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Refresh History
  • GildedBrowncoat: Haha
    Today at 01:38:06 AM
  • Dis4ix: They usually just tell me that I'm crazy o.O
    Today at 01:33:00 AM
  • GildedBrowncoat: ...right?
    Today at 01:32:22 AM
  • GildedBrowncoat: I hate those personality tests, half the time you disagree with the result and re do it to get one you prefer
    Today at 01:32:08 AM
  • AtomTan: I feel like you could work that into personality. It is a good idea though.
    Today at 01:23:17 AM
  • Madeline Mary: I MEAN UH... ME NEITHER.. RIGHT GUYS
    Today at 01:23:10 AM
  • Madeline Mary: do you guys ever do personality tests on behalf of your character
    Today at 01:22:56 AM
  • GildedBrowncoat: As in what does your character want out of life
    Today at 01:20:03 AM
  • GildedBrowncoat: If there's one addition I'd like to make to the character sheet it would be an "aspiration" section
    Today at 01:19:39 AM
  • AtomTan: Grumpy looks all around!
    Today at 01:15:39 AM
  • GildedBrowncoat: y*
    Today at 12:58:58 AM
  • GildedBrowncoat: Can't wait for the introduction if it all goes shin
    Today at 12:58:44 AM
  • GildedBrowncoat: Me either
    Today at 12:51:36 AM
  • AtomTan: I can't wait for these two to meet.
    Today at 12:36:01 AM
  • GildedBrowncoat: More or less yeah
    Today at 12:35:00 AM
  • AtomTan: Guessing Dave is too?
    Today at 12:33:53 AM
  • AtomTan: Oh yes. Fighting fair is for squares.
    Today at 12:33:34 AM
  • GildedBrowncoat: I'm guessing she's a brawler?
    Today at 12:29:11 AM
  • AtomTan: I'm sure Anna will scrap with David :D
    Today at 12:23:45 AM
  • AtomTan: I understand this struggle.
    Today at 12:23:14 AM

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Father Time
Capt'n Dugan
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November 03, 2011, 09:28:09 AM
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March 30, 2015, 07:59:25 PM
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