since the return of the folk hero Jayne Cobb to the mudders’ town of Canton just over a year ago, things have been slowly starting to change. The son of the town magistrate has begun quietly challenging his father’s power. Fess Higgins’ first big move has been to grant the freedom of a group of indentured servants and to allow them to leave the planet with their debt considered settled. The consequences of this move are yet to be seen, as the ship Avalon has just arrived in Canton to transport the pilgrims.

The bank robbery on Pelorum carried out by the crew of Ronin certainly had its fifteen minutes of fame until all of a sudden, about two weeks later, all mention of it strangely stopped. What was never made common knowledge was that the bank was operated by Nikola Kang, the formidable criminal leader and mysterious sister of the famous hotelier. Also, Ronin was operating, and for now still is operating, with the permission of the Alliance Government, under the directive to bring down Nikola’s organisation.

Lassek, Moon of Verbena
The mining town of Gutter’s End on Lassek has been suffering a severe drought. Over the course of the last five years, the local water supply has dropped by more than 40%. Aside from the obvious health danger this poses to the people of Gutter’s End it also threatens Hashenvale Industries, the main employer in the area. Without a plentiful water supply, mining activities will inevitably come to an end. The crew of The Signal are investigating the situation and will release a full news report soon.

Kang Hotel Empire
The controversy surrounding Athena Kang was finally brought to a close. Her brother Shannon came out the hero of this story, having rescued her from known terrorist and criminal Jack Grey, who had kidnapped her several weeks ago. At least, that’s how the story was spun in the news. The truth was that she had been seduced by Grey and had eloped with him of her own free will. Shannon hired the crew of Nomad to get her back by force. In the action, Jack Grey was killed and Nomad established themselves as allies of the Kangs.

Deja Thoris City, Greenleaf
An important local election is coming up and the two candidates are Maximilian Wood and the current councilman Owen Matheson. Wood, who owns the local Jade Temple Casino, seems a fair and upstanding man. He’s even known to donate portions of the casino profits to charity now and then, when the press is around to see it. Matheson, who some folk nickname ‘Oily’, is a crony capitalist and acceptor of bribes. In secret, Matheson has hired the crew of Nomad to assassinate his competitor Wood. The plot is being financially backed by Nikola Kang’s nephew Shannon Kang, who intends to take over the Jade Temple Casino once Wood is out of the way.

Current exchange rates have a single credit being worth one hundred platinum or one thousand silver.

Core Celebrities
Jenn Matheson (NPC, portrayed by Ke$ha) has been topping the Core pop charts for the past year. Stangely, following the release of her current single two weeks ago, the usually high profile songstress has been missing from the spotlight. She has been noticeably absent from the top clubs and showbiz parties at which she used to make quite an impact. Has Jenn gone into rehab? Has she finally had enough and gone into hiding? Is this just another publicity stunt?

Networker Notes

Nate did a great job of setting up the various networking methods for Finding Serenity.  However it appears he has now left due to real life timing so we do need some more people who are well versed in these medias to help us get the Finding Serenity word out.  If you would like to join the networking team and help us advertise the site and take on a specific media please PM the admin with your preferred media.  We would be looking at people doing at least one post a week with each media.

Possible Future Newsletter Sections

Post Highlights
Award Recipients
PR’s Ponderings
BlackBetty’s Blurb
Open to suggestion ;)
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