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  • Desertpuma: Unfortunately, real life has been pretty busy .. I'll try to get a post up on Ronin today
    July 29, 2017, 05:21:45 PM
  • Clare: Velocity doesn't expect to survive; that just happens
    July 28, 2017, 09:10:13 AM
  • Desertpuma: once the ship gets going, will she survive Ronin?
    July 22, 2017, 11:38:44 PM
  • Clare: And the madness begins. Will Ronin be able to survive Velocity?
    July 21, 2017, 10:09:03 AM
  • Scout: If I were to revive any of my old characters Pele would be the one, she was fun. But hell if  I know how I'd fill the time line gap.
    July 19, 2017, 08:42:17 PM
  • Scout: for example I remember Laurie and Velocity having a rivalry but not really the details of it or Laurie's relationship with any other crew members
    July 19, 2017, 08:40:54 PM
  • Scout: I have all my old character bios saved but I wish I also had pre-crash posts because my memory of them is so fuzzy
    July 19, 2017, 08:39:38 PM
  • Scout: History is good
    July 19, 2017, 08:38:55 PM
  • Clare: I'm a bad, bad girl
    July 19, 2017, 07:58:45 PM
  • Clare: Beth and Ian have history which is why I was thinking of dropping her in, given the situation between Ian and Abbey :D
    July 19, 2017, 07:58:39 PM
  • Scout: Plus confession: I'm scared of playing mechanics because I am very bad at both actual engineering and writing technobabble nonsense :D
    July 19, 2017, 03:58:00 PM
  • Scout: I guess Bri could be re-worked into a mechanic fairly easily, but I didn't get to play with her enough for her to come into her own so I don't really even remember where I was going with her at this point
    July 19, 2017, 03:57:20 PM
  • Scout: Mattie's just a gunhand
    July 19, 2017, 08:29:30 AM
  • Clare: I guess she could have retrained as a mechanic in the intervening years
    July 19, 2017, 07:35:13 AM
  • Clare: If the ship needed a geologist, throwing Beth into the mix could be amusing :D
    July 19, 2017, 07:32:38 AM
  • Velocity Grey-Lambert: Hopefully she won't drive everyone insane
    July 19, 2017, 07:31:58 AM
  • Desertpuma: also in need of a mechanic, another skill that is not Lin's strength but he can handle many basic repairs
    July 19, 2017, 12:53:37 AM
  • Desertpuma: In answer to your queries .. the only people on board Ronin that are posting are myself, Abbey and Ian. The ship is grounded and there was an intermittent message call sent out. Lin is a passable pilot but not much beyond the basics. So Velocity would be welcome
    July 19, 2017, 12:52:57 AM
  • Desertpuma: Good to see the site back up .. got an email notice of a couple of threads getting responses so I thought I would check in.
    July 19, 2017, 12:51:14 AM
  • Clare: Velocity has never forgiven the parrot, even though she can't normally remember it
    July 18, 2017, 07:49:47 PM

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Author Topic: Well This Is Interesting  (Read 582 times)

Well This Is Interesting
« on: May 14, 2016, 12:12:05 AM »
One Week After Recruitment
Persephone Dock's

It was a pleasant day, or at least as pleasant as one could consider it on a world like Persephone; the bustle of activity always present here. It was still fairly early, right on the 0730 mark, local time,  as Jack made his way down the docks, a fairly large brown bag clenched in his left hand and a cup holder in his right. Keeping a relatively slow pace, Jack took the time to gaze about the docks, assortments of people, and of course ships. Coming or going, there never seemed to be a moment of peace around here, then again he figured that if it ever got quiet around here that it would be a bad thing. It was thinking about simple things that could keep his mind off his meeting that was only a mere twenty or so minutes ago, not that it was a bad thing, he just needed some time to think on it.

Finally arriving at the pad that the Wolf was parked at, he paused long enough to look up at the sleeping beauty, a hulking mass of metal that he could call his own; truly this was his home and one of the few things that he could actually call his. Punching in code on the keypad, Jack waited slowly as the ramp began to lower, a faint breeze rushing by, his slightly too long bangs flapping annoyingly in its wake. Jack snorted as he whipped his head in vain to move the hair out of his face, he really really really needed a haircut, maybe buzzed to the skin, that could work.

The ramp connected with the tarmac with a loud thump, causing the ship to shift slightly in the wake, no doubt giving everyone a head's up that he was back, that was if any of them were awake. Stepping off, Jack made his way up the ramp, the cramped docks opening up into the open spaced cargo bay that sat almost empty, save for the dying remains of Jack's old mule, and the impressively built racer that served as the only point of interest in the cargo bay. Aside from that the place was empty, having offloaded the few crates of oddly assorted goods yesterday; finally it looked as if this ship was starting to come together.

Glancing side to side, Jack couldn't spot anyone, not that he expected to find anyone except for the wonder twins, as Jack was now calling, at least in his mind, Piper and Wan-Li. If anyone would've been here he figured it would've been one of those two, working on the racer, or stripping the mule apart, or flinging engine oil at each other; that was at least what Jack assumed people who were mechanically inclined would do when together. "Anyone alive in here?" Jack paused for a moment, "Guess the aliens got 'em" he muttered to himself as he manually closed the ramp with a few taps of buttons on the keypad mounted on the wall. The ramp began to rise, a slight clanking noise emitting from somewhere under the floor panels, it finally closed with another loud thud, a slight hiss rising to his ears as the internal atmo was equalized again.

Make his way towards the galley, Jack took good note of how well the ship was coming together; missing panels and dangling wires were now a thing of the past. Doors slid open and closed as he walked down the hall connecting the docking bay and the galley, passing by the armory and medbay respectively. All quiet, or at least no one was making enough noise to reach Jack's ears; that meant the crew was probably a bunch of ninjas. The final door sliding open, Jack finally made his way into the galley, taking the time to set the bag and the cup holder on the closest table, and not a single dirty dish in sight; this was an appealing sight for Jack to witness.

All in all he had to say that he was rather pleased with the crew, not that they had actually accomplished anything monumental, but nobody had died, and the ship was being put back together. This was the retrofit phase, or at least that's what Jack called it, as they were waiting for their next job to come up. However that lull in the action was about to come to a screeching halt, because Jack just landed a job, a really good job that trumped just about everything else he had done since coming aboard the ship. Grabbing a mug with 'Jack' scribbled on the side, he made his way towards the bridge, somewhat hoping that he would bump into someone, but also really hoping he could get the chance to run up and down the quarters banging on things with a metal wrench; the wrench idea sounded far more appealing. Heading up the stairs, it was a short trip the bridge, punching in the code to open the door to the cockpit, finding it deserted as well, leading him to suspect that most everyone was still fast asleep. Grabbing the overhead hand mic, he keyed up the comms, letting a distinct crack ring out from the speakers throughout the ship. "Rise and shine, can I get everyone to meet me in the galley, there will be refreshments served on a first come first serve basis, thank you", releasing the key, he placed the mic back in its holder on the overhead panel before making his way back down towards the galley. Propping himself against the counter near the little kitchen, Jack patiently awaited the arrival of his gallant crew, and sniffed at his mug of coffee, not that he would be able to determine if it was poisoned or not. Though at the prices he paid it would have been foolish to kill off the customer base; dead men don't usually drink coffee.

I'll See You At Fiddler's Green

Re: Well This Is Interesting

Re: Well This Is Interesting
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2016, 04:28:50 AM »
Ben and Charlie did not hear Jacks intercom message, because they were not actually on the ship. The previous afternoon they'd gone to visit Ben's childhood friends, who'd basically become a second family for him after his adopted parents had passed away, and had ended up staying the night. Ben had only been able to give them a few hours notice, but when Ben and Charlie arrived the whole gang was already there. As soon as the door had opened Ben had basically been hug-tackled to the ground by 5 people, with 2 more standing by excitedly. After a minute the laughing pile of bodies untangled themselves, and introductions were made. There were actually two families present, the Salvatores, and the Flynns

The first 2 out the door had been Tony Salvatore and Conor Flynn, Ben's two best friends since the third week of high-school. Tony's brother Rob was next, his muscular bulk nearly counting as 2 people. The last pair to join in the tackling party were Sofi Salvatore and Erin Flynn, Tony's and Conor's sisters. The 2 bystanders were Laura and Anna, Tony's youngest sisters. Tony was married to Erin,  Conor was married to Sofi. Missing from the group were Rob's longtime girlfriend Brook, and Anna's boyfriend Jaxson.

All 7 of them greeted Charlie warmly, and she was instantly treated as part of the family. Another round of hugs were exchanged and everyone finally bustled inside. Once there Tony made the introductions between Charlie and his parents, Luca and Valentina Salvatore, who were busy cooking dinner. With the greetings finally concluded Sofi, Erin, Laura, and Anna shepherded Charlie away for "Girl talk", as Sofi called it, and the menfolk were left to talk over beers.

The evening went fantastically. The girls rejoined the men a little before dinner, the conversation was cheerful, the food was amazing (classic Italian cuisine). The fact that the Salvatore-Flynns were a crime family was not glossed over or suppressed, and did come up a few times. They felt no need for secrecy in Charlies company, Ben's trust in her being the only recommendation they needed, but at the same time this was a night for enjoyment, not talk of business.

The Salvatore-Flynns were relatively small compared to the other crime families and syndicates on Persephone, and the controlled and equally relatively small area. They treated people well, and fairly, and were well liked. They were by no means pushovers, and several attempts to take their territory by other families in the past had made it abundantly clear that the possible gain was not worth the brutal fight it would take to get it. They made most of their money off of smuggling, and hadn't indulged in armed robbery or gun running for nearly 30 years, and had never entered either the drug trade or the slave trade at all. Even the local law seemed to have a small soft spot for the Salvatore-Flynns, mostly because their territory had nearly the lowest number of violent crime emergency calls on the whole planet.

The festivities lasted til nearly 2am local time, at which point everyone insisted that Charlie and Ben stay the night in the guest room, and after very little argument they agreed. They slept well, though not long, and rose early enough for a quick breakfast with most of the family before taking their leave, their arms, and two bags, full of leftovers for their crew. After getting hugs from everyone and promising to come visit again soon Tony and Conor drove them most of the way back to their ship. Another set of hugs were given all around before Tony and Conor said goodbye, and Ben and Charlie started walking the few blocks remaining just about the time Jack made use of the ships intercom.

"So... What did you think?" He asked Charlie with a grin. Truth be told he hadn't realized how nervous he'd been about taking her to meet everyone until he'd felt the flood of relief when they'd all greeted her so warmly.


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