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Author Topic: Companion House Opening  (Read 10137 times)

Description: Open to all Bridgeway Characters
Re: Companion House Opening
« Reply #80 on: June 10, 2013, 04:03:49 AM »
"Bryson?" it didn't mean anything to Mandrake, one more bot report that didn't mean anything yet. Not without context. He needed to read through the reports, the files of Constance Mandrake.

Cooper started through it, looked at the obvious files; the source leads. They spun and twisted, headed somewhere. Clear, concise. He knew Constance's filing and sorting. Neither of them had any kind of photographic or computer ultra-nerd skills to remember every cross check. But the program was good, it kept the tangent in plain sight.

Then thread stopped. Not stopped, they went ninety degrees. It was all heading somewhere, then it twisted. Corporate bullying to industrial espionage, to sabotage, to raqueteering then... military contracts, orders for merchandise to remote sites, slush funds for special training... then away to the committes and subcomittees of parliament, the Alliance Hiarchy... then, the churches and temples.


Cooper stared off into space, letting the information overload his own central thinking system. He looked right at Constance. His eyes moved like a man in a trance, along her neck, shoulder....

then he started again, if her could open up his old tracers. Databases he'd used as a police detective... Connie had them there, in her device. Cooper looked at her, met her eyes. Smiled.

"Bad girl."

Then started to run a program... but it was already there. Constance had done it already. Used his confidential sources and accesses. He didn't mind, he just didn't know...she knew.

And it was horrifying. He stopped.

His gaze was across her perfectly flat stomach, empty to a casual observer. But something about looking at her like he had a hundred times before. Thinking on multiple levels, her across the room; often naked on the bed - maybe typing. He moved gracefully, the device in his hand.

Cooper had his arms around her, his lips on hers. Still clutching the device he pulled her close. He ground his body against hers. Then just enough space to allow him to speak.

"Four of them. At least. Not many more. Everything leads to them, then away. They protect each other, pulling away attention, diverting." Yes? his eyes asked. Did he really just read that? About this skeleton of a vast conspiracy below the scans of even the alliance, behind the veil of the veil?

THe hand holding the device managed to get two fingers on a zipper. The dress started to come off.

"They're on to you." That was more than a guess, she had come running. Why else would she come? Because she loved him? They'd always been in love. But now?

"We'll have to get to them first."

First though was a dress falling, revealing a naked shoulder.


"Well not first." He kissed her.

"Then we get to Miss Tamsin first."
« Last Edit: June 10, 2013, 11:45:23 AM by Cooper Mandrake »

Re: Companion House Opening

Re: Companion House Opening
« Reply #81 on: June 16, 2013, 02:26:19 AM »
Constance's resolve, if it could be dignified with such a term crumbled under Cooper's caress and even if they had been in a more public pace she would have found it hard to return the top of the dress to its proper position.

"Mrs Tamsin," she corrected, because, in general, she abhorred sloppy use of titles and correction came naturally to her but there was no strength in her words.

"Should we find a more appropriate place?" Constance asked rhetorically and then continued, her voice low and husky, "Your place or mine?"

A thought struck her, "Or perhaps we should find a ship to take us to Greenleaf and you know....." she paused to add to the effect, "...there will be quite a lot of time to kill on passage...." Her voice trailed off as her hand slipped down his side and moved across the top of his thigh, it's intended destination very obvious.

Re: Companion House Opening

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Re: Companion House Opening
« Reply #82 on: June 16, 2013, 02:32:53 AM »
OOC: Figuring its time to wrap this thread up so everyone can move on.

While the Gala went on the security team went about their business almost unnoticed.  When through video footage they tracked down first the waiter and then the would be assassin they moved in and apprehended the suspects with none of the party guests being any the wise.

All in all the Gala was held to be a marvellous and event free success.  Only those in the know knew what really had happened on the night and the possible repercussions of such an event.  It seemed that both Isabella and Sabrina were about to face their own individual challenges and who knew what Cooper, Constance, Stephen, Chris and Shadow and the companion security had inadvertently stepped into whilst doing their duty.

Re: Companion House Opening

Re: Companion House Opening
« Reply #83 on: June 24, 2013, 05:08:45 AM »
There had only been a little kissing and groping before Cooper and Constance were interrupted. People had been spotted, the trail got warm. Then hot. Then they had closed in on the would be assassin.

The station and security people had worked fast and hard. Despite the close calls to two targets, both lived. The attacker caught.

Cooper's turn at interrogation turned quickly to negotiation. The assassin recognized their predicament and for not getting spaced, information flowed. Or at least as much as the assassin had. There was no reason to hold back, freedom was not in the mix and any false or withheld information would negate the lack of capital punishment.


Cooper wrapped up the paper work and found Constance had packed. His apartment cleaned out and they were ready to go. Except they still needed a ship, though there were options. Greenleaf bound ships were checking in.

Constance's traveling outfit was laid out. And yet they looked packed. So?

His eyes never left her, stretched out on the bed in the long slinky silky nightgown, while he undressed.

((ok with you Constance? upcoming fade to black and on the their next adventure))

Re: Companion House Opening

Re: Companion House Opening
« Reply #84 on: June 24, 2013, 11:14:31 AM »
"We are booked on a ship leaving for Greenleaf but.... " Constance paused, looking at Cooper from under her lashes, ".... the ship doesn't leave for six hours and we have the room for a little longer than that and it seemed such a waste not to take advantage of it."

Her gazed moved down his body and then back up, lingering a little below the midriff before returning to Cooper's face.

Constance put on her most inviting smile and, in contrast to the times when she had done the same thing to try to get something out of him involving her work, it was obvious that on this occasion there was only one thing on her mind.

After that things rapidly got very steamy and very, very messy....
....fade to black....

((OOC.... 'tis good, 'tis very, very good))


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