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Author Topic: Alliance Sector  (Read 2904 times)

Alliance Sector
« on: April 02, 2013, 09:58:07 AM »
Rick had officially arrived via shuttle-craft. They were unloading his personal effects now, and he was due to report for duty as soon as he arrived. He walked along the hallway, toward what was listed as his quarters. His security pin opened the door, and Carl sniffed at the interior. On a cursory glance, Rick noted that it would be much more spacious here than it had been on board Titan. He and Carl had been crammed together in the only single bunk room available, and Rick had spent most of the journey trying to learn the new security codes, layout of the station, and people of interest.

On the inside of his room there was a small kitchen as per his request, as well as a dog run, dog bed, bookshelf, monitor, and an extra-large double bed. This place just might work, he thought to himself. "What do you think Carl, can we stay here?" Carl barked once softly.

A voice behind him caused Rick to turn rapidly, "Are your quarters set up correctly, sir? We tried to match the profile you sent, and I personally checked that everything was the newest model." In front of Rick stood a short middle aged man who had military cut brown hair, sharp features, and an unusually thin frame for a soldier. He was also wearing civilian clothes, a button up shirt and slacks with dress shoes. The man offered his hand out to Rick, "Sergeant Collin Bree, sir. Engineer and head mechanic for the flight deck"

Rick sized him up, and then decided to bend a little on military procedure, and shook the man's offered hand. "Thank you for taking such care with my quarters, Sergeant. Is there a reason you are out of uniform?"

The sergeant looked down sheepishly at his clothes and then back at Rick, "Actually on my way to meet a girl, sir. I'm off duty for the next 2 days, and I thought as long as your quarters were all right..." He trailed off with a look of desperation, like he had just been asked an interview question he hadn't prepared for.

Rick wasn't usually strict with code, but he wanted to ensure that he wouldn't be taken advantage of either. "It's fine Sergeant, as long as you are off-duty. I appreciate all your hard work here, and so does Carl." Carl came over at the sound of his name and sat next to Rick. The sergeant looked immensely relieved, and was almost immediately back to his previous bouncy attitude. It was hard to get a man down when he was off to meet a woman. "Thank you, sir. If you need anything fixed, let me know straightaway and I'll be sure to have someone on it."

Then the sergeant was off. Rick smiled remembering his last date, and then immediately regretted it as the flood of memories came back and his hands clenched into fists. Carl whined sensing his frustration, and Rick relaxed slightly. "Go inside Carl."

Rick closed the door to his quarters and walked down to the commander's office to check in. His new office, he had to keep reminding himself of that. He entered his pin again and the door opened. This room was laid out with monitor's everywhere. Different command panels behind the desk allowed him to see any security camera that was active on board, or that is what his datapad had said. Also he knew that nothing short of a direct blast would even dent the walls or door of the office, having been reinforced several times and the door was pressure sealing, so even if there was a breach he would be protected. They had installed a dog bed and run in his office as well, which was a welcome surprise to him. It meant Carl could come with him and not sit alone all day. He turned all of the monitors on to ensure they were working, and then scanned through the security feed quickly. A few minor reports, but nothing serious that needed his attention. He quickly made his check-in official, and then sat and watched the feed coming in for a moment. He wasn't actually on duty for another two days, so he turned everything off, and walked back to his room to unpack and cook a meal for he and Carl to share.

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2013, 11:22:38 PM »
Carl was finishing off his bowl of protein mix when Rick finished making his salad. One of the advantages of moving up in the Alliance ranks was he could request fresh fruits and vegetables most days, and only in a pinch did he have to move to manufactured foods. Although he wasn't sure that would continue on a station.

Rick ate quietly but efficiently, mixing his salad as he ate. He didn't need much time when eating, something he picked up during the war. When he was finished he studiously cleaned all of the dishes, including Carl's bowl, and stacked everything neatly. He had put much of his gear away, but the few things that were out made a statement. His books stood on shelves, neatly ordered, and organized by subject. He had military strategy on one shelf, and weapons and hand-to-hand combat on another. On his third shelf were old medical texts that he had considered valuable when he left training and had stored during his active duty as a soldier. The last shelf of books contained history and fiction. Often the two were so mixed it was difficult to tell the difference. Tales of Earth that Was, and A History of Earth that Was often had a different view on the same story. On his top shelf there were no books, but photographs neatly displayed next to one another. One of Sarah, one of his platoon from Hera, and the last was of his parents.

All of his knives were in a box next to the bookshelf, and on top of it were his sparring gloves. He picked them up and idly put them on was he looked over the pictures, flexing his fingers and feeling the comfort of them. The pictures brought back memories, wounds that were still not entirely healed. He moved to the middle of the room, taking his eyes from the photos. It felt like second nature as he began shadow-boxing within his room. At first slow and practiced, moving gently through a left hook, then a uppercut, then a mixture of jabs and hooks. His speed gradually increased as he began mixing his fighting style, and began beating his shadowy opponent with fists, elbows, knees, and feet. His old wounds were hot with exertion, and he felt sweat began to bead as he moved with practiced speed. His mind was focused on his opponent, foreseeing moves three strikes ahead and countering them. He finished his foe with a hard kick to the chest, and as his foot impacted the ground, it was over. He focused again on the world around him, hearing the quiet of the room, and the soft smell of fresh greens. Sweat moving slowly down his skin, he looked down at his hands, and saw that he still held them clenched tightly into fists. Relaxing them slowly, Rick took his deep breaths and calmed his shaky muscles.

He pulled his gloves off, and slowly slid through his exercises that kept his injuries hidden and allowed him full mobility. They were strenuous, but after doing them hundreds of times, he greeted the small pains as if they were old friends. Welcoming the soft aches in his muscles, and feeling the calm wash through him. Carl watched with kind eyes, offering all the support he could. Rick allowed a smile to break across his face as he looked at Carl. "I'm not injured anymore Carl, and I could certainly whoop you in a match." Carl looked dubiously at Rick, and yawned. Rick walked toward the shower, and patted Carl's head on his way by. "Yeah I didn't believe me either."

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2013, 09:33:49 AM »
Rick woke with a slight start as Carl jumped onto the bed. He had no idea how long he had been asleep, but it felt good to get up and shower. He ate quickly after dressing, andheaded out to the flight deck to see if he could track down the Squadron Commander. Rick might have been the Commander on the station, but the SC had just as much power. 

Rick was in civilian dress to signify he was off duty, and walked down the hall to his office. He punched in the code, but nothing happened. He tried again, and there was still no click or sign that the door would open for him. A private was passing by, and Rick waylaid him, "Who fixes the codepads here?"

"May I see your identification first?" Rick was annoyed, but glad to see that the protocols were being followed. He waited while the man checked his identity, watched as his eyes widened slightly, and then chuckled inwardly as the man hastily saluted him.

"No need for all that, I just want into my office. Which engineer deals with these?" Rick waved his hand dismissively toward the pad.

"I don't really know, sir, but I could go find out?"

"No, no. I will find them myself. Carry on." Rick headed toward the engineering barracks, remembering that Sergeant Bree would be gone for the next day at least. Perhaps any engineer would be able to fix this problem though, or so Rick hoped.

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #3 on: April 05, 2013, 12:20:16 PM »
The man now fixing the panel was named Merl Blackhorn, and he had been the only engineer who had high enough clearance to work on the door. There had apparently been a technical talk being given to the flight school, so the halls and barracks were mostly empty.

"It looks like whoever gave you access just did it for a 24 hour period as opposed to continuous. I can authorize you though, sir." Blackhorn showed him the portable device he was using, and lines of code were displayed on it. Rick just nodded in agreement and let him get back to fixing it. Programming always made him nervous, and the thought that the engineer could authorize anyone for the door made him doubly so.

"What sort of protocols are in place to prevent you placing unauthorized personnel on the access list? I mean can you allow anyone access to any door?" Rick was genuinely curious, but also needed to know for security reasons.

"As long as I can access the subpanel, I can do so. There are some subpanels that are on the inside of the room, which makes them difficult to open if you get locked out." Blackhorn was talkative, and his fingers were working quickly on the pad he carried. Shortly he looked up and said, "Sir, if you would please enter your code now?"

Rick punched his code in and the door slid open. He watched as Blackhorn undocked his device and packed his gear up. "Thank you Sergeant." Rick matched his salute and then went inside while Blackhorn went back to the barracks. Rick began to go through all of the security feeds slowly. It looked as if he was able to see most of the public sectors, but a few did not show up correctly. It was probably just an error, or possibly vandalism, but Rick put the information down for further review. After a few hours of looking at crimes on board, he left his office in the direction that the computer had indicated the Squadron Command would be.

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #4 on: April 06, 2013, 10:40:50 AM »
Rick was surprised to see two pilots standing outside of the SC office quietly talking to one another. As he approached, he began to make out more of their conversation, "... flying against him again. Nobody has beaten him in a solo engagement in the history of the school." The other man was shaking his head and responded, "What is this his 5th time? And last time I think he lost 500 creds on it."

The two quieted when Rick approached the door and swiped his ident across the door to let the SC know he was there. Shortly a third pilot came out grinning, and walked toward the barracks. The two who had been standing around looked at Rick, unsure who was supposed to enter the office first. The SC made the decision for them when he came out and offered Rick his hand. "Commander Farlow isn't it? I'm Squadron Commander Krik. Come in, please."

Rick was impressed by the man's office. There were awards and plaques covering the walls, and the whole back wall was covered in bookshelves. The SC himself was a graying man of average build. His voice was strong and clear though, and he had striking blue eyes that made Rick think of a plasma blast. He sat in his chair, and motioned for Rick to sit in the chair opposite his desk. The desk that was between them was cluttered, but the main space was cleared and appeared to be some type of holo-projector. The chair that Rick sat in was designed for discomfort, and he immediately regretted sitting.

"I understand you are a highly decorated field officer? You led several engagements in the war and have a great reputation as a soldier. I have no doubt you will enjoy yourself here on Bridgeway. Were you briefed on the command structure here?"

Rick was not overly enthusiastic about discussing his previous deeds, and was glad to be asked a direct question "I understand that you are commander and primary instructor for all the pilots and the support staff for them. I am the commander of the security forces and station personnel that are not directly involved with flight support. I did have a few questions about the overlap though. It seems that everyone on the station is listed as flight support at the moment?"

"That was just until you arrived, and now that you are here I can move some of them under your command. Most of the engineers are needed for flight crew, but I think we could move 4 into station support. The security forces have been invaluable as ground crew, but I am given to understand they would be of better use under your command. I think there are 20 right now, but there is payroll for up to 32. Everyone else will stay under my command." Krik smiled at Rick.

The commander had just made it clear that while they were equal in title, Rick had no authority here. He would be blamed if anything went wrong on the station, but he only had 24 of the 174 Alliance military stationed there. The reality of the situation was sinking in on him, and he realized there was no escaping the situation.

"Thank you for clearing that up. If you could make those transfers I would appreciate it. I'll not waste any more of your time." With that, Rick left the SC office.

Rick went back to his quarters and hooked Carl's harness up. They had one more day before his command officially started, and Rick was going to spend it outside of the Alliance sector. He put a gun harness under his jacket, and clipped a pistol to one side and a combat knife to the other. He didn't leash Carl, but put it in his pocket in case he needed to. Carl led the way out of the room, and toward the rest of the unexplored station.

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #5 on: May 19, 2013, 07:03:30 PM »
A couple of weeks, and Rick was still getting used to his role, and had been training extensively with the squad he was given. He wasn't sure how they had been trained at the beginning, and so had started with the basics of hand to hand combat. Rick had found that most of the soldiers were raw or unused to training so vigorously, and so he had worked them slowly into shape. If he hadn't needed them to be on his side in the political struggle, and actually like him, he would have pushed them past breaking every time until they were able to do a full day.

The engineers he had been slowly trying to work to his side, but they tended to resent being pulled from flight duty. The entire station seemed to be focused on the flight school, and nothing he was doing seemed to be making much of a dent. Sitting in contemplation in his office, Rick looked again at the wave that had just popped up today. He was to expect a woman of some importance to arrive soon, and it was specifically his duty to make sure that she was well taken care of.

"Well Carl, I suppose we are not much more than caretakers here anyway. It isn't like they want me to do more than sit here and be a pretty face for the station." Carl raised his head from where he was resting for long enough to look uninterested at Rick's words. Smiling back, Rick continued, "I know, nobody would think I was the pretty face for anything. There wouldn't be much for me to represent anyway. When this politician gets here though, I will be the first person they come after if something happens." Rick's face turned to a grimace at this thought. He would be as prepared as possible when this Madeline Whittell arrived.

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #6 on: May 23, 2013, 11:57:37 AM »
They came down the ramp together, the three of them. In the centre and holding the hands of the women that flanked her was a pretty young girl of about six in a sweet calf-length dress, her eyes wide in wonder tinged with apprehension, her demeanour that of unassailable innocence.

Holding her left hand was a striking, handsome woman in her middle years, grey of hair and well dressed in an expensive suit, the skirt modestly below her knees. She had a stern demeanour and didn't smile except when she looked down at the little girl beside her and then her face lit up in a smile that transformed her face. She didn't know it but a similar, though not as intense, effect was engendered when her gaze fell on the young woman holding the girl's other hand.  The natural assumption by a casual observer would be that the girl was the young woman's daughter and that she, in turn, was the daughter of the older woman. It was an easy mistake to make. The truth of the matter was that the young woman was the girl's nanny and tutor and the older woman the girl's mother.

They made their way through the hanger deck toward the lift to the accommodation level, their ultimate destination the best suite in the best hotel on the station. They were not expecting to be met, in fact, the older woman had deliberately not announced to the station authorities when she would be leaving her private yacht, a tacit breach of protocol given her position and the reason for her presence on Bridgeway. She had found it useful to surprise, on occasion and besides, she wanted to have the chance of some initial anonymity to be able to enjoy a few hours with her daughter without the complexities of official duties and the limelight that inevitably accompanied them both during and subsequently.

"Would you like an ice cream, Ruth?" the grey-haired woman asked her daughter who looked up at her and smiled.

"Yes, please, Mummy," Ruth replied in a voice that seemed a little young even for her apparent age.

"Can I tempt you to one too, Jenny?" the older woman asked the younger.

Jenny also smiled at the older woman, "I do believe you might, Madeline," she responded. She looked around for signs of a booth that would purvey ice creams.

"I guess it will have to wait until we get off this level," Jenny commented and it was Madeline's turn to smile as she realised that it was for Ruth's benefit rather than her own that Jenny spoke.

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #7 on: May 25, 2013, 03:12:42 PM »
Rick walked down the hallway with Carl following close on his heels. It was a common sight now, so none of the soldiers seemed to pay any mind to the fact that Carl was off leash. Rick noticed that there were two women heading toward the lifts dressed in entirely civilian clothing. Added to that they had a child in tow, and Rick was not entirely pleased to see that these folks had gotten through security with no escort. At least he could see them out to make sure that they weren't getting into more trouble down here than he could prevent.

"Miss, can I see your clearance card." Rick was far enough away that he had nearly had to shout to be heard, but had managed to keep his voice controlled. Carl came more to attention upon hearing him address the woman and barked once. Rick eyed him down letting him know that now was not the time to get excited, and jogged toward the women and the lifts.

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #8 on: May 26, 2013, 03:24:13 AM »
It took an effort of will for Madeline not to laugh out loud not helped by a glance out of the corner of her eye revealing that Jenny thought the situation funny too. She was glad that it took a few moments for the man to make his way to them. By the time he reached them, they had stopped and closed up a little. Madeline's expression was hard and unwelcoming.

"It is a long time since any one has called me 'Miss', son," she responded, her tone, severe and uncompromising, "You may call me Ma'am, or Senator."

Her expression suddenly softened. "Or you may call me Madeline, Commander Farlow. A pleasure to meet you, Sir." Madeline extended her hand to shake his, releasing Ruth's in the process, relying on Jenny to look after her daughter.

Jenny's attention too was on Rick and though she still held Ruth's hand her grip was not a strong one. Ruth's attention was entirely on the beautiful dog whose head was on a level not a whole lot lower than hers. With the adults temporarily distracted, it was easy and natural for Ruth to slip her hand out of Jenny's and make her way to stand in front of the dog, her whole attention on the beautiful creature in front of her. Without fear the little girl reached out to stroke the dog's head above its eyes, not understanding that even such a lovely looking dog had the strength in its jaws to easily crush the bones of her arm if it should feel so inclined.

"I am afraid you have caught me out. I had hoped to slip on to the station without fuss and treat the girls....." She stopped suddenly, her gaze having moved from Rick to her daughter and suddenly finding her not where she expected. For a moment she thought she had slipped away but instead saw the little girl's hand reaching out to pet the dog.

"Ruth, no!" she exclaimed, her hand reaching out to pull her daughter away, a horrified expression on her face.

((OOC: I have inferred Rick's actual rank - Madeline would know - so if I have got it wrong I am more than happy to correct it.))

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #9 on: May 26, 2013, 11:29:12 AM »
Rick was confident of Carl's demeanor and had no worries about his interaction with the child, but when Madeline reacted harshly Rick was startled. He looked down at Carl who had hidden behind Rick's legs peeking out from behind them toward the trio of women. Rick smiled at Madeline, "He is far more of a gentle soul than anyone else you will meet out here in the black Senator. You have nothing to worry about from myself or Carl here."

Rick patted Carl's head and smiled down at him. He looked up at Madeline and saw the expression on her face and realized that her fear was almost irrational. He addressed her more directly, "Madeline, it is my job to make sure nothing happens to you or yours, and as long as Carl and I are allowed to do our job you have nothing to fear."

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #10 on: May 27, 2013, 08:48:20 AM »
Madeline relaxed somewhat and dropped her hand, allowing Ruth to pet Carl though she kept an eye on the situation, not knowing how Ruth would interact with the dog; the dog might be gentle by nature but there was the risk that Ruth would do something to provoke it. She was relieved to see that Jenny was also keeping a close eye on Ruth. Ruth, who had drawn her hand back and looked at her mother quizzically returned her attention to Carl and touched the top of his head gently and then stroked it, moving closer to make it easier.

"Do I infer that I have something to fear, that I have reason to fear for our personal safety on the station?" Madeline asked, her attention focused on Rick's face though the intensity of her study was not apparent nor enough to be likely to make Rick feel uncomfortable. It was a loaded question, of course, deliberately so; security was one of the things that she was here to check on and she wanted to get a feel for the truth of the rumours that the underworld had already established a foothold on the station, what the local authorities were doing about it and crime in general and whether those charged with providing security and enforcing the law were overstepping their limits or getting a little close to the criminal element.

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #11 on: June 02, 2013, 12:56:09 PM »
Rick knew that answering the question dishonestly would only lead to more trouble later on, and so he took a moment to compose his answer in his mind. Sometimes this came off as thoughtful, other times people thought he was slow; either way Rick knew that not having a filter on his brain-mouth connection could lead to demotion or worse. He finally said, "Inside the hanger ring itself we have tight security, and I feel comfortable saying you are safe here. However when you leave the Alliance section of this station, the limits of my protection are to put myself or another soldier on you as a protective detail. I unfortunately have neither the authority nor the manpower to control security on the entire station, and the wing commander here has made it clear that I am to manage as I can with the small crew I have." Rick had no illusions about how dangerous the station was. The personnel were generally peaceful, but he wouldn't walk out of the hanger ring without his pistol and a few blades on him.

He looked down at the girl playing with Carl and then back up at Madeline saying, "We could find a place for you to stay down here if you would like, otherwise I can arrange a security detail for you."

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #12 on: June 04, 2013, 10:15:43 AM »
"That is not a good start," Madeline thought though she kept her facial expression neutral before allowing it to soften as she watched her daughter petting the dog. They seemed to be getting on okay, Carl seeming to tolerate, at least, the little girl's attentions and Ruth seeming not to be doing anything that might cause the dog offense. If the senior Alliance officer thought she needed security in other parts of the station then things had got out of hand very quickly, given how long the station had been operational. She stifled a sigh and turned her attention back to Rick.

"I have arranged a suite at the hotel while we are here," she said. "If it came to it, we could stay on the yacht but I promised the crew some time to do some work on her without the three of us getting in their way."

Madeline gave Karl a long look and then smiled again. "I will take what you have said under advisement. I would like to keep to my original plans but I would rather not be dogged by security."

There was an alternative that presented itself to her; having Rick acting as bodyguard gave her the opportunity to talk to him further in an informal manner and was less imposing than having someone whose function was clearly only as a bodyguard. "Perhaps you would be kind enough to accompany us to the habitation ring?" Madeline enquired and then a mock look of cunning came over her face, "There might be an ice-cream in it for you; I have promised Jenny and Ruth one."
« Last Edit: June 05, 2013, 10:06:28 PM by kysenp »

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #13 on: June 05, 2013, 10:39:26 PM »
Carl seemed to be enjoying, or at the very least enduring the attention he was getting, and Rick was so amused that his face broke into a bit of a grin. The girl was gentle enough, and Carl had seen much worse when he was being checked by the Alliance vet for clearance.

When Madeline suggested that Rick take the role of a bodyguard he was a little nervous. Spending enough time around him might lead her to think he wasn't qualified for the job. Especially if the role he was playing was her personal protection. However; it wasn't as if he could turn it down either. His mind ticked back and forth in a closed space trying to find an opening and failing miserably. He nodded and said, "I'd be happy to escort you to your hotel, especially if there is ice cream in it. And as for your future plans, I will try to work a security schedule around your own so that you don't even notice they are around." It would be more difficult, but worth it if trouble came around. Rick wasn't particularly worried about any individual threat, but it had always paid off to be cautious in his experience.

"Ruth, would you like to lead Carl?" Rick attached Carl's leash and offered the other end to Ruth. Carl would help keep her out of trouble, and it might make her more than a little happy to be able to walk with him.

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #14 on: June 10, 2013, 09:54:53 AM »
"Thank you Rick," Madeline replied with a brief smile that warmed as she turned her attention to her daughter.

"Yes, you may, darling," Madeline replied to Ruth's unspoken question which had consisted of an almost pleading look in Madeline's direction. "Be gentle with him, Ruth, don't snatch at the lead and if he runs, let him go or you will get dragged along behind him," she cautioned.

"Yes Mummy," Ruth replied solemnly, not seeming at all put out by Madeline's overprotectiveness, perhaps because the lure of the dog was too great.

As Ruth took the leash, Madeline leaned close to Jenny and said softly so that her daughter couldn't hear, "Do you think we should get Ruth a dog, Jenny?" she asked and was rewarded with a delighted smile which more than suggested to Madeline that even if Ruth might be ambivalent, Jenny was not. It was hard to tell whether Jenny wanted a pet or whether she had instantly recognised or perhaps it was a fight that Jenny had been hesitant about starting and had suddenly found not only that she didn't have to fight but that the outcome had been handed to her on a plate. Madeline was the sort of person to consider all the possible motivations in another rather than jump at the first one she thought of. It was a skill and a discipline that had served her well in the past.

"Or perhaps a cat," Jenny replied after a few moments. "It might not be so kind to coop a dog up on a ship... unless it is a very small one."

"Could you look into that for us, Jenny?" she asked without waiting for an acknowledgement; when it came to Ruth, Madeline had every confidence that Jenny would do what she asked..... and more.

Madeline turned her attention back to Rick.

"I have to confess that your.... concern.... about my personal safety on the station has me a little worried. Not for myself but for the station in general. It has only been open for six months or so and pressurised probably for little more than a year. It seems a little early for significant criminal activity to have started."

Madeline looked at Rick for several seconds and then sighed. "Perhaps I am being a little naive," she admitted.

Re: Alliance Sector

Re: Alliance Sector
« Reply #15 on: June 16, 2013, 11:32:00 PM »
Rick was casual about his observations, but had noticed that Madeline's assistant seemed to be the one who took care of most of the personal business related to the small family. Knowing this, Rick decided that perhaps at a later time he would require a good conversation with the woman in order to learn more. His attentions turned to the small girl who seemed to be very happy to have a dog to lead.

As Rick was snapped from his reverie he realized that Madeline had been talking to him. He ran back through the words she said and replied with his normal measured tone, "Well I have only been here a short while, but my primary concern is that most of the station is run on private security which, in my experience, can be bought. I am not saying you are naive, but when you have been travelling I am sure that your personal security has been handled by Alliance personnel. The loyalty is just different is all Ma'a... Madeline. Alliance security is loyal to the Alliance, and private security is loyal to money." There were other more pressing concerns that Rick wanted to bring up, such as smuggling, but he didn't think this was the time for it. Perhaps after they got through the initial days he would ask for a meeting to discuss all the security issues.

As the lift arrived Rick allowed the small family to board first and then followed. He sent a message to the on duty personnel to track his location and be on standby for security issues.

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Madeline had to work to hide a knowing smile; she had admitted that she was perhaps being naive but she wasn't actually that naive that she didn't know of the graft and corruption that riddled the Alliance at all levels.

"That may be the case with the military personnel here but it has not been my unmitigated experience elsewhere." Madeline emphasised the word 'may' only just enough to be detectable if he was listening. "Unfortunately, in these times it seems that even the military are not above reproach in that regard. "

"Or any other time," but she had better sense than to say that out loud.

There were more important matters to consider, however, such as how to shake any escort so that she could have a real look around. And most importantly of all, would there actually be somewhere that did sell ice cream. Now that she had promised it, she didn't want to disappoint her only surviving daughter, or Jenny for that matter.

"So Rick, where are we most likely to find a good ice cream, preferably in a waffle cone?" she asked.


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