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The Allure IC / Re: S1E0 - Preparations To Launch
« Last post by Dash Winters on Today at 06:49:29 AM »
Dash watched as the crew arrived bit by bit, most of whom he'd been fortunate to encounter already. He also watched as Captain Street nonchalantly joined the crowd rather than standing at the front and leading the meeting.

This was very impressive. In fact it was genius. A captain who wasn't feeding off the power and pining for attention, but instead happy to sit back, and trust others to take that lead. The way he let his XO take responsibility for the meeting, conveyed a message of how he relied on his crew and was willing to allow them to show off the best of their abilities. Dash had to admire that. It was truly the mark of a captain.

"If I may." Dash stood up.

"I stumbled onto this venture with little idea of what to expect. And in a very short time I've been very impressed by the crew you've rounded up. Kind, friendly, supportive, most certainly talented, and determined in the face of missing potato peelers." He looked to certain crew members; the doctor who cared deeply for her patients, the 'XO' who had been willing to welcome Dash on board and give him a chance, the tech specialist who was happy to share a joke but also happy to be the joke when she felt she had put someone else in an awkward position, and the sous chef who refused to peel his own potatoes. Finally he looked to Benjamin.

"You obviously care for your crew and are not afraid to share the spotlight with other talented people." He had carried himself well and conveyed a dedication to the protection of his employees.

"So despite a lack of alcahol, I would like to propose a toast." With that, Dash clasped his hand around a nonexistent glass and raised it in the air.

"To our captain, Benjamin Street. And our home, the Allure." He nodded to Benjamin, smiled sincerely and smiled content with his situation. Dash knew exactly what was going on and he was happy to be there.
The Allure IC / Re: S1E0 - Preparations To Launch
« Last post by Benjamin Street on Today at 05:59:08 AM »
Ben followed Jesse into the conference room, making sure to nod to or acknowledge everyone present there. He made his way around the table and sat in the seat at Elena's right. He glanced around at the faces of those assembled. It was a pretty solid group. Well skilled in their fields. He thought back to what he had said in his brief conversation with Karyn, and nodded a little to himself. There really wasn't going to be much for him to do outside of takeoff and landing, unless the passengers made trouble, but that was what Max was here for. And Riggs, if Ben's intuition was right. Elena hadn't explicitly stated that that was the case, but the mans background, and something in Elena's voice as the time made him fairly confident in his assumption.

Not that Ben was complaining about having a lot of free time to socialize with the crew, and potentially the passengers, but part of him did miss the excitement that came from flying a vessel with a more... shady purpose.

Ben was pulled out of his musing by Elena clearing her throat. Speed time! His eyes flicked steadily around the room, watching for reactions like he thought a good XO should. There was nothing for the first half of the speech, but when Elena revealed what their first official job would be, that got some reactions. The most immediate one being Jesse's. She looked... anxious to say the least... scared too? He wondered about that, but Alliance military officials did have a certain... reputation in certain circles. One that was not always unwarranted.

The next face he noted was Brenna's. He noticed her briefly eyeing Jesse as well, and wondered if she might know what had the woman so nervous. Maybe during their talk after Jesse's first "I'm Diseased" proclamation. He made a mental note that he should try and talk to one, or both of them and make sure everything was alright. Brenna looked back up at Elena and voiced a question, some apprehension showing on her face.

"I presume a call to Mister Graves would be proper procedure if one of our passengers found their way to the upper deck, correct?"

Here Ben spoke up, his voice serious and businesslike, a tone he reserved for very few things. "Yes, a call to Mr Graves, myself, or both. I also want to stress that if any of you do choose interact with any of our esteemed guests, this group or any future groups, and they act in any way inappropriately, please call me or bring it to my attention." He paused and let his eyes slide around the room, even to Riggs and Max who he felt needed no reassurance. "No one messes with my crew, and I don't care how long their title is or how much their suit costs." The last words he said with a hint of dangerousness to his voice, and he meant them. A crew was like a family, and you don't mess with someones family unless you're prepared to deal with the big brother.
Prologues / Re: Chance meeting: A fox and a pixie
« Last post by Sionnach001 on Today at 03:43:24 AM »
Well, bollocks,

Sean let his smile fall from pleasant and friendly to wolfish and playful, but he kept his mind and eye out for avenues of escape.  Last on his list was clocking this lass to knock her senseless. Not only would just simply rather not, but it would raise other kinds of alarms, and other hunts for him...and she could give a very good description of him. So...here he was.

"Alright, lass.  You've got me in a fair jam." he conceded, crossing his arms in front of his chest...not sliding a knife into his fingers from his jacket as he normally might.  "Ye obviously have somethin' in mind rather than callin' for the constabulary or ye would've already.

"What can a fine, poor, starvin' man like m'self do for you on such a nice evening?"
New Ship Ideas / Re: The Revenge
« Last post by Helena Cain on Today at 01:03:47 AM »
Nope Isa would work, might've known her from her smuggling days? Brought her supplies?
The Brass Ferret IC / Re: Short Leave On Return
« Last post by Sienna Cole on Today at 12:42:08 AM »
"Oh, it's definitely good," David affirmed, with a quick grin to Carrie. He was already back to his relaxed, care-free demeanour as if he hadn't been concerned for even a second. He leaned one arm up along the doorframe and leaned inside.

"So this is the Wisp," he commented with a smile at Freya. "Welcome aboard."

Sienna looked back at David who had miraculously managed to pull them out of the star's grip.  Of which she was grateful, however his jovial mood was still odd for her, "Quite the flying you managed back there Sir.  Glad to be alive.  This is our new...passenger Freya, Wisp. Yes. Quite the survivor." She smiled looking down at the girl on the floor she shook her head.  Sienna nodded in acknowledgement as David headed to the galley.

"Why yes, I seem to have fallen and am in need of assistance. Thank you."
Grinning, Sienna pulled up the red headed beauty, looking down at her hand she noticed Vee letting it stay a bit longer.  She looked back at Vee with a small smirk on her lips.

Feya extending the hold by putting her's on top and hoisting her self up. The girl unphased but what was going on around her. Though she didn't mind the extra time with Vee.  Who clearly wasn't a fan of being the center of attention, at least not in this instance. She gave Vee's hand a reassuring squeeze and left to follow the captain, to finally get some food. 

"Let's eat and get to know each other with some semblance of decorum.

Sienna took a seat, smirking at David, "Now what fun would that be sir?
The Allure IC / Re: S1E0 - Preparations To Launch
« Last post by Brenna Casey on July 22, 2018, 11:57:09 PM »
Brenna had sat quietly as the rest of the crew entered and she'd even tried to send Jesse an apologetic smile, though it didn't appear to have been seen. She'd probably made the girl think she was hated with her most recent disappearance and she made a mental note to pull Jesse aside and try to assure her that, while she'd been uncomfortable, there was no permanent damage done. Throughout Elena's speech, Brenna paid close attention though she'd already been well informed about the ground rules regarding the amenities afforded to passengers and clients that were off limits to the crew. It was the revelation of who the ships first clients would be that set her on edge.

“I understand that that might make some people nervous, and would like to assure you that only Mister Street, Mister Graves, and I are required to interact with these particular guests. I would also like to remind you all that the main deck is off limits to passengers and clients without the express permission of Mister Street and I so you will not have to worry about your spaces being invaded. You are all more than encouraged to feel comfortable aboard the Allure,”

Brenna understood the hidden message, though it did little to put her immediately at ease. She'd done her fair share of shouting down an officer or two during the war when they'd attempted to keep her from doing her job or felt the need to interfere with the process of saving lives. And then there was her father. Either one would make for a terribly awkward situation for Elena and that was the last thing she wanted to have happen on the maiden voyage of Allure. Briefly, her eyes strayed to Jesse to gauge her reaction. 'Oh... not good...' The girl looked as if she was about to pass out or run screaming from the room. Inwardly, Brenna prayed for the former if only so Jesse didn't bolt from the room and cause a completely different kind of scene. A fainting spell would at least keep the girl quiet and would give Brenna the chance to extricate the girl to someplace more private.

Her hand suddenly lifted as her blue eyes moved intentionally away from Jesse to Elena. "I presume a call to Mister Graves would be proper procedure if one of our passengers found their way to the upper deck, correct?" Unbeknownst to Brenna, a small tick of her apprehension slipped through and showed on her face even as she hoped that her question would draw attention away from Jesse.
« Last post by Jolene Blaylocke on July 22, 2018, 11:36:37 PM »
Jo couldn't help but grin at Charity seeming to take offense at the unintended insinuation. In reality, Jo actually agreed that none of them looked like they could possibly be part of the Moda Tong. Though there was no denying that the job sounded far more tame that she'd feared, the affirmation from both the captain and Abigail that they would not be working for the Tong beyond this one job was enough to settle Jo's mind on whether or not she would stay on. That decision also sealed the deal on filling in the captain on a piece of information that he would likely want to know about as soon as was possible.

"Gonna need you to get on the Cortex and glean what intel you can on a Charles W. Ainsworth IV and his estate, the layout and buildings....maybe even a possible guest list."

Just as she lifted a hand with one finger raised to insert that she needed to speak to the captain, their resident 'spy' made his appearance. Large brown eyes narrowed slightly, catching what was possibly a faint hint of recognition in his eyes before it disappeared. It was so brief, she wasn't sure if she imagined it or not. Her hand lowered as her eyes went to Jax. 'Speak of the devil," she thought to herself as she purposely kept her attention away from the lean, pale man who was their 'minder' for the mission. Listening as Sean spoke, she chewed at her bottom lip. With him in the room, it wasn't a good time to speak about her finding.

"So what's the plan for today, eh?"

Jo's hand lifted again to gain Jax's attention. "When you've got a moment, I want to get with you on those things you need and a couple of other things. Ship system security type stuff. Nothing major..." Somehow, she managed to present the words calmly, almost cheerfully as if nothing at all were the matter.
The Allure IC / Re: S1E0 - Preparations To Launch
« Last post by Jesse Walker on July 22, 2018, 11:25:54 PM »
Jesse watched Ben as he entered the room, they diverted back to Brenna, and then down to the floor, really quite unsure of where to stare.  She felt uncomfortable looking at the captain, and wasn't quite ready to face Brenna again, for fear of causing the woman to jump ship.

Elena began her speech, looking up a Dash, she wondered if he had finally caught on to the gag, a small smile crept onto her lips.  The poor guy.  At least he had a good sense of humor.  She zoned out slightly, looking around the room, fading in and out as the captain discouraged the crew from 'partaking' in the pleasures of the ship, again her eyes moved to Dash, expecting he'd be the first one to try.  She looked over to Ben, he definitely wouldn't, too much of a military man that one, at least that's what his records indicated, whoops, something else I shouldn't know.

Moving back to Brenna, Jesse wondered how she ended up friends with the captain, after all, the profession would almost certainly make her uncomfortable.  And the captain was just so....cold. Brenna wasn't.  Jesse's thought process was immediately interrupted by the captain's next note however,

“With that out of the way, I’d like to inform you of our first assignment. We will be transporting a squad of Alliance officers to the moon of New Luxor,”

Alliance. Officers. Squad. Her heart stopped, than dropped, a lump formed in her throat.  Jesse felt her palms beginning to sweat, a tingling sensation going down her back. She swallowed, her breathing becoming heavy, she looked up at the captain.  The woman knew and probably did this on purpose.  Terror ran through her veins.  She crossed her arms in front of her, as if to hug her self into some form of security and comfort. It wasn't working. Jesse's face became pale, and she could feel her heart beating, hard, and rapidly. Like someone had given her a shot of adrenaline. She wanted to run. But where to? This was her only way off planet. She looked to Brenna, then Benji, she trusted them, she didn't trust the captain. Perhaps hiding, again, yes in the compartments? Just until they left? A disguise? what if she dressed like a man they'd never expect that. None of these ideas were feasible.  Her brain had stopped work along with her ability to listen.  Sure yea, they can't go into the crew quarters, okay, fine, Just hide in your room. Don't come out. Just hide. It'll be fine. Totally fine. No one would rat you out. It's not like you just alienated your only friend.  Maybe the browncoat would hide you. The captain would most certainly give you up. Max also yes, would definitely give you up.  Hiding is best. In a corner. Somewhere, maybe the vents. Dear god, why did it have to be alliance.

Jesse closed her eyes and took a breath, trying retain some resemblance of tranquility. Though she doubted it was working.  It would be fine right? Totally, fine.
The Allure IC / Re: S1E0 - Preparations To Launch
« Last post by Elena on July 22, 2018, 11:01:12 PM »
Elena’s eyes opened and she turned her head a little, seeing Karyn settle against the doorframe leading back to the bridge. She offered her another brief nod to acknowledge her presence before Dash’s entrance pulled her attention to the main doorway.

"Miss Elena. Look at this for punctuality. I've worked here for a little over an hour with no hint of tardy,” Dash bragged playfully.

One elegantly arched brow quirked upward at the greeting, her sparkling blue gaze slowly scanning Dash from his head to his toes and back up again. Apparently he still thought Mister Street was the captain. She couldn’t be too mad at the poor mechanic, she had started this after all. A soft breath lowered her shoulders and she offered him a warm smile, one hand extending to point toward an empty chair, “Very impressive, Mister Winters,” she praised, the corner of her lips twitching upward in the barest hint of an amused smile. She was saving the seat to her immediate right for Ben, but all the others were wide open for the taking.

Next in was Brenna and the Captain returned her gaze quite happily. Both brows shot up for a moment in question in an attempt to see how the doctor was doing so far on board the ship. She wanted to make sure her friend wasn’t feeling the need to jump ship just yet, and if she was, Elena wanted to be able to have some heads up so she could lavish the woman with gifts in some attempt to get her to stay.

"Nothing too serious I hope. Doesn't appear to be a medical emergency at least,” Brenna observed.

“Nothing too serious,” Elena confirmed, setting the tips of her fingers against the surface of the table. She looked up as Jesse entered, followed by who she assumed was Honor Saxton, their House representative, and then Ben. She looked mildly amused when the hacker settled silently against the wall and decided to give her a break by not insisting she use an actual chair. “Mister Street,” she greeted, lightly patting the back of the seat to her right to indicate that it was where he belonged.

Cobalt gaze flickered toward Honor and the Companion smiled politely, her head tilting to the left just a bit, “Miss Saxton, a pleasure to have you on board. I hope your trip here was not too taxing?” she asked, brows raised in question. Elena wanted to make sure they had a good working relationship, after all.

At the sight of Damien entering the conference room, the tug at one corner of her lips increased, a secret light glimmering in the brights of her eyes. “Mister Riggs,” she murmured in welcome, tearing her eyes off him so she wouldn’t make anyone uncomfortable by staring at a member of the crew.

Maxell slipped in as quietly as a man of his size could, making his way to the chair to Elena's left and sitting with what was likely the most polite look on his face he could muster, although to others it probably looked like he was imagining a hundred different ways to kill them. The Captain offered him a warm smile, happy to have him aboard, and gently patted his arm with the tips of her fingers.

Now that everyone was here and accounted for, Elena looked over her crew with a pleased sort of grin, taking in how they all looked together and running over what she knew of them from their files and some of their interviews. All in all they were a fine and capable bunch and she was very happy to have them on board. With a soft clearing of her throat, her hands returned to their position clasped in front of her lap.

“First, I would like to personally welcome you all to The Allure. The Guild and The House have high hopes for us and with your help, I believe we are more than up to the task,” she began, gaze settling on each of them one at a time, including them all in her confidence. “There are a few ground rules I would like to get out of the way before we get to the matter of our maiden voyage, so I do hope you will bear with me,” she asked, lifting a hand to smooth it over her perfectly arranged waves.

“As you are all aware, our ship is outfitted with the niceties the House and the Guild have to offer, however I will have to insist that none of the crew partakes in these particular pleasures. That means there will be no gambling or hiring on any of our Companions while you are on duty. I would ask that you all conduct yourselves around guests and clients in a way that will reflect well upon our esteemed investors,” she laid out simply, her voice calm and her expression mild. Once again she looked over the faces of her crew to gauge their reactions.

Her hand waved a little as though to waft away the seriousness that had settled in the room. “With that out of the way, I’d like to inform you of our first assignment. We will be transporting a squad of Alliance officers to the moon of New Luxor,” she began, not looking directly at Brenna or Jesse when she continued, although she was most assuredly speaking to them now, “I understand that that might make some people nervous, and would like to assure you that only Mister Street, Mister Graves, and I are required to interact with these particular guests. I would also like to remind you all that the main deck is off limits to passengers and clients without the express permission of Mister Street and I so you will not have to worry about your spaces being invaded. You are all more than encouraged to feel comfortable aboard the Allure,” she told them.

The passenger deck was more than large enough to accommodate future guests and their desired activities. Food would be brought from the kitchen on the main deck to the passenger’s lounge and should the passengers need use of the med bay or anything on the main deck, permission would be granted on a case by case basis.

"Are there any questions?" she asked, her expression and posture easing into a relaxed comfort.
Prologues / Re: Chance meeting: A fox and a pixie
« Last post by Jolene Blaylocke on July 22, 2018, 10:55:34 PM »
"Am I talking to you? Well, I don't see anyone else walking down the street and I wasn't talking to myself." Jo edged a little further into the light, but remained perched atop the crate. As he proceeded to try the flattery approach to escape being named a pickpocket, her lips pursed into a faint frown and she shook her head causing dark brown waves to shift around her face. Clearly, flattery wasn't the approach to take.

"Uncouth? Now why would saying you enjoyed a performance be uncouth? Unless you're only saying that to change the subject and it is, in fact, a lie to soften someone up." With a subtle shift, she pushed herself up and slid off of the crate, dropping down to the next layer and then the next as easily as if she were walking down stairs. Finally, she stepped down to the street and crossed her arms over her chest as her chin lifted to continue studying the man in the street. Now on the ground, she proved to be a full foot shorter than he. "I'd tell you to take it back to the owner, but we both know what kind of trouble that will cause. As it is, the poor man probably thinks he dropped the coins along the way somewhere or drank them away."

A sudden quirk of a smile tugged at one corner of her mouth. "But you and I know one yell will tell a different story..."
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