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Ronin IC / Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Last post by Abenette Kelker on Today at 05:55:15 AM »
Abe was thankful that she managed to eat an entire bowl of soup and since it was staying down, she eagerly dished up another helping.

"I'm glad you're feeling better,"

Abe almost didn't hear Velocity's words, especially since she had things on her mind like the fact that she was pregnant and the fact that Kuei didn't look like he bought her explanation.  But then again, she wasn't offering up any thing different right now.


It was a short answer, but she had to assimilate the new folks that were there.  And goodness...  It was almost incestuous how many of them knew other members of their now crew.  She made mental notes as to who was new and what they did as she ate voraciously.

Helena was a gunhand too.  She also knew Ian.  Abe briefly wondered what kind of guns Helena had.

Natascha and Monty were mechanic types.

MacKayla was a technical specialist.

Velocity was a pilot.  Apparently Natascha was too.

Doc's friend Tarantino looked like he had issues.  Like big issues.  She knew that the Doc cared for him and he was probably in good hands, especially if he was out of the situation that he no doubt had been in.

"Take the time to enjoy the food. I'll be in Ops so we can have that meeting whenever everyone is finished."

The man disappeared then and she was almost ecstatic about the fact that they seemed to have something to do.  Abe needed something to do other than scavenge spare parts.

Now...  Where is Ian?  If he didn't come soon, he won't get any soup. She turned and reached backwards and nabbed a bowl.  Filling it wioth soup, she set it next to her.

"It's for Ian.  Can't have anyone be left out, could  we?"

God, this soup is good...
Asides / Re: Ronin - S02E06 Aside - Doctor's Office
« Last post by Abenette Kelker on Today at 05:33:57 AM »
Abe was happy that the doc was somewhat chatty, though it was probably for her own benefit.  Anything to keep the patient calm right?

"I'm Alyssa Garnet,"

Abe nodded.  The doc's name kinda fit.  Abe didn't know why, but it just did.

"And he's Tarantino Quin. I don't really mind what you call me... Doc does have a nice ring to it though."

Abe smiled.

"Doc it is then," she told her. 

Abe knew exactly what it meant when analyzer finally completed.

Now was the time to face the music.

"Okay, you ready for this?"

"Not really," Abe confided.  "But I have ta know."

Then there was the answer.

"You're pregnant."

A baby...  She and Ian were going to have a baby.  Abe took a few deep breaths and managed somehow to keep her composure.

"'Bout six weeks?" Abe asked.  She wouldn't let herself get to emotional right now.  She needed to take care of a couple of things first.  "Are there tests that can be run ta see if that drug that they got me with during the attack did any damage?"

A baby...  Her mind was still churning on the fact that she was going to be a mom.

"I know that we don't know what was used, but is there anythin' we can do ta make sure it's healthy?"

A baby...  Suddenly, she couldn't help but smile.

"Ian's goin' ta be so excited," she told Doc.  "But I don't want anyone else to know for now, dong ma?  We need ta figure some stuff out first 'fore we go 'bout sharin' with Kuei or anyone else."

Was it going to be a boy or girl? 

"Can ya do that for me?"
New Ship Ideas / Cornucopia
« Last post by dannyness on November 21, 2017, 07:31:45 PM »
Ship Name: Cornucopia

Ship Design: https://martydesign.deviantart.com/art/Carrier-505868413

Your Characters Role on Board: Captain/Head Horticulturist

Style of Ship: Flying Farm

Role play style: Action-based, building characters while building a business.

Style of Narration: Free-form

Captain: Ephraim "F-Word" Fiwiescaya
Quartermaster: Jax
Pilot: Izak Archer
Mechanic: Freya Fahn
Tech Specialist:
Gunhand: Abigail Archer
Fighter Pilot: Iona Pike

Nowhere Saloon / Re: A place to call home.
« Last post by Freya on November 21, 2017, 04:28:47 PM »
Freya watched Iona sit with F-word, her head cocked and a funny little look on her face. The woman was interesting, to say the least, but she still made the girl nervous. She spent a little time staring at Jax and Abigail, not so subtly eavesdropping on their entire conversation with a grimace.

"Welp...here goes, huh?"

Turning her head to look up at F-word, Freya gave him a thumbs up and a cheesy grin, being as encouraging as she could be despite not having had very many opportunities in her life to do so. She just hoped she got it right. At his boss voice, her grin broadened and the girl rocked back on her heels, suitably impressed and a little surprised that that voice had been hidden somewhere in the tomato man.

“…this here is Freya Fahn.”

Freya raised a hand in greeting but looked pained at having been called out and although she was still definitely somewhat behind F-word, the little stowaway did attempt to stand beside him a little more, wanting to assist in providing some kind of unified front. As he listed off the advantages, Freya held up the corresponding amount of fingers, quietly helping to illustrate his points in her own way.
“This here's the charter."

At this, the girl held her hands out, one vertical, one horizontal, to gesture toward the document much like a gameshow assistant might show off the prizes, although her expression remained mostly neutral and stoic. She even went so far as to wiggle her fingers a little.
Nowhere Saloon / Re: A place to call home.
« Last post by F-Word on November 21, 2017, 04:11:18 PM »
As the final stragglers came in, F-Word muttered to Freya, "Welp...here goes, huh?" He then donned the confident voice of authority he used back when he'd run the family farm.

"Alrighty, folks. Thanks for showing. Gimme our eyes and ears for a bit and I'll make this short, to the point, and hopefully worth your while." It had been years since he'd put his 'boss voice' to use, but it still cracked some air. "Now a lot of what I got in mind is proprietary information. And since you ain't proprietors yet, I'm going to be pretty vague." He nodded to Freya. "For those who don't know, this here is Freya Fahn. She's here for the same reason you are: She's got skills necessary to pull off this venture. She and I have been tinkering and we've found a way to grow and transport a diversified portfolio of agricultural commodities through an interplanetary medium. That's business talk for we can grow and move lots of different crops on a spaceship. Now, if you got a lick of sense you should be able to see the advantages of this. One: If you fly with us, you'll always have fresh fruit and veg ripe for the picking. You'll eat better than any crew in the verse. Two: We will be able to provide the best and freshest produce possible. Which means we'll be able to charge rich pricks out the ass for a single gorram carrot. Three: We can transplant crops to less developed rim planets and make them a whole lot more livable. We'd be the everlovin' Johnny Ruttin' Appleseed of the verse, 'cept we'd get paid and wouldn't wear pots on our heads. 'Less that's your thing. So! We need pilots," he eyed Izak and Iona. "Not just to fly the freighter ship- Oh! We need a freighter ship, by the way- but to fly some kind of corvette or fighter to fend off attackers. We need tech folk who can keep our crops in an optimum environment. We need gunhands," he eyed Abigail. "To keep other people's dirty little fingers off our things and to make sure business stays business-like. We need a quartermaster," he eyed Jax, "To keep a close eye on our assets, which will be extensive and...well...I don't want to do it. Most of all, we need capable people like yourselves to help get this off the ground." He pulled out a document with his and Freya's signature along with some lines for others to sign. "This here's the charter. I'm offering partnership in this li'l venture. I know you're curious about the money. That's all there. Take a look at it and if you got questions, now's the time to ask. And if you're in, just slap your signature on it and we'll get to work."
Mischief IC / Re: S02E01 - Hunting Gryphons - Day 4 - Gathering the Crew
« Last post by Andes Maley on November 21, 2017, 11:14:43 AM »
Andes finished up his workout and cleaned up in his cabin. No one decided to join him, he wasnt surprised, they were still getting their bearings. He eventually made his way to the galley and took a seat at the table. Fishing a deck of cards out of his pocket, he started to deal three hands.
Ronin IC / Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Last post by Velocity Grey-Lambert on November 20, 2017, 10:58:23 PM »

Alyssa said: "Hello everyone, "I'm Alyssa, and this is Tarantino. Sorry we're late."

Two more names, two more descriptions for her notebook and, despite there still being a little food in her bowl, Velocity wrote the information down before she forgot to do so and before she forgot. She added in descriptions for everyone else she hadn't been introduced to so that she could add names and job titles later. She wrote in a very tight, small script so that she could fit as much as possible into the notebook as she didn't know when she might be able to acquire another.

Nat said: "Natascha Maria Santiago de Negron- also a pilot, though I'm no slouch about mechanics either.

Velocity blinked, a look of uncertainty creeping on to her face. Most ships of the size of Ronin only ran to one dedicated pilot and if there was one already aboard that didn't leave much room for her. "Unless Ronin will be running hard and fast in which case...." That thought gave her a little hope, even if it did mean they might be doing frowned on things.

Nat continued: "Looks like we're gonna be getting to know each other pretty well, eh?"

Nat was pretty and that didn't hurt, even if that assessment gave her a pang of guilt at the disloyalty to Bonnie. Nevertheless, Velocity couldn't help the slight look of hunger in her eyes as if somehow she had picked up that Nat  might be more interested in women than men, though she had no idea that her expression was giving her away.

"If the Captain lets me stay," Velocity responded, sounding a little despondent. She made an effort and said, shyly, "If he does, I would like that." A tiny bit of colour caressed her cheeks momentarily before quickly fading away. Velocity looked down at her notebook to add Nat's details to her description and then looked up again, her head tilting to one side like a bird's as she looked at Nat's face.

Lin said: "There is still enough soup for two bowls. Anyone who wants to finish it up welcome. Last bowl taken cleans the pot though."

Despite her distraction both with recording the information she considered critical and with Nat, Velocity had managed to finish her bowl and had wiped it completely clean with the bread. The growling monster that inhabited her abdomen was not yet satisfied, she was still feeling the effects of too little food for too long and, heartened by Lin's earlier statement to her, Velocity didn't hang back;  she made her way to the pot and ladled out half the remaining contents into her own bowl.

"Who would like the second-to-last bowl?" she asked, and then, to clarify her intention, added, "I'll do the washing up." It wasn't much but she knew every little helped on a ship and it enabled her to feel less guilty about having seconds. It was no coincidence that her gaze was on Nat when she asked the question.
Ronin IC / Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Last post by Alyssa Garnet on November 20, 2017, 09:54:30 PM »
Alyssa could understand the shock on McKayla's face - Alyssa herself was pretty shocked to find an unexpected old friend aboard Ronin. But the frown on McKayla's face made Alyssa feel uncertain. Was McKayla not happy to see her?

"That's good," Alyssa replied to McKayla saying she was fine. She would have asked for more detail and chatted easily with her old buddy but now she felt wrong-footed.

"Glad to hear it," she added with a smile before looking to the others seated around the table.

"I guess we missed the introductions," she said somewhat uncertainly.
Ronin IC / Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Last post by McKayla Langster on November 20, 2017, 02:11:31 PM »
"McKayla Langster, as I live and breathe! People keep saying this 'verse is tiny. How the heck are you, girl?"

McKayla nearly choked on her soup as the familiar voice made its way to her. She coughed as she was pulled into a quick hug by her former...current?...friend. It had been years since she had seen the woman. This ship was something of a reunion for many, and she for sure thought that she would be the odd one out.
How the hell did someone else from the Core end up out here. Her situation was special, but Alyssa was never one to get  in trouble. She studied...and then she studied. So how the heck was she out here?

"I-I'm fine," she replied still blindsighted.

The specialist sat back down in her seat and stared with a frown. This was strange. Very strange.
Asides / Re: Ronin - S02E06 Aside - Doctor's Office
« Last post by Alyssa Garnet on November 19, 2017, 12:07:54 AM »
"I'm Alyssa Garnet," she clarified. "And he's Tarantino Quin. I don't really mind what you call me... Doc does have a nice ring to it though." She smiled as she thought about the movies she'd seen involving spacers and how the ship's doctor was often referred to as 'doc'. She kind of liked it.

She tapped a button on the scanner, and they finally had their answer.

"Okay, you ready for this?"
Alyssa gave Abe just a second to prepare her mind but figured she wouldn't appreciate any more build-up than that. She wanted an answer, one way or the other.

"You're pregnant."
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