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  • Desertpuma: also in need of a mechanic, another skill that is not Lin's strength but he can handle many basic repairs
    July 19, 2017, 12:53:37 AM
  • Desertpuma: In answer to your queries .. the only people on board Ronin that are posting are myself, Abbey and Ian. The ship is grounded and there was an intermittent message call sent out. Lin is a passable pilot but not much beyond the basics. So Velocity would be welcome
    July 19, 2017, 12:52:57 AM
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Author Topic: Marcus Hargrove  (Read 239 times)

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Marcus Hargrove
« on: September 09, 2016, 09:17:46 AM »
Marcus Hargrove
Date of Birth:  22-06-2480
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Professional Merc
Secondary Occupation:  Bounty hunter (only dead or alive jobs)
Requested Ship:  Any
Equipment:  Weapons:
Assault rifle w/suppressor (based on German G36)
Combat knife
Hold out pistol (Baretta 9mm)

Combat/tactical vest w/pockets and holster
Personal communicator
Small scanner (motion tracker)
Flash grenades (home made, hardly used)

Appearance:  Marcus stands around 6'1 to 6'3 and that usually depends on the bar he walks out of. Keeps in shape as his job always requires him to. He has Grey hair from all the years of stress from being a professional Merc, lavender eyes that seem to disarm those who stare into his cold eyes.  Though he may not be aging as gracefully as others as he still smokes, he still can throw down with the best of them.  Amazingly enough he tends to keep his 5 o clock shadow well trimmed and a straight face no matter the circumstances.
(Best image I could find that matches is from an anime)
Face Claim: 
Initial Personality:  At first glance he seems to blend in with the rest of the crowd but as you sit down and talk he begins to stand out.  He seems to have a cold yet straight forward personality and seems to move the conversation toward employment and payment all the while lighting up a cigarette or cigar depending on the situation.  If you pay close enough attention you can tell...he is not a man to be taken lightly. This point is proven by the pistol under the table he has trained on you as a precaution.
Underlying Personality:  Once people get to know Marcus they slowly realize he isn't all that bad or cold hearted.  Beneath the rough exterior is still a rough man but not as rough as one might think. He has his moments of showing real emotion but still continues to remain calm even under the worst of circumstances. Though he may disagree with certain things you may never know it. The quickest thing that other crew members find out is that he is always straight forward about everything and hates beating around the bush.

Known History:  Publicly Marcus is known as a professional Merc that has the alias of Iron Ghost.  Rumor has it that he was Alliance Black Ops during the war with the browncoats.  Though this can not be confirmed there is still reason to believe he carries out missions every now and then (please read history for more details on this).  The Alias Iron Ghost came about from his work as he prefers to strike hard like iron and then disappear like a ghost.  He has worked for Adelei Niska on several occasions and rumor has it they are good friends.
Other History:  Marcus Hargrove grew up on the central planets bouncing from place to place at a young age due to his family.  He grew up in a military family and though it may have been tough at times he knew it could have been worse.  He enlisted into the Alliance military at a young age and was a good soldier much to his fathers disappointment. His father wanted him to become an officer and volunteer for the Black Ops program but Marcus quickly turned down his father and was soon banished from the family.  With only the Alliance military to fall back on he continued his career as an NCO of a group of Alliance front line soldiers.  Around this time the war with the browncoats was still raging and he and his squad were quickly sent to the front lines of combat.  Those years were brutal and it seemed as if the fighting would never die down.  During that time he received the nickname Iron Ghost for the reason that he always struck like iron from the shadows and relocated before the enemy could react.  Because of his guerilla style tactics he lost several soldiers under his command and to this day carries their dog tags.  As the war finally came to an end his squad received orders to "clean up" those who surrendered at a nearby camp. As they arrived they noticed the camp was filled with women and children along with a few browncoats.  Instead of following orders he and his squad took those that they could and left the planet on a stolen Alliance transport.  Officially Marcus and his squad are listed as killed in action and not traitors because of his mother and the connections that she had at the time.  Needless to say this would be the one and only time she could have helped him, she was later killed in a auto accident later that year. 

As Marcus and the group of war survivors landed they all went their Seperate was.  A few of the soldiers stayed with him through out the years taking on jobs as hired guns and slowly earning a reputation for getting the job done no matter what.  It was then that Marcus and his group were employed by Adelei Niska who hired them on as enforcers for a time.  Though the group did not like working for Niska the pay was too good to pass up.  But like the saying goes all good things must come to an end, Marcus and his team failed at capturing a target and Niska did not take it lightly.  That day Marcus lost his remaining squad to Niska's butcher all the while they made him watch.  He thought he too was going to feel the embrace of death until Niska stopped his butcher and then told him why.  The short of it is that Niska was having a bad day with a lady and Marcus and his group had bad timing.  After some more talking and a few weeks of recovery Marcus left on friendly terms....kinda, he killed the butcher before he departed.  Now Marcus hangs around bars and checks on the available Merc jobs that come up, work is never hard to find as Niska has vouched for him being a top rated Merc for getting the job done.  As for the rumors of him being black ops well that was just a load of crap started by some farmer he scared half to death while doing a job.  Another not well known fact that only a few know is that he makes for a decent field medic.  On one occasion he actually saved a farmers son from some gun shot wounds by cauterizing the wounds with the barrel of his pistol.  Later he removed the bullets from the kid, though a lot of alcohol was involved and the kid had more scars than before he was shot.  Marcus made the man and son promise not to tell of what he did as payment as he didn't want to become known as a hack doctor.

Skills and Strengths:  Skills include:
Guerilla warfare (military trained, combat tested, proficient)
Hand to hand combat (military trained, combat tested, proficient)
Firearms (military trained, expert)
Medical training (novice)
Weaknesses:  - Not a people person, prefers to stay with small group (2-4 people) tends to keep to himself
- Smokes cigarettes/cigars
- Does not like to talk things out in order to get information.  His rule is shoot now, shoot later and when everything is done shoot some more then maybe try and get some information.
- At times has PTSD and reverts back to when he was an Alliance NCO.
- not a morning person
- while he prefers stealth approach to combat it often never goes that way.
- Combat oriented yes, mechanically savvy hell no (unless it's a firearm) he will actually kick or punch said machine in order to get in running.
- Reliable unless you miss a payment
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Re: Marcus Hargrove

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Re: Marcus Hargrove
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2016, 11:00:32 PM »


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