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The Courtesan Crew / Re: Mason Miller
« on: August 22, 2019, 01:07:42 PM »

Ronin OOC / Re: Ronin OOC
« on: August 18, 2019, 10:25:31 AM »
Have you been able to get in contact with them on Discord at all?

Iscariot IC / Re: SS Iscariot - Episode 1: New Beginnings
« on: August 08, 2019, 06:56:58 AM »
Location: Sector 3

Hippo and Eyepatch had just made it to the shop’s entrance, eager to do what earned them the big bucks, when a banshee shrieked from within. The pair shared a brief moment of eye contact before Eyepatch grimaced and shrugged his shoulders up, “Maybe someone got to ‘em afore we did?” he offered under his breath, brows raised so high it almost seemed like they were about to fly off his forehead. Hippo pondered this possibility for a long second, the scream dying out as he waited before finally, the large hulk of a man shrugged and grinned, “Who cares?” he asked.

With an eager nod, Eyepatch pushed the door open hard, forcing his way in and readying his hands for battle. However, the sight of absolutely no one in the front area baffled him. Hippo lumbered in and pointed a hotdog finger toward the back curtain, “There, prob’ly,” he wagered. The ground thrummed beneath his feet as the brute made his way around his partner, hand grasping the curtain and pulling it aside to peek in at the…naked…man. He paused, thought on the decisions he’d made in his life, did some calculations in his mind about a pay increase, then shook his head and backed out a step, waving his hand generously for Eyepatch to go in first. The weasel of a man hopped forward like his legs were springs, his body bursting through the curtain and his momentum carrying him toward the naked giant. One uncovered eye went wide and his arms windmilled in an attempt to stop his forward motion, Hippo peeking through the curtain to watch.

Location: The Hub

The transport tube carrying Tereza up through the station to the Hub slid open and released her into pandemonium. The Station’s second favorite had lost the race that Marty wasn’t in, and an event so unprecedented deserved a little chaos. A man thick as a tree trunk pushed his way from the café where he’d been speaking lowly with the men behind the counter, the men who controlled the betting. Eyes scanned the crowds, narrowed upon settling on the one winner, and moved on again, finding Tereza eventually. Synapses fired in his brain, connections were made that ought not have been made, and fury pulsed in the vein at his temple. He pointed an accusatory finger first at Melody’s table (and thus at Pete), and then whipped it around to point at the winner of the race, his mouth moving as he shouted orders into a comms unit. From the crowd, a rag-tag group of Lil’ Sebastian’s men separated themselves and made their way to their targets, their strides quick, purposeful, and aggressive.

The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep3 - A Tale of Darling-Do
« on: August 06, 2019, 09:48:06 AM »
Shuttle Time: 1340

The pilot barely had enough time to turn her head toward the commotion at the door when she found himself being verbally assaulted by a strange couple. She wasn’t armed at the moment, her gun in a cabinet near the entrance to the shuttle.

"Orbit or a bullet. Pick."

Both options were pretty terrible and might’ve included death at the end of it all, but one of them did provide her with a longer bit of time in the ‘verse before she ended up lifeless and floating in space. Still, helping these strangers in their ship hijacking was certainly signing her own death warrant, but there was always the opportunity to turn the tables and save her own hide. She hoped.

"Now!" the strange man barked. Her eyes flickered back toward the gun cabinet and her hands twitched around the throttle, her thin lips pursed together with thought and planning. However, Mattie turned her attention to the pilot and nudged the back of her head with her revolver.

"Well, did he stutter?" she asked.

Stopped in her tracks mid-plan, the pilot stiffened in her seat and leaned forward carefully to run the side of her index knuckle against several switches, the shuttle vibrating as it locked itself up and the engines roared to life. With another glance at the bleeding man beside her and a slight backward tilting of her head to verify that there was still a gun pressed against it, the Baron’s pilot pulled up on the yoke, the shuttle rising from its docking clamps as it did so. “Buckle in,” she advised half-heartedly, slamming the controls forward to slingshot them up away from the planet toward the expanse of space. If she couldn’t fight back, she could at least make them uncomfortable.

Fire licked at the windows as they pushed through the atmosphere, and the ship shook around them although it was just the expected run of the mill ‘space turbulence’. After a couple of minutes, the strain on their bodies eased and for the brief second before the artificial gravity kicked in, they were weightless. “Now what?” the pilot asked, turning her head slowly to glare at Rian.

Introductions / Re: You might say... ‘I’ve been around’
« on: August 03, 2019, 05:23:44 PM »
Good to see you old friend.  It hasn't been approved yet but I have proposed a ship and hope to start recruiting if I get the okay to move forward with it.

Actually, do it the other way around.
I can't approve it until you have 4-5 potential crew members (they don't have to have an app up but should have a base idea/name/job at least) ready to go with it.

So recruit some hypothetical characters!

Ronin OOC / Re: Ronin OOC
« on: August 02, 2019, 01:32:43 PM »
Where is that reference number to link to Chao’s bio?


Ronin Crew / Re: Travis Chao
« on: August 02, 2019, 11:48:22 AM »

Ronin OOC / Re: Ronin OOC
« on: August 02, 2019, 10:04:31 AM »
Hi there!

So all you'd need to do is resubmit the application for that character. Which you can do by selecting "Character Application Form" on the left hand side of this page, above the Chat Box or by clicking this link. I'd imagine it'll mostly be copy/pasting from your old character profile.

From there you can create a subaccount for Travis. To do so select Profile at the top of the page. Then press "manage subaccount" and then "create/link."

Welcome back and let us know if you have any questions! :)

The Signal Newsletter / The Signal: August 2019
« on: August 01, 2019, 02:52:14 PM »

*If you'd like anything to be included in next month's newsletter, please DM a member of staff with your suggestions.

Absences / Lomari's Absence
« on: July 28, 2019, 11:11:22 AM »
Hey everyone!

I will be moving cross country August 9-12th. So before then will be a flurry of packing and organizing the move.
I'll be in and out and mostly available on the Discord, but please DM me on Discord or PM me here on site if you're waiting on me for a narration and I will try to hop on ASAP to get the ship moving forward again.

Don't forget Axe, Rune, and NoSeatBelts are still here and around to help you and have been given permission to do some extra narrating if I'm unable.

See you soon!

-Lomari <3

Announcements / Re: Cleaning House 2019
« on: July 25, 2019, 10:54:28 AM »
Good afternoon, All!

Please take a couple minutes to look over this Feedback Survey on the site's current design and layout. We'd love to gather some information from within so that we can know what people like/dislike/need going forward!


Iscariot IC / Re: SS Iscariot - Episode 1: New Beginnings
« on: July 24, 2019, 08:53:26 AM »
Location: Sector 3

Finally, movement! The man watching them from across the street felt anticipation rising in his chest. He paused and set a hand over his sternum, frowning as the realization struck him that that was not anticipation but indigestion. A large hand settled on his shoulder and Eye-patch belched in surprise, whipping around with his hands raised as though to strike. The tree trunk of a man behind him held his hands up and smiled at his friend, four large teeth glimmering with gold foil out from the darkness of his mouth. “Hippo, you scared me..” Eye-patch muttered, turning to look back toward the shop. “The newcomers doin' anythin' interestin'?” the larger man, 'Hippo', asked. “Just shopping. I think...” Eyepatch answered, confused about how long they'd been in the building. But he'd just seen one of them so at least he knew they were still in there.

Location: Perimeter

The racers, those that were left, neared the finish line set in perfect viewing distance from the Hub's park. Like a horse race of times past, these races were short and sweet, but extremely trying and rough on the pilots. Over the still open comms line, Tereza could hear Leon yelp in surprise as his hub was covered in little women, effectively blocking his access to the data he needed to stay on course. “Qing Wa Cao De Liu Mang. Mei Yong Ma Duh Tse Gu Yong. Meh Lien Duh Jyah Jee!” he yelled, his ship wobbling as it missed several required vectors needed to stay in the sharp turn. Another wobble. And another. With a screech of surprise, the comms line snapped shut and Leon's chrome ship spun violently out of its place and out past the racing lanes before its engine sputtered out and it began to drift. Tereza's ship rocketed forward into first place and whizzed past the finish line.

Location: Docks

The refueling process was quick, as the Cornwolf had been mostly full when it had settled down for an emergency landing. The water refill, however, had taken a markedly long time to complete. In the end, however, the dock team uncoupled their hoses from the Revenge and locked the ports back up securely, making sure to wipe away any excess fluids that might've dripped along the outside of the ship. Hoses were wound back up and set onto carts that were then rolled away amidst chatter about the race and boisterous laughter now that they were moving away from the potential Alliance vessel.

What's this?! Leon's ship has stopped moving! He's being overtaken! I can't believe it folks, Leon is out of the race! He's lost! The newcomer wins!
Location: The Hub

The crowd watching the race from the park had been cheering as Leon reached the last stretch of the race, their betting tickets in hand. The sound had become deafening, but it was nothing compared to the startled and outraged silence that followed Leon's loss. “Who tha' hell?” someone asked, breaking the stony silence. A chorus of confused muttering and the angry shouting of fans replaced the cheer and joy from moments before. The Revenge's pilot looked down at her ticket, brows aloft. She'd just won a sickening amount of money... From the cafe, the man behind the bakery spoke into a comms system, his eyes locked upon her, narrowed and suspicious.

Location: Sector 3

“Wazzat?” Hippo asked into his communication's device as it crackled to life. “Got a cheater on board. Decimal's racer. I have eyes on her accomplice, the lady what came in on the new vessel. Only one that bet on her. Lil' Sebastian wants 'em. You got eyes on the cheat's crew?” he asked. “Sure do!” he replied with a big grin. Eye-patch looked up at his friend with raised brows, “Now? Now? Now?” he asked, hopping excitedly from one foot to the other. His job had only been to observe the newcomers, make sure they played by the station's rules until they got boring or seemed to be on the right track. But now, they got to throw down and that was always more fun. The two strangers moved carefully across the street toward the shop.

The Darling IC / S1:Ep3 - A Tale of Darling-Do
« on: July 23, 2019, 08:20:07 AM »
Previously on The Darling...

"A lot's been happening and is still gonna happen. Mona got pinched, more her choice than the law's if I think about it. We'll handle that best we can. Rian's loose, but he knows what he's doing, you can trust that." A solemn, capable pause. "We're all gonna be safe when we come to the end of this. You got my promise. Now gettyup, we got sh*t to do."

"A touching speech, Captain. You love your crew." A voice said from the shadows, hidden from view until the source revealed himself. Abernathy, wearing that same smart suit and a slick smile emerged from the darkness, pistol in hand, and flanked by three men armed heavier. "Did you know your ship is berthed at dock eleven and not twelve?"

Ronin Crew / Re: Minato Kaneshiro
« on: July 21, 2019, 12:10:07 PM »

The Courtesan Crew / Matilda Miller
« on: July 19, 2019, 09:33:58 AM »
Matilda Miller

Age:  35
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Mechanic/Engineer
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Bounty Hunter
Equipment:  Duflebag Contents:
Fighting rags and equipment.
Trinkets from home.
Souvenirs from time in the military.

Appearance:  Matilda is slender and lithe, with the typical body type of someone familiar with physical combat or sporting activities. She stands at an average 5 ft 7½ in, with dark brown hair and glimmering, fiery blue eyes.
Faceclaim:  Emily Blunt

Initial Personality:  Out to prove herself to the world, Matilda is known to be slightly violent, a bit rough and tumble, and a go-getter when it comes to her family, her previous profession, and now her work as a bounty hunter. She is curt and shrewd and does not like to let others see any sort of vulnerability. She's spent her entire life trying to show everyone that she's just as good as the rest of her siblings, and that she can keep up with the best of them without any visible effort.
Underlying Personality:  Deep down, she has a weakness and proclivity for the finer things in life. She looks up to her eldest sister more than she might let on and frequently steals beautiful bits and baubles from her sister, thinking none of them are the wiser. Despite her rash and aggressive nature, Matilda loves her family and would do anything for the idiots.

Known History:  Born: Dyton

Parents: Commodore Dr. Stanley Miller, PhD. and Vice Admiral Eliza Miller

Siblings: Mason, Millicent, Miles, Malinda, Madeline, and Martin.
Cousin: Wulfstan Wynne

Academic records:
Dyton Junior Military Academy 2492-2498
Dyton Senior Military Academy 2498-2504

Military/Occupational Record:
Enlisted Alliance Navy 2504
Transferred to Alliance Civil Engineer Corps 2505
Transferred to Alliance Explosive Ordnance Disposal 2510
Honorably Discharged 2512

Arrest Record:
Criminal Mischief [Charges Dropped]
Breaching the Peace [Charges Dropped]
Disorderly Conduct [Charges Dropped]

Other History:  Growing up in the middle of a large gaggle of children, Matilda felt she had more to prove to stand out from the crowd of overachievers. She enjoyed a healthy competitive relationship with her brother Martin, feeling that out of all her siblings, he understood her the most. Many hours were spent together modifying and tinkering with small, dangerous vehicles. She didn’t even mind that she was almost always the test dummy on those vehicle tests. It was during this time she really realized how much she enjoyed engineering and started to take more of an academic interest in the subject.

When she was older, and boys entered her radar, she looked to her eldest sister Millicent for help. Too proud to ask for it outright, Matilda tried to secretly emulate her sister’s natural charm and skill with the makeup brush. She failed. Despite this, she has still retained a secret longing and love for her sister’s extravagant lifestyle.

Matilda excelled in her general coursework with the expectation that she would be able to work for the Alliance using her mechanical engineering skills. Because of this, she was not pushed toward the ‘family business’ as hard as some of her siblings were. However, that only made her feel like they thought she wasn’t good enough to do it, which made her work harder.

After the war, she found that she was not being fulfilled by the tedium of peacetime or respected in her occupation when it came to promotions, she decided not to re-enlist and instead took to the family occupation like none other. Intending to work for the family mercenary business until it also dissolved, she’s notorious for entering underground fighting competitions as a ringer.

Skills and Strengths:  Mechanical Engineering. Trained in combat while in the Alliance. Basic knowledge of ships and piloting beyond the engineering and upkeep of them. Knows how to absolutely blow tzao gao up.
Weaknesses:  Do not call her "Tilly". Only her family is allowed to use that nickname, and violence awaits anyone else who tries. Has a penchant for sparkly things. Cannot cook worth a darn, and any food she prepares is likely to make anyone violently ill.

The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep2 - Blasting Off Again
« on: July 19, 2019, 08:13:34 AM »
Planet Time: 1319

Team 1:

The mule wobbled as a body landed on its hood, further threatening to tip. Bret’s gaze snapped up to the enemy combatant clinging to the vehicle like a spider-monkey, his mouth opening to order his ‘partner’ to shoot the man. He only managed a “Shoo-“ before Rian’s gun fired and Bret slumped to the side, relinquishing control of the mule to Mattie. Not that he’d had a choice. The vehicle pulled to a stop, Mattie’s quick maneuvering saving the pair from being flung out of a rolling vehicle. Ahead of them, the rest of the Darling crew pulled away, the gap growing between Rian and his people.

The crowd ran this way and that, uncertain sheep in a dangerous stampede. Alliance officers split ranks, a small group trying to wade through the crowd toward the ship and the other heading in the direction of the gunfire. However, before they could find the source of it, it found them first. Mona dove from the mule into the group, rushing at the soldiers with the wild fury of a Valkyrie. Their brief surprise left two of them knocked to the ground, another two rushing for the crazed woman with sonic guns and fists drawn. “We are under attack! I repeat, we are under attack!” one of them shouted into his comms unit from where he sat on the ground, his free hand pushing up from the dirt and dust. “Get her under control!” another shouted to his comrades, trying to fight with the woman as well as keep their balance as the dock’s population bumped and pushed into them amidst it all.

With all the commotion, Barnaby and Arlo were able to slip past the group of officers, their attention focused wholeheartedly upon the woman trying to claw and punch her way through their flesh. From their current position, there was a mostly clear path to the ship if they veered to the side and drove between the docking clamps and the docking computers.

Team 2:

Bandit and Tabitha reached the cargo door first, but the doctor turned quickly to look for her crewmates, a relieved breath lifting and lowering her shoulders when she’d spotted them right on her heels. She stepped out of the way once Riot made it to the door and reached out to grab Viktor’s hand as firmly as her small hands would allow. She didn’t like how scattered her people were.

As Riot punched in the code, the system faltered for half a moment, something she might have noticed depending on her level of concentration. It wasn’t much of a pause, but it was suspicious and may have hinted at tampering or tampering attempts. In any case, the door slid open and Tabitha pushed through as soon as there was enough room to, following Riot’s suggestion and trying to tug the pastor in after her, a determined little frown pulling at her pink lips.

The Alliance group heading for the ship grew more frantic as they watched the cargo bay doors sliding open, allowing their targets a way of escape. “Lock it down!” the woman shouted, gesturing wildly at her team, although none of them were in any position to get to the dock’s computer. “Call it in!” she yelled, her voice hoarse as she tried to up the volume of her orders over the din of the panicked crowd.

The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep2 - Blasting Off Again
« on: June 27, 2019, 06:48:51 AM »
Planet Time: 1315

Team 1:
Location: Outside The Darling

“Ey! They’re shooting at us!” Serg shouted at his compatriots, his hands flying up to cover his head as he ducked down a bit, metal clanging as a bullet ricochet off the headrest of his seat and back out again with a zipping noise. Bret’s hands tightened over the controls of the Mule and he turtled his neck in toward his shoulders as best as he could, not able to do much in the way of firing back, not while he had to drive. “You have a gun too!” Bret shouted at his partner, gritting his teeth and narrowing his gaze in concentration.

Serg grunted loudly in response and began fumbling for his weapon, growling when he couldn’t yank it free of his unused seat-belt. “It’s tangle-“ he began, his complaint cut off as Mattie’s hands settled on his body and pushed. “Wha-“ was all he managed before his words shifted into a shout of surprise and fear, Serg tumbling out of the Mule and landing outside with a puff of rolling dust. He wasn’t moving yet, but his fate was unknown as they sped away from the downed goon.

Bret looked in Serg’s direction briefly, then turned his head fully when he realized his partner wasn’t there anymore, brows furrowed and eyes wide. “What tha hell do you think you’re playing at!” he shouted, reaching out with one hand to try to grab at the woman while the other remained on the controls, his eyes flicking distractedly between the Mule they were pursuing and the turncoat in his vehicle. Shots rang out clearly before them and bullets whizzed and bounced off the engine cover. “Gorramit!” Bret shouted, putting his hands back on the wheel, focus upon his dangerous prey once more, not realizing his traitor partner was now pointing a gun at him.

Unlike Barnaby, Bret did not see the T-intersection in time to make any similarly daring and skilled maneuvers. While the crew of the Darling zipped off perpendicular to them, the pursuers overshot the turn, attempted to correct, and crashed through three shopping stalls before they regained their footing and took off after Barnaby and Crew once more, now significantly behind. Bret reached up and yanked a shawl and some beads off his head, courtesy of one of the stalls they’d destroyed, and tossed them out of the Mule with a frustrated howl.

The groups raced up to the docks, The Darling in sight, her ramp still lowered and visible between the throngs of people. Several more shots rang out, bullets speeding toward the hunters.  Bret ducked down again, however not before the skin at his shoulder was torn open as a bullet slipped its way through and shot back out the back of his seat, narrowly missing Mattie from her current position. Another bullet knocked into one of the couplers Arlo had been aiming at, and a third knocked the front light loose, showering the ground with glimmering glass. The mule began to wobble, threatened to tip. People ran screaming. Chaos ensued.

Team 2:
Location: Outside The Darling

Tabitha frowned at the pastor’s ‘shoo shoo’ hands, brows knit in worry. Before she could say anything about it, he’d edged away from her and Riot and the pup started herding her toward the ship. Viktor spoke out, then, to the masses assembled, about a grand secret he wished to reveal. After one glance at the man and his attire, the crow began to slowly merge and move toward him like sheep to their shepherd. Anything a preacher had to tell them, any secret he could impart, must have been something real special. The masses converged upon the crew’s position and provided them with some cover as they moved away from the Alliance officers.

The doctor did not object to her hand being grabbed, and once it was released, it settled gently on Bandit’s head, idly petting the beast of a dog now pressed against her legs. Riot’s voice sent goosebumps across her neck, and she turned quickly to frown up at the woman, lips parting before she was told not to argue. Honestly, she wanted nothing more than to argue the point, but in these matters, Riot really did know more than her and it wasn’t wise to refuse good council from those who could offer it.

Gunshots rang out, 6, to be precise, followed by the sound of metal and vehicles approaching at an alarming speed. The crowd began to scream, and chaos broke out in the docks. Seeing her opportunity, Tabitha pushed forward through the horde toward the ship’s waiting ramp.“Stop! Hey! Don’t let them get to their ship!” the Alliance woman shouted from somewhere in the crowd, but her troops were busy trying to wade through the people, figure out where the gunshots had come from, and pursue the retreating Darling crew. 

Ronin OOC / Re: Ronin OOC
« on: June 18, 2019, 06:47:44 AM »
So. How's it going over here?

Iscariot IC / Re: SS Iscariot - Episode 1: New Beginnings
« on: June 18, 2019, 06:24:16 AM »
Location: Sector 3

Eyepatch Man flinched and stumbled forward over the laces of his untied boots the moment the station’s event began. Hands rose to run over his wildly braided hair in some attempt to make it look as though the wild gesture and clumsy movement had been entirely purposeful.

Inside, Holger had been fitted with a pair of brown formal shoes, the thick laces tied in a bow that looked more like a trap than a decoration in its intricacy. Mohammed grinned at the shopped, hands steepled and body rocking back on his heels. Clearly, he was quite pleased with how things were going here. Two little hands finished shining a pair of knock-off heels that had they been real and sold anywhere else, would have made any sensible customer blush at their price. The children scurried back into their hiding places until it looked, to the unknowing observer, that they hadn’t been there at all.

“Is good, yes?” the shop owner asked excitedly, waving his hands toward Holger and Missy’s new footwear with a pleasant and expectant look on his warm face.

 Location: Perimeter

The new pilot was doing well, and that sort of thing could not be tolerated. Leon’s chrome ship was like a streak of silver as it moved around the station, its trail of particles shimmering behind it like a comet’s tail. He was all about visible flair, that Leon. He was also all about winning. “Go home,” came his voice over the comms system of Tereza’s ship, the sound of his order a little strained from the impact of the g-force on his own body. A couple ships had already dropped out of the race, drifting on the ‘track’ as manned obstacles while their pilots shook off the vertigo and tunnel vision. Another ship was staying remarkably close to the newbie’s, and it seemed as though it was matching her maneuvers too purposefully.

Up in the Café, Melody and Pete watched the racers blast around the perimeter of the station, one of them with childlike interest and the other with some semblance of calm, subdued curiosity. She’d placed a bet on the newbie, although she couldn’t decide if it was because she was one of the few women piloting in the race or if she just loved herself an underdog. Either way, she’d been laughed at most heartily upon placing her bet and told that if you didn’t bet on Marty or Leon, you were just giving up  your money. She’d shrugged and taken her ticket before rejoining Olo back at the small café table to sip her tea. It hadn’t taken him long to hop up from the chair and press his face against the glass to watch the goings on, but Mel watched calmly from her spot at the café.

Location: Docks

The woman took the clipboard back and eyed the man with a frown before turning her head a bit and looking behind him at the ship. Would he need anything else? “Get that ship a paint job or yer gonna be in fer a lot of suspicion and nasty treatment,” she warned him, but honestly, she didn’t personally care much what docked as long as it paid and didn’t make any trouble for her.

Looks like some of these racers just couldn’t hack it! Number 32 and Number 12 have stopped moving and are sitting in the lanes! Better get a cleanup crew ready for them if they don’t wake up soon!

With an annoyed grunt, the woman eyed Izak one more time, waved the clipboard as though to remind him that she was expecting payment soon, and turned on her heel to walk back down the ship’s ramp. She was clearly not a fan of the hubbub and chaos Race Day always caused.

The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep2 - Blasting Off Again
« on: June 12, 2019, 12:05:23 PM »
Planet time: 1300

Team 1:
Location: Cytheria Casino and Resort

“Alright, we’s gotta get their mule ta’ go somewhere else!” Serg yelled over the sound of wind passing through the skeleton of the vehicle, his voice hiccuped by bumps and holes in the ground. “Maybe hit ‘em in the back, chase ‘em off the roads!” Bret suggested, turning his head to shout, his hands still on the controls and brows furrowed above his goggles. “Then you an Serg get out an’ finish ‘em!” the goggled man added loudly.

Their mule growled as its driver pressed it hard after the mule running from them, although it wasn’t aware that it was running just yet. Slowly, foot by foot, the pursuing vessel closed in on Barnaby et all. It wouldn’t have been hard to see them coming, especially not when the Captain and crew (and disgruntled fancy pants) were already on high alert. The Baron’s group continued on, nose to rear, but never attempted to go around the other mule. Finally, with a sharp turn of the control, Bret smashed the front of their vehicle hard against the back right corner of Barnaby’s in some facsimile of a Pit maneuver. 

“Yea! Get ‘em, Bret!” Serg shouted encouragingly, looking back at Mattie with a toothy grin, teeth standing out starkly against his dirt covered face.

Team 2:
Location: The Market

The woman smiled was the little group complied with her ‘request’ and not long after, she and her soldiers closed in around the three of them (and their pup) in a deceptively loose and distanced rectangle. They were clearly wary of the big dog, if the glances and the trigger fingers twitching against the side of their weapons was any indication.

"Maybe you should let us handle conversation with our new friend from here out. She doesn't seem to be taking a shine to you."

Tabitha looked a little disappointed that she hadn't been making a stellar impression upon the strange woman, but she nodded to show that she'd agreed with Viktor's suggestion. An index finger lifted to cover her pink lips and she smiled warmly up at him, letting Riot and the preacher lead her on between them without realizing that that was what they were doing.

They hadn’t been too far from the ship and its welcoming ramp laid open for them, the first interior door shut to prevent random uninvited guests. It was closed with a simple 4-digit code that the members of the crew would know and would be ale to punch into the control panel quickly enough, should they have decided to do so. The crowd was thicker nearer the docks and thus nearer their ship. Visitors, crews loading and off-loading cargo and passengers, and townsfolk looking for a ride off world meandered about, pushing in on the sides of the escort party. A couple soldiers shoved unsuspecting onlookers away when they got too close, and it became evident that the deeper they went into the flowing throng, the less their attention was upon Riot, Viktor, and Tabitha.

“Fancy a watch?” came a voice from behind them, a hand closing around the Alliance woman’s shoulder and tugging her around. A man with a ragged brown coat opened on one side to show off his vast array of broken and suspiciously new looking watches as they dangled against his slim and malnourished body. “Release me!” she barked at him, her soldiers turning abruptly away from the Darling crew to face this new potential threat to their superior.

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