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Author Topic: Enter Tarvo Grey...  (Read 4646 times)

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Enter Tarvo Grey...
« on: June 15, 2013, 01:14:57 PM »
Five months ago ....

For Tarvo Grey, it had been a relatively busy month so far with all that had happened. He had been building his own web on The Bridgeway and making it work a piece at a time. The small crew who got near the big winners at the hotel casino had struck the jackpot a couple of times enabling him to get some priceless things fenced off of the site through his ship. The pit boss had not even needed to pick them out due to the noise they created at the craps table but he was useful in other ways.

There was the wealthy couple from Persephone who had reserved a suite in the hotel which the pit boss had heard about. A quick discussion with a couple of other people, like the owner of the tech shop who got his capital from Tarvo a few months ago, and soon the security feed was wired to send the images to his office. Wealthy couples in rigid societies do not like the sexual predilections to be made known at home. The first amount of blackmail money was quickly delivered and the second one arrived once they got home while future monthly payments for a year would be the end of it unless something happened. The deposits landed in a separate account before being bounced through two more before he received it. Of course, the lady accidentally donated a couple of her gold rings to the children once she got off the ship. They had been an enormous boost to his "profit margin" and allowed him to garner some more resources within the Warrens.

Now, Tarvo was in his office and working on his next scheme. There were rumors of cage fights in a secluded part of the Warrens. He was not interested in fighting or being part of it directly but he could certainly use his information sources to great avail and kids could help. This sector was going to be his to control completely one day. One of the kids told him there was a female fighting there under the name of Raven. When he had got wind of the next fight, he made it a point to attend and observe. There was much action to be had obviously. A few moments alone with the porter and Tarvo located Raven's "dressing room" which was actually much more of a large concrete closet and some drapes. Tarvo entered an empty room then pulled the drapes, leaned against the far wall, and waited for her to arrive.

Re: Enter Tarvo Grey...

Re: Enter Tarvo Grey...
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2013, 05:27:19 AM »
Another tap out... It was gorram frustrating... It's like they weren't even trying tonight... The collection of her winnings was nothing compared to the disappointment she felt... Sabrina was not one who fought solely for the financial reward. That was a bonus, yes, but for Sabrina the fight was all about, well, the fight... The challenge... The release of her aggravations and frustrations in a harmless way... Well, harmless to her. The man missing a tooth may not see it that way. Granted, she had more than her fair share of bruises and scrapes and lord knows her ribs would be sporting some lovely blue and purple colors in the morning, but it was nothing she hadn't experienced before, in fact she'd suffered much worse. But it was so much less fulfilling when her opponent just... stopped trying... Sabrina was just as happy to lose as she was to win if her opponent was worthy to lose to... Finding such a person though, was very difficult in this line of work...

After collecting her winnings, Sabrina spit out her mouth guard in the bin her attendant held out for her and she let him start to unwrap the bindings from her knuckles. She passed the young man a small share of her winnings before waving him off and heading towards the area that the Cage masters had set up as a sort of 'green room' for it's winning fighters; this constituted as a concret cubicle with a hospital curtain. Considering the area of the station they were in, this was close to luxurious. Sabrina had no reason to complain, in fact she barely used the facilities provided, but tonight she wanted to bind her ribs before she went home.

Only, when Sabrina went to go to her designated cubicle, she found it was occupied. She didn't recognize the man other than being able to distinguish the cloak of power and authority he seemed to pull around himself. This was a man Sabrina recognized only in that she had seen his ilk before. This was a man with goals and aspirations; maybe not all for good.

Sabrina acknowledged him with a look, but walked past him to the small table where she opened a drawer and pulled out a medical kit she kept there and a large ace bandage wrap. "Before you waste your breath, lemme save you some time by telling you that I already gave at the office, I don't believe in God and I already own a vacuum." Maybe it wasn't the best idea to lower the power-hungry man's status down to a common solicitor, but obviously Sabrina wasn't afraid of doing things that could be dangerous to her health.

Sabrina wouldn't remove the hood or the mask she wore until she was able to skirt a security camera somewhere on the station and disappear inside a public restroom or something and leave without notice. It was beneficial to have a brother who worked in security and maintenance; Sabrina knew where all the cameras were and she also knew a few non-secure maintenance and janitorial hatches that didn't require a security card.
« Last Edit: June 16, 2013, 05:31:13 AM by Sabrina Kurigawa »

Re: Enter Tarvo Grey...

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Re: Enter Tarvo Grey...
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2013, 10:11:19 AM »
"Well, atheists abound. But if I wanted a donation, then I would have taken what I wanted." The baritone growl rolled up out of the back of his throat. Tarvo's dark eyes gave her a once-over before looking at her masked skull. He spoke again in his ever-present, naturally intimidating, baritone. "You seem to enjoy what you do yet eighty plus percent of the proceeds go to the man in the hat. ... What am I selling is the opportunity to bring yourself some money and certainly more than you might make in your other job. Most people in fights prefer to see without their head in a bag and, since no one appears to have you on a leash, it is a safe bet you wear for yourself. Close?" Tarvo had been a boxer in his youth and carried himself as such as he leaned up off of the back wall. "I'm here to provide you with the opportunity to periodically cash in on your ability against opponents much tougher than you and make a little money on the side. Interested?"

Re: Enter Tarvo Grey...

Re: Enter Tarvo Grey...
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2013, 07:50:46 PM »
Sabrina sat down at the shoddily made vanity and started cleaning the abrasions on her knuckles with some cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol. Apart from the brief once-over, he hadn't leered or ogled her, or tried to molest or grope her, which Sabrina took to mean he had enough respect for her not to try anything like that. So, he had that going for him at least. Sabrina respected that.

Listening carefully to the man's words, Sabrina tried to analyze not only what he was saying, but more importantly what he wasn't saying. Aw, he thought she did this for the money; how quaint. Sabrina would give the man credit; he definitely knew how to use word sto his advantage and were she any other person she might think he was offering her an easy deal. Sabrina, however, was not any other person and she knew that a deal like the one he was offering would always come with strings. Sabrina was nobody's puppet.

When he finished his pitch, Sabrina did not respond right away. Instead she finished cleaning up the few small cuts on her knuckles and the one on her lip. Sabrina stood then, and began unbuttoning her vest, which was really just a hooded military style jacket with the sleeves cut off. She was careful when she removed the garment as she had dislocated her shoulder in that last fight and had, had to pop it back in herself afterward; it was still a little sore.

With the jacket gone, Sabrina was left in nothing but her jeans and sports bra. Normally, in the presence of others Sabrina would never intentionally reveal any part of her body beyond what a t-shirt might show. Sabrina's scars have always and will always be a point of self-loathing for her. They were ugly and they were plentiful and they spoke of years of torture and hardship. No one but her brother and recently a young mechanic had ever seen the full extent of her scars. Even now the ones that would be visible to Tarvo did not fully reveal the extent of her wounds, though they were the nastiest. Chief among them were the cane scars on her back and the gash that stretched across her torso from her right shoulder, across her chest and stomach then disappeared behind the left side of the waistband of her jeans.

The reason Sabrina did this now was because she wanted this man to see that she was no stranger to pain or suffering; that way he may think twice before trying to threaten her if he realized said threats may not hold as much weight with her as they would with someone else.

Sabrina grabbed the large ace bandage from the table top and began wrapping it around her bruised ribs. Youre obviously a smart man. She winced slightly when the motion of wrapping the bandage around herself strained not only her ribs, but her shoulder as well. I imagine, one doesnt get to be in a position like yours without being intelligent, cunning, ruthless. Sabrina would start with flattery and then see how it went from there. You're used to getting what you want and you probably don't take no for an answer, am I right?."

"That being said, while your assessment of me was partially accurate, you fail to realize that I dont do this for the money. I mean, dont you think if it were about money that there are dozens of easier and far less dangerous ways for a woman like me to earn a buck? Sabrina finished securing the bandage tightly around her waist and lifted her jacket vest back around her shoulders, carefully sliding her arms through it. She then lifted the hood back around her head and turned to him where she tucked her hands into the pockets and casually leaned back against the table. I wear a mask because not only is it terribly comfortable, in fact I wonder why more people dont wear them, but I also happen to be a very private person who lives a very simple life and Im more than happy to keep it that way. Im not seeking riches, glory or fame.

Sabrina had to be careful what she said to him, to not to give too much away lest she give him something to use against her. It was hard enough staying off the Alliance radar; she didnt need this man gunning for her too. "So while I'm flattered to have caught your attention, I'm afraid I can't take you up on your offer."
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Re: Enter Tarvo Grey...

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Re: Enter Tarvo Grey...
« Reply #4 on: June 20, 2013, 11:16:31 AM »
Tarvo let her dress her wounds, something he had done many times in the past when fighting ro in his work for the Black Mist Yakuza when he needed to enforce their desires. He let her finish and start talking before he made any attempt at a response. While she was looking away to wrap her waist, he gave her a quick look her up and down briefly and could easily admit to himself that she had nice legs. The thought made him wonder exactly why she wore the mask. It might have been the scars that were on full display, or at least the ones she was letting him see. This woman had been through her share of ordeal just like he had.

"Like you, I've forge my own future." Tarvo showed her the back of his right hand and all the scarring over it from street fights, bar brawls, and enforcements he has had to exchange in during the course of his time with the Yakuza. "Regardless how easy the way to make money might be, some people just feel the need to get their hands dirty because it makes them feel whole or to try and fill in the hole in their soul." Tarvo walked past her as made steps towards the curtain. "You do not want to take me up on my offer? Then that's your choice. ... I have other additional ways of making money beyond what I currently do. My gut tells me you are not one to usually pass up an opportunity of this nature but perhaps I was wrong." He stepped past the curtain then leaned back in briefly before ducking out again. "Perhaps your next opponent will put up more of a fight." Tarvo turned to look both ways along the corridor before he started to walk away.

Re: Enter Tarvo Grey...

Re: Enter Tarvo Grey...
« Reply #5 on: July 03, 2013, 05:10:20 AM »
'Some people just feel the need to get their hands dirty...'

'I have ways of making money beyond what I currently do...'

'Perhaps your next opponent will put up more of a fight...'

Sabrina couldn't help but hear the underlying threat in Tarvo's words and it pissed her off to high hell! This man may think he was the big bad of Bridgeway but he did not know the hornet's nest he was stirring up by trying to threaten or otherwise endanger Sabrina and her way of life.

"If you think taunting me with your pithy threats will entice me to become your lap dog, sir, you are sadly mistaken. I may not know who you are, but I know what you are. Men like you come and go everyday. That's the problem with sitting on a throne of power; there is always someone just waiting for their moment to knock you down and take your crown... Fortunately for you, I have never been interested in that life."

Sabrina was talking too much. She needed to get her point across and do it without giving too much away. "The Raven is a shadow; a symbol only. No one knows who she is and they never will." It even weirded Sabrina out sometimes when she referred to her alter ego in the third person; she couldn't imagine what Tarvo was thinking. "She is dangerous, but above all she is free."

Not only was Sabrina a stealthy and sneaky bitch who knew her way around Bridgeway and the best ways to get lost in it, but she also had a brother who had helped develop a lot of its security systems and surveillance programs and knew of all the best places to skirt its cameras or security checkpoints. Those were the reasons Sabrina had managed to prevent her night life from bleeding into her daytime hours for so long.

"If or when I lose a fight it is because the person I was fighting was better than me; end of story." Sabrina did not throw fights. Every opponent she had ever faced she did so in full force. Sabrina only fought those she knew would pose an actual challenge and she never held back.

"I don't want you as an enemy, but neither do you want me as one." The way Sabrina stood to face him, she used the lighting to her advantage, manipulating the shadows as they covered her face perfectly to make her eyes stand out from the darkness that her hood shrouded around her features. "You may be powerful and command a host of resources at your disposal, but even you cannot control the shadows. Raven can slip away in the darkness and you'll never see her again. Do you really want a harbinger of doom at your back?"

Sabrina was dead serious. If this man had the idea or the audacity to go after Sabrina and try to hurt her or anything she deemed hers or to ruin her way of life all over something as simple as wanting to use her to make money... She would find him and she would kill him... No one threatened what was hers...
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Re: Enter Tarvo Grey...

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Re: Enter Tarvo Grey...
« Reply #6 on: July 10, 2013, 11:31:35 AM »
Tarvo stopped walking at her words and slowly turned around to face her. "I was not looking for a lapdog. I was looking for someone who understood the value of making some money. Obviously, I was mistaken." He took a few quick steps before he was directly in front of her. "Your identity is not my concern. If it was I would have addressed you by your unmasked name. ... As for the fights, information is power and information about fighters even more so, which is what should concern you." This woman seemed to think she had everything wired up nice and neat. However, she left her own clues as to things which meant he had a place to start a trail to follow. Tarvo walked away as he spoke. "The Raven could end up making angry the wrong sort of people at some point. I'll be around and I might even witness it when the time happens to strike midnight."


* * *