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The Allure IC / Re: S1E0 - Preparations To Launch
« Last post by Benjamin Street on Today at 05:56:44 AM »
Ben had only been aboard for a few days, but he was already in love. The Exeter Class Large Transport was a solid design. Her maneuverability was great for her class, thanks to her 4 rotating engines. Her cruise speed was a bit slower than most, but at hard burn she could move at a pretty good clip. Even with out all the fancyness that The Guild and The House had installed Ben would have loved the ship.

He'd spent most of the first day in the cockpit getting use to the controls, setting a few fail-safes, and learning the system interface. The majority of the second day had been spent in the engine room, checking, double checking, taking things apart, and putting them back together. It was always good for a pilot to have an idea just how hard he could push the throttle without causing damage. The last bit of day two, and most of the night, had been spent up in the hanger bay with the shuttle. A shiny Morgan XL, just like the one Ben had in storage on Persephone. He'd torn nearly everything in it apart, installed a fail-safe, and hadn't finished putting it all back together until the early hours of the morning.

He had been so consumed with the ship that he'd had to force himself to take the time to meet and talk some with the two crew that were already on board. He'd been pleased to meet Doc Brenna. She was friendly enough, though a bit quiet, but there was something about her that he found immediately endearing.

Jesse was their computer tech. She was friendly, and definitely cute, but something about her kept setting off warning bells in his head. He couldn't figure out why though. Her file seemed legit as far as he could tell, which wasn't saying much, but he'd be keeping an eye on her once they got in the air.

He awoke on day 3, after only a few hours of sleep, but today was the day the rest of the crew was supposed to show up. As XO he figured he had better there with Elena to meet them, so he drug himself out of bed. He dressed in jeans and a T shirt, slipped one knife into his boot and sheathed two more on his belt, pulled on his boots and headed for the kitchen. He needed coffee, and lots of it.

He made an extra large pot, poured a large mug, and set the rest to warm. Then thought better of it, poured a second cup, and headed towards Doc Brenna's room.

Her door was open, so he knocked on the door frame to announce himself before moving to stand in the doorway. "Morning Doc. Coffee?" He said, indicating the mug in his left hand as he took a sip from the one in his right.
Prologues / Re: An Alluring Escape
« Last post by Elena on Today at 04:58:27 AM »
So she liked parties but preferred to stay in her room doing 'tech stuff'. She was going to avoid human contact while socializing all hours of the night. Elena pursed her lips and turned around to idly scan the shelves with her gaze.

"Before I forget," she began, tapping her lower lip with her index finger before turning to watch the doctor at work. "Which investor hired you on for this position? I want to make sure I place you in the appropriate room," she asked and explained all at once, her brows lifting curiously and her hands clasping behind her back, a warm smile spreading across her lips, although it did not touch her eyes.

"I would hate to put you in the wrong place, you see," Elena further clarified.
The Allure IC / Re: S1E0 - Preparations To Launch
« Last post by Elena on Today at 03:30:39 AM »
Elena nodded somberly in response to the information presented to her. She completely understood the need to have a representative on board to keep an eye on and run things to the House’s liking and she was more than prepared to fulfill the duties they both expected of her. Elena was nothing if not professional and reliable. Her gaze lowered to the offered envelope and device and she held her hands out to receive them, her brows raised curiously.

“No, thank you, you’ve been very thorough,” she answered, smiling softly and looking down at the envelope in her hands. If she had any questions she'd be sure to send them an immediate wave. Their first hop was the perfect kind to get their new crew acclimated to the ship and to test run the ship itself as well as to ensure that the crew could get along well together. “Thank you,” she said again, watching them leave her to her work. Elena looked around the interior of the ship before heading deeper in. She had a lot to do.


The next day Elena was able to send in her recommendations as well as look over those who the Guild and the House had presented for potential crew members, picking and choosing who she thought would be the best fit for their ship. She had invited the resident physician at her training house, Brenna Casey, called in an old friend Damien Riggs to work his magic in the kitchen, and had met with and hired Benjamin Street to be a pilot and the ship’s XO. She’d also had an unexpected comp tech show up at the ship’s front door, having been hired without Elena’s knowledge. Another day passed and Brenna and Elena arrived at the ship first to spend a couple of days preparing and taking stock of the ship.

She had planned to spend a few more days getting used to The Allure before calling in Benjamin to come in, but Jesse had come and surprised them all with her unexpected presence. So, Elena called Benji in a day or so early, sending him a wave as well as a complete list of their upcoming crew, the ship’s specs and the details of their first job. After giving him a couple of days to acclimate to the ship on his own, the Companion called in the rest of the crew, eager to get the ship in order and set out on their first jump. There were two days left before the officers were to show up and Elena planned to use that time to get to know the crew and inform them of what she, the House, and the Guild expected of them.

As it was, Elena stood near the cargo bay doors looking out toward the dock, her hands clasped behind her back and a thoughtful look playing across her features. The rest of her crew was set to arrive today and while she was excited, she’d have been lying if she said she wasn’t a little nervous. The breeze filtered in to the cargo hold, rustling her long cream skirt, the gold embroidered top synched around her waist and leaving a little sliver of skin exposed. Her hair was pulled up in an intricate undo, held in place with gold pins and flowers. The ship’s preparations were complete, but she still needed her crew and to get them used to their posts aboard the Allure.

[Referenced Prologues: An Alluring Escape, Movement Is Life, and Rose Doctor]
The Brass Ferret IC / Re: Short Leave On Return
« Last post by Sienna Cole on Today at 12:58:24 AM »
Sienna was slightly shocked at the sight of a small child appearing on the other side of the door. She quickly put her weapon away and walked back toward Carrie. Still dumbfounded Sienna stared at the child,

"How'd you manage to survive on your own little one? Must be awfully smart." She gave the young girl a big grin in an effort to welcome her.  An uncharacteristic response for Sienna, but in reality, who wouldn't respond that way to a child, unless they were a monster.
Prologues / Re: An Alluring Escape
« Last post by Jesse Walker on Today at 12:54:46 AM »
"I do hope you won't be too much of a recluse," she murmured politely, her professional smile tugging at the corners of her lips. "I'm sure the crew would be thrilled to get to know you," she added.

Jesse arched a brow in the captain's direction, she was an odd woman...or at least to Jesse's standards. "Not at all, I'm a regular old ball. Parties every night, socializing till all hours of the night....or day. It's hard to tell in space." Jesse grinned and looked back at the doctor he was waiting for her finger. She put it out prepared for the pin prick.

"As to giving me the finger, if that's the worst you do to me, well, I'm having a good day."
These women were intriguing to say the least, "If that's a good day to you..I wonder what a bad day is." She looked inquisitively at the doctor.
The Allure IC / Re: S1E0 - Preparations To Launch
« Last post by Desertpuma on Today at 12:19:34 AM »
Richard Court, while cordial, evidently had more on his mind. "Just so things are understood. The House views this as a money making opportunity. We do not invest poorly. We expect results. As part of our organization is funding this venture, we require one of our own to be on board. This House member will control the gambling portion and see it is handled appropriately." He remained standing a few feet back with his hands clasped behind his back.

Charlotte stepped closer to Elena as she spoke. "You were selected for a number of reasons. Mr. Court is correct in his statements and this needs to be looked at as a business venture. However, you will have some say as to crew .. providing they pass inspection of course. Your judgment will be necessary and they should be willing to take orders from you as the Captain. If all is agreed, then I think we can leave the beginnings of The Allure in your hands." She nodded to Court.

Richard Court stepped forward and revealed the things he had hidden behind his back. "These papers contain the routes, scheduled times to relay messages to inform as to the progress of the ship, the codes for your own office safe and expected amount of revenue as theorized by all investors. This device is the only universal lockdown item to seal the ship or open any compartment on it. Choosing to share it is up to you. Any questions?" He placed them in her hands before taking a step back.

Charlotte interrupted once more as if to finalize everything. "Elena, many are watching the progress of The Allure. It is a calculated gamble. The first hop is a short one and involves ferrying a squad of Alliance officers to the moon of New Luxor. Should only take a day or two at most to complete. Move quickly as they are expected to be here in one week's time for the journey. Bon chance!" With a quick smile followed by a brief half-bow, Richard Court and Charlotte Bruce seemed to disappear leaving Elena Marseille holding information and keys to a new Exeter ship with a purpose.

The Brass Ferret IC / Re: Short Leave On Return
« Last post by Carrie Bowman on June 20, 2018, 10:01:16 PM »
As the doors slid open, Carrie finally saw inside and spotted someone... shorter than expected. Her eyebrows went up and her stance went a little easier. Glancing around the shuttle, or what she could see of it, there didn't seem to be anyone else aboard. "Well... hello there. Seems like you might be needing a lift seeing as this little bird of yours doesn't seem to be wanting to fly for you."

Returning the smile, Carrie motioned for the girl to come through the doors. The sooner they got her aboard, the sooner they could get out of the pull of gravity. Her smile grew a little, hoping to put the girl at ease. "Just you over there by your lonesome?" Another peek into the shuttle and then her eyes went to EV and Sienna, waiving off the cover. "Think we could use one more girl over here, don't you two?"
The Allure OOC / Re: Floorplan & Sleeping Quarters
« Last post by abbey on June 20, 2018, 09:48:10 PM »
Yeah. She will probably have a safe and such in her room. It would get tight in a shared environment. Plus security would be a must.
The Brass Ferret IC / Re: Short Leave On Return
« Last post by Freya on June 20, 2018, 06:49:57 PM »
Heeding the Captains instructions, Freya moved to the door, the bag hanging on the wrist of her right hand. She held both hands up and nibbled on her lower lip nervously, eager to get out of the shuttle. As the hatch opened, Freya made sure the bag was held away from her body for his crew to grab. She really hoped they weren’t planning on attacking her... Just to be safe, she kept the com link open so the Captain could hear them still.

As the three women came into view, the girl smiled awkwardly and waved with her free hand, a slight grimace tugging at her lips. “Uh. Hi,” she greeted tentatively.
The Brass Ferret IC / Re: Short Leave On Return
« Last post by David Maverick on June 20, 2018, 05:35:58 PM »
"Roger that," David replied to Sienna letting him know that they were opening the airlock doors.

Being pilot and Captain did have its drawbacks. David kind of hated that he was sitting in the cockpit - safe - while his crew were downstairs taking risks. It was the way it had to be but that didn't mean David liked it.

Freya's question about the gun in her bag got a briefly cocked eyebrow from David. It didn't seem like a trick question...

"Hold the bag in one hand, away from your body, and keep both hands up so my crew can see them. That's generally the safest way not to get shot," he answered. "If you're really alone, everything will be fine and they'll take care of you."
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