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Ronin IC / Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Last post by Tarintino Quin on Today at 12:28:16 PM »
Tarintino wasn't replying to any of the people talking to him but at the very least his siezure/nightmare/tantrum did seem to be on the down swing. He had found himself a corner and backed himself away in it.

The boy was curled up as much as he could in the corner, cradling his head and rocking back and forth as his shouts died to down to incomprehensible mutterings, talking rapidly in a hushed voice as he stared directly down at the ground.

He was done smashing things but was clearly not all there just yet (Or as "all there" as Tarintino ever got).

Even if he had noticed Abe's hand behind her back he hadn't really come from an enviroment where he would understand what it meant. The first time he had seen guns in action was when the people of his compound had tried to defend themselves from him after his turn and none of those had been handguns.
Census / Re: Answer the Call
« Last post by abbey on Today at 09:37:46 AM »
I just saw the note to check the casting call for missing face claims and one of my people are missing and two of my character's profiles are missing.  Sure, the characters themselves are not active on a ship atm, but I am still here.  Are you removing face claims from people who are active on the site just because they aren't on a ship currently?  I read the rules and it doesn't mention this.  The only mention of face claim removals are if the person is AWOL on all of their accounts.

Here they are anyway...

Code: [Select]
[url=https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000621/mediaviewer/rm3044658688]Kurt Russell[/url] ~ [url=http://findingserenity.net/Archive/index.php?topic=858.0]Macabee Cricket[/url] ~ [url=http://www.findingserenity.net/index.php?action=profile;area=summary;u=58]abbey[/url]
Aylish Ryan's character sheet is missing.  Should probably be in the inactive character list, but I found it in the archives http://findingserenity.net/Archive/index.php?topic=1343.0
« Last post by Grace Halladay on Today at 01:55:55 AM »
”I think in your case it probably means you need something a bit stronger. You’re a doctor. Think of it as medicinal. Steading the nerves and all that.”

"Oh no.  I don't drink, if anything were to happen and I was intoxicated I... well it would be unbecoming of a medical professional.  Plus someone could die."  She hoped her response didn't come as an insult to the blonde woman.  She wasn't quite sure she caught her name in the excitement.  The waiter approached and she ordered another water, even going wild and asking for a slice of lemon all the while half listening to the conversation between the men.

If it shocked anyone else, it was actually record time for Amorru to go without asking about payment.  He was always very direct, it had played well with her at times but she wondered how the new Captain and XO would take it.  In this line of work greed often bred disloyalty, not that she was accusing Amorru of being disloyal... to a job.
Asides / Re: 'MILK RUN'
« Last post by Helena on Today at 01:10:56 AM »
"Shall we shop?!"

Helena smirked at Monty, "Those three magic words that make a girl's heart skip a beat." She opened the door and slid out of the car and walked towards the shop with purpose. In all reality her heart was racing a bit, she loved shopping for new toys. Helena opened the door and took in a deep breath appreciating the smell of ammunition and explosives.

A small bell rested on the front counter-top.  Helena gently hit it with her hand as she looked over the stock on the walls, her heart skipped a bit as she looked at the wall of armory. Automatics, explosives, pistols, daggers, rifles, snipers. She inhaled quickly in anticipation.  It was like waiting for a first-kiss, but better.

A rumble came from the back as the shop owner came out. A man squeezed through the door way and lumbered towards her slowly, his shirt not quite fitting him, with a small section of his belly hanging out.  His chest hair coming out of the top and yellow stains creeping out from under his armpits. He stopped at the counter and looked Helena up and down and snorted, then looked over to Monty.

"What, ya couldn't leave the little lady at home?"
« Last post by Abigail on Today at 12:46:56 AM »
Abigail quietly observed the crew and listened to the friendly banter. It was amazing it gone from hostile to this small shindig in a matter of seconds.  Though that did mean they were in for quite the trip.  She smirked in Art's direction, seemed that they were kindred spirits, though formed from different lives she suspected. Charity had grown on her, perhaps the passenger would be of some use, but she would need different attire and some weapons training. 

The men huddled in the corner toasting to what she could only imagine was their survival in a boat full of "women-folk."  Goodness knows they'd need it, Abigail and Art were enough to take them all down, but even if they weren't ,Charity had her own ways and wiles, and the doc definitely seemed like she had some fight in her.  They should be nervous. She waived over the waitress as she finished off her drink,  "Why don't you just bring us over a bottle of whiskey, and another class of, moscato? for Charity."

"So, about payment..." Abigail choked down the sip she had taken and looked up at Amorru.  It was an involuntary reaction, typically she wasn't caught off-guard but it was just such a forward question.  She smirked and shook her head taking another sip. Abigail could see why he had gained so much attention from the women in the crew.  If it wasn't for Jax her hat might even be in the ring.
« Last post by Amorru Reyes on April 20, 2018, 11:21:46 PM »
The glass hit the table with a solid thunk. Slid forward by a deft hand, the glass requested a refill as the Captain poured himself another shot. Amorru sat patiently as the Captain spoke of his fair lady Wushu. His words confirmed a fondness requisite of any Captain in regards to their boat, even if he downplayed her overall value. Smart guy, considering he and Abigail faced a potential of 2 to 5 odds. Amorru didn't concern himself with the make and model of ship, arrogantly assuming any control deck within his capability to tame. Not exactly wrong, most of the time.

"Tomorrow works." Amorru conceded. A night on the bridge suited him better, and probably stood a better chance of calming his nerves than the shot he feared would never get poured. "Gorrammit, Doc. Why here? Why now? Just when I thought, 'Hey, think it's been almost a month since I dreamt of her.' Six weeks on this boat, tops. And then it's bai bai li."

Amorru glanced Emit's way, trying to gauge the shooter's line of sight.  It disappointed Amorru that Emit seemed so quick to forgiveness. He would've liked Emit better if he offered an excuse to duel instead. "Don't give half a hump what she is to you, law-man. Figure on Persephone a sod like you would be used to picking up my old rubbish anyhow." Amorru offered Emit an easy smile before turning back to Xavier and checking on the status of his glass. Maybe if it were filled more often he'd start to enjoy himself again.

"So, about payment..."
Cornucopia OOC / Re: Corn
« Last post by PurpleRiver on April 20, 2018, 10:19:14 PM »
Who else is still here?

If you need some temporary narration to pull you through, let me know.
Ronin IC / Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Last post by Abenette Kelker on April 20, 2018, 06:56:39 PM »
Abe watched as Tarantino bolted enough that he actually lost balance and fell.  This might have been a time when she could have somehow stepped in, but he was bigger than she was and it wasn't a situation where drilling the guy with a bullet  was her desired way to end things.


His eyes were so frightened that the air literally reeked of desperation and fear.  He waved his arms at them, jerkily warning both her and the doc back.  It probably didn't help that she was at one end of the corridor and the doc was on the other, effectively pinning the guy down between them.  An animal pushed into a corner was dangerous and a human done the same way wasn't much better.  One thing was the same.  They both had the tendency to shove survival first and foremost onto the order of things to do and a desperate one just added more danger.  If he didn't calm himself, things were going to deteriorate.

Probably quite quickly.

"It's okay,"

It's a good thing the doc seemed to be tight with the guy.  SHe might actually have a chance to talk the guy down.

"We are not here to hurt you. There's no danger. You're safe."

Safe...  For now.  Probably won't be once the kid calms down enough to wonder why she had her hand behind her back.  Dude was a big gun and if he attacked, she didn't want to hurt the guy.

But she would.

She was pregnant and no one was going to put that in jeopardy.  She'd only known for a bit, but she was starting to settle in to the idea.  Her and Ian getting back Glory and building their family there.  It was a plan she was definitely all in on.

Movement to her side caught her attention, but she never took her eyes off of Tarantino.  She knew it was Ian, she could just sense him.  Something needed to be done though and she wasn't sure if the doc was getting through to the guy.

"Hey..." she said softly as she spoke to Tarantino.  "Ya want somethin' ta eat?"

Probably sounded way weird, but distraction could work and eating was a rather mundane task that everyone did every day.  Not exactly high on the scary meter.

"I'm hungry.  Maybe ya could come down ta the galley an' I can whip up somethin'," she offered as she looked down at the doc.  "Doc?  You hungry?"

God, she wished she had tranq darts on her.  They'd be well useful right about now.
Ronin IC / Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Last post by Ian Dugan on April 20, 2018, 02:09:58 AM »
Ronin Cabins

Ian came close to the doorway where he could see the troubles and jump in if he had to.  He saw Abe's weapon of choice behind her back, out of sight of the new crew.

The young man needed to find balance or he would loose himself.
Mischief IC / Re: S02E01 - Hunting Gryphons - Day 17 - Better Lucky Than Good.
« Last post by Tara Marx on April 19, 2018, 11:39:53 PM »
"However Miss Marx, *we* shall be handling this situation with care and expect you to follow our lead as we take this detour. That is after all why you hired us."

"Sounds fine to me Mister Carver, Maddie and I are here to assist in any way." Tara turned to Bell... "Let us know when we get close." Tara moved to exit the bridge pausing once more to address Michael. "Just a heads up, when we get close to those that are behind this detour, it could get quite rough quite fast, hope you are up for it." With that she was off to see Maddie.
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