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Author Topic: Aylish Ryan's Medical Records  (Read 917 times)

Aylish Ryan's Medical Records
« on: August 26, 2015, 11:15:20 PM »
Symptoms of Closed Head Injury / At the Site of the Cave-In:
Symptoms of severe closed head injury usually present themselves immediately, while symptoms of mild head injury can show up days or even weeks after an injury. Symptoms include:
   Loss of consciousness
   Dilated pupils (unequal Blown Pupil)
   Respiratory issues (Heart Stopped)
   Nausea and vomiting
   Blood leaking from ear
   Vision issues

Other Happenings:
   Dislocated Shoulder
   Cut over Temple
   Death Kurt did CPR and got her back

Upon Arrival At Hospital Diagnosis: 

Small Epidural Hematoma
An epidural hematoma (EDH) is found in approximately 3% of patients suffering from TBI. Nine percent of those in a coma have EDH. EDH is a collection of blood which occurs below the skull but above the thick leathery cover of the brain itself known as the Dura. This area of the brain is basically fluid and is a shock absorber for the brain. However, there are veins that feed and drain the brain which move through this area and when they are torn an epidural bleed can occur. These patients are often ones who have symptoms including a lucid interval, which means they are struck in the head and have a short period of initial unconsciousness, wake up and seem better then seem to deteriorate. This is because of the gradual accumulation of blood in this area which presses on the brain over time (Aylish conversed with Kurt for an extended period of time before losing consciousness and heart stopped / Kurt did CPR and brought her back)

Closed Head Injury (see symptoms above)

Respiratory Impairment Due to Brain Swelling


Drug Administered Mannitol:

A medication which is often given to attempt to decrease the pressure.

Induced Coma (one week)
Persons can be put into a barbiturate coma, (also known as a chemically induced coma), to help alleviate the pressure as well. This can last from days to weeks.

This treatment is increasingly used - the body's core temperature is lowered to 95 degrees or lower to slow the flow of blood and other fluids to the brain. Studies have shown a better outcome with this type of treatment.

Spent another 10 days in hospital before becoming irritated with staff and checked herself out.  Staff was not sure whether the irritability was part of her injury or if that was just the way she was.  Most likely the second explanation. 

Reasons to return to the hospital:
Extreme drowsiness, weakness, or inability to walk
Severe headache
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