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Refresh History
  • Scout: Realtalk: There doesn't seem to be pilot and mechanic spots avalable on ships I am not on, and they get snatched up pretty quickly (See: Chanchou) so I was like oh snap I'd like to make her a pilot and/or a mechanic but there is no place for her to go
    Today at 08:19:25 PM
  • Scout: Was it meant to sound harsh?
    Today at 08:17:28 PM
  • dannyness: Sorry. I realized it sounded harsh after I sent it. Hence the smiley face.
    Today at 08:15:53 PM
  • Scout: I am unnerved by that comment and my inability to gauge its tone through text
    Today at 08:15:19 PM
  • dannyness: :)
    Today at 08:14:26 PM
  • dannyness: Sigh. Would you just do a gorram mechanic or pilot or something?
    Today at 08:14:14 PM
  • Scout: Pretty, but bumbling.
    Today at 08:13:03 PM
  • Scout: Oh dear, I feel another character coming on. Anybody want a bumbling thief in their crew?
    Today at 08:12:46 PM
  • Scout: Packing suuuuuuuuuuucks
    Today at 08:58:18 AM
  • Scout: Hope you get better soon
    Today at 08:39:54 AM
  • Clare: Time for bed. Was off sick today but really can't miss another.
    Today at 08:09:46 AM
  • Clare: I have never been able to work that hard :-p
    Today at 07:56:59 AM
  • Scout: It was one of those games where you picked your character from a list of characters created by the admins and then fleshed them out. I felt like an actress preparing for a role.
    Today at 07:55:19 AM
  • Scout: My character was the Indian servant to ne of the vampires and I read a bunch on Indian caste culture and hinduism for that role... lol
    Today at 07:54:36 AM
  • Scout: I was briefly in a victorian vampire RPG
    Today at 07:54:03 AM
  • Clare: I have played a few of those as table-top RP but Firefly is as close as I have got on line
    Today at 07:42:22 AM
  • Scout: I just like post-apocalyptic fiction :P
    Today at 07:40:47 AM
  • Scout: I'd also be interested in a Walking Dead game
    Today at 07:40:40 AM
  • Clare: I have had similar experiences
    Today at 07:39:03 AM
  • Scout: I found an interesting-looking Fallout board but it was dead :(
    Today at 07:37:51 AM

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Father Time
Capt'n Dugan
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November 03, 2011, 09:28:09 AM
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October 01, 2014, 04:17:15 PM
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April 14, 2014, 11:37:45 PM
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