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Author Topic: Vroni Vanguard  (Read 37 times)

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Vroni Vanguard
« on: October 08, 2017, 02:58:56 PM »
Vroni Vanguard
Date of Birth:  30.05.2486
Gender:  female

Primary Occupation:  journalist
Secondary Occupation:  hacker
Requested Ship:  Any
Equipment:  professional recording equipment, button cameras + mike, portable broadcasting eqipment

Appearance:  With 1,50 m (4' 11'') and 44 kg (97 lb), Vroni is rather petite. While one might think that her very short dark hair should make her look tougher, it actually lets her appear even more fragile. She likes to wear loose fitting clothes and especially colorful shawls. Very few people know that this is to hide scars which cover her back and the base of her neck. Vroni has blue eyes and a pretty face with high cheekbones.
Face Claim:  Sinead O'Connor

Initial Personality:  With people she doesn't know, Vroni is rather shy on a personal level and does not give away much, sometimes when she feels challenged or threatened she seeks refuge in dry witted humor, she whenever she works on a story, she acts much more confidently, in interviews as well as in undercover investigations
Underlying Personality:  Towards people who win her trust, Vroni opens up more and becomes a very loyal friend. They will probably get to know her as a very bright and witty person who cares a lot about fairness, human rights, environmental issues and will do almost anything to defend those values. There are a few topics she remains uncomfortable with and will not discuss even with close friends.

Known History:  Vroni was born and raised on Athens. Her parents ran a relatively successful trading business. She is an only child and had a peaceful and well protected childhood. After the end of the Unification War she moved to Persephone and started to work as a journalist, first for the cortex program Eavesdown Evening News, later, after stirring up a lot of dirt (involving the local authorities, water rights and Badger), she was fired and started freelancing instead. Now her stories appear on the cortex when she can find a broadcasting network that is brave enough to show them (and therefore taking a stand against organized crime, corrupt local authorities or a corporation usually) or show up as illegal broadcasts.

Other History:  When the Alliance bombed Athens during the war to destroy Independent outposts, Vroni was buried under a collapsing building where she had sought protection from the air raid. When she was 'rescued' 24 h later by the Alliance, she was sent to a prison camp and interrogated, because the building had belonged to an Independent resistance group. Even though she had no ties to the Browncoat movement, she was held for a long time. The abuse she suffered during those month scarred her physically as well as emotionally and she broke all ties to her parents afterwards, because she did not want to face them and explain what happened to her. So for more than five years, her parents thought she had died in that air raid, until they finally saw her on one of her cortex programs and realized their daughter was still alive. Still, it was only when her father died a few months ago, that she went to his funeral and saw her mother again. They now keep in relatively close contact and she tries to send her mother a wave at least once a week.

Skills and Strengths:  research, some hacking (nothing too complicated, though), handling of all kinds of audio/video and broadcasting equipment (might also come in handy with security cameras, communication devices and the like), public appearance, pretending
Weaknesses:  fear of the dark and close confined spaces, sometimes completely freezes in dangerous and/or violent situations, Vroni has no fighting skills whatsoever, while she might know which end of a gun to point and how to pull the trigger, everything more complex like reloading, switching the safety off or somesuch is beyond her.

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