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Brass Ferret Asides / Re: Short Leave on Return: Campfire Songs
« Last post by Freya on Today at 06:14:01 AM »
After their conversation on the bridge and her welcome onto the ship from the Captain himself, they'd parted ways and he'd headed toward the music playing in the direction of the galley. Freya had, of course, gone in the opposite direction, counting the hatches on her way down the hall and stopping when she found the one she thought might've been the one heading toward the dining area. Of course, she couldn't really be sure but she figured it would hurt to wander around the ducts and crawl spaces until she found where she was wanting to go. It'd be a great way to get to know the ship better and add to her protective layer of dust and grime.

In the end it had taken her several long minutes and most of the Captain and Briar's conversation before she finally found herself sitting with her thighs against her chest and her knees bent in the crawl space behind a sealed grate in the galley.

"- to do a job and as long as you do that job, you'll keep that job," the Captain said to Briar, although the Wisp hadn't heart the part proceeding it. She got comfortable, setting her chin on her knees and closing her eyes, finding comfort in the confined space.

"And as for pouring your heart out to me, well, you go on pouring whenever you need. I'm always here to listen," the Captain continued and the girl couldn't help but to open one eye and peek out at him through the grating, grinning to herself. He was a good Captain, and she was still fairly certain he was the love of her life. With her other eye still closed, she turned her gaze to Briar, looking over what she could see of the woman and nodding a little to herself.
Brass Ferret Asides / Re: Short Leave on Return: Campfire Songs
« Last post by David Maverick on December 12, 2018, 10:17:30 PM »
Usually David would have had this conversation with a new crew member immediately upon first meeting but the way things had gone, that just hadn't been possible. And Briar's apparent uncertainty now reaffirmed to David how important these conversations really were.

"Starting over with a clean slate is a lot trickier than it seems. How does one learn from the past without dwelling in it?" David mused. He asked the question very much like he didn't have the answer.

His hands slid into his pockets and his legs stretched out, taking up a relaxed position.

"Briar, I've seen your record. It doesn't concern me. You're here now to do a job and as long as you do that job, you'll keep that job."

He paused briefly before smiling wide. "And as for pouring your heart out to me, well, you go on pouring whenever you need. I'm always here to listen."
Brass Ferret Asides / Re: Short Leave on Return: Campfire Songs
« Last post by Briar Williams on December 10, 2018, 11:11:53 AM »
"Why, you got a concern about someone on the crew?"

"Oh, no, y'all seem like upstandin' folks," Briar said quickly, then fell quiet. A small wrinkle appeared between her brows as she sunk into thought for a second, then disappeared as quickly as it had emerged.

"Well, I guess that's just it-- I ain't really used to having a job with... proper contracts and codes of conduct and all that fancy... legal... stuff. I mean, if you read my Cortex record you'd know I did some time. Don't exactly have a clean track record."

Her eyes were still fixed on the strings of her guitar, but she'd moved from strumming to absentmindedly plucking at them. A nervous chuckle suddenly escaped her lips

"Yē sū, I sound so dramatic. I dunno why I'm pouring my heart out to you, I mean, I was supposed to start over with a clean slate but I guess this defeats the purpose. And I ain't even been drinking since this morning!"

Briar could feel a small rumble of anxiety in the pit of her stomach. It was funny; she'd screwed up plenty of times in her life and taken some pretty catastrophic setbacks in her stride, yet this one simple conversation going slightly off the rails was threatening to set off her internal alarm bells. Maybe her screw-up-detector that was supposed to tell her when to panic was deficient somehow.
The Allure IC / Re: S1E0 - Preparations To Launch
« Last post by Desertpuma on December 06, 2018, 03:28:08 AM »
Shortly before 10 AM, as the crew was still waking and some were making preparations, there was a buzzing sound for messages in Captain Elena Marseille's quarters. After a few moments, as it went unheeded, the message was transferred to the comm wristband she wore.

"Our arrival time is one hour from now. There will be a dozen men plus me waiting to board at that time. --- Captain Andrews, Alliance Navy

---- Approximately One Hour Later ----

Outside the docking area for the bay, a well-appointed truck arrived and slowed to a stop. The man getting out of the car which preceded it was dressed in what could be termed as a standard officer fare. However, there was nothing out of place, no sense of casualness in his manner. This man carried himself as career military. His adjutant made his way back to the truck as he could be seen barking orders toward the truck. The echo of his voice did not make clear what was being said but the actions of the men departing made it apparent to those who were watching.

Carrying their duffel bags, the men quickly snapped into a formation of two rows, six deep, as they marched forward with their bags in hand. The officer, with the adjutant by his side, leading them into the docking area and down the steps to the bay holding The Allure. It was impressive enough, especially for those with the knowledge these were fighter pilots of the Alliance Navy. Well rehearsed and obedient to their commanding officer, the men stayed in military formation until he could be heard to call for them to halt their movement.

The open cargo bay door for The Allure made it easy to see the display of prowess. After ordering his men to halt, the Captain marched forward swiftly, the adjutant only a couple of steps behind. Stopping only a step short of entering The Allure itself, he paused for a moment to survey the interior. "My name is Captain Andrews and I am looking for Captain Marseille. There is an appointment for this vessel. Identify yourself so we get underway as soon as possible."

Revenge IC / Re: Episode 0: To Steal A Pirate Ship
« Last post by Harl Moses on December 06, 2018, 01:59:23 AM »
Harl took up the chase as his mark and accomplice began to move. He kept a safe distance using what foot traffic there was on the docks to shield himself, Harl used it to his advantage as best he could. Their direction of travel piqued his curiosity for they seemed to be headed toward a Federal vessel. Just how would he collect this nefarious bounty now in such close proximity to Alliance personnel just added to the trouble of the day. Harl slowed his forward progress, now he had to keep himself unseen from the Feds as well as Mister Soong and company. It was a fine line though to keep your target from noticing a tail and losing your target all together in a crowd...Not losing this one today... Harl muttered to himself and quickened his pace.

Gryphon IC / Re: PT2: Persephone: Eavesdown Docks
« Last post by Rolemancer on December 06, 2018, 01:33:43 AM »
The shootout had ended just as quickly as it had begun. Big Al and his goons lay sprawled out and bullet-ridden in the dirt as the haze from the gunfire settled and began to clear. Maley made it to the back of the warehouse to meet up with the Captain where they plotted their next move. It had grown eerily quiet and no doubt the Feds would be seeking out the cause of the gun shots, but still the street was empty and silent. The only movement was a dirt devil of gunsmoke and dust kicked up by the swirling wind.
Ronin IC / Re: S2E8 - To Catch A Glory
« Last post by Mara Blake on December 05, 2018, 10:26:47 PM »
In better circumstances, Lin's order to "stop making noise and come here" might have been met with a snort or some kind of dry retort, but as things were Mara simply obeyed. She emerged from the shadows of the forest edge and into the light of Ronin's bay. Her face was set, completely devoid of any expression. One small pack on her back, another (identical from the outside) in one hand, her long brown coat, a pair of guns and a pair of knives holstered at her hips and thighs - these were the materials she carried. It would not take much for an observer to tell she carried much more than what could be seen or held.

She was introduced to Monty. She looked at him, acknowledged him in a way, but her face showed nothing. She looked back to Lin. At the mention of the bank job a load of emotion washed over her. It didn't show on her face but she swayed slightly on her feet; perhaps a touch of fatigue. But she covered it with a shift of her gear.

"Hell yeah," was her response but though the words showed her eagerness her tone was flat and emotionless. "Put me in the action, boss, I'm ready to do some damage."

Prologues / Re: Birds Dont Sing Anymore
« Last post by Maxell Graves on December 05, 2018, 05:24:30 AM »
Spinning balls of molten lead split the molecules of the air before them as they shot from side of the thicket to the other. The flashes of light from beyond the trees where Maxell's steel gaze searched for the rebel's form slowed and came to a stop. "Keep the guī dn pinned down!", the Major commanded his borrowed unit. Taking a single shot in the vicinity of a large tree near which the last flash fire appeared, Maxell sought to give his enemy the impression that he intended to continue firing blindly. In truth, even if he carried his current favorite model of repeating carbine and a pair of spare magazines, Graves understood the importance of every bullet and wished not to leave himself with little more than Turner and the snow to attempt a defense.

Waving a hand to catch a pair of fur-covered, purple armored Marines' attention, Maxell offered a series of signals that instructed for the remaining handful of the squad to maneuver around the large tree in an attempt to surround their rebel prey. Maxell nodded, pleased with his plan as the well trained fighters followed through expertly. Then, Turner tossed her pence into the pot.

This is my mess, Ill take care of it!

Maxell trained his gun on her for a moment as she hopped up and sprang for the trees. A tremor took his trigger finger, his mind resisting the well-honed urge to squeeze the scaled down instrument of destruction in his hand. Part of him knew the thing to do would be to gun her down now, allowing her to regain some sense of honor in death despite her betrayal to the Alliance. Logic dictated, however, if the cowardly rebel rouser hiding in the trees mucked about and took out his own ally, the resulting momentary shock could easily serve as the opportunity the Marines needed to take the Independent "soldier" by surprise and bring this desperate final stand to an end without further Alliance casualties.

Turner made it to the tree, rounding it with her sidearm drawn. However Maxell managed to let her keep it, he cursed himself for it now. His sights leveled under the top of her head, his eyes focusing on the center of her ear. Bringing the browncoat in wouldn't save her from a Court Martial, but not turning her gun on the closing Marines might save her life. For the moment.

Maxell groaned, his disappointment becoming a fog in the air before him as he saw a rifle tossed before Turner's feet. An approaching Marine kicked the rifle away as her fellows circled around. Maxell picked himself up from the ground, glanced at the gaudy and impractical cape still caught in the branches, and limped forward with his hold out still drawn on Turner. She'd suffer a gut shot now, the visual of which Graves savored as the pain from his knee flared up into his hip. He nodded toward a pair of Marines as he kept his eyes locked on the pilot. A thick, purple gloved hand snatched Turner's sidearm away as the warm end of a rifle pressed into her back.

"Fuck it. I surrender."

Maxell finally rounded the tree himself. Wet snow hung close to the gnarled, aged tree. One fat, visible flake drifted down into the thicket, caught in what black hair still grew on his head and stuck for a moment before melting over the rising heat as his face grew red with anger and effort. He shot a final, disapproving glance at Turner before gazing down at his quarry as if he stared at the largest single pile of go se he'd yet seen in one place at one time.

"Christ. You're one ugly wng bā, you know that?"

As the soon to be prisoner lifted his arms, Maxell recalled the spray of blood across the snow and the sanguine smell hanging with the cold in the air. The opportunity presented, Graves drove the toe of his boot deep into the ginger bastard's ribs. "Marines! We're taking these two back to base for detainment until Central Command send a proper interrogator. I'll make official requests for commendation for each of you. For your valor in t the honorable service to the Alliance of Unified Planets, you all deserve it."
Ronin IC / Re: S2E8 - To Catch A Glory
« Last post by Ava Gray on December 04, 2018, 10:26:24 PM »
Ava's comm buzzed, and her chest tightened as the job became suddenly real.  Up 'til now it had felt largely like play acting, with no real commitment to consequences.  Noticing security cameras wasn't a crime, but if the message said what Ava assumed it would, then tonight she was going to step over the line from smuggling to bank robbery.  Her path to the criminal element would be complete.  She'd already committed to the path, and nerves or not, she was going through with it.  After all, she thought, remembering what Luke had told her, We're the good guys.  She played the message.

"We are still on for tonight, Doc."

It was interesting how the same unperturbed confidence that had seemed so unnervingly incomprehensible when the doctor had first met Lin Kuei now seemed comforting.  She supposed it was the difference in being part of the team rather than on the outside.  She straightened her shoulders, tugged briefly at her bodice as if there were some final improvement she could make to the ensemble, and then stowed her comm in a dainty clutch purse.

Ava tucked the purse under her arm and strode out into the hallway.  A snatch of song ran on repeat through her mind, and she found herself mentally altering the lyrics.  I am the very model of a modern hardened criminal / I break all of the local laws and also all the Federal...  As she stepped aboard the elevator and the door closed behind her, she sharpened her focus on the job to try and dispel the earworm.  She felt her palms growing damp with nervous sweat and fetched a pair of lace gloves from her purse, careful not to expose the two syringes tucked inside - one of insulin, one of glucagon - two perfectly innocuous components of her worst case scenario self defense plan.  She snapped the clutch closed and slipped on the gloves as the door of the elevator whooshed open on a balcony leading down to the casino floor.  A torrent of noise and light flooded in to surround her; the clink of chips, the murmuring of voices punctuated by laughter and groans, the flashing lights of the slot machines and their electronic burbling...

The sheer volume of stimulus was so great it left little room for anxiety.  Ava felt most of her tension ease out of her.  She was the predator in her natural environment.  The gaudy display of luxury and wealth before her was the perfect camouflage.  She regally descended the  stairs and headed for a place in which she could lie in wait for the accomplices Captain Kuei was sending her way.
Ronin IC / Re: S2E8 - To Catch A Glory
« Last post by Ian Dugan on December 03, 2018, 04:42:42 PM »
Ian had nodded to Lin and moved to make the final checks fir launch.  He was dressed all in black, complete with TAC vest under his customary duster.

He was aware of the guest as Lin had called to her.  Since Lin didn't introduce him, he minded his task and made sure the Blaze was ready for Night Ops with full on stealth mode and Black out Lights.

He took a deep breath and and smelled Abe,. Not that he ever tried to get the scent of her out of their home.  He did not let his worry over her get in the way.  That would lead toore trouble and lower the chances of the job's success.

Once he finished, he waited until the others arrived and made ready to launch.
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