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  • Desertpuma: Unfortunately, real life has been pretty busy .. I'll try to get a post up on Ronin today
    July 29, 2017, 05:21:45 PM
  • Clare: Velocity doesn't expect to survive; that just happens
    July 28, 2017, 09:10:13 AM
  • Desertpuma: once the ship gets going, will she survive Ronin?
    July 22, 2017, 11:38:44 PM
  • Clare: And the madness begins. Will Ronin be able to survive Velocity?
    July 21, 2017, 10:09:03 AM
  • Scout: If I were to revive any of my old characters Pele would be the one, she was fun. But hell if  I know how I'd fill the time line gap.
    July 19, 2017, 08:42:17 PM
  • Scout: for example I remember Laurie and Velocity having a rivalry but not really the details of it or Laurie's relationship with any other crew members
    July 19, 2017, 08:40:54 PM
  • Scout: I have all my old character bios saved but I wish I also had pre-crash posts because my memory of them is so fuzzy
    July 19, 2017, 08:39:38 PM
  • Scout: History is good
    July 19, 2017, 08:38:55 PM
  • Clare: I'm a bad, bad girl
    July 19, 2017, 07:58:45 PM
  • Clare: Beth and Ian have history which is why I was thinking of dropping her in, given the situation between Ian and Abbey :D
    July 19, 2017, 07:58:39 PM
  • Scout: Plus confession: I'm scared of playing mechanics because I am very bad at both actual engineering and writing technobabble nonsense :D
    July 19, 2017, 03:58:00 PM
  • Scout: I guess Bri could be re-worked into a mechanic fairly easily, but I didn't get to play with her enough for her to come into her own so I don't really even remember where I was going with her at this point
    July 19, 2017, 03:57:20 PM
  • Scout: Mattie's just a gunhand
    July 19, 2017, 08:29:30 AM
  • Clare: I guess she could have retrained as a mechanic in the intervening years
    July 19, 2017, 07:35:13 AM
  • Clare: If the ship needed a geologist, throwing Beth into the mix could be amusing :D
    July 19, 2017, 07:32:38 AM
  • Velocity Grey-Lambert: Hopefully she won't drive everyone insane
    July 19, 2017, 07:31:58 AM
  • Desertpuma: also in need of a mechanic, another skill that is not Lin's strength but he can handle many basic repairs
    July 19, 2017, 12:53:37 AM
  • Desertpuma: In answer to your queries .. the only people on board Ronin that are posting are myself, Abbey and Ian. The ship is grounded and there was an intermittent message call sent out. Lin is a passable pilot but not much beyond the basics. So Velocity would be welcome
    July 19, 2017, 12:52:57 AM
  • Desertpuma: Good to see the site back up .. got an email notice of a couple of threads getting responses so I thought I would check in.
    July 19, 2017, 12:51:14 AM
  • Clare: Velocity has never forgiven the parrot, even though she can't normally remember it
    July 18, 2017, 07:49:47 PM

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Ronin IC / Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Last post by Velocity Grey-Lambert on August 19, 2017, 09:11:14 AM »
Lin said: ""Huh. Never seen a woman this tall. ... Let's get you up and inside the ship. I'll carry you if I need to."

The sound of Lin talking seemed to be a very long way away and the meaning of the words percolated only very slowly through to Veloctiy's consciousness, By then, Lin was already starting to help her to her feet and her body understood, even if her mind did not. She didn't know who he was or what his intentions were but any sense of danger was overwhelmed by her body's need for urgent sustanence.

Too late she realised that her kit bag and violin were still on the ground.

"My violin," Velocity exclaimed weakly as she reached out a hand to grab the strap of the case. The tips of her fingers just served to push the strap further away. She struggled feebly in Lin's helping grasp, trying to get closer to the violin. "My violin," she repeated.
Ronin OOC / Re: Ronin OOC
« Last post by Desertpuma on August 10, 2017, 11:49:12 AM »
I say just go for it ... the four of us seem to be the only ones posting
Ronin OOC / Re: Ronin OOC
« Last post by Clare on August 10, 2017, 06:06:34 AM »
Should I wait for Ian or jump in with my next post for Velocity?
Ronin IC / Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Last post by Abenette Kelker on August 01, 2017, 04:26:14 AM »
Abe was so relieved when Ian continued to smile, but shake his head at the notion of settling dirtside.

"Who said anything about 'dirtside' and settling down'?"

So he meant to raise a child possibly in the black as they currently lived their lives?  There would definitely be some adjustments to be made though.

She shook her head just a bit, trying to clear it.  Why was she even thinking this over like it was a done deal?  It had yet to be verified.  Was she putting the cart before the horse?  She couldn't help but know deep down that she was pregnant.

With Ian's child.

She could help but to have a small smile at the thought.  She did notice that the Captain's smile never wavered.  If she was pregnant.  Ian Dugan wanted the child.  And obviously by the proposal, he wanted her too.

" We're to scavenge for parts, tools, and whatever else we can find."  "Shall we?"

She nodded and they set about their goal.  Grabbing anything that might help them out.  They had a good haul loaded into Blaze, her taking it easy for obvious reasons.  They were about done when they heard Lin.

"Ian, found a body outside the ship. Port side near the jungle. Did not look like it was moving. About 100 yards, heading to check it out."

A body?  Her gaze shot to Ian with concern.

"We flew over that section on the way out," she said, reminding him.  "There weren't a body there then.  We should get back.  Kuei could be walkin' inta a trap.  We lost more than a few of the crew.  Don't wanna lose any more."

Plus, if everything was on the up and up, they could find out once and for all.
Ronin IC / Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Last post by Lin Kuei on July 31, 2017, 12:51:32 AM »
Lin wiped the sweat from his brow as started welding the second to last plate into place. There was still a few places that could be better served or more easily gotten to for these last two plates but the areas were not as vulnerable. The particular hole in question that this plate was covering was about the size of one of the truck's tires and right on top of operations. It took a few moments before it was completed but the piece was welded solidly into place.

Lin lifted the glasses off of his face and stood.  The breeze that kicked up felt cool and refreshing to the touch. Only one plate left to wield but they still had a couple of holes that would need to be fixed. This one was placed port side also along operations. Thankfully it could partially rest against a horizontal place on the ship as he wielded it into place. It took a bit of time but all was good just as the sun started to set.

Lin was about to check in with Ian when he noticed a human form, albeit a tall one off to the side of the ship. He could jump but the twenty foot distance was not necessarily the safest move. He quickly scampered back up to the airlock and lowered the welding gear back into the ship as tapped his comm. "Ian, found a body outside the ship. Port side near the jungle. Did not look like it was moving. About 100 yards, heading to check it out."

With the equipment inside, Lin jogged through the ship and out the cargo bay doors toward the downed form. Getting within twenty feet or so, he slowed up and carefully walked over to the body. Whoever it was, definitely was alive and warm. He felt for a pulse and found one that was faint. He slowly rolled her over. "Huh. Never seen a woman this tall. ... Let's get you up and inside the ship. I'll carry you if I need to." Lin started trying to help the woman to her feet.
Character Application / Re: Answer the Call
« Last post by Velocity Grey-Lambert on July 21, 2017, 10:15:54 AM »
Code: [Select]
[url=http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0249319/]Gigi Edgley[/url]
[url=http://www.findingserenity.net/index.php?topic=2089]Velocity Grey-Lambert[/url]

Actor Name
Velocity Grey-Lambert
Ronin IC / Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Last post by Velocity Grey-Lambert on July 21, 2017, 10:06:56 AM »
[size=12]((OOC: I hope that the following is okay. Please let me know if it is not or needs tweaking andI will happily oblige))[/size]

It had been another disastrous ship for the white-haired, comically visaged, vertically exaggerated woman. She had got off it alive and with the most important of her meagre possessions but without food, water or any other means of sustaining life. If she had been in a space port that would have been one thing but having been turfed out literally in the middle of nowhere was quite another. The ground, the bottom end of a gravity well, dirtside, or whatever one wanted to call not being in space was never a comfortable place for the woman and being in a forest where, even had it been dark and clear, she wouldn't have been able to see much of the sky to get her bearings by made it just that much worse.

It came as a considerable shock to see the battered ship wobbling its way just above tree height and come in for a very uncertain landing. To the woman, the ship seemed to almost sigh in relief as the landing gear took the weight and the engines spun down and silence came once more to the forest, broken, to start with, only by the ticking of the cooling engines.

"Is it real?" she asked out loud, not caring whether or not there was someone to hear. Other people's sensibilities didn't feature highly  in the woman's list of priorities.

"What if it is? It's the best hallucination I have seen today!" she answered herself.

Not trusting the reception she would get she eased herself to the ground and lent back against a tree and watched, head on one side, birdlike, while a man came out and struggled to get a rope up to somewhere high enough on the dorsal to gain access to it.

"Isn't that what magnetic handgrips are for?" she asked rhetorically but her voice wouldn't have carried. "Or perhaps dropping the end of the rope from the top?" She shrugged. "Perhaps there is something I can't see that prevents him doing that," she added, giving the man the benefit of the doubt because doing so cost her precisely nothing.

It didn't take long for hunger to drive Velocity into action but it took a while for her to get herself off the ground, sling her tiny kitbag over one shoulder and her violin over the other. She was weaker than she had thought from lack of food and water, and her steps were faltering even as she started on the few hundred yards from her tree to the ship. By the time she had made it half way she had stopped to rest five times, each interval between rests shorter and each rest longer. It was a losing strategy for her hunger and thirst grew more as a factor of time than effort expended, the latter being very little; despite being impossibly tall she was impossibly thin.

On her sixth rest she could no longer remain standing and slumped to her knees, bruising them in the process, despite the soft leather "armour" that she wore. She was only a hundred yards from the ship but she wasn't sure that she would be visible to the man working on it, even if he cared to look in her direction.

"Is this the way it ends, Valerie?" she asked herself. "Does it matter if it is?" she answered herself. She knelt back and swayed alarmingly. The kit bag slipped off her shoulder but the violin, at least, she managed to get to the ground gently; it was a present from Bonnie and she valued it more than life.

"Bonnie," she croaked. "Bonnie," she repeated, her tone imploring, before slipping sideways to the ground.
Ronin OOC / Re: Ronin OOC
« Last post by Clare on July 18, 2017, 11:54:37 PM »
Velocity is itching to get out and about again.

She can't promise not to take over the pilot's seat, it is, in her mind, rightfully hers whatever ship she is on, even if she is a passenger.

I have started work on getting her character sheet sorted. It is there but not complete or properly formatted.
Census / Valerie (Velocity) Elizabeth Grey-Lambert
« Last post by Velocity Grey-Lambert on July 18, 2017, 08:51:56 PM »
Velocity Lambert

Valerie (Velocity) Elizabeth Grey-Lambert
Date of Birth:  10.04.2486 (33)
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Pilot
Secondary Occupation:  Violinist
Requested Ship:  Ronin
Equipment:  A violin. Not just any violin but a very nice old violin; a wedding present from Bonnie.
Two sets of soft leather "armour", one black, one brown.
Engagement & Wedding rings (worn).
Photo of Bonnie and herself.
Two old-fashioned, rather battered, notebooks and two pens.
Appearance:  Height:6' 9" (206 cm)
Weight:128 lbs (58 kg)
Velocity is very tall, particularly for a woman. She is impossibly thin which lends an air of physical fragility to her. She is well below the BMI considered to be underweight but she is generally healthy and has only once ever been known to take a sick day. It was the day she fell head over heals for a certain Bonnie Grey.

Her hair is pure white and her eyes a bright, piercing blue. When she turns her gaze on someone, she gives the air of a bird considering whether a worm is worth eating, her head cocked to one side.

Velocity is always dressed in tight, body-hugging black or brown leathers that bear more than a passing resemblance to soft leather armour. They accentuate her thinness as well as making it obvious that she is Hur Bao Dun.
Face Claim:  Gigi Edgley

Initial_Personality:  Velocity's initial personality will depend very much on the context in which she is met.

In a social context she will be very quiet and reserved, not participating in any conversation unless specifically invoked. Depending on the topic, her answers will be short, polite but laconic or eloquent, verbose and animated. The latter occurs if anything to do with flying or space navigation is brought into the conversation. If not, the more observant will note that there is a faraway look in her eyes and she will seem distracted. It will because she is, thinking almost exclusively of Bonnie. At such times it will be hard to get her attention.

If the context is that of flying, being actually flying, discussing flying, planning flying, debriefing flying Velocity will be forward, articulate and erudite. It is like a switch has been pressed; the shy hesitant wallflower becomes a outgoing and confidant woman.
Underlying_Personality:  Velocity is, in a nutshell, crazy.

She was always very different

Known History:  Extract from Velocity's notebook (first notebook):
Bonnie Born:2483-12-27
Velocity Born: 2486-04-01
First pilot job:2503-03-12
War started:2506-
Joined Independents:"War started" + 5 days
Met Bonnie:"War started" + 6 days
Married Bonnie:2507-04-01
Last saw Bonnie:2510- "Bonnie died" - 2 days
Bonnie died:2510-
Sent to bug house:2510- "Bonnie died" + 6 months
Shadow Abandoned510-07
Unification Day:2511-05-??
Family confirmed dead:2511-12-02
Released from bug house (Fargone Clinic):"Joined Vixen" - 0 days
Joined Vixen:2512-  "Bonnie died" + 25 months

Other History:  The Notebook:

Things to remember - Read this NOW Velocity!
Read all of it except the last three pages; you might not be able to refer to it
when you need it.

Page 1:
Current Date: 2512-
Ask someone what date it is; just do it!

Page 2:
Current Objective(s):
Secure employment; pilot, technician or general hand. ACHIEVED?
Work hard at fitting in with crew and undoing damage of first flight.

Page 3 & 4:
Cover story:
Marooned on supply depot on isolated asteroid after supply ship was damaged by
booby trap. The two other crew members were killed. There were enough supplies
for Velocity indefinitely but no means of communication or escape.
Finally rescued a couple of weeks ago. Has only just learned about Shadow and
the loss of the war.

Page 5 & 6
Description of Condition:
After every period of sleep, memories between the death of Bonnie and present
are short-circuited out. They still exist but they are not accessible in the
normal way.
You need to take notes before you go to sleep of the important points of the
day. They don't need to be detailed, just enough to trigger recall.

Page 7 - 10
Important Dates (the dates will be the actual ones but as we are being fuzzy on
                 dates I don't know what they would really be).

Bonnie Born:              2483-12-27
Velocity Born:            2486-04-01
First pilot job:          2503-03-12
War started:              2506-
Joined Independents:      "War started" + 5 days
Met Bonnie:               "War started" + 6 days
Last saw Bonnie:          2510- "Bonnie died" - 2 days
Bonnie died:              2510-
Sent to bug house:        2510- "Bonnie died" + 6 months
Shadow Abandoned:         2510-07
Unification Day:          2511-05-??
Family confirmed dead:    2511-12-02
Released from bug house (Fargone Clinic):
                          "Joined Vixen" - 0 days
Joined Vixen:             2512-  "Bonnie died" + 25 months

Page 11
Crew List

Captain:                     James Szeliga
First Officer and Mechanic:  Ally Smith       
Pilot:                       Laurie Lux        Immature, threatened by me. I
                                               need to work hard to get along
                                               with her
Pilot:                       Velocity Lambert   
Ship's Doctor:               (Dr.) Robyn Li    Friendly
Cook/General Hand:           Lana Valentine    Friendly, good food
General Hand:                Henry Slater
Ship's Parrot (Laurie's):    Scott             Not large enough to make a meal
                                               for me let alone the whole crew

Vixen Day 1
Woke up disorientated and crying for Bonnie. A young woman came in, one I
recognised as Robin, a nice Doctor though the context escaped me. She led me to
a crew assignment meeting in the galley where I had some lovely chicken soup.
Assumption by Captain that I would be joining crew though he didn't know what I

Stole first flight from Laurie. Argument over untethered parrot on bridge.
Alienated everyone by skiting that I could have been a Doctor or Nuclear
Physicist as a way of scoring points off Laurie. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID.
But at least I still have the magic!

Departed .....

Ship had a glitch. Ally could not track it down. Called Ally Bonnie. I think she
fears me. Bonnie came to me again. Same Bonnie, trying to look out for me.

Vixen Day 2
On watch overnight. No sign of Laurie. On approach to Persephone.

Lana brought breakfast to me. She is very kind.
Landed on Persephone at Eavesdown docks.
Ship's registration: 68430294-Vixen.

Laurie left Vixen for a berth on another ship. Left Scotty behind.

Went grocery shopping with Lana. Knocked some cans over trying to drive trolley. Cut my arm. Panicked and ran into ship. Helped Lana stow groceries.

Final pages:

To war we're called
Two souls diverse
Friends we lose but
Never need to
The one I love is dead

In Common love
United we
No future see
In which I would
The one I love is dead

Between us lie
Both time and space
Time due long past
But still I don't
The one I love is dead

A Judas in
A trusted post
With self-serving
Deals he seals her
The one I love is dead

A missile hit
A raging fire
My lover screams
Over comm I
The one I love is dead

The missile leaves
Her battered ship
A shattered wreck
None live thus I
The one I love is dead

From broken heart
To shattered dreams
All reason dies
In dark despair
The one I love is dead

From top of class
To jacket straight
By missile sent
Time and spare to
The one I love is dead

What's reason worth
And Sanity
What value they
While in this cold
The one I love is dead

Months in a house
Of bugs I flee
A ship to join
In flight can I
The one I love is dead

The joy of flight
For oh so brief
A span of time
Indeed I can
The one I love is dead

Back down to earth
In life mundane
My mind has time
And leeway to
The one I love is dead

No respite in
The hours of dark
Where nightmares haunt
And in sleep I
The one I love is dead

Bruised in body
Bruised in spirit
Unchecked I bleed
In grief in blood
The one I love is dead

To lesson teach
A planet kill
All folk dead and
'Neath enemy
The one I love is dead

To seek my death
I courage lack
Denied its peace
Thus condemned to
The one I love is dead

Of future twin
Dark void of space
No plans, no goals,
No dreams, no hope
The one I love is dead

Worthless, “I should”,
Pointless , “I could”
What value might
And could have been
The one I love is dead

I love her still
And in my heart
Remains her ghost
Bitter-sweet to
The one I love is dead

No hope I see
Despair complete
Now that I have
Lost my true love
The one I love is dead

Skills and Strengths:  Exceptional Pilot
Exceptional Navigator
Extremely intelligent
Very powerful intuition
Very good amateur classical violinist
Weaknesses:  Socially inept
Leaky brainpan
Seriously allergic to furry animals like rabbits and cats (and fur products); not allergic to hairy animals like dogs (but hates them). Velocity doesn't know she is allergic as somehow she hasn't come into contact since the allergy developed (she wasn't born with it). Will need to carry epipens when it is discovered.
Bruises extremely easily
Suffers from haemophilia; she has managed to keep this more or less a secret; always carries analgesics.
Skin is fragile and is easily broken.
Ronin IC / Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Last post by Ian Dugan on July 18, 2017, 05:39:24 PM »
Ian just shook his head at her speech.  His smile never dimmed.

He said only"Who said anything about 'dirtside' and settling down'?

He moved back a pace to give Abe room too stand and answered her question.

" We're to scavenge for parts, tools, and whatever else we can find."

He moved to the door opened it and motioned for Abe to join him.

"Shall we?"

And, still, through it all, his infernal crooked smile never faded.
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