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Finding Serenity

Finding Serenity is an original-character roleplay set in Joss Whedon's Firefly 'Verse. Events take place after the events of the Serenity movie.

The year is 2519.

Earth-That-Was is long gone. Humans found a new group of solar systems with dozens of planets and hundreds of moons. The "Core" planets are civilised, high-tech and under Alliance control. The "Border" worlds are diverse and distinct. The "Rim" is the wild west of the 'verse and the "Black" is where our ships travel, hoping to avoid the perils of space: Alliance, pirates, and the monsters known as Reavers.

So here we are, on the "raggedy edge". This is where our characters live. There are those who stick by the Alliance Government, those who want to rise up against it, and those that just don't care either way as long as they can make a living. With every turn, every choice put forward and every decision made we are FINDING SERENITY

Author Topic: CREW MANIFESTS  (Read 9676 times)

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« on: July 26, 2012, 04:21:02 AM »

A flying farm. Action-based, building characters while building a business.

Narration:Free Form
Captain:Ephraim “F-Word” Fiwiescayadannyness
Pilot:Izak "Zak" ArcherTalisman
Mechanic:Freya FahnLomari
Fighter Jock:Iona PikeSer_Magikarp

Drama and Character Development with some Action. Mischief is a charter ship, open to player-characters hiring the ship for their own ends and building plot around that.

Narration:Clare / Becker / Rolemancer
Captain:Chris CarverClare
XO:Addison Michael CarverBecker
Pilot:Emerson "Hellzy" BellScoro
Mechanic:Glen DemonteSer_Magikarp
Doctor:Alexandria "Mercy" MercerDrkRaven0905
Gunhand:Andes MaleyAndes Maley
Gunhand:Temperance "Mattie" RooneyScout
Gunhand:Cyril Leland "Lucky" WadePurpleRiver
Chartered by:Tara Marx-IakovlevRolemancer

A former criminal ship now it has a personal vendetta against Nikola Kang, the formidable criminal leader. Ronin has Alliance approval to bring down Nikola’s organisation by any means necessary. Heavy action.

Narration:Free Form
Captain:Lin KueiDesertpuma
Pilot:Natascha Maria Santiago  de NegronNatascha Santiago-Negron
Mechanic:Leroy "Monty" DelmonteRolemancer
Comp Tech:McKayla LangsterDrkRaven0905
Doctor:Alyssa GarnetPurpleRiver
General Hand:Tarantino QuinTarantino Quin
Gunhand:Vega BarnetAxe
Gunhand:Abenette Kelkerabbey
Gunhand:Ian DuganIan Dugan
Gunhand:Helena CainHelena
Passenger:Valerie "Velocity" Elizabeth Grey-LambertClare

Character Development / Plot Advancement / Novella. Players often go into extra length to detail the surroundings, actions, and overall feelings, made to sound as much like a story as possible.

Captain:JAX (Jason Aaron Xavier)Rolemancer
XO:Abigail ArcherHelena
Pilot:Amorru ReyesRUNE
Doctor:Grace HalladayScoro
Mechanic:Artemis GrahamArtemis Graham
Gunhand:Emit CulpepperSpacecowboy
Passenger/Other:Charity VornbachLomari
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